Vladimir Putin [4] and Kim Jong Un [5]

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There are certain moments in time when great leaders meet and change the course of history. Think of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta; Carter, Begin and Sadat at Camp David; Nixon and Mao; Reagan and Gorbachev.

So let’s give a double Bond villain cunting to these two giants of geopolitics, great statesmen each. Taking a break from shirtless bear wrestling (with its curious homoerotic undertones apparently lost on the Russkies) and assassinating his opponents, we have Tsar Vladimir the Great inviting 15-year-old, 28-stone Bruce Bogtrotter tribute act, Fatty Boom Boom of North Korea.

Trouble is, old Vodka-breath has let off so many of his fireworks trying the impress the neighbours that he’s running short of them. So up pops Spongebob Squarehead who’s got his own well-stocked box of fireworks and seems happy to swap some. But what does he want in return? Oil? Gas? A job lot of Russian fur hats, specially made perfectly cuboid just for him?

Whatever, I trust they enjoyed the banquet and Vlad managed to desist from sprinkling Novichok on Fatty’s favourite chien fricassé. Sure beats the bamboo shoots and snake shit his compatriots’ enjoy.

Honestly, have there ever been two bigger cunts in the entire history of the world?

Nominated by : Geordie Twatt

Freddie The Frog had this to say about the Korean porkmeister:

The only fat bastard in North Korea……because all the others are starving to death and live off rice and insects.
At least I used to think that but recently he’s been appearing in public with his 10/11 year old daughter ( nobody is quite sure how old she is ) Kim Ju-ae. She’s a right well fed chubby little cow as well.

She has a habit of squeezing his flabby cheeks and everyone goes…aaaaah, isn’t that cute. Then, off camera they tuck in to platefuls of McDonalds and KFC before torturing and murdering some skinny fucks who have been laughing at the fat fucking blobs. Get used to it, it’s coming here soon. You know it makes sense.

As usual I’m relying on my good friends to supply some photos of the corpulent pair. You could also supply one of his Mrs who’s a right horny bitch. Thanks.

NBC News Link. (Link provided by Cunt Admin)

49 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin [4] and Kim Jong Un [5]

  1. But can either of them play piano with his penis? Call themselves world leaders? Expect to be taken seriously? Fuck off.

  2. In that video a soldier looks like he fucked up a bit and then saluted King Kong Jong Um – I suspect the poor cunt is now in one of those Vietnamese style water cages, you know that type – made famous in the film the Deer Hunter.

    Meanwhile Savile is still alive and living in Pyongyang, having luncheon with Schofield and Brand as they talk about all the young ones they going to get to play with once they’ve finished their egg fried rice.

    • Jimmy and Steven Seagal would be teaching each other wrestling moves while making great claims about themselves, while Dennis Rodman tells stories about catching a plane at the bequest of a well-known pop chanteuse because she’d started ovulating, all while Modern Talking’s Brother Louie was playing in the background.

  3. At least you know where you are with these cunts.

    Fuck about and find out is their motto..novichok surprise or anti aircraft gun surprise.

    What’s the absolute opposite of these maniacal dictators?

    Sunak and Macron etc…greasy soft as shit lying cunts.

    Quite a world we live in.

    • Quite right. Don’t forget that tosser Biden who is fucking up his country and others whilst under the flag of democracy.

      • If the pudding headed cunt is actually in charge, then I’m a Chinaman.

        There’s something very, very sinister going on there with the Biden administration, and I’m not entirely sure I want to know what it is, either.

        I never thought I’d have said this even a few years ago, but I genuinely, genuinely hope Trump wins the election in 2024 – he’s an ignorant cunt as a person, but he was a damned good president – no wars, good economy…

        Plus it’ll send the fat, blue-haired pronoun people into an eppy of biblical proportions, and we all love to see that!

      • The globalist corporate liberals and faux conservatives go first..they are as corrupt and wicked as any despot.

        Fuck em.

    • Agreed, sir.

      I’m not gonna poke the hornet’s nest that is the COVID-19/vaccinated vs. unvaccinated debate, but how the Fauxservatives in the UK gaslit our population is nothing short of utterly, utterly wicked. “Don’t kill granny” and the 17:00 daily broadcasts on the idiot box? Evil. Pure evil.

      • Poke away CC

        The government has had the vast vast majority of the nation’s pants down.
        Make no mistake.

        Every time the 1700 hours briefings were due – I was scrambling over all the dead bodies to get to a telescreen so I could stay informed of what to do next.

      • Afternoon, HJ,

        All’s well with you and yours?

        Those 17:00 briefings were what tipped me over the edge into some sort of weird psychosis for a good six months. I’ve never been one to watch the news religiously. I only tend to read about what I’m interested in, and whatever will be, will be.

        But damn, man. I found myself obsessing over these briefings. Between being blind drunk on Scotch for most of lockdown and doing minimal work, I was obsessing over COVID rates on Google; actively looking them up like some sort of mad bastard… very strange.

        I think it was December 2020 when I had to force myself to stop doing it. As a piece of PR and fear-mongering, it was exquisitely done by the British government. Even now, I have a few friends (lovely people, so I’ll not slag them off) who’ve been utterly fucked mentally by the events of 2020 and the powers that be.

        Then we have the vaccination programme…

        Forgive them for what they did to us as a collective nation? Never. Forget? Never.

      • It was exquisitely executed fear propaganda CC.

        The symbolism, the colouring, the imagery, the non stop graphs and charts or should I say “slides”
        Not forgetting the lies as well.
        It was relentless.

      • Utterly relentless propaganda..

        And as time has shown,a pack of lies that ruined what was left of our economy.

