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I’d like to nominate top cunts Twitter for permanently suspending Milo Yiannopoulos’s account for his spat with Leslie Jones, one of the ‘stars’ of the PC remake of Ghostbusters.

Whether you like Milo or not (I do), this is another case of the erosion of freedom of speech and is a very worrying trend. It seems that mainstream media, many politicians, the majority of school teachers, the majority of academics, Facebook and the film industry have a PC Marxist kind of left wing bias which is being imposed on the whole of society, and which our young seem to be soaking up like a sponge.

This is dangerous stuff and needs to be countered.

Nominated by: Serena

29 thoughts on “Twitter [3]

  1. ” left wing bias which is being imposed on the whole of society, and which our young seem to be soaking up like a sponge.This is dangerous stuff and needs to be countered.”
    An old tactic, get to “da yooff” while their minds are open door and they are too dumb to think for themselves – unlike us old cunts. Typical Trot tactics. Going the other way you get Hitler Yooff or indeed what the cunt Erdogan is pulling in Turkey.

  2. I find milo annoying though like a sneaky little weasel , occasionally he does something funny but then counters it by doing something extremely gay or self centered. At first I found him fighting the politically correct agenda to be earnest but he’s to much of a egotist to be truly committed to it. He always backtracks or makes something out to be about him for example when the gamergate thing took off he attached himself to it like white on rice.

    Claiming to be about ethics in game journalism but all he really did was just talk about himself and gloat about how righteous he was writing about it, that and capitalising on it like the deceitful bastard he is.

    Then what does he do after the GG wankfest is over? he calls gamers lowlifes , smooth real smooth Milo. As for his ban I doubt it will last I give it a month or two he’ll probably be back and he has facebook so nothing too major is lost and leslie jones is a gorilla sized cunt I’ve seen black trannys who look more attractive then her, no joking she is the butchiest, ugliest and manlyist black woman I’ve seen she should be banned too

  3. Twitters full of cunts,im @smasher501 btw….not sure if I can give my name but there it is,that lefty cunt off LBC James O Brien has just blocked me the bearded faggot

  4. The entire social media thing is a load of elephant shit. Post some banal bollocks on it like “I’m stuck in traffic. Grrr!” and you’ll be assured of millions of “likes” . Post something you consider important like “My mother has died” and nothing but tumbleweeds.
    Inane, vapid drivel for the brain dead masses.

    • to be honest I think you’re a bit of a cunt if the way you announce to the world mums passed away is with #mumsdead

      • Anyone who posts anything on “soshal meeja” is a weapons grade front bottom. I was just highlighting the kind of bollocks that shit-heads seem to enjoy reading on their mind numbing “fun wall”.
        If I could, I’d go back and kill that cunt Zuckerberg, and other tossers of his ilk, for inflicting this turgid puddle of wank on the world.

  5. Milo is capable of making good points, which if implemented could bring about much needed change. As for the claims about his self-centredness and personal agenda … I’ve not watched, read or listened to enough of what he broadcasts to be able to form a valid opinion.
    ‘He’s in it for himself’ (?) I’ve no gripe with that. Who, relative to the circs’n’sitches each of us find ourselves in, isn’t?

  6. I don’t use Twitter, I don’t use Facebook and I haven’t a fucking clue who Milo is. I must have too much to do. If I wasn’t so busy I’d be able to take part in all this. I’m sure it’s a thrill a minute.

    • Nope. It’s shit. I had a Facebook business page for a while and all It ever brought in was people I’d met briefly in the pub wanting something for nothing (or spouting obnoxious crap, posting pictures of their lunch or wanking on about their latest holiday).
      I came to loathe Farcebook with a passion and I’ve never been anywhere near Twatter. Wall to wall cunts!

      • I’ve never understood why anyone would want to post photos of a meal their eating on Facefuck. Who do they think is going to give a fuck? I once to replied to my sister, who’d posted a photo of a steak that she was having in some posh restaurant. She’d ordered it rare, which is pointless. All I typed was, “well done. Glad to see you’ve moved on to solid food from Farley’s Rusks. Now ask the restaurant if they have a QUALIFIED chef to cook the fucker properly”. She wouldn’t talk to me for three weeks.

