XL Bully

Seriously, what the fuck? It’s known to be an aggressive breed – indeed, one of the most dangerous in the entirety of the UK – and let people in my little corner of Sheffield STILL let them roam off lead around children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

It would be one thing if it was a Labrador, but letting something which is effectively a Shitbull in all but name do that is extraordinarily irresponsible knowing the risks they pose. I know I have something of a reputation for not being a dog person but even so, that’s taking the piss.


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I would like to cunt the XL Bully – and the cunts who own/breed/defend it.

I’m sure we’ve all seen that horrifying video by now, but even absent what happened in Birmingham these odious mutts have been responsible for more than half of UK dog attacks since 2021. In addition to this, they have also been responsible for 6 out of 10 deaths according to the last full year figures. For all the idiotic guff about them being a ‘gentle giant’ and a ‘family breed’, the stats speak for themselves. And that’s without going into the fact that they contain a large amount of DNA from the already banned American Pitbull Terrier, and have been known to turn even on professional dog walkers and trained handlers.

Much as some people like to pretend otherwise, there are times where, to a large extent, it IS the breed, and this is the case with the XL Bully. They have no place in a civilised society and are a grave threat to humans, other dogs and several other animals, and need to be banned immediately as a matter of priority with all existing specimens being subject to compulsory neutering and muzzling.

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  1. I wish that girl that had been attacked had said, ‘Put it in a patch sheet bag with a couple of house brick in it and throw it down the river’.

    • Send em to North Korea.
      Good eating on a XL Bully 👍

      They’d pronounce it
      ” rexel burry”

      Peace offering to Fat Kim.
      I’ll have mine to takeaway fix me up a doggy bag

      • Shoving a finger up its arse mad me laugh. Wanking it off at the same time doesn’t.

        Feed it a bone with a sponge tucked inside it and the dogs no more.

      • Dogs don’t really eat bones. They gnaw on them. You may have confused them with crocodiles.

      • “…Dogs don’t really eat bones. They gnaw on them…”

        You never met my greyhound, she could demolish a Sunday dinner lamb shank bone in 15 minutes flat!

        “…You may have confused them with crocodiles…”

        When you see the rack of razors in a greyhound’s gob it’s an easy mistake to make.

  2. “They have no place in a civilised society”.
    It’s just a pity we don’t live in one.
    We’re not talking kids here, they wouldn’t have the financial wherewithal, it’s grown adults who own these fucking things.
    The word adult is probably optimistic in the case of these overgrown teenagers with the mental age of a 15 year old.
    They seem to think Lock Stock is a training video, making out they’re ‘hard’ whilst enjoying life on the bennies, supplemented by criminality.
    The Nazis had an answer to what they classed as ‘useless mouths’ named Aktion T4. Mass euthanasia to you and me,
    Getting rid of the dogs is one thing, but the underlying problem will still persist as long as knuckle dragging mouth breathers are allowed to live and breed.

  3. Wankers with big dogs are a fucking menace to society. Mincers with little dogs are a danger to arseholes. Fucking ban the lot and save us having to dance around the steaming piles of shit.

    Bring back the dog licence. Oh, wait… that would be no good as they would probably be allowed to claim for it it on their bennies. You see cunts with dogs hanging around the food banks. If the fuckers can’t afford to feed themselves, how can they afford to keep a dog?

    PS Sunak is a dog turd posing as a PM.

    • Evening 20👍

      I’m a wanker with a big dog.😁
      But we don’t go the food bank.

      Perish the thought!!

      We’re barred.

    • I believe their should be licences to own dogs. it woukd cut down on the illegal trade of puppy farming and mean idiots couldnt keep dogs.
      Most of the owners of Mastiff- derived breeds should also have an IQ test.

  4. I remember 70s a small blotchy black pit bull, all head disappearing towards a tiny arse rear hind. Owned by a local, shall we say old school dodgy character that I had to walk past regular as everyone else had to as well but he was a calm little fkr. He’d look at you in the eyeball as did his owner and one would respond likewise to both for that second or too without drama.
    He hadn’t much friends but he had along association from childhood with one particular mad cunt who knew the pit bull well until that is, when they had an argument that came to blows. The pit bull, tiny as he was locked on to the ankle of the friend and the screams were heard from hundreds of yards away.
    The owner released the grip eventually.

      • Cheers JP but I already know that pal.

        The comments have been deleted.

        Several of them.

        Mr Grimsdale!!!

      • No Herman is right a big chunk of comments have disappeared. This thread had over a 110 comments..not anymore.

  5. I know they were comments which had strayed off topic but it’s not like it’s never happened before on previous threads.

