Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

From the article:

“A critical report into how a mental health trust mismanaged its mortality figures was edited to remove criticism of its leadership, the BBC has found.”

So, let me get this straight: not only did hundreds of patients die unnecessarily due to poor management, but said management also coerced the ‘independent’ auditors into whitewashing their role in said deaths? Fuck off you self-absorbed, self-preserving cunts. For once, just for once it would be nice to see somebody from ‘ar anychess’ take responsibility when something goes wrong instead of trying to blame anyone and everything but themselves.

Yes, I know the Tories haven’t helped, but that really isn’t any excuse.

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  1. They’re good at the “coverup”, just like when bringing the sheet oven a none breathing body.

  2. No one wants to upset anyone, so everyone has to be protected to keep them safe from hurty words. Of course this also means that no-one can be to blame. Still, who cares? After all, the victims were all mental and didn’t know what was happening.

  3. The sooner the NHS is made into a healthcare organisation instead of a jolly for useless administration, the sooner we’ll get what we think we’ve all paid for.
    And while we’re at it, refuse treatment to those who have not contributed towards it, or whose background is so vague we cannot determine which country’s government has to pick up the tab.

    • Even if they do know what country to sent the bill to they’ll just tell us to fuck off. Every country forces you to have health insurance, or just pay for treatment, as a traveller but only this one will treat anybody on the planet for free. Or, rather, at our expense.

      • Exactly Mog, other countries should have an obligation to pay in place before their people try to avail themselves of our hard earned health service, or they can drop fucking dead.

      • I don’t know about all countries Moggie but I have first hand experience here.

        A friend of Mrs Cunter injured herself at a sports tournament.
        An ambulance was called.

        The crew wanted her SIP (healthcare) card.
        She didn’t have it on her.

        The medics left her on the floor untreated.
        They said that someone would come back once she could prove that the ambulance and any treatment will be paid for.

        This type of service is not just reserved for foreigners and tourists.
        If you are Spanish and do not contribute into the system you get the same.

  4. It’s quite obvious that the gigantic self serving bureaucracy of the NHS contains immense corruption,deception as well as being accountable to nobody.

    It fucking reeks.

    A typical British “institution” then..

    Full of cunts.


    • ‘mismanaged its mortality figures’.

      A nice little euphemism for fiddling them.

      You’re bang on Unk.

      The NHS is full of pen-pushing cunts looking to cover their own backs. That’s when they’re not trying to punt ludicrous new ‘woke’ initiatives.


      Morning all.

  5. It’s not necessarily other countries picking up the tab.
    When the UK was in the EU, Spain was reluctant to treat any British patients as the UK would not compensate.

    The NHS are very slow (at best) when paying their bills.

    But watching televisión adverts I have a theory.

    Stress is a real killer.
    It leads to all sorts of serious conditions.

    The NHS are constantly prompting people to visit their doctors.

    “If you feel that something isn’t quite right then go to your doctor.
    It probably isn’t cancer but visit him anyway”.

    How stressful and damaging must it be to be told that “You probably don’t have cancer” and then find out that you can’t get an appointment with a doctor anyway.

    I think that they are trying to finish people off.
    Either way, it’s reckless and unnecessary advice.

    • “Good morning. I would like to make an appointment with the doctor”.

      ‘What is the problem?’

      “Well, nothing that I can put my finger on, but I just don’t feel right”

      ‘What symptoms do you have?”

      ‘None really, but I just want to be sure’

      ” When you develop any symptoms call back. There is currently a three week waiting list for appointments….. Goodbye “

      • Aye.

        On Sky Cricket recently they were promoting men in their 50s and up going to the docs to get their prostates checked.

        Good advice.

        Then it showed the likes of Mark Butcher, David Gower and others getting checked out.

        I noticed Mark Butcher said something like, “Here I am to get checked out at (forgot the name) private clinic.”

        They probably got told to wait 6 months by the NHS and that wouldn’t have made a good bit of virtue signaling for Sky, would it?

  6. Perhaps one day the NHS will revert back to what it was founded for, to treat genuinely sick people.

    Not every cunt who wanders in with a splinter or a tattoo or a cock that needs removing.

    But I won’t hold my breath.

    • It will have to reform at some point, but it wont be free st the point of delivery. certain urgent care cases will get free treatment but boob jobs and GP appoints will be paid for.

  7. “Yes, I know the Tories haven’t helped, but that really isn’t any excuse.”