      • I never wore a mask, never got the jabbies, never tested, never took part in trick and trace, never watched the briefings or the BBC, all of which precautions meant never had the covids. Prevention is definitely the best medicine!

      • Good on you, Twenty Thousand Cunts!

        I stopped doing the mask thing pretty early on, especially as it’s against the law for anyone to question your medical status. Fuck ’em. As far as they’re concerned, I’m medically exempt.

        I don’t think I bothered with Track & Trace, either. It didn’t work properly, and none of the boozers around my way bothered with it, anyway.

        I don’t have many regrets in life. However, I truly regret getting the vaccine. I’m not anti-vaccination at all, but the way we were coerced into it was little short of criminal.

        I’m in pretty decent shape, not a marathon runner or anything like that, but I’m pretty robust. Yet for about six months after having that fucking thing, I was having weird mini-seizures, my throat would close up at random… just… strange stuff that had never happened before, and hasn’t happened for a good year and a bit now.

        When COVID ‘The Electric Boogaloo’ happens again this autumn/winter during what used to be known ‘Flu Season’, the fuck I’m playing along again.

  4. Unpopular opinion, but I’m gonna rank Biden up there with these two when it comes to the cunt stakes.

    Very, very few politicians – with the addition of Boris Johnson – cause me to feel such violent urges whenever I see the senile, warmongering old fuck.

    Sunny window. Bowl of soup. Now.

    • I’ve no time for the Paddy’s arse kissing (and vice-versa) disingenuous, spindly legged and criminal siring old cunt either.

      • No, I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, DJT is not without fault, but I find it hard to believe that the amount of people who reportedly voted for Biden actually did so. He can’t string a sentence together, and the whole three years has been an unmitigated disaster.

        One of the many reasons he and Johnson should hang, is for escalating the war in Ukraine when a peace deal was on the table. That’d have saved a lot of innocent lives on both sides, and we wouldn’t have had this wave of Russophobia, you know, the new Islamophobia of the 2020s…

      • Nothing wrong with either Russophobia or Islamaphobia – to generalise, they are backwards savage cunts.

        As for the nom, Apologies owed to Dubya Bush – turns out the ‘Axis of Evil’ really is a thing.

    • Justin Trudeau probably has the most nauseous effect on me of any political so called leader.

      Insincere narcissistic pandering cunt.

    • Dunno about that, MBE. The Russians put a man in space and made a fair few significant contributions to the worlds of science and culture.

      I can’t really think of anything significant that the Sandy Types have contributed. Curry’s nice, though – I’ll give ’em that.

      • The Neo-Cons want their land back and revenge from expulsion from old Khazaria (Ukraine) by Russia circa-10th century and that little inconvenience during the US Civil war with Russia’s navy blockading the east and western seaboards in support of Lincoln.

        ”l have two great enemies,the Southern army in front of me and the bankers (Rothschilds) in the rear.Of the two,the one in the rear is my greatest foe” (AL)

        Putin booted out the Rothschilds banking mafia from Russian soil as did Gadaffi and kim jong un snr from theirs.Bloodshed generally follows when confronting the Roths.Ukraine is no different.

  5. About as statesmanlike as a picture of Peter Sutcliffe meeting Ted Bundy on the campus of Leeds University. At least Pete and Ted weren’t shortarsed cunts.

    • A very good mate of mine lives in Russia with his missus who’s a native. I asked him if there’s any of this pronoun nonsense over there.

      He laughed at the question.

    • Vladimir Putin, the president with the Napoleon complex, has made himself a laughing stock by utterly failing to invade neighbours Ukraine. He has now plumbed the depths by crawling to a third world country begging for ammunition. Russia was once recognized as a world superpower, it’s now simply a joke.
      As for Kim Jong Fat Bastard, he will go the way of all dictators. I’m surprised the North Koreans haven’t made their move while he was out of the country.
      Xi Jinping makes up the triumvirate of anti-western autocrats. Donald Trump has openly expressed his admiration for all three because he wants to be just like them, they rule like kings.

      • Don’t believe a word of it.Ukraine is a satanic,chil-trafficking,money launderette and has lost big-time.The Slavic kindling has been duly expended and the bigger logs from NATO will inevitably be added to the flames shortly to meet the same fate.

        The west is going down big-time across all every level.Putin isn’t the enemy by a long chalk,try UN,Nato,Bilderburg-Group,CFR,Club of Rome,BIS,Crown City of London etc.Non Russian entities.

  6. I’ll say one good thing about the Ivans.

    I bet there are no Dickie Dakis and half of the Congo clogging up their hospitals and dental waiting rooms. No need for a legion of interepreters in Moscow to cater for lazy arsed thick as pigshit dirty freeloaders.

    • Alright, Norman.

      There’s a fair few Tree Swingers in Russia, oddly enough. In the days of the Soviet Union, they imported a load to study from Africa to study at their universities due to the strong ties between the USSR and the African countries.

      When the USSR collapsed, they just stayed.

      Granted, there aren’t as many of them there as here – at least there wasn’t when I was last in Russia – but the ones that are, they’re properly-integrated Russian citizens. They may look like they might throw spears at you, but when they open their mouths, they speak perfect Russian without an accent.

      Throws you a bit, to be honest.

  7. There’s a few MP’s I’d pork, this is one of them. I understand she is bi-sexual, that doesn’t bother me, I’d watch before joining in.

    Dehenna Davison, what a name, has a porn name ring to it.

    Poor lass is quitting Dashing Dishi Rishi’s side at levelling up minister – I’d level down on her.


    Counts migraine’s as the reason. I know a good cure for female headaches…

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