Lauryn Hill Overkill

What a load of cunt.

All over the internet and the MSM, the 25th anniversary of ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ is being gushed over and celebrated. Why, is the obvious response.
Well female and black answers that one. Naturally, the BBC and Grauniad are front runners, but even sites like Discogs are joining in the woke arse kissing.

For a start, it’s nothing special. Hill was part of the Fugees. Three middle class pillocks playing at being ‘refugees’ and ‘urban guerillas’. They are now known for a Roberta Flack cover. Hardly cutting edge stuff, that.

Hill put out a solo album. It came out and that was that. But now 25 years later, it’s being lauded as some pioneering masterpiece, and – as is the BBC’s wont – making out it’s the first and only black artist to ever make a record. The amount of great black artists is considerable. Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Lena Horne, Smokey Robinson, all the Motown greats, the Stax people. Where would Hill rate in a real list of such acts? But, according these cunts, Hill’s album tops the lot. Another media twat compares Hill’s ‘impact’ to that of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Ludicrous.

One of the more ludicrous sycophantic BBC statements is ‘Hill brought Hip Hop to the mainstream’. Didn’t Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, Beastie Boys and even Malcolm McLaren do that years ago? If anything, Hip Hop’s major MTV breakthrough was the team up between Run DMC and Aerosmith. These woke cunts just make things up to fit their views. No matter how untrue it is.

Loads of links for this, but I’ll put the Discogs one on.


Nominated by Norman.

63 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill Overkill

  1. What’s she doing in the header pic?

    A Rubik’s cube?
    Jar of pickles?

    Miseducation , ignorant I say.

  2. The only thing Lauren Hill did with Wycleaf Jean was pioneered cuntdom to this genre music. Follow on Beyonce, Rihanna, Gayy Zee an onto cunts like Kanye and even Stormzee.

    The fujees were cunts 25 years ago, and will remain so in 25 years time.

    Some of the originals such as GM Flash, Melle Mel, Run DMC Kurtis Blow, Etc, Maclaren and the Supreme team should do these cunts for plagiarism.

    • Naturally, U2 Diddyman Bonio of the Treacle Butty Mine is up the arse of Lauryn Twat and Wyclef Cunt.

  3. Well wiki just told me she is regarding as one of the greatest rappers of all time.
    Well that told me..

    I just remember her for that appalling killing me softly song..

    Much prefer hamburger or blueberry Hill..
    That’s where I found my thrill..

  4. It is like saying Toyah Wilcox was a trail blazer for punk. Toyah is, however, still worth a look. Just ask Jack!

    Good morning, everyone.

  5. The fucking cunts at the BBCistan would make all the blekies saints if they could.

    Any chance these cunts get it’s to promote and glamorize ethnic rubbish that shouldn’t be worthy of a sideways glance.

    Anyhow she looks like a Somali..


  6. She’s supermarket music.
    Or ‘on hold’ music.

    Bland shite.

    Peckham dinner party music.

  7. Never heard of her, but I’ll take the Beeb and Groan’s word for it.
    Oh yes, and let’s not forget the major influence The Wombles had on Punk.

    Remember you’re a Womble.

    • Same here Geordie, first heard of her when I read this nom. Hip-Hop. Isn’t that music for the pavement apes?

  8. The line that sticks out from her one hit to me is “ defecating on your microphone”.

    Groundbreaking stuff (and what a delightful image). It’s like something an 8 year old would make up and think funny.

      • No, he only likes an 8 year old (when he’s not welcoming refugees…as long as they aren’t in his Surrey village spoiling his Marxist fuelled dinner parties).

  9. I like 70s black music when they all wear the same outfit and do the same dance,
    Like the Commodores.

    And they smiled more.
    Why are sooties so sullen?

    Cheer the fuck up!
    Smile more you have nice teeth.

    If George Floyd had smiled a bit more , wore flares and did a little dance move,
    Why that police officer probably wouldn’t of crushed his windpipe!

    • Bring back jheri curls. Black people used to be cool. Now they’re fat lazy whingers or skinny stabby nutcases.

    • The Stylistics were a fab 70s act. Flares, kipper collars, smiles, great lyrics and brilliant music.

      Lauryn Hill is poor quality in comparison. She’s not fit to lick Russell Tompkins Jr’s tasselled loafers.

    • The Commodores were ace.

      Especially the Pet, VIC-20 and C-64.

      If anyone else gets this reference, you’re as sad a fuck as I am.

  10. Is this the same cunt who stated I would rather my child starve than anyone white buy my music? Allegedly. Yeah sure Lauren Diana Ross had more talent in her little fingernail than you have in your whole body.

    • There was a report in the 90s that she said in a concert, “Are there any white people here? Leave. We don’t want you here.”

      Chippy, little, talentless monkey..

      • I remember that, Captian.

        Hill also said she never released a second album because she didn’t want to cause ‘riots and uprising in the streets.’

        Such is her conceit and self importance.

        The arrogant bint ‘doesn’t like’ whites. Yet she has used samples of the Bee Gees and Abba in her crappy ‘refugee’ muzak.

      • Norm, the re-Fugees survived using ONLY samples and cover versions. Stolen stuff. Hill’s album was dreary and contrived, yet people raved about it. Typical BLM/Guardian-readers’ white guilt.

  11. I reckon there’s been better aspiring rappers who didn’t get the luck she had due to being stabbed to death in south London. There’s fucking loads of them.
    If the BBC got her on who do you think you are, we’d be told her grandfather was an unsung pioneer who tipped the balance in WW2.
    Revisionist bollocks.

