Russell Brand [13]

WARNING: It’s only allegations at this point, nothing proven so comment appropriately – NA.

I’m going to get this one in fast as the allegations are now flying that Russell might be a bit rapey.

Well, no shit Sherlock. Apart from most of his 2000+ conquests mostly being brasses, the unfunny, self righteous commie cunt of zero morals may (or may not) have overstepped the mark when little Russell was telling Russell’s top brain what to do

Telling the world that you’re a self proclaimed sex addict isn’t going to stand up in court either. So fuck you Russell.

Can’t wait for the lefty cunt to be torn to shreds by the same people who worship him as some kind of Messiah. Bwa ha ha haaa!

He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty smackhead.

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Additional thoughtful commentary from Miles Plastic:


‘am gonna live forever, am gonna learn how to fly HIGH!’

I suppose (like we all did) Russell Brand dreamt of being famous when young.
Maybe a pop star or becoming a footballer or being a film star.
Well it all came true for Russell Brand.
He got what he wanted.
He was on the telly and the radio. Beautiful wife with Katy Perry.
His name up in lights

‘everybody remember my name’.
Yes Russell’s brand has taken a huge hit. His name.

Now everyone WILL remember his name but for the wrong reasons.

I blame Fame. Not all of course but this modern Fame where people become famous overnight, they haven’t done anything, just blinded by it all. And (if I was honest) I was given that opportunity when I was young sex and drugs I would have lost myself in it I know.

My instinct with him that he wouldn’t have been as reckless if he hadn’t found the Fame.

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  1. Its lucky that Miles found religion when he did and didn’t give in to the sex and drugs.

    • And Huw Edwards. That’s what this scruffy nasally voiced bellend should do, cry mental health issues and fuck off to an expensive clinic for a few months.

    • Too many red-flags with this one.I suspect he’s a Deep-State disinfo asset,Judas Goat,Pied Piper distractionsmith.Schmoozing with WEF freak Noah Harrel,very tight with the Rothschild clique,Jemima and his current squeeze,plus brief nuptials to archetypal MK-Monarch influencer puppet Katy Perry etc.He’s probably from the same stable as Beyonce,Swift,Spears,Grande et al ? A useful chess piece to be duly positioned as required,invariably to distract in the familiar divide and rule paradigm.

      His YouTube witterings just giving a little truth to salt the bigger lies while both steering around more… ‘elephant in the room’ issues and distracting the emerging awakening tendency across the world into the requisite holding pens of confusion and ambiguity while also allowing a little pressure to escape the boiling frog pot.

      All those fawning comments on his channel to their Poundland Maharishi/Watt Tyler hero just show how easily gulled most folks are with this phoney reprobate,word-salad-tosser.

      • I reckon he raped a proper kid, ie. an 8 year old. That’s what Katy Perry is holding onto. He’s a “I’ll try anything once” cunt.
        Epstein island.

  2. Just because something is alleged, does not mean it is necessarily true. And what about that quaint little custom we used to have of a trial by jury, and with evidence to substantiate a claim ?

    The man is a cunt alright, but at least it is not yet a crime to be a cunt.

  3. So a filthy little predator given carte blanche by the BBC,
    Or a victim of a smear campaign by the sinister cabal of the elites threatened by Russell’s pod casts?

    I know where I’d place my money in a bet!!😁

    I’m willing to file false evidence against Russell Mr Soros if adequately compensated for my time cocker £££_£😁

  4. As much as we all enjoy a bit of schadenfruede, especially with a weapons grade cunt like Brand, the trial by media we are witnessing could have a detrimental effect if it goes to court.
    If indeed he has done what is alleged, then I’m sure we’d all like to see him go down.
    But it has to be done fairly and squarely in court, not in the papers or on the telly before a charge has been made.
    And yet again the beloved BBC are going to over report this episode in the hope that by screaming loudest, they can assuage any guilt by association.
    Just ask Tim Westwood.
    This isn’t a defence of Brand. He’s a Cunt I’d like to see destroyed, but it has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
    Don’t forget. It could be one of us up in the dock one day.

    • I’ve no idea which way this is going to go, or what to think of him, I have no interest in ‘personality performers’. If she was sixteen and he was thirty, so what? It wouldn’t matter if he was sixty or ninety, it wouldn’t be unusual for someone like him to try to get what he could from a starstruck girl. Now if it wasn’t consensual, that’s a different matter entirely and he would deserve everything that came to him. But I’ve never been comfortable with historical abuse allegations. Where has she been for the last twenty years?

      • That’s one of my concerns. How the fuck do you prove if it was consensual or not after 10 days, let alone more than ten years?
        Yet the CPS are happy to let these cases go the distance on a my word against his basis.

    • It’s all a distraction pantomime.The column inches bear witness to this.He has a lot of reach but no real damage will be troubling his bank balance.Tavistock project is my guess.

  5. Poisonous narcissistic posing cunt, elevated his filthy manners and disgusting behaviour to media cult status. Fair enough sowing your wild oats, but I’m surprised MIles can excuse him: he goes against every tenet of Christianity. I’d oven him for crimes against the English language alone. And once more for the sniggering oaf’s joint assault (with Ross) on Sachs.

    As to the subject of the charge, m’Lud, caveat emptor, girls. If you’re buying a slimeball’s transitory attention by waving your assets at him, wtf do you expect? No-one comes out of this smelling of roses.

  6. Moderated. The wokespotter found ginger (anag) concealed in “snı&&erıng”

    Be advised. Where will it end?

  7. A lot of people seem to have fallen for this cunts pseudo Marxist bullshit. Owen Jones was a fanboy as was the rest of the Grauniad hierarchy and ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband when he was courting the yoof vote.

