Tanveer Ahmed


Can I nominate Tanveer Ahmed for a cunting?

This is the Muslim prick who drove 200 miles from Bradford to Glasgow to stab the shopkeeper for ‘disrespecting’ Islam.

Well your religion deserves disrespect. I could tolerate the stupidity of the religion a lot more if it wasn’t for violent unthinking cunts like you. Yes Christianity is bullshit but at least their members know to behave you ignorant cunt.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

14 thoughts on “Tanveer Ahmed

  1. They should cut this cunt’s knob off, fry it in bacon fat, and then make him eat it… Sadisitic, fanatical cunt…

    • They would have, but it’s a little known medical fact that all muslim males suffer from a condition called ‘micro micro penis’.

  2. Another “peace-loving” muslim bastard. No doubt we’ll hear how he doesn’t represent islam,unless,of course, there isn’t room to report what a lovely religion islam is because the papers are too full of reports of delightful muslims blowing people up,running them down,knifing or torturing them. The West must stop this foul spread of islamification,or the kids who are whinging that Brexit has robbed them of their future will learn how living in the medieval age feels.

  3. His victims crime against Islam? Integrating and respecting the host nations religions, culture and traditions. The victim was well liked and respected by locals of all persuasions and this case highlights the big undying elephant sized problem in the room.

    When you have Islamic immigration you can be sure that a percentage of them will be hardline fundamentalists whose purpose is to prevent immigration and bring those into line who get to close to the locals. This isn’t overt but it is hard wired into Islam.

  4. The German police say that the Munich gunman had obvious links to the Norwegian cunt Anders Behring Breivik. What a heap of shite – he was extremely right wing and shot left wing people, whereas the Muslim twat in Munich shot indiscriminately. At least the cunt shot himself too. The police are again trying to make it appear that there was no religious motive. Bunch of cunts, along with Angela Merkel.

  5. Defend the honour of Islam? What fucking honour? Islam is a religious/political ideology that advocates violence and murder against non muslims.

  6. Not only is it clown’s shitbox of a religion, it turns the devotees into raving morons who don’t understand that most of us piss on their fairytale godwanking.
    Hope he dies of piles.

  7. If Islam’s ‘honour’ is that weak it needs defending, I think it says a lot about how fragile it is, at least held up to the light of any non-violent religion…..which is quite a few. Personally, I think it’s all a load of old bollocks and the sooner the aliens land and make themselves public, the better. Might put paid to this, ‘God created man in his own image’ shit. What happens when it’s got 5 arms and two heads? Trouble is, the goat fuckers will probably try and blow them up, defending the ‘honour of Islam’ .

  8. Agree with him being a cunt but can’t agree with Islam deserving respect. Only thing Islam deserves is a fucking mushroom cloud. If the bastards want a jihad, I say give the camel jockeys one. Cut loose on the pricks and bomb them back to the fucking dark ages, which is where their horrid religion belongs. The whole fucking sandbox of the Middle East needs a cull. I would not go near that shithole unless as part of another crusade. Where the fuck is Richard the lion hart when you need him?

    • I said “deserves DISRESPECT”.
      Not having a go but I maybe shouldn’t have used a word that contains the word ‘respect’.

      Plus you can’t bomb them into the stone age as they never left the stone age. In fact many stone age societies were infinitely more civilised.

  9. We have a Tanveer Ahmed in Aussie. Maybe it’s a Bangladeshi John Smith-type of name.
    Our bloke’s a shrink, who was also a columnist for a national broadsheet newspaper. Then he got found plagiarising an article from a US website and was sacked. He had form too, two years prior a Sydney paper had sacked him for the same offence. Apparently he posted on twitter that the accusations were ‘brutal.’

  10. Sorry my bad. I think what happens is every time I discuss the sand people my blood boils and I lose focus.

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