Amber Heard

'The Danish Girl' Photocall - 72nd Venice Film Festival

Amber Heard is a cunt…

Now, I’m not saying that Johnny Depp isn’t a cunt, but there is something weird and crazy about her… An all too convenient and quick ‘abuse’ story suddenly appears… Something about it (and her) really stinks like a chinky wrestler’s jockstrap cooked in chip fat….

Nominated by: Norman

13 thoughts on “Amber Heard

  1. I agree. Depp and la Heard were charged for breaking Australian quarantine regulations a few months back and after their court appearance put together a video apology. She just sat there like a stuffed monkey while Depp pleaded (overacted).
    I’d give her a bloody good seeing to though.

  2. My nana used to say about certain women (ie: slags) who lived near us, ‘She’s seen more men off than World War I…’

    Well, Heard has done the same, but with women as well as blokes… One can only boggle at how many possible STDs Heard has or has given out… Maybe she gave Johnny a severe dose of the clap and he didn’t take too kindly to her little gift?…

  3. I am cunting cunters who cunt cunts no self-respecting cunt has ever heard of.

    the world is full of cunts like Bonio, Geldof, Piers Morgan etc ad infinitum. We don’t need to bother with Z list cunts.

    • ‘No self respecting cunt has never heard of’…….ummm, so that would be you then?

      Besides, Bono and co have been cunted to death , (not literally unfortunately), so going off into Z list ain’t so bad, especially when she was married to an A-lister, (A for Arsehole, perhaps?). Also, I’d bet she takes it up the shitter, for the right multi-millionaire.

    • There has to be a progression ladder for aspiring cunts. Not every massive cunt is high profile or ever will be but they are still cunts. Bono may spout cuntitude on the world stage but some officious little jobsworth cunt behind their desk at the local council office can be just as much a cunt as bono and if we only cunt A List celebs many many cunts will go uncounted.

      • Agree we can’t keep cunting the A list cunts, while ignoring less well known YouTube vlogers uploading a constant stream of shit, Banging on about a new car they’re adding to a collection or a new bit of tech they’ve been sent for free so they can test it etc
        Go on YouTube and take a look it’s bursting with cunts and there getting away with it.
        Here’s where to start your research all these people are major cunts and i hate them.
        Shmee 150
        Mo vlogs
        Some of these cunts have millions of following there shit, and they’re all swimming in cash.
        Look them up, strap yourself in and be prepared for a massive cunt feast.

      • youve got a real bee in your bonnet for schmee haven’t you

      • Can’t argue with that, Sixdog…. Binmen who act like Nazis, Doctors receptionists, cunts on the phone at the council offices, and I once had the displeasure of working with a woman called Sam, and she was one of the biggest and most obnoxious cunts ever to walk the earth…

  4. I’m not actually going to cunt social media but the fucking retarded lemmings that sit there all day looking at it.

    Naive and gullible to the fact that the people they are looking at with fake tans and beeming white teeth are as fucking bored with their pointless lives as they are – they just hide it better with camera smiles, instagram filters, photoshop and clothes they keep the receipts for.

    I had to use instagram for business recently and the whole thing made me sick. I can honestly say it is full of the most egotistical narcissistic (that took a few times to speel) braindead morons I have ever had the displeasure to encounter.

    I actually had to meet a few of the 1,000,000 plus followers “icons”. All of them are as thick as pig shit, just slightly more intelligent than the mass of moronic retards that follow their every move – only because they realise how to manipulate them so they can make money.

    Oh and they don’t look anything like they do in the pictures – for those dumb cunts who are still looking for all the birds they see on instagram, thinking must live in a small village in Sweden.

    Obviously, i had enough, hired a lemming to do my social media and went back to handling financial matters instead.


  5. What’s the difference between Amber Heard and a Jumbo Jet?

    There’s only one cockpit in a Jumbo Jet….

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