Bradley Wiggins


May I humbly suggest we cunt Bradley Wiggins.

Turns out the cunt has taken drugs ‘for a medical condition. ‘ The condition is known as ‘pedallus slowus’ and the cunt is protesting like mad about his innocence, despite a doctor saying he has no idea why he took the drug.

Will the cunt be stripped of his ridiculous knighthood and worse heavily cunted on here together with the cunt who suggested knighting the cunt?

Plus he looks and talks like a cunt.

Nominated by: Trouserbulge

Plastic Brits


Andy Murray is a cunt. But at least he’s prepared to proclaim himself a Scottish cunt. Not British. Scottish

What about the cunts who pretend to be British? Zola Budd (South African), Greg Russedski (Canadian), Kevin Petersen (South African).

And 61 members of the 2012 Olympic Team GB : Mo Farrar (Somalia), Jessica Ennis (Jamaica), Yamile Aldama (Cuba), Michael Bingham (USA), Shana Cox (USA), Tiffany Porter (USA), Shara Proctor (Anguilla) and many others.

Bradley fucking Wiggins was born in Belgium. Laura Robson was born in Australia of Australian parents. How does make her British?

Could it be that they had a better chance of selection by crawling to the desperate British team? Medals at any price? Sad cunts.

Even Cliff fucking Richard was born in India. Winning Eurovision doesn’t make him British.

Murray may be a cunt – but at least he’s an honest cunt.

Nominated by: Seb Coe’s other half

Bradley Wiggins


“Ladies and gentlemen, this decade’s biggest cunt is …….. Mr bradley wiggins”.

This cunt was vertually a fucking unknown two months before the Olympics, skinny needs more chips bike riding cunt who slowed traffic to a virtual fucking standstill every weekend whist wearing shite that my fucking sister wouldn’t be seen fucking dead in. Not now. Oh no sirre! This fucking arsewipe is on the front of magazines and fuck knows what else.

Mr Bradley Wiggins – you are a 24 carat cunt of the highest ocean going order… you cunt!

Nominated by : Cripplecock