Richard Huckle


Richard Huckle is a cunt who deserves a terrible death.

Don’t put the cunt in solitary or a nonce wing, stick him in with the general population of the roughest prison we’ve got. Shit haired, kid-raping cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

15 thoughts on “Richard Huckle

  1. I was a little concerned at the disparity in the sentence he received in regard to other recent cases allthough to be fair the racial mix was reversed. This is part of the Judges summing up.
    Rook told him: “Relentlessly, you preyed upon the very young – pre-pubescent vulnerable children from a minority ethnic community into which you ingratiated yourself. This was a prolonged campaign of rape of the children from a small community.”

    sound familiar? I do not in any way suggest lowering his sentence but would suggest the review of the sentence of a few other people.

    • What a despicable jobby cunt.

      Imagine being white and preying on our treasured guests! Fucking idiot only had to do a little research to discover that the same noncery gets you a demi dint and a liberal apology.

      Stupid, bad researching, out of touch,missed a trick fanny…cunt.

  2. Should be doing his time in the country he committed his crimes in. Nice safe sectioning back home is no sentence at all.

  3. “A scheme designed to offer Syrian refugees a fresh start away from their war-torn homeland has backfired after two families said the Scottish island they were sent to is “full of old people waiting to die” and they would rather be in Glasgow or Manchester.

    The refugees praised the people of Scotland and said they had been made welcome on the Isle of Bute, but also complained that they were unable to find work and said they felt ashamed that they had to rely on charity.

    Abd, a 42-year-old father of four, said: “I feel like I have one option now, to die here. Only die here, nothing else.”

    The families said they felt isolated, were struggling to learn English and there was nothing to do on the island in the Firth of Clyde.”

    If you find life in Syria more exciting feel free to head home…….cunts

      • It must have been them who grassed up Fireman Sam if all they’ve got to do is watch infidel TV all day long!

    • But the locals did organise a viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life for the families – it was, I think, December when they arrived (I probably missed the liberal uproar about cultural insensitivity, but I’m sure it happened).

      As a teacher in that vicinity, in which permanent posts are a thing of the past, I was bemused to search teaching posts and see a permanent post teaching English as a foreign language on that island.

      Not to mention that it’s a picturesque place island where people still go on holiday today.

      I read an article from one uber cunt journalist who lamented that they were placed in flats which didn’t have a sea view – with Scottish neighbours who can only aspire to that. We were meant to feel deep shame for this.

      What more can we be expected to fucking do?

  4. Of course, this Huckle cunt will get three square meals a day, a playstation, and numerous other comforts and perks at one of Her Majesty’s holday camps…

    When we all know he should be shot, put through a mincer and then fed to pigs…

    • When you say “..put through a mincer..” I think the sick cunt may actually enjoy that. Rope therapy for this sick bastard. Not by the neck, either.

  5. Unbelievably the loony left are trying to normalise pedophilia, we should be more understanding and tolerant of nonces apparently. These are the same people who insist islam is a religion of peace.

    The answer to both pedophilia and islam should be the same, chop their goolies off.

    • Well said SE also various forms of torture for severe crimes like this, serves the sick cunt right he deserves immediate execution .

      Will this huckle cunt not be serving his time in the country he did all his kid raping? its mental to just send him back to blighty where he can live comfortably in a cell

  6. No doubt he’ll convert to the religion of peace during his stay in the mosq…..sorry, prison.

    It’s very fashionable to do so when you’re inside and noncery is almost a badge of honour amongst the brothers. They bully cons and staff, intimidate governors and have mini enclaves. Another danger that the government and prison uthorities seem to do nothing about or want to bury their heads in the sand to avoid accusations of racism.

    The next time a prison “goes up” they’ll be the cause.

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