Russell Brand [13]

WARNING: It’s only allegations at this point, nothing proven so comment appropriately – NA.

I’m going to get this one in fast as the allegations are now flying that Russell might be a bit rapey.

Well, no shit Sherlock. Apart from most of his 2000+ conquests mostly being brasses, the unfunny, self righteous commie cunt of zero morals may (or may not) have overstepped the mark when little Russell was telling Russell’s top brain what to do

Telling the world that you’re a self proclaimed sex addict isn’t going to stand up in court either. So fuck you Russell.

Can’t wait for the lefty cunt to be torn to shreds by the same people who worship him as some kind of Messiah. Bwa ha ha haaa!

He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty smackhead.

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Additional thoughtful commentary from Miles Plastic:


‘am gonna live forever, am gonna learn how to fly HIGH!’

I suppose (like we all did) Russell Brand dreamt of being famous when young.
Maybe a pop star or becoming a footballer or being a film star.
Well it all came true for Russell Brand.
He got what he wanted.
He was on the telly and the radio. Beautiful wife with Katy Perry.
His name up in lights

‘everybody remember my name’.
Yes Russell’s brand has taken a huge hit. His name.

Now everyone WILL remember his name but for the wrong reasons.

I blame Fame. Not all of course but this modern Fame where people become famous overnight, they haven’t done anything, just blinded by it all. And (if I was honest) I was given that opportunity when I was young sex and drugs I would have lost myself in it I know.

My instinct with him that he wouldn’t have been as reckless if he hadn’t found the Fame.

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  1. Smug, arrogant, narcissistic prick.
    Shits like Brand give promiscuity a bad name.
    Nice to see him getting his comeuppance after all these years.

  2. Fortunately this gobby, up-its-own-arse, narcissistic gobshite rarely appears on my radar. I’ll continue to ignore it until it this brouhaha fizzles out.

    Andrew Sachs must be looking down elated.

  3. He always reminds me of 1 a cunt and 2 rocky dennis off that cher film. Wonder what dear old mum jo will think of his shennanigans.

      • Evening Norm. Have you seen the video of Cher performing “If I could turn back time” where she sits astride of the barrel of one of the 16″ gun on the Missouri? Just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Ever since that appalling drink/drug fueled debacle with him and his chum, phoning Andrew Sachs with his disgusting remarks, I’ve always thought he’s a wrong ‘un.

    I’m amazed that the pair of them continued to have any kind of career in the public eye, truly I am.

    I don’t know or care if the allegations are true, all I can say is it’s about time this talentless nonentity was shuffled off to the archives.

  5. First thought, cunt deserves everything he gets, never liked him, his annoying voice winds me up. Professional gobshite hand waving wanker.

    However, all this trial by media really pisses me off, allegations from 15 years ago, a serial shagger was bound to have to upset some cunt ‘yes baby, you are the one’ next morning ‘close the door quietly on the way out’

    Trouble is, now this thing will just go on and fucking on, I feel a massive YAWN coming on 😂

  6. Always thought this guy was a cunt simce the first time i saw, he has a face i would never tire of punching.
    Have to say i hope he is guily and does get thrown to the xl bullies.
    Never forgave hin and Jonathon Woss for that stupid prank on Manwell, also for going public about his girlfriends, anyway it seems karma has come back tp give this dementad fuck monkey some anal pandamonium and hopefully he will remember this in his prison cell for the next 10 years.
    Karma truly is a bitch and guilty or not0 as for as im concerned this peice of shit can spend the rest of his days being spit roasted by Romanian beggars and sucking the devils cock.
    Bye bye cunt, you wont be missed so fuck off and dont even think about ever coming back…

  7. Well now. The shit really has hit the fan for poor Russy Wussy.

    Every female in the entertainment business seems to have a story to tell about Russell being either a sex pest or a dangerous sexual predator.
    Looks like have their own WhatsApp group to warn each other when he is about too.

    Shagging a 16 year old schoolgirl when you’re in your 30’s may not be illegal, but it is creepy as fuck.

    I give it six months before the cleaning lady finds him hanging off a doorknob with a segment of orange in his gob and his shrivelled, disease riddled winky in his limp, lifeless hand.

    A fitting end for a world class wanker.

  8. The higher you climb that harder you fall.

    Makes you wonder what actually happened with him and Katy Perry (yes please) between the sheets – I suspect she has some of her own demons that need exorcising.

    He’s always creeped me out, but I don’t get why now? Why 10 years later – is money a motive?

  9. Innocent until proved guilty etc, but that message exchange (if it’s real) is dodgy as fuck. If it is real I reckon he’s a rapist.

    When a girl says no she means no she says. He apologises to fuck.