    I think I know why I this case.

    Woof Woof !

  6. Guide dogs for the thick. It’s the owners that should be banned. And the cunts who cut ears off should get the same.

  7. Every time I see a a dog like this the owner is explaining to people around him how loveable and gentle he is.

    • Like the other day–everone sat round–the dog the centre of attention–but noticed the conversation was at a distance…everybody nodding and agreeing…but just that thought in the back of your mind–‘could this fucker turn’

    • That’s because when outdoors – some dogs (even if they are wonderful family pets) are anxious around strangers or will behave/act aggressively towards other dogs they aren’t familiar with.

      It’s a territorial thing or a protective mechanism which dogs have within them.

      Doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to tear a child’s arm off.

      Dogs with these traits should always be kept on a lead by RESPONSIBLE owners.

      Not fucking forcibly culled or anything as hysterically retarded as that.

      • I reckon that dog already knew that the kid is going to grow up to be a kebab shop nõnçe or terrorist.

        Dogs are often a great judge of character see.

      • The other thing I feel is they (the owner) feels he has a connection between him and the dog.
        A bit like a woman believing she ‘change’ a cunt of a man.
        But it doesn’t work like that.
        They have aggression bred into them.

      • Then even more reason to keep the dog on a lead.

        It’s about being responsible Miles.

        I agree with the nomination that these dogs (and others similar) are much more dangerous than many others breeds.

        A dog licencing system needs to be brought back and certain breeds controlled.

        To encourage responsible ownership.

        Not fucking stabbing them in their own gardens or forced euthanasia like has been alluded to.

      • Dog licensing? We need human licensing to breed.

        Pavement apes.. peaceful cousin fuckers..
        White low iq trash.

        Sorry computer says no..
        I hope you haven’t named it yet.

      • From an early age, is the aggression waged
        Knows no bounds
        Until outrage bagins
        Cull the seagull for dipping further down
        Paper ate an all, that holds my chips in

      • I’ve an idea for a new sport.

        A bit like Cricket or Baseball.

        It involves using a seagull as the ball and swinging a cat to use as the bat to clobber the cunts with.

      • Have to agree with HJ.
        If anyone should be hung it’s the dog’s human owners.
        We humans are by far the most destructive animals on this planet. Ever.
        We have brought more misery and death to the world than these XL Bully dogs could ever do –
        Even in their wildest dreams!
        Besides, without human intervention, these unfortunate dogs wouldn’t even exist.

  8. Let’s be honest they’re owned by the type who drive cars with backfiring exhausts, like fireworks, claim to have ADHD and wear colourful trainers and stink of sweat and weed.

    Chav cunts.

    Only a mitmot would have one around their kids.
    Not exactly cuddly are they?

    No fur as such,
    They look like inflamed bollocks.
    Slobbering , easily triggered,
    Fat faced.

    They’re Frankenstein’s.

    The only solution is a hand grenade covered in pedigree chum

  9. I always used to say that I’d come back as a dog,but not any more.
    First they were going to cull them,just in case they spread covid around,now this !.
    I wont bother coming back at all.

    • Why not.. crap anywhere..someone picks it up.. you don’t get that service in the house of Lords.
      Unless lord mandy is in, he will pick anything up for a price.

  10. I would rather put up with the possibility of being attacked by a dog, than the almost certainty of being blown up or my family attacked by a dinghy arriviste.

  11. The same dumb cuntfucks sticking up for these mutts probably the same ones sticking up for Russel Brand – put ’em all in a large room and turn the heating up – or oven…..

    • She’d fk a dirty kitchen mop, the inbred groomer of pony infants, at least Lassie is unalive, safe from the bush whack kangaroo mad cunt.

  12. Now I have had a fair few drinks today..

    But this thread feels like it has been edited by Thomas and he’s mushroom’s.

  13. might as well go round the park with a hungry lion and let it off the lead. same thing as letting a dangerous dog loose.

  14. How about training some of the shit for brains owners to get up at 6am and do something useful for a change and go to fucking work. Saying that, there’s about as much chance of that as an XL Bully winning Crufts. And our esteemed PM saying something will be done in 6 months time. Now where have I heard that before? Fuck me, he’d need two promotions to get to be an arsehole.

  15. They’re actually a trying to breed a sheepdog version as well. It’s going to be called a Woolly Bully,

  16. The dogs bitten off more than it can chew. Whole (old) history’s are being destroyed. Similar to what woke have been doing.

  17. “need to be banned immediately as a matter of priority with all existing specimens being subject to compulsory neutering and muzzling.”

    Including neutering and muzzling the cunts who breed and own these monsters.

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