Lisa Herbold

Lisa is Councillor in the city of Seattle, Washington, USA who has come up with a brilliant idea! She is recruiting half a dozen “ mental health professional social workers” to take the place of coppers when dealing with people going through mental elf crises on the streets ( ie fucking druggie losers out of their heads and kicking off)
Apparently the coppers don’t know shit so these social workers are going to sort it all out. I’ve seen Lisa on YouTube explaining her brilliant ideas and I’ve never seen a libtard look more pleased with herself. I’d hate to be one of these social workers who is dumb enough to take this job and I’d hate to be Lisa when the first one gets stabbed or shot in the face. No doubt she will blame it on the patriarchy, white supremacy or Trump. But some stupid libtard cunt is going to die….we all know it and there’s fuck all we can do about it. It’s a fucking tragedy.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog, seconded and Link provided by General Cuntster.

This woman’s cuntitude is truly monumental. However, there is good news here in that stateside news reports indicate that this useless cunt will not, after 20 years of cuntishess, run for re-election.

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52 thoughts on “Lisa Herbold

  1. Why doesn’t “she” (sure its not a bloke?) set an example and go out on the drug-ridden, shit-stained streets and have a nice touchy-feely chat with those very same gangsters?

    In fact if she has a chat with that other cunt in the States who wants to tell gangsters not to cause any trouble between the hours of 9am and 9pm, then I’m sure the crime problem will disappear over night!!!

    I bet Suckdick Khan will be watching closely

  2. Hopefully that idea will come here.

    So the next time a peaceful has a mental health issue and starts stabbing bystanders, one of these councillor’s will be at hand..

    And can I recommend Tony Blair for the job.

    • “…A vigilante wipeout would be my cup of tea….”

      Aye, a full on ‘mag dump’ Rittenhousing, it’s the only language they understand so let the lead do the talking!

  3. The problem with these councillors and politicians is that they see these plans/ideas spelled out to them by a bunch of box-ticking do-gooders in the safety of a nice cosy office and air-con.

    “Oh, that sounds like an excellent idea! Send them out on the streets and I’m sure everything will be lovely.”

    Meanwhile, out on the streets at 11 o’clock at night and a bunch of gangsters are about to tool up in order to rob a supermarket, one young and very inexperienced mental health worker (but has a degree in Ancient Greek Pottery Making) approaches them armed only with a clipboard and a pencil.

    Yes, I can see this plan working out very well!!!

    • It sounds even worse than Blunkett’s bobbies or whatever they are called now. Over here most of the time they would be told to fuck off or ignored but in the U.S the streets are literally a warzone and the threat of serious violence is very real even for armed and trained police officers, never mind some social studies major.

    • The nose ring is like the unofficial uniform of the female social worker. Often accompanied by blue hair.

      • Blue hair was all the rage among certain middle aged Tory ladies in the 1960s/70s.
        They were known as the blue-rinse brigade.
        My great-auntie Evelyn was especially partial.

  4. I would think the local fuzz would be rather grateful to her. I know our own guardians of the law are mightily pissed off and further overstretched by the wackjobs released into the wild by Thatcher’s “Care” in the Community. In the unlikely event of our following suit, it might be an idea to re-repurpose some of those nice yuppie developments which were formerly mental hospitals, too.

    The armed headcases could continue to be dealt with by the police, when available from form filling, like any other armed and dangerous cunt. There’d be plenty of routine nutters for the social workers to deal with, and maybe specialist mental nurses could once again be trained here, too. Ha bloody ha.

    On the whole, disagree with this cunting.

    • One of my friends lives in such a development, but he is also mental so quite apt.
      (Graylingwell psycho hospital)

  5. Anyone dumb enough to sign up for that deserves to be shot in the face.

    Naive liberals who profess to love refugees and don’t see colour, send them down to rye lane Peckham for the inevitable chimp out..

    When the peacefuls store is about to be burnt down maybe these social workers can talk the mob down..
    Penny for the guy..

  6. To be fair, I’d probably take the job but only so I could immediately go on long-term sick due to declining mental health.

    The dumb cunt.

  7. Go for it, girlfriend!

    Reality is a bee o tch.

    You’re going to see social workers with inside out arseholes and their faces shot through the back of their heads.

    But hey, she gets to show off at dinner parties so fuck you!

    I hope she volunteers to go out on the streets to sort this before anyone else.

    Women + political positions (fuck Maggy too) = we are fucked.

    They have too many feelz.

    “Oh, this violent crack head just needs a ping pong table and his own home.”

    Get to fuck! Put the cunt down like a mad dog.

  8. We’ve already got a similar version here in the UK, it’s called The Police Force.
    Only ours is much safer because rather than confronting blacks or peacefuls with machetes and guns, they pretend it’s not happening.
    No need for risky stop and search or pursuits that might end up scratching the rainbow decals on the side of squad cars.
    Perfect for a liberal society that the voters never voted for.

  9. I’ll be benevolent as usual and assume this cunt thinks these “interventions” will take place via an app like TokTik.

    Otherwise there will just be more disfigured corpses holding clipboards to sweep up.