    Well the Tories should have fucking helped. After all, they have been in government for the past 13 years!

    • That’s about long enough to sort their expenses and make their mates rich. But not long enough to do anything for us. Like they would anyway.

      • The only thing the Tories have done to help us that I can think of was to raise the threshold for paying income tax from £5,225 (under Labour) to the current £12,570.
        Oh, and gay marriage obviously. Lol.

    • I’m aware of that. My point is that the Tories aren’t the ones telling them to fiddle their mortality figures etc.

  8. I’d assume Norfolk/Suffolk NHS were just layed off pig farmers that’d retrained?

    And I was right.

  9. To be fair to OurNHS, they do have to deal with an epidemic of telescopic vacuum cleaner attachments becoming accidentally lodged in the rectum of a certain type of gentleman. It’s so easy to slip and fall backwards onto one while hoovering in the nude.

    • It’s the fruit that’s hilarious. An A&E nurse I once knew said the excuse is always the same. They were changing the curtains and fell on the fruit bowl.

    • I bet they’ve heard some crackers at A and E.

      “My two sons were arguing as I came out of my bathroom. I had a cold and as I coughed, my towel fell off. I bent down at the top of the stairs to pick it up, just as my son threw an antique world war 2 artillery shell I had on display at his brother, as their argument got more heated. My other son ducked and the shell flew up the stairs and went right up my bum hole at warp speed. It’s been stuck ever since.?”

      And here I am.”

      • You may as well tell the truth.
        They have heard all of the excuses dozens of times before.

        “I wanted to know what it would feel like to stick it up my arse.
        Now I know.
        If you cunts can stop laughing long enough could you please get it out.
        Thank you”.

      • I did once genuinely tell a porky in A and E. Broke my hand by punching a brick wall pissed up as a young man on a night out.

        Black and blue hand the next day. Agony.

        I was too embarrassed to say what happened so I said I was playing football and was sliding in at the far post and my hand smashed into the post.

        Very inventive I thought. The nurse just looked at like ‘Yeah right.’

        Probably sees that injury every week from young, too much testosterone dickheads like I was at the time.

      • I imagine that the best lie to tell at the A&E would be….

        “No speeky de inglish”

        Avoid the 18 hour wait.

  10. Talking of dodgy stats in hospitals, I’ve been hearing some funny shite about that Lucy Letby.

    Cat amongst pigeons here.

    Now, I believe her conviction is probably right, but that thing about babies only dying when she was on duty? Not true according to some. Loads of others while she wasn’t on duty I heard. I also heard the deaths stopped after she was moved because this coincided with premature babies not being treated there anymore, due to the deaths.

    Now I know this is from da interwebs (David Keurten on YouTube goes on about it a lot), but I’m not going to say anyone looking into this is a conspiracy nut. That’s lazy. Loads of cunts have been convicted for fuck all.

    Do I think she’s guilty? On balance, yes.

    Do I think it’s possible she isn’t and some specialists/docs were looking for a scapegoat to cover their failings (leaking sewerage through the roof over the baby unit by all accounts, including other alleged shite)?

    Yes, I think it is possible, probably unlikely.

    I reckon she’s not going to appeal untul this inquest is over. If she’s innocent she’ll be hoping they uncover these failings and it gets her released.

    I doubt it though.

    But yes,if she did the things she’s convicted of, I hope she gets the boiling water and sugar treatment every fucking day until she croaks.

    • There is ONE FUCK OF A Lot on the net re Hanratty. the alleged A6 killer. Enough to convince me, on balance, that death penalty is not a good idea. There is also a new book out, by Robert Harriman, which suggests that any related DNA “evidence” is well-below par, and profoundly flawed. Peter Alphon confessed and, a few days after Hanratty’s hanging, somebody whose name had come up offed themselves. Definitely worth investigating.
      Letby SEEMS like a wrong ‘un, but theb I’ m not your average bloke dahn the pub, either. Don’t think I’ve murdered anyone, though…

      • Letby didn’t do herself any favours in court.

        1. Arrogance – There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. She crossed that in court by trying to overrule medical evidence from those ‘above her’. I will caveat this though with the fact she was fighting for her life.

        2. Playing the victim (lies)

        She said in court she was arrested in the early hours while in her dressing gown. Nope. She was arrested at 6am in a jogging suit. She also said she was isolated and not allowed to socialize with her friends from work after suspension. Again, not true. Loads of photos at trial of her out on the piss with her work colleagues every other night.