    • Sorry to see GB News is rooting for the cunt as well. Not just lefties.

      Of course, there may be quite a few hacks who knew the cunt was sailing close to the wind (allegedly) and said fuck-all at the time. In which case, watch the ranks close!

      • I always had him as a shill, like that cunt Alex bellend. Another absolute Cunt who should be on your radar is Dr(ha) John fucking cunt Campbell

  8. I don’t remember there being quite so much outcry over the “Mad Goose Wizard” (his words not mine) Ezra Miller.
    Ezra Miller was almost starting his own cult (allegedly) and had groomed and drugged someone (allegedly) as well as being done for robbery and assaulting a woman in an Iceland bar (allegedly). Yet was cleared on all counts….in a Flash you could say.

    He must have hired OJ Simpson’s lawyer or something.

    • Hollywood probably wrote a big cheque to the victims. He was in one of those supethero cartoon universes we’re all supposed to go nuts for.

  9. As one of the cunts who didn’t hear what him and Ross said to Manuel but complained anyway because I hate both cunts enough to not let an opportunity pass to get them fired I don’t have any sympathy. A YouTube guru? He can fuck right off.

  10. Brand is an obnoxious cunt but trial by media and that’s what it appears to be so far, is never a good thing.
    Innocent until and all that.
    If it does end up in court I reckon the lass in the USA, the texts and rape centre reporting will take some defending.
    Let the CPS and courts decide.

  11. *** Breaking news ***
    Miriam Margoyles is the latest to make a complaint about Russell Bland – apparently she’s the only female he didn’t shag in the last two decades……
    I know – I’ll get me coat…..

  12. To be fair to Russell
    He likely only raped the ones who found his irresistible charms resistible.
    Or weren’t in the mood to have his stinking Phallus Dei forced down their ungrateful necks… for some unaccountable reason or other.
    How was Russell to know he might one day find himself in a bit of trouble?
    Savile got away scot-free, so why not him?
    As Aleister Crowley said: “Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.”
    It’s all so unfair!

  13. Brand is an annoyance from the noughties, when quite a lot of posh boys tried to copy his style and manner, ascwell as that Casablancas tosser from The Strokes. Bird-nest hair was the style for their vacuous posh tarts as well.

    I’m not sure Brand has really done enough to get stiched up as he seems to poke fun at everything and has no clue about anything.

    He seems the sort to try and stick a hand down a blouse or up a skirt while playing the dandy .

    A very glib and shallow character, like his sad fans.

  14. This is one of the reasons why I don’t feel comfortable about Hollywood in general. I prefer to watch niche YouTubers, they seem more grounded, less likely to be narcissistic, psychotic or sociopathic. They also seem to be more focussed on their passions and less on wokeness.

  15. Always found him annoying. But when he was the darling of the left, no-one tried to cancel him. Now he’s questioning all the globalist crap, he gets taken down. Mere coincidence I’m sure.
    And given that he was well known as a serial shagger, it seems strange that so many women went for him. As Andrew Lawrence says ‘ if you put your head in a crocodiles mouth, anything that happens can’t be your fault’.

  16. Brand’s big mistake, like many of his ilk, was not realising how quickly the world has changed. His faux, lefty fake socialism is the ideology of the globalist Establishment now. All these wokies and so called “progressives” haven’t tumbled it yet. He’s not an idiot (although he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “baroque”) so I presume it’s beginning to dawn on him now.

  17. So he likes a bit of pussie what the fuck is wrong with that he wasn’t ploughing some cunts shit channel poor bastard leave him alone

  18. Interesting how the media, former business partners/associates et al, are all rapidly distancing themselves from Brand. The BBC and Ch4 are busily going through their media archives regarding Brand’s shows/appearances.

    They know he is damaged goods even though he hasn’t been found guilty on this particular charge. And yet ironically the same media endorsed/supported this shitbag-in-shoes for over 3 decades despite his many misdemeanours and appalling acts of sick humour – which today would be regarding as hate crime, bordering on cancellation.

    For the moment he hasn’t been cancelled, the media really are a duplicitous bunch of cunts.

    Who the fuck needs a justice system, when we have our very own kangaroo court judged, juried and seemingly convicted by the media!

  19. That Lauren Harries trannie claims that Brand was having an affair with it for six months.

    Brand has denied it. I confess to some uncertainty. Even if I was going through a ‘dry’ spell of several years, I’d rather put 💋 on my thumb and forefinger than put my winkle anywhere near that fucking mutant Harries.

    • Fuck that! If he’s done a trannie he needs to be locked up. No trial, no jury, just straight to Belmarsh and throw away the key. You’ve got to have some standards!

  20. Brand is one of those people that you know stink just by looking at them.

    And what a surprise that the BBC are yet again involved in procuring young flesh for their on-air ‘talent’ – allegedly.

  21. In some regards DLB springs to mind
    Brand is a cunt no doubts there I’d be looking at his “friends “ as well though Ross definitely and that Uber cunt Noel Fielding – sure fire “ wrong un “ allegedly

  22. a what did cunts expect from a cunt like Mr Brand?
    b only cunts judge the past as the present.
    c it’s amazing what cunty cunts remember years afterwards.
    d so fucking what, you cunts!

  23. I heard this cunt was a comedian? About as funny as Edwina Lizzard. Fuck off you obnoxious twat.

  24. As regards this malodorous specimens guilt in relation to said allegations, I am unsure.
    However, as regards crimes against comedy, he unequivocally deserves fucking jail!
    Have any of you had the misfortune to behold the cinematic travesty that was the remake of, Arthur?
    Christ on a fucking pogo stick! – It was an abomination!

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