  12. It must all be true. The BBC fact checkers say so. That Marianna Spring is so believable. Oh, wait…

    That Spring creature is the subject of a cunting soon. Stay tuned – NA.

  13. It’s all part of the woke remit.
    Forgetting history to suit an agenda. Like so many other tactics they’ve from the Soviets and East Germans.
    Either that, or complete fucking ignorance.

    • Agree, but the Soviets were late comers to the game of manipulating history to suit their aims, it’s as old as human society, e.g. look up ‘the battle of Kadesh’ (and people think Goebbels originated the ‘repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it’ technique…).

      As to the subject of this cunting, I’d never heard of her. The Fugwitees I remember hearing of years ago, but in my mind there’s music and then there’s the dreck produced and peddled by the ‘music industry’, and they were in that latter category.

  14. Passed me by while I was listening to Otis and Aretha. Not interested in the bag of shite black music has become.

    • Ah, but just beyond that bag of shite they heavily promote there’s to be found black music that’s like this

      and there are people like Christone “Kingfish” Ingram out there as well.

      Outside of mainstream Jazz&Blues there’s stuff like Tuareg desert blues, strange African synth-folk music, etc. etc. to be had.

      (I spend way too much time trawling through music blogs…)

  15. I’ve never heard of this woman, so in keeping with the nom, the sudden hype really is overkill.
    To add to the list of more influential black artists. Any of the blues musicians of yesteryear, whose music is still being recorded today.
    Here’s one performed by Jeff Beck, originally written by Hambone Willie Newbern.

  16. The smelly ape looks as thick as shit.

    I bet if she went on Who Wants to be a Millionaire she would use up all 3 lifelines on question 1 (£100) and still get it wrong.

  17. Did she sing the song in the Bisto advert?

    ‘You always save the best ’till last’?

    I know it wasn’t but i would say it to upset her fans.

    I do the same with Radiohead fans. It’s only right.

    ‘How do I live (without you)?

    Didn’t Radiohead write that for Le-Ann Rimes?

    • Nah, Cuntamus. That was Vanessa Williams. Quite fit she was and all.

      Hill is one of those middle class black personages who cracks on she is from ‘da ghetto’ and that every other black person hangs on her every word. Hill doesn’t actually sing. She shouts her ‘refugee’ bollocks and attempts Mariah Carey style wordless warbling. Bloody awful in other words.

  18. This slag winds me up, she needs a proper slapping.

    As the learned ACWCC wrote this useless tart did not write the hip hop story – she just jumped on the bandwagon when she knew she could rinse a load of middle class whiteys in the US / UK, which she took full advantage of then slagged us off, I quote:

    “I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums.”

    Why is she still here is the above is true?

    Total cunt – AC130 with no parachute over Africa I think.

    • “I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums.”

      That should, of course, be ‘album’.

      The lazy arsed uppity treeswinger only put out one.🤣

    • Her ‘white people’ comment was doing the rounds back in her day but nobody can seem to say when or to whom or in which interview she said it.

      As much as she is a middling cunt, she probably never said anything much about cracker honkies.

  19. I thought it was a reality TV series in LA.

    No it’s a Crapper, totally Crapper, not my cup of tea 😂

    Looks like she is black, that gives her a zillion credit points on MSM.

  20. Fucking hated that killing me softly.
    Everyone i know wanked themselves silly over it
    ‘One time’
    I don’t want to hear it one more time, fuck off.

    • It was indeed shit, Polite Cunt.

      Every other second on that record there was ‘One Tiime’ and ‘Yo.Yo’ And when the cunts were on Later with Jools Holland, Hill squawked ‘Refugees up to here’ about a fifty times during that one song. They were a joke, Like a black Tooting Popular Front.

      It’s follow up ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ was also shit. With Hill and that other cunt grunting over an Abba sample. For true sampling genius, the Beastie Boys ‘Paul’s Boutique’ leaves the Fugees standing.

      And, of course, the first woman to have a hit with a rap record was Debbie Harry with Blondie’s ‘Rapture’. But the Beeb and the woke loonies don’t like to mention that. Because, according to them, Hill invented and started everything.

      • Afternoon Norman, afternoon all.
        I also hated that awful cunt of a track ‘ready or not’

        I liked the early Hip-Hop mentioned by others, and am fond of Motown and Marvin Gaye.

        As for modern stuff, i’ll take Alicia Keys over those God awful Fugees any day of the week.
        As an added bonus, she gives me the horn.

    • I especially hated the little bit where the Indian sitar comes in. That made me have violent feelings I never knew I hitherto had.

      • Dead right Horace.
        Killing Me Softly was 90s crap in a nutshell.
        Just like Cornershop, anyone remember those cunts?
        Brimfull of fucking Asha. Twats.

        Of course – as is their wont – the Fugees did a ‘radio/money friendly’ version, and also a chippy the world owes us white people are cunts version. Both were shit.

  21. I remember her in that crappy Sister Act film. Hill predictably played the chippy gobby sulky ‘Ghetto Child’. While Whoopi Cuntberg chewed the scenery as usual. Absolute crap.

  22. Another staggeringly pretentious late 90s up herself cunt and Grauniad fave.
    Erykah Badu. A total cunt.

  23. This is the first time I have heard of her, and I am sadly not allowed to cunt the cunter for bringing her to my reluctant attention. Research indicates that she had something to do with the dirge “Killing Me Softly With His Song”; despite its dismal tune and meaningless lyrics, one of last century’s least forgettable earworms. Despite her reasonably fit appearance (then) she is obviously a cunt of the first water. Endorsed.

  24. Always thought she sounded out of tune on Killing Me Softly and felt like that ‘song’ was slowly killing me with all the bum notes and drone.

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