        She tried to play the victim in court and it backfired due to this imo. Badly. Her lawyer must’ve been a right thick cunt.

        She’s a wrong un no doubt. Very manipulative. And arrogant.

        Baby killer? Not so sure now tbh.

  11. Off topic a little but Norfolk and the West Country (mainly Devon) have that same accent that’s got an “ooh arr” quality about it.

    Oi loikes me Bernard Maffoos Turkey drummers oi dooo!

    • So many people think, but they are entirely different for me. It’s irritating when a radio actor whose character is from Fakenham (great name for radio drama) is speaking cod-Bristolian, or even Wiltshire. Norfolk isn’t an easy one to imitate, but anyone can do ooh-aaarrr.

      • You can leave the humble pie if you don’t like it, Harold. The turkey’s bootiful. 🙂
        Just expressing my own view, but can quite understand the perceived similarity.

      • Well said Kimono. Knowing East Anglia and the various accents, it annoys me when actors use a generic bumpkin/West Country accent. The only actor I can give credit to was Ralph Fiennes in that recent thing about Sutton Hoo. He got a Suffolk accent spot-on. Well done sirr.

      • They all sound like banjo twangers to me.
        Norfolk and surrounding areas.

        They should learn to speak proper like what I do.

      • That accent in the clip from Midsomer Murders is just so wrong Harold! The series is filmed and set in south Bucks for Christ’s sake.

        I understand your irritation Komodo, but do you have any idea how many people can’t distinguish Brummie from Scouse? Fucking hell that’s annoying!

      • Perfect as I am, and able, if nudged, to distinguish Geordie from Macca, let alone Brum from Scouse (Jesus, really, Arfur? Yow mossed be kiddingg), I confess to some difficulty with Yorks/Lancs. Ok, Boycott vs Manc is easy enough, but there’s a grey zone on top of the Pennines…

    • The old Norfolk & Norwich hospital had to hire fridge trucks from BM during a flu outbreak, as their morgue was overflowing.
      Portering services were also contracted out to Rentokil, whom, it seems, were NOT supplied with NHS uniforms. People said having their deceased loved ones being jolly-trollied off the ward by rodent exterminators was a bit… iffy.

    • @ lord cuntingford, thats because the fiennes family were farmers from the village of wangford, suffolk, 2 mile from southwold, posh cunts that they are.

  12. Once upon a time, a hospital ‘manager’ or whatever the equivalent was back then, would have had two concerns.
    Have I got enough beds.
    Are we treating people effectively to the best of our abilities.
    Nowadays a modern hospital ‘manager’ (and I use that term very fucking loosely) seems only concerned with figures, spreadsheets and wall charts.
    Patient care is clearly an occupational hazard that they see as a secondary at best.
    And these jobs at the top seem to be handed out like the NHS is the BBC or the Met Office.
    No real experience required.
    Sack the fucking lot of them.

      • Not me Arch! I put some effort into avoiding promotion. The managers who wanted me to take promotion responded with bewilderment or annoyance or something between the two. Being retired now I care even fucking less.

      • One gaffer said to me ” best part of this job was getting it, after that it was downhill all the way”….

  13. Can you get a pill on the NHS to to cure being pissed off and hating ‘literally’ everything

    The bone idle
    Tranny shit
    XL Bully

    I think it’s called cyanide 😂

  14. Mr Richardson, from the trust, added: “We have been open and honest about the failings highlighted in this report, and are committed to bringing about the improvements that our service users and staff deserve.”

    I just cut and pasted this. As did Mr. Richardson.

    • There’s the proof So Long, that the atheists are right. If there was a god that monumental lie would surely have resulted in a lightning bolt from the heavens which would have reduced richardson to a little pile of ash.

    • Strange how the very people who have scandals on their watch think they are the one’s to put things right.

  15. Know a huge amount of people who work in the NHS, this is nothing new. Top brass on salaries well over 6 figures, plus bonuses – make massive mistakes and errors of judgement and then “move on” to an equally lucrative position somewhere else and a further shit show…”Ah, yes, but we have to pay those salaries to attract the best candidates”. It’s a fucking farce in this country, and we are well and truly fucked.

    • Same reason/excuse/justification given by the BBC MGB, for the astronomical portions of the licence fee that they give to people who you would not employ to sweep up the leaves in the park.

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