    Oh well,fuck the lot of them.

  10. Fair few woke cunts who could volunteer for this sort of work on the streets of Londonkistan, Birminghalal or Madchester me thinks – ps – Russel Brand is a cunt – only surprised he’s not been nominated today……

  11. A initial hiring of six positions, fuck me that’s the gun chamber of a revolver..

    Plenty of work for the recruitment team..

    “So why did the last staff member leave?”

    “Oh they moved on to greener pastures”

    The local cemetery.

  12. What is even more scarier than this nutjob are the people who support her cranky ideas!

    They inwardly know she’s off her rocker, but as we know if you go against a woke progressive narrative you end up cancelled. Therefore they go with it for fear of losing their comfy jobs and end up discredited.

    And when the idea goes tits-up with a few fatalities and questions are asked, they just shrug their shoulders and blame Trump or climate change or Windows 11 22H2.

    Same old shit we see over here. No one’s to blame, just sweep it under the carpet in readiness for the next mad cap idea from the Regressives!

  13. I’m actually all in favor of replacing the Police with highly trained professionals.

    In the states, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams or a Chauvin Team could be very effective in cleaning up the streets.

    In your case, as your Police aren’t armed, perhaps some version of the SAS or Royal Marine Commandos.

    I’ll bet the SAS showing up at a Just Stop Oil/Climate Change protest would have a rather chilling (pun intended) effect on future protests/disruptions.

    Not to mention what a Special Boat Squad response to a report of Dinghy Riders approaching the Coast would do in stemming the flood of future Gynecologists/Pediatricians..

    • Sorry general our soldiers can’t shoot anyone any more, to much risk of a inquiry that will drag on for 10,20,30 years..

      Another legacy of cock sucker Blair..

    • Due to MoD streamlining measures to make British Forces ready for the all-domain, integrated battlefield, and the SAS are now armed with spoons and baling twine.

      • Well, I’m not that familiar with the inner workings of the MoD and the British Military but it seems to me from what you gentlemen are describing they would fit perfectly into the role of of a kind of pseudo professional social counselor that the Wokeist Left is calling for.

    • Precisely GC – Where’s Foyle and Bonehead when you need them or better still The New Avengers – phwooaaarrrr – Joanna Lumley……

  14. ** Forgot to mention.

    For anyone with Windows 11 on their computers you’re probably running 22H2, which has been around for almost a year now with various feature and security updates.


    Microwank are due to release 23H2 in the next few weeks, which as the name suggests is a major uplift from 22H2 and is geared towards AI applications. This MIGHT mean that if you install it on your ancient bit of tin it could cause all sorts of performance issues to the point where your machine might just give up the ghost and say “fuck this for a game of tiddlywinks!”

    Microsoft haven’t given a firm release date yet, but when they do I’l try and update you here. The reason is that with any major release there’s going to be a lot of bugs and issues that come with it, as I’ve just mentioned.

    The best case therefore is to put your Windows Updates on pause for at least 3 or 3 weeks. By which time most of the bugs will have/should have been highlighted and fixed.

    If the admins don’t mind I’ll cut and paste this into tomorrow’s nominations in case anyone missed it as its quite an important bit of news.

    • Thanks for the heads up..I took the precaution of disabling the Windows Update “service” some time ago.

      Fuck those meddling cunts.

  15. The Liberal Mentalists Squad, solving problems and issues in a gangsta hood.
    Please Sir, will you just listen to me about the rainbow for a second
    Thats how they do it, confuses the fuck out of em gangsta bad ass mofks just long enough, before they get the shit out of tasered out themselves
    The R ainbow Team
    Shud up Fool

  16. Do you ever look at a photograph and can smell it? This one has the odour of cheap, departmental perfume, chicken-wing sweat, and soiled, pissy granny panties.

  17. Settle is not a village.

    So, if the problem of dealing with the mentally unstable only requires a team of six ( yes, I noticed the ‘initially’) then it’s not really that much of a problem, is it?

    Because surely if it was, they’d have 60, or 600 out there, armed with tranquillizer guns and the human equivalent of butterfly nets, not to mention tazers.

  18. Didn’t Dr Frazier Crane and his brother Miles ( both qualified head doctors) used to live in Seattle? I wonder if they would be volunteering for this insane mental elf scheme? (see what I did there?)
    I can see how you could squeeze a tragi-comedy series out of it but unlikely to pass the wokie test imposed by TV executives these days.

  19. Looks like Seattle is amongst the frontrunners in the social destruction race.

    Western civilization, slowly sliding from view.

    It’s like being in a dystopian film.

    A relentless march to oblivion.

    The horror.

    The horror…….

    Get To Fuck.

  20. Magnum Force style Policing would get my vote. Who’d miss the scumbags and feral cunts wreaking havoc on our streets? But. as ever, the 1% woke brigade will continue to bring in lunacy like this to ensure law abiding, tax paying working class will bear the brunt of their idiocy.

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