    Never liked the cunt, but let’s hear the evidence. I will say that every cunt in the media said fuck all until he went a bit ‘off message’.

    I reckon there are loads of dodgy cunts in acting/tv but fuck all gets done because they’re woke.

    All gone quiet about Huw I notice.

    • BBC don’t seem to be saying much. They always seems to have roots in the BBC don’t they – time for change.

      • You’ll be hearing plenty from the BBC about this seeing as they are at least guilty by association, again.

    • Not to worry.
      It’ll all go quiet on Brand in a couple of weeks.
      When the Pigs & CPS decide to take the allegations seriously.

  10. Even without the rape/assault allegations, the man is scum and always has been.
    When he worked for the Royal Mail, this cunt stole kids birthday money, christmas gifts, giro cheques, OAPs heating allowance, postal orders and anything else he could get his greasy germans on so he could fund his smack habit. He later laughed about this and thought he was clever for doing it.

    Then there was his disgraceful behaviour with that cunt Jonathan Woss towards Andrew Sachs. Two grown men abusing an old man. Of course, they got off lightly/

    And now, there’s these latest allegations. Would it surprise me if he was guilty? No, it would not.. He’s the sort of arrogant big I am cunt who believes he can do and say what he wants because he is ‘famous’.

    I wonder what Brand’s celebrity pals, Noel Gallagher and Rio Ferdicunt think of their mucker now? It’ll be funny if/when he is nicked though. The cozzer can say ‘You’re booky wookied!’

  11. Imagine admitting to having a knobathon with the grinning pipe cleaner. Could money be the motive? Unlikely, as all the complainants seem to be such delicate, well brought up, and lovely young ladies.

  12. Look at the gormless cunt. If he hadn’t found fame and the fortune that followed he’d have ended up challenging Peter Crouch as Britain’s most born-to-remain-a-virgin turned out top totty shagging man.

  13. A sort of cross between Rylan Clark and Jesus of Nazareth.
    A goofy Messiah

    Is he a rapist?
    Looks like it.

    But I’m not comfortable with a trial by media and a man’s meant to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    He’s a dirty dick and no mistake, but he owns up to that,

    And he’s a conspiritard so lots of tinfoilers are saying it’s the globalist elite out to get him!!!🥺

    They must be really worried by Essex hippies those multi national global tentacled powerful elites!!

    • Yes indeed, because their work is almost done, so they have time to focus on the no longer a celeb nonentities now.

      Expect startling revelations shortly about
      Katie Price
      Danielle Westbrook
      Mylene Klass

      reveal all! and not only on Only Fans.

    • Whether you agree with the shit he peddles online or not is irrelevant.

      He appears to talk about things that are probably uncomfortable to certain parties.
      (Clot shots, war mongering in Ukraine, Biden and corruption etc etc etc)
      Whether that’s tinfoil hat territory – I don’t particularly give a fuck and it’s also worth remembering that some conspiracy theories are only theories for about 12 months these days before becoming fact.

      I imagine Brand is just following the money as he has a tremendous amount of followers on YouTube and whatever else.

      He’s flipped from left wing anti establishment to some kind of new age alt right wing anti establishment type.

      Even he probably doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.

      For the record – I don’t listen to the cunt and have no time for him in the slightest but I would not be in the least bit surprised if this is him being silenced.

      After all, we can’t have too many of the NPC’s in society questioning the lies they’re being told now can we.

      If only the media showed the same diligence regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s clientele.

  14. I am torn because all these tarts threw themselves at him because of his fame. What did they expect from a cunt who won the Sun newspaper’s ‘Shagger of the Year’ three years running? Marriage? Or treated like a piece of meat once he got their knickers off, nob wiped on curtains and told to fuck off and pay for a taxi home? Bunch of slags. Fuck ’em. Although I’d let the 16 year old off. Naive probably etc.

    Everyone is a cunt in this.

    This is me in a good mood. Get to fuck.

  15. I am so glad I was not the only one who was creeped out by this cunt. You should have stuck to being a postie knicking fivers out of birthday cards, Allegedly.

  16. A bit too charitable my bit I think now.
    Now we’ll know the extent of it.
    An ‘open secret’ it seems.

    I think I was a bit sympathetic because I did listen to him in recent times and I think he was maturing.

      • He made me laugh a few times,
        He’s clearly a bit puddled and oversexed.

        Fames not good for a man.

        Neither is heroin.

        Or being told your marvelous by a bunch of media arse kissers.

        Anyway, he’s fucked now no matter what the truth is.

        BBC allowing him to send a car to pick up his girlfriend from school?

        WTF?!! The Beeb will do anything to keep a sex case happy!

