“Bang, Bang, you’re Unalive”

Seems that today’s TikTok savvy yoof are using “unalive” in their conversations rather than “dead”, primarily to get round the algorithmic censors on social media sites that block certain words that might be deemed hurtful, distressing or even in extreme cases posts that deal with violent/sexual imagery.

Familiar words such as “death”, “dead”, “suicide”, “rape”, “die” are now deemed offensive by some sites, and the algorithms that these sites use are for ever being finely tuned to block such words from being published.

Therefore, kids and twentysomethings have had to adapt by using alternatives such as “unalive” (“death”) or “mascara” (to describe rape or sexual assault).

We really are living in a touchy-feely world when social media sites have decided to block not just the more obvious offensive words, but are now going even further just in case it might unhinge someone if the real word is published.

Therefore, if ever post “I wish I was dead” on a social media site, it could very well be blocked. Instead just say “I wish I was unalive” and you’ll be fine!

abc news

Nominated by Technocunt with a seconding by Cuff Chugger below.

I would like to second this nomination, and also add to it. Not so much the blocking of certain words (although that does happen im my example as well) but not only word ‘censorship’ but online comments censorship….ie the removal of the ability to comment about certain news stories. My local online newspaper allow ‘readers’ to comment. Its not a free for all…you do have to register to comment. However over recent years and months the increase in categroies of stories that then deem you are not allowed to leave comments on has constantly increased.

Generally, these categories include news reports which mention;

Immigrants ( i am in the SE, so there are a plethora of stories relating the constant stream of illegals entering our shores)

Gyppo travellers

Crimes committed by anyone, other that a white person.

Anything relating to the alphabet lot

These are just a few categories, but they are increasing.

The paper is happy to open comments on stories relating to feckless white council dwellers, petty non stories about elderly people losing a cat or being scammed and people who find half a maggot in an apple from tescos….these are all fair game for piss taking disparaging comments…as long as the subjects are white of course.

All this censorship and cancellation of others opinions to silence the majority still further is getting beyond a joke.

And don’t get me started on the bbc and their comments criteria!!

Link beow provided by Barry zuckercunt.


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  1. Sorry for going off Topic so quickly but this is important.

    For anyone with Windows 11 on their computers you’re probably running 22H2, which has been around for almost a year now with various feature and security updates.


    Microwank are due to release 23H2 in the next few weeks, which as the name suggests is a major uplift from 22H2 and is geared towards AI applications. This MIGHT mean that if you install it on your ancient bit of tin it could cause all sorts of performance issues to the point where your machine might just give up the ghost and say “fuck this for a game of tiddlywinks!”

    Microsoft haven’t given a firm release date yet, but when they do I’l try and update you here. The reason is that with any major release there’s going to be a lot of bugs and issues that come with it, as I’ve just mentioned.

    The best case therefore is to put your Windows Updates on pause for at least 3 or 4 weeks. By which time most of the bugs will have/should have been highlighted and fixed.

    • This parrot is no more
      He’s curled up his toes
      Shuffled off this mortal coil.
      This parrot is deceased
      He’s unalive.

    • Microshaft, Apple, Meta and Google/Alphabet really are a complete and utter cunch of bunts.

      Yes that Stanley Unwinese was intended because it amused me.

      • Crowded House, eerghhh, insipid. The favourites of commercial radio back in the ealrly/mid nineties.

        I was hoping it was Men at Work or INXS.

      • That’s ok. You can dislike it and I won’t think any different of you.
        There was a time, I think it was before 2014, where people could express conflicting opinions and agree to disagree and then go down the pub and carry on being friends.

        I miss those times.

      • I’m here 24/7, extremely willing and eager to give her the thrill of her lifetime, if she did but know it.

        It’s a bloody tragedy for the girl.

  2. Nice work gents.

    I shudder in horror when I have to imagine the Soy Boffins at Meta Fortress and Google Mansions huddled round trying to figure out how much more detached from reality they can become whilst simultaneously forcing their “ooh mother!” bland,safe,corporate,money grabbing,amoral bullshit on the rest of us.

    I cheer myself up by imagining they’ve all just been gassed then dumped in the nearest river.


    • Read The Circle by Dave Eggers and the follow up The Every and you’ll get the overall idea.

      The new words for today are Techno-Capitalist-Feudalism….or is that just one word?

  3. The BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ is a classic example that defies the trade’s description act.
    You can bet your life they won’t let you comment on immigration stories for example. We’d all end up hearing the voice of the majority and that would never do.
    It’s not the risk of offence that worries them exactly, more the thought that most people hold views that they don’t.
    The democratic right to debate is being removed, that’s part of the reason why our political system is fucked and therefore our country.

