The Police Watchdog

A cunting for the police watchdog for even considering investigation of the 2 police officers who were in the area when 2 Ely scumbags, riding an illegal electric bike at speed into the front of a bus.
Maybe I have this wrong but even if plod were chasing this pair of weasels, isn’t that their job, to try and rid us of pieces of hyena shit like this, furthermore the fact that they decided to foxtrot Oscar at speed at managed to hit a huge orange bus is somehow the fault of the police.

Then the residents of Ely decide to riot and wreck the place, now these dumb fuckers have to live there so leave the place damaged in my opinion, fuck them all.

The scrotes brought it on themselves, maybe it would have been better if the parents hadn’t bought them the top of the range drug dealers leccy bike of choice, maybe they would still be committing petty crimes to this day if they were on foot.

But in all fairness how can the police be blamed for this and investigating the coppers is total madness and what is it going to mean for future policing…

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Nominated by Fuglyucker.

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  1. Was their crime stealing two of diane abbott wigs.. Nice look lads..

    Rioting for several hours, did they remember ant and dic where on and kfc was about to close..

    Come on guys put some effort in, at least burn down all your local shops.
    Lazy beggars.

    • Maybe the police thought they were the inspiral carpets what with the Lloyd Christmas haircuts?
      And wanted a autograph?

      Anyway it all turned out ok in the end.

      Fuck em

    • Good pension, dance lessons, good promotion prospects if your fruity or ethnic,
      Cheaper than a membership at the Blue Oyster bar?

      • Free car, freedom of job choice, little old lady breaking lockdown rules. Throw her in the back of a waggon.. looting pavement apes…. runaway lads..
        “Let’s get back to the station and paint each other’s nails”

    • Ergo, the modern police ‘service’ duly attracts the wrong candidates, certainly not the thief-takers.

  2. Scumbag jam. A rare delicacy! The one time the police do anything helpful, the fucking leftie authorities come down on them. Utter cunts.

    The gibbering wankers that deal drugs round our way have taken to fizzing around on fucking electric scooters. It used to be their kid brothers’ bikes but now it is the scooters. They chuck bags of their wares over the bushes that surround the park for their low-life clients to collect. Once we saw a pair of dribbling twats doing a desperate finger tip search for a bag that had gone astray. How we laughed at their increasingly frantic efforts. I like to think they may still be there, Just two skellingtons for the crows to sharpen their beaks on.

    Good morning, everyone.

  3. So the police spending money on fast cars packed full of the latest technology has been wasted.

    They could use much cheaper cars if all they are going to do is poodle around emblazoned with rainbow stickers.

    They will still need to be 4 seaters of course.
    Two cars with a total of 8 policemen is just enough to handle a fare dodger on public transport or some pensioner who has mis-gendered someone.

    The days of being a getaway driver are now over too.
    At a modest 40mph in a built up area will soon lose plod.

    30mph in Wales.

  4. Sorry, I can’t go along with this nom.

    Why were Taffplod wasting time and resources chasing a couple of likely lads just showing a bit of youthful exuberance? Surely they should be dealing with serious hate crimes like the misuse of pronouns or an autistic girl calling a clam jousting police officer a ‘lesbian’.

    Quite right to get the watchdog in – woof woof.

    • She didn’t even call the pig a lesbian. just said she looks like her nan, who is a lesbian. The cunts are now taking 3rd party offence.

    • it used to be a German Sheperd. Now it’s a French bulldog named Clarence and wearing a rainbow collar.

  5. I did like the last paragraph in the article where he thanks the community for their help in the investigation..

    So a steady trickle of lies.. they were going to choir practice or delivering food to the elderly.

    I has a look on the IOPC website, a right gallery of social workers..

    Not a looker among them, not much diversity only two spoons.. so I’m assuming lots of gayness.
    And going by the bio’s most have never been a copper..

  6. All these “watchdogs” are riddled with Guardian reading Right On Vegans and seriously mentally ill blekies.

    If I were a copper being “investigated” I’d fuck off on long term sick with a view to drawing my pension at the earliest opportunity.

    Too many areas of our society are rammed full of unelected reactionary overpaid lefties who seem determined to undermine what’s left of common sense policies.

    They are cunts that need sacking.

    Oh and the scrotes that got themselves turned into hamburger?

    Good we are better off without.

    Fuck them and their shitty estate.


    • Poor Dumb and Dumber.
      They were due to get Bully XL puppies for Christmas ☹️

      The locals will have to hire black tracksuits for the funerals.

      • Think of the spread at the wake..
        Chicken dippers,greggs sausage rolls and case’s of monster energy drink..

        All shoplifted hours before. Marvellous.

      • Bernard Matthews mini kievs.
        Findus Crispy Pancakes.
        Iceland party food.
        Rola Cola and Cresta Lemonade.
        value mini scotch eggs and pasties.

      • You joke but I know of a bird who wore tracksuit joggers to my mate’s dad’s funeral.

        Works as a NHS mental health nurse.

