Russell Brand [13]

WARNING: It’s only allegations at this point, nothing proven so comment appropriately – NA.

I’m going to get this one in fast as the allegations are now flying that Russell might be a bit rapey.

Well, no shit Sherlock. Apart from most of his 2000+ conquests mostly being brasses, the unfunny, self righteous commie cunt of zero morals may (or may not) have overstepped the mark when little Russell was telling Russell’s top brain what to do

Telling the world that you’re a self proclaimed sex addict isn’t going to stand up in court either. So fuck you Russell.

Can’t wait for the lefty cunt to be torn to shreds by the same people who worship him as some kind of Messiah. Bwa ha ha haaa!

He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty smackhead.

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Additional thoughtful commentary from Miles Plastic:


‘am gonna live forever, am gonna learn how to fly HIGH!’

I suppose (like we all did) Russell Brand dreamt of being famous when young.
Maybe a pop star or becoming a footballer or being a film star.
Well it all came true for Russell Brand.
He got what he wanted.
He was on the telly and the radio. Beautiful wife with Katy Perry.
His name up in lights

‘everybody remember my name’.
Yes Russell’s brand has taken a huge hit. His name.

Now everyone WILL remember his name but for the wrong reasons.

I blame Fame. Not all of course but this modern Fame where people become famous overnight, they haven’t done anything, just blinded by it all. And (if I was honest) I was given that opportunity when I was young sex and drugs I would have lost myself in it I know.

My instinct with him that he wouldn’t have been as reckless if he hadn’t found the Fame.

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  1. This story continues to run and run. Now his ad income from YT has been stopped, the Al-BBC have removed his content from iPlayer and he’s cancelled/postponed his current tour. All as a result of allegations. I’m not saying he done no wrong as obviously I honestly don’t know. But he’s already being prosecuted and sentenced before anything has been proven. That can’t be right.

    Furthermore, some slag has come forward (anonymous of course) and claimed some sexual offence took place in 2003. How can that be proved now? Surely without corroborating evidence, it’s her word against his and that’s no basis for filing charges let alone a prosecution.

    Not a fan of Brand by any stretch of the imagination, but this does look suspiciously like a coordinated attack to take him down because he has the audacity to question and expose the mainstream narrative and ‘the message’. In a similar way ‘the establishment’ are going after Trump.

    If he’s guilty of something, fine. But the court of public opinion has already condemned him, hastened and manipulated by forces who want him silenced. I guess we’ll see if any charges are made and if they stand up to scrutiny.

    • You sir are a cunt. Brand has always questioned authority and is even raising his ‘offspring’ to do the same. His slimey nasal voice, shark like eyes and total disregard for the feelings of others “Andrew Sachs” to name but one. These types believe that they sre above others and I suspect his ex mate Wossy is keeping him at arms length if not already. It is a dangerous precedent as well as dangerous President (see what I did there) that allows these ferals to influence people the same as the bunch of cunts running GB at this moment in time. Nonody has the balls to say enough is enough.
      Thank you and with that it’s back to the studio 🥸

      Read the fucking site rules then feel free to fuck off – NA.

      • Cheers Herman.

        Despite how much we might dislike someone, due process must be followed in a civilised society. This kind of ‘outing’ is happening more and more and it’s a slippery slope. Accusations, anonymous at that, can now ruin someone’s reputation, financial standing, career or indeed their life. If nothing is ever proven and/or no conviction, the damage has still been done. That can’t be right.

        If Brand is guilty and it can be proved in court, then I’m sure many of us here would celebrate the fact he’s been taken down and real victims have at last seen justice. The fact The Times, The Sunday Times and C4’s Dispatches programme have a truck load of substantiated evidence (allegedly) then it does suggest something is afoot. I guess we’ll see. Cheers – IY.

  2. I’ve always found the twat highly annoying but nowhere near as annoying as that unfunny self-serving nasty piece of work, the one trick pony Kathrim Cryan.
    If he’s found guilty I hope he managed to bumfuck the gobby bitch.

  3. I partly think this is a thinly veiled attempt to get at Jordan Peterson.
    He’s been quite friendly with Brand in the past.
    If he ends up being found guilty Peterson will be guilty by association.

  4. Dont really give a fuck about Russel Brand, the guy is an absolute cunt of the highest order, if he is guilty or not he will get no sympathy from me, you cant keep taking the piss out of people without Karma coming back to get you at some point…

  5. Brand should be jailed simply for being a preening, narcissistic twat.

    Sean Lock didn’t like him… and that’s good enough for me

    Plus, he’s a cunt (Brand, not SL)

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