  17. Looks like it’s in the hand of the old bill – the Met have confirmed they have received a report asking for people to come forward.

    I wonder if he’ll deny it and say it’s impossible as he can’t sweat due to a condition he has and that he was at a Pizza Express birthday party.

  18. Russell Brand is and always has been a bit of a cunt.

    However – this is a stitch up.

    Channel 4? Seriously? Get to fuck.

  19. Fuck me! According to the media they’ve just caught Jack the fucking Ripper! Brand’s real crime is that he has just spent the last year on YouTube asking some interesting questions about the Chinky Flu, in particular the vaccine, who has made a shitload of money out of it and their connections to various governments, the WEF, the UN and , of course, WHO.
    He is being stitched up with the intention of shutting him up. As with Trump they don’t need to lock him up just cancel the cunt. Even the dumb cunts at the CPS know that 20 year old testimony from a bunch of metoo old slappers isn’t going anywhere. Trial by media is all that’s needed in this case.
    Guilty as charged M’Lud. Take the prisoner’s YouTube channel down!

  20. I don’t care really if he is innocent.

    He’s a fucking cunt. I don’t like him so lock him up and throw away the key anyway. I’d do the same for any cunt I dislike.

    If I don’t like you, I’d happily see you hang and sleep like a fucking baby.

  21. If he’d carried on being a left wing revolutionary like the cunt was around 10 years ago, then I’d be pretty certain that none of these allegations would have ever come to light.

    Strikes me as as being as much a distraction from the real serious news that we the public ought to really know about as it is a hit piece.

    • Your measured by the friends you keep.

      Soon Russell will be playing connect 4 with Ian Huntley and smoking rollups with Stuart Hall.

      But that’s a step up from knocking about with a cunt like Johnathan Ross.

      Jesus. Imagine going the pub with that fuckstick?!

      I’d love to rattle Ross’s missus though!!
      Voluptuous ❤️

      • Woss is a monumental shitstick.

        If an ‘ordinary’ bloke smuttily probed women like Woss did with his female guests, they would be labeled a sex pest and arrested.

        Also, didn’t this twat once get the law to block off an entire street so his shitty offspring could have a flash bastard Halloween party?

        Elmer Fudd meets Oscar Wilde cunt.

  22. This now cannot come before a jury, given the amount of “media” exposure no judge could ever swear in an unbiased 12 good men/women/ homo/ tranny/lbqwerty/whatever.

    Career over, what a fucking wonderful country we have become…..💩

  23. All I’ll say at this stage is that wimmin must have dropping their knickers in droves for the cunt so unless he’s deranged why would feel the need to rape any of them?

    Some lass says no I don’t fancy it there would have been dozens more lining up anyway..

    We’ll see..but this Holier Than Thou shite by the rabble we have for broadcasters is hilarious.

    Is it all a conspiracy so Huw can return unscathed now there’s a new juicier target fir the media vermin?

    Shitty Cunts.

    • UT – I was having this exact conversation with my brother earlier.

      So a taxi picked her up and took her somewhere, courtesy of Ali Beebie.

      Who is this driver, let’s find him, see if she appeared anxious or did she smell like she’d fallen into a bottle of perfume and was wearing a short skirt, ready to temp someone. It appears she consensually got into the taxi, very convenient.

      I know this guy is meant to be a bit of a sexual deviant, perhaps that was the appeal. Odd that 4 women have come out at the same time.

      Too many questions remain, even if he is a cunt.

  24. Soon as I set the old peepers on this prancing prick he gave me the creeps. You want to shove the cunt overboard without a second thought. He’ll get what’s coming to him in a laughable way, because he hasn’t the sense to keep out of trouble. Its amusing to know what’s going to happen to him once inside and I don’t think he cares either.

  25. That interview with Katherine Ryan with Louie Theroux, many think she was referring to Mr smarmy from BGT. Could she have been talking about Brand?

    • She was and even called him out as a sexual predator and gave him a serious dressing down on some panel show in front of the audience.

      The footage was left out of the broadcast.

  26. If that other well known pork swordsman, Mick Jagger, started slagging off the globalists……say he came out and said the fucking Polar bears ain’t really dying or the dinghy rats are a bunch of scroungers and not “among the most vulnerable people on the planet”…….I wonder how long it would be before the MSM had a massive queue of ageing old tarts lining up for their big brown envelopes, kindly supplied by Mr George Soros? To be fair half of them would be dead by now. Get in there Mick you lucky old cunt!

  27. Imagine you met this prat face to face. Would you not feel this twat is not the full shilling and find an excuse to leave the vicinity? I get this feeling about any number of celebs on television, the ridiculous way they speak and prance about, the way they boast about their sexual proclivities even homosexuality, a severe mental illness.

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