      • Trouble is though lads that times have moved on. Last November I attended the funeral of a friend of mine who had been on the police in London. I felt I should show some respect and dressed appropriately as I thought, black suit, tie, shoes, white shirt. Whole crowd of people were there, he was a good lad, well liked. However the other mourners must have thought I was one of the undertakers. All the other mourners turned up in their normal, everyday clothes, some in jeans and t-shirts and beanie hats. Absolutely no offence was intended or taken.

  7. What about the turkey pieces shaped like dinosaurs and filled with ketchup. Scrummy.

  8. If the police consistantly did their job perhaps there would be no need for a watchdog.

    Perhaps there would be no riots.

    High speed police chases would become the norm, as they should be.

    But they have decided what crimes they think they should investigate.

    The do not turn up for house burglaries and they ignore shoplifting if it involves less than £200 worth of goods.

    It’s not just the Midlands where Asians raping underage girls is ignored.
    Where they had clear CCTV footage of 2 guys trying to kidnap a girl off the street in London, they decided not to release it for 2 weeks, putting other girls at risk.

    They have decided that having scruffy lefties blocking the roads with their unreasonable requests is not an offence and should be rewarded with tea and biscuits.

    Policemen doing actual police work would then be expected and accepted.

    • About the £200 shoplifting entitlement…..

      It’s a good job that Woolworth’s are still not around.

      My generation perfected the art of shoplifting from their pick-and-mix sweet selection.

      Kids today would need a wheelbarrow for their £199 allowance.

  9. I’ve been mulling over the implications of this case since I read the nom an hour ago. The conclusion I’ve reached is that I’ve every sympathy with the coppers and nearly none for the dead scrotes, only nearly because they have almost certainly been raised in a home where they learned that this is the way to live. Or die in their case.

    As for the wasters who rioted in the aftermath, no sympathy whatsoever. May their bollocks go square and fester at the corners.

    • I’ve been thinking about it too Arfur.

      And while I’ve no sympathy for the rioting Welsh community or the two balloons on the bike,
      I’ve every sympathy for me.

      Having to share roads at some expense with uninsured teenagers with Cadfael haircuts,
      And now a 20mile a hour speed limit?!!!

      How the fuck am I meant to kill them at 20mph?

      • I sympathise Mis but at least there’s a chance your van would be loaded at the time you connected with them and although kinetic energy only increases in a linear fashion with mass as opposed to the square of your speed I think would would still cause them considerable discomfort.

  10. Good old fashioned policing.

    Rozzers chasing crims. 👍

    Two nil !

    Two nil ! 😀

    Bang on. 👍👍

    Good morning.

  11. This was the Problem in Hackney (or any other ghettoised Shit Hole) and the local Youths said we have nothing to do, nowhere to go so the council built youth clubs DJ clubs football clubs etc and overnight the Crime went away

    • I was working in Hackney 40 years ago at the time of the Toxteth and copycat riots in Brixton and elsewhere. I was sure Hackney was next on the list so I was about to board up our plate glass windows. Our beat copper came along and said there aren’t going to be any riots here. The local police knew who the troublemakers were so had them in the cells and gave them a none too gentle reminder about what would happen to them if anything kicked off and told them that was just for starters. Hackney was quiet as a church mouse. Proper preventative policing.

  12. That garden in the header pic, should be front cover in homes and gardens.

    Paving slabs stolen from the high street pavement refurbishment. And gates made from crowd control barriers..

    Knocks a county cream wooden gate into a cocked hat.

    • I can’t make the relationship between the photo and the nom.

      Do the blue bin bags contain the dismembered remains of the two dead scrotes?

      If they do then the police should have used bio-degradable paper bags, not plastic.

  13. The two boys should’ve had more practice on the machines before going straight into what intentions they were going to use their toys for. The parents should be investigated, for knowing what their lads were upto. Now that the horse as bolted, the inventor must be charged for attaching machinery to a childs scooter.

  14. Trouble is, Welsh old bill told porkies didn’t they?
    They weren’t there, at least until CCTV appeared, then they were, but not in pursuit.
    They’ve left themselves open to a kicking from the libtards from the word go, so doubtless we’ll see some justice of the Hillsborough variety meted out.
    Sounds like Ely is the Welsh equivalent to Liverpool anyway.
    Finally, I’d also like to cunt the South Wales Argus for having a website festooned with more advertising than Pearl and Dean.

  15. I still visualise the film from Spain of a hostage taker, they gave him a motorbike to escape on, then drove a police car straight into the cunt. Job done.

  16. Everything will be fine now commissar Drakeford has imposed a 20mph limit in all urban area’s…🛴

    • Possibly looks like the used fireworks that litter the streets and waste ground on 6th November

      Perhaps I’m wrong but there seem to be a lot of fire related incidents from Lithium-Ion Batteries……..naaaah it’ll be fine!

      • There was one blazing away on the side of the motorway only yesterday.

        No rubber necking, people were speeding up to get past it quickly.

        Last month there was one on fire on the main road into our town.
        They just let it burn out completely.

        It melted the road surface.

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