    • Very much the same with local online newspapers – we are only allowed to comment on non news stories – cunts

  4. How dare you leave a unflattering comment about our fabulous uninvited enrichers..

    I had a run in with the daily fail for months about moderating my comments, till I drunkenly abused them in a email and got banned..

    Fucking charmless nerks

    • Moi Barry? Fuck the cunts who rock up here daily to hell. Then let the evil one do his bit too. I think the mental elf has something to do with no alcohol or pork in the diet. Plus fucking your cousin for fifty generations.

    • Comments of the mail online only serve to advertisers and therefore the mail online.

      I haved posted there in years because the comments section is curated for baiting people.

  5. This has been happening on youtube for a few years.
    Some channeks are so terrified of demonetisation they will sabotage thrir own videos with ‘safespeak’ to the point of being unwatchable.
    A glossay of safespeak for craven ‘creators’

    Regime = Nazis/Third Reich
    Ended = Killed/died
    Tool = Gun/bomb
    Certain events/ virus of unspecified origin = Covid pandemic.

    i’m sure there are many more.

    This has come along as youtube fills up with advertising. Ive noticed a few have posted on their ability to turn off the non-skip ads being removed from them. Ive slso seen a video on the increasing corporate take over of youtube by corporate-owned channels, some of which are ‘astroturfing’, and now how many youtubers are now shills for brands and services.

    Oh for the days of Tay Zonday snd Chocolate Rain.

    • I apologise for the spelling errors. This thunderstorm makes me feel ‘unsafe’. Can’t the government or Google send it away?

  6. All shirthouses.

    Example, the BBC usually don’t open comments on wimminz footy. If they do, like during the World Cup, any slightly critical comment is removed for ‘violating community standards’. Any peaceful terrorist act or reports of dinghy riders/ ‘grooming’ (rape) gangs convictions and there’s more chance of me waking up to Taylor Swift sucking me nob while Seema Jaswal licks my ringpiece out, than there is of comments being allowed.

    It’s because the fuckers know what the general public think and don’t want that narrative out there.

  7. It’s doesn’t surprise me to know the BBC shut down comments.. in case someone asks what do you know about that greasy to the touch cunt Russell brand?

    Another predator on the pay-roll “allegedly”

    Defund Defund Defund..

    • Seriously starting to believe that the media industry uses the Epstein method on these Cunts. As long as you play the game no one will know about your indiscretions, go off script and we spill the dirt or fit you up with something.

      I don’t see how peak #MeToo Brand wasn’t named but suddenly he’s a target. Doesn’t ring true.

      • Probably some truth in that SV.

        These rumours about him have been around for years, but it only seems to be an investigation once he made a few ‘off key/right wing’ comments.

        Although that prick Owen Jones must be cancelled now. He always wants any cunt cancelled for merely sharing a stage with a ‘wrong un’ (in his eyes).

        Well, he was part of Brand’s stage show for a bit. He was made out to be some kind of political and social guru by Brand. Jones proper kissed his arse.

        Well, now Brand’s allegedly gone rapey, Jones should be fired and left to rot if this turns out to be true.

        He believes in guilt by association so what’s good for the goose, is good for the bender I mean gander.

  8. I’m gonna unalive you matar fornicator just ain’t that threatening.

    Most of the cunts doing the business in da hood can barely write let alone outwit AI, AI is still more intelligent than the average hood rat….

    Maybe they bully the nerds into doing their social media marketing. Anyway if the police had any intelligence they would use it to monitor social media and investigate the hood rats. Oh no same as stop and search the culprits are mostly untouchable with their heavy tans.

  9. Any cunt who uses unsocial media deserves to be unalive. Pathetic brainless dorks, fuck off.

  10. The Brand allegations and probably more to follow does leave Jordan Peterson in a precarious position though as Jordan seemed to enjoy the few interviews he had done with Brand about his past and about Brand finding spirituality.
    Guilty by association will become part of the wider picture, Jonathon Woss and more.
    Andrew Sachs smiles quietly.

    • Guilt by associstion has been the logic of wokies for years. Some half-wit cobbled together a web of Nazis from Joe Rogan to Milo Yianniopoulos, Peterson, Rubin etc.
      How is it any different to the associations of MSNBC, CNN, the democrat party, BBC, Guardian and New York Times?

  11. I would like to unalive the cunts at the BBC. I was really looking forward to seeing the fabulous showbiz epic about the life and times of the late Sir J Savile. It seems, however, that this star encrusted dramatic feast is to be delayed still further.

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