    • Right there with you, Allan. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, erm…can’t think of anymore but I’m sure there are loads – all absolute narcissistic bollocks. I absolutely loathe all of it.

      Now, that said if sheeple want to amuse themselves with such a shallow load of old wank, then they should be able to I suppose. What boils my piss is when this crap bleeds into other media where it doesn’t belong. It then forces people like myself to endure its pathetic presence when I have specifically chosen to avoid it directly. For example, I like watching Deadliest Catch. Some episodes are fucking ruined by a constant stream of on-screen captions quoting some inane shite tweeted in by some half wit. Stuff like, “I think Captain Keith is the best”. SO FUCKING WHAT? Why-o-why do you think anyone else is remotely interested in what you think? I mean, seriously???? Jesus H Christ!!!!

      The mong who have their heads up their arses and their faces glued to stupid social media all fucking day long will be running the country in the years to come. God help us!

  7. So presumably posting on this fine website is classed as… “Antisocial Media”?

  8. Pokemon Go is a cunt. Or rather the cunts playing it are. Breaking into other people’s homes, wandering around on main highways, disrupting workplace, theatre and cinema, all to “catch” a fucking cartoon character on their shitty phone. Fucking grow up you empty headed cunts, THEY’RE NOT FUCKING REAL.
    Some walking corpse down here gave up his job to become a full time Cuntymon “hunter”. What a complete and utter wanker. Never underestimate the sheer fucking stupidty of some cunts.

    • A number orf delicious stories aboit hoodies and crim scumbags various using it to entice said cunts into dark and dodgy regions to relieve them orf their iphones, wallets and virginity.

      • Considering whats happened with the app I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken off the market.

        Anything for entertainment I guess, kill the faggot(the game) gets taken down it a heartbeat but pokemon go is still available amid all the criminal happenings and what not? explain that one cunters, PC cuntThink I suppose

  9. Can I please re nominate Hillary Clinton for cunting? I just watched a movie called Clinton Cash. Shows how this corrupt cunt and slick Willy have worked as a team taking bribes from some of the most fucked up organizations in the world. Bought and paid for fucking cunts. Ps Twitter are a bunch of biased left wing cunts.

    • Even if as I hope she doesn’t make President she will still be the cunt in chief.

  10. I’ve never been involved with FacePlant, Twatter, InstaCunt or any other type of mind numbing dross as it attracts trolls, psychos, bunny boilers and various assorted headjobs. It turns people into disconnected dullards. It detaches people from their surroundings. Far too many people have been hit by traffic because they were plugged into their banal shit, listening to forgettable wank and not taking a blind bit of notice of their surroundings.

    There was that episode a while ago wherein a clearly obvious prank was sent out, that there was a new App which could make your phone waterproof! Apparently people actually fell for it, downloaded it…then tested if it worked by dunking their £300 phones in water…and then complained that their phones were fucked! Stupid cunts.

    This shows that people have no commonsense at all. I would imagine insurance companies won’t pay out for cuntishness? It’s the same thing where TwatNav’s tell motorists to drive over a cliff or into a river…and they do!Thick as fucking cress. What the purple wanking session has happened? People have become way over-reliant on tech.

  11. Twitter, Facebook, pokomon go are the refuge of some of the dullest CUNTS on planet earth, don’t get me wrong Facebook used in moderation is an easy way to keep in touch with friends unfortunately it’s been hijacked by lots of CUNTS for the express purpose of social peacocking, ” here I am in the Caribbean ” ” here’s a photo of my sirloin steak ” ” here’s me in Ibiza ” Twitters even worse, people posting their every movement!!, including bowel I’m sure, these FUCKIIN idiots actually believe their so interesting that they have simply got to share it with everyone, so instead of enjoying those priceless moments they spend their entire time taking photos and posting bollocks , I generally find when I’m really enjoying something my attention is focused on that and not worrying if a load CUNTS on twitter or Facebook think I’m interesting or not….. The irony of posting this on here has not passed me by, using a social media site to moan about social media 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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