Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is a cunt. Or rather the cunts playing it are.

Breaking into other people’s homes, wandering around on main highways, disrupting workplace, theatre and cinema, all to “catch” a fucking cartoon character on their shitty phone. Fucking grow up you empty headed cunts, THEY’RE NOT FUCKING REAL.

Some walking corpse down here gave up his job to become a full time Cuntymon “hunter”. What a complete and utter wanker. Never underestimate the sheer fucking stupidty of some cunts.

Nominated by: KiwiCunt

Pokemon Go Cunts. What the Fuck?!?

I don’t get out from the homestead much to go into town, but today I did need to get some shopping done. Driving into the city, I’d a few ‘near misses’ with utter Cunts, mobile phone two fucking inches from their faces, stepping off the kerb and onto the road.k

Ok, normally you get the youth of the day, headphones on, gazing into the mobile, stepping off the kerb at a junction. You can see it coming as you drive so pre-empt it. Cunts, but acceptable Cunts.

These Pokemon Go fuckers … Ho-lee-fuck … adults, geeks and saddo’s, stepping right out on to the road like they were on a different fucking planet. I can only hope that on the theory of the ‘Darwin Awards’ you get what’s coming to you.

I was eventually able to spot them; ashen faced, as they’ve never been outside for years, cross eyed focussing 100% on the phone screen, daft fucking grin.

Pomemon go fuck yourselves! Cunts.

Nominated by: Boil My Piss

22 thoughts on “Pokemon Go

  1. Deserves the cunts right if they get mown down by a car. Stupid fucking cunts they need to get a life.

  2. Hang on Dio! I had this one cunted on the the Twitter thread BEFORE BMP got his cunting in. Am I persona non grata or is this a genuine mistake on your part? I’ve also got one in for childhood gender identity that seems to have been on the list for ages.

    • Mate I just cunted angela Merkel, and despite “likes” I didn’t get through, but mainly due to geographical errors on my behalf and no fucking edit button, I failed so don’t whinge.

      • There are currently 32 posts already written and scheduled if it makes you feel any better, guys! Don’t assume it’s been ignored or missed just because it hasn’t appeared yet

        I keep stacking them up as I spot them and them write them up in batches. Topical posts go to the top and the rest just work their way through the system.

        I do miss the odd one tho’ as I’m not infallible!

  3. I understand you can contact the vendor of pokemon and create pokemon zones, the idea being you bring deranged moron to your location to sell them something, I am thinking of setting up a fake company with outlets accross the UK, the fact that I may squander my life savings is irrelevant, the fact that I may go to prison worries me not, the fact that all my outlet by chance all happen to be on MOD live firring ranges with collaborating with their firring times is not my problem, I am at heart a Darwinist.

  4. Killary Kiloton is a weapons grade cunt and if she (?) gets back in the Whitehouse there will be a second civil war in America. Despite eledgedly being a crook, a proven liar and dirty tricks con woman, she is painting Trump as the bad guy. Take a look at this video, you would be mistaken for thinking USA is made up of slopes, wogs, turban heads, dagos who can’t even speak the language, beta white men and mongs. Silver lining, look how many dislikes it has. Ha ha Killary, judging by this evidence you are in for a proper kicking come November and hopefully that will be the last we ever hear of you.


    • I watched the video… with all the money Hillary Cunton has she could only come up with this? I could have made a better video on my dads hi-8 camcorder when I was 12. What a cunt.

  5. Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence and she is a cunt.

    What the fuck woman? How can you resign along with most of your colleagues when trying to unseat Jihadi Jeremy then decide you made a mistake and whilst abroad withdraw you resignation without explanation?

    Could it be you heard whispers of deselection? I can only make assumptions because you didn’t care to be in the country or explain your oil tanker U-turn.

    Can your judgement or principals be trusted? Not in my book.

    Lastly what made you think you were qualified to be shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence? Coming from Rotherham made you feel overly qualified?

    Another particle of shit in the shower of shit called Labour.

  6. I’m allergic to a certain Scotish politician. I would name her but even typing out her name brings me out in a nasty rash. Seeing her bulldog liking piss off a nettle face makes me projectile vomit and even short exposure to her whine of a voice could put me in a comma. I’m only greatfull I’m unlikely to have to smell it as that would mean instant death.

    Sky news need to be cunted on two counts. Firstly for giving the poisonous little cunt so much coverage. Anyone would think it is an influential world figure, it is not! It actually represents fewer people than the mayor of London. Secondly they need to warn viewers when they are going to show it onscreen like they do when there is something potentially upsetting or flash photgraphy. This is a serious medical condition and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has to struggle through life under such a burden.

    • I agree 100%. Every time I see the incredibly ugly wee bitch my stomach lurches and then the cows arsehole speaks and my soul shrivels. I would like to choke the evil looking hint to death with a fucking Union flag. Fucking cunt.

  7. Any adult who plays this game and goes Pokemon hunting needs to be hunted down themselves… Absolute spakkers and total cunts of the highest order…

  8. As much as I hate the absolute scum that do street robbery, they must think it’s fucking Christmas with all these nerds walking around with their phones out, not looking where they are going. GROW UP TWATS!!!!

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