XL Bully

Seriously, what the fuck? It’s known to be an aggressive breed – indeed, one of the most dangerous in the entirety of the UK – and let people in my little corner of Sheffield STILL let them roam off lead around children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

It would be one thing if it was a Labrador, but letting something which is effectively a Shitbull in all but name do that is extraordinarily irresponsible knowing the risks they pose. I know I have something of a reputation for not being a dog person but even so, that’s taking the piss.


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I would like to cunt the XL Bully – and the cunts who own/breed/defend it.

I’m sure we’ve all seen that horrifying video by now, but even absent what happened in Birmingham these odious mutts have been responsible for more than half of UK dog attacks since 2021. In addition to this, they have also been responsible for 6 out of 10 deaths according to the last full year figures. For all the idiotic guff about them being a ‘gentle giant’ and a ‘family breed’, the stats speak for themselves. And that’s without going into the fact that they contain a large amount of DNA from the already banned American Pitbull Terrier, and have been known to turn even on professional dog walkers and trained handlers.

Much as some people like to pretend otherwise, there are times where, to a large extent, it IS the breed, and this is the case with the XL Bully. They have no place in a civilised society and are a grave threat to humans, other dogs and several other animals, and need to be banned immediately as a matter of priority with all existing specimens being subject to compulsory neutering and muzzling.

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  1. Sunak said these dogs will be banned by the end of the year. But, before this year is over, you can bet that another person will be killed by one of these things.

    Also, there will be no cull. The ones that are here will have to be muzzled. But you can also bet that some cunt will not do it, and more damage will be caused.

    • If Sunak says they’ll be banned it’s a dead cert they won’t be.
      File under:
      Stop The Boats
      Etc, etc….

    • The simple answer to eliminate dog attacks entirely, regardless of breed, is that all are to be muzzled at all times when in public. Failure to do so results in the destruction of the dog and the owner being charged with possession of an offensive weapon. Dead easy.

    • Sadly Norman, you’re right. Compulsory euthanasia is the only option – the public’s safety depends on it.

  2. The name does give it away..

    But I suggest a amnesty for them, release a dozen steroid infused fuckers into prime ministers question time..

    Or earn their freedom down the Kent coast salvaging dinghy filth..
    There’s a good boy..

  3. Send in the Canine Einsatzgruppen and remove these unterhunds from our communities. If possible the owners can join their beloved Landsharks to Dr Mengele the local vet for the long sleep….

    • Guten Tag ObersturmbannFuhrer and everyone else,

      It is the owners who are the untermensch. The only people who gave these dogs are drug dealers, debt collectors, the criminally psychopathic and the socially inadequate. They are not family pets. I have always had a couple of dogs and they all individuals with their own characters and just like people I am afraid you do get some who are beyond redemption.

      • You’re quute correct, Wanky. If you chain up an animal every day, kick it, shout at it, show no care and feed it sparingly, you’re going to create a monster whether it’s a Pit Bull, a Pointer, or a Jack Russel. These drug-dealing scúm should be punished, not the hound.

  4. There’s a bloke lives 3 doors away from me. He’s got one, an unneutered male, no collar, harness or lead.

    Often left unrestrained and unattended in the front garden behind a fence about 4 feet high.

    Thank fuck they’re going to be banned. I about shit myself every time I walk past the house with my little chu and it’s outside.

    • Start taking a knife with you just in case. Or maybe spray deodorant if your hand is steady enough to aim for the eyes.

      • Deodorant?

        Any brand in particular?

        Are you wanting the dog to fucking smell nice or something?

        A knife as well?

        What like a John Rambo one?

        Fuck me sideways.

      • Indeed CP

        To think that General Cuntster was given so much shit for allegedly running to admin to tell.

        Well that cat or should I say dog, looks to be out of the bag now.

      • Someone carrying a knife spraying Lynx Africa at you who’s also probably terrified of dogs.

        Sounds a bit like the type of fella you’d unfortunately bump into on a visit to the men’s bogs in a Manchester pub/club. Or a pub/club in any major city.

      • For Jeezum’s specific situation, something like that could be a useful aid if the dog is that much of a risk. Again though, it’s a very specific situation that most of us don’t find ourselves in.

      • And GC being a tattler is hardly surprising to me considering he’s the sort to be offended by a gust of wind

      • The idea behind the deodorant thing, I should add, would be that it would hopefully burn the dog’s eyes and therefore distract it in the event that it does leap the fence and try to attack.

  5. I wonder how hard they are to train to be obedient?

    Mind you it seems they are a fashion accessory for the Hard of Thinking and other assorted Total cunts.

    Fighting one off seems to be virtually impossible given their bite and overall strength..they are too dangerous to be out and about in my opinion.

    If they cause death or serious injury the owner should hang.

    • Apparently the only way to fight off one of these things is with a gun,

      And our ever incompetent government should have monitored this better. After the very first case, these things should have been banned.

    • Hanging is too easy. ten years in the klink.
      In the Orkneys.
      Everything concrete, including the bedding in the cells.

    • A 4ft scaffold pole brought smartly but very powerfully down on top of its cranium will press its pause button.

      • Dogs got one weapon …
        It’s jaws .

        Get it’s head tangled up in something?
        You can kick it’s fucking lungs out .

        Terry Nutkin
        animal magic

  6. Once again people are misinformed. It’s not a dog problem, it’s a people problem. Pit bulls are not naturally aggressive, American Bulldogs the same. Through my life we’ve had this with.

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    It’s a people problem not a dog problem. Cars run people down in the street daily but no one’s screaming about that. Ban one type of dog and another will take its place.

    Now if they say people need a license and insurance to own such dogs I don’t have a problem. The same assholes fucking up dogs are usually involved in a lot more fuckery, society needs to tackle the problems not the symptoms. Make being an asshole expensive and really uncomfortable and we’d have less assholes and less incidents of dog attacks and kids mown down in the streets.

    • Good point Sixdog.

      I have had a few German Shepherds over the years, and not one bit of trouble from any of them. The first one came home with us when my dad was based in Germany with the British Army. Beautiful dog, he was.

    • Aren’t they bred to be aggressive? the dog AND the owner, I mean?
      Some things should never combine: politics and politicians, XL bullies and XL bully owners, Bob Dylan and a(n) harmonica.

      • Pitbulls and their variants were deliberately inbred to increase aggression. They are nothing more than fighting dogs, and that instinct can never be removed or trained out of them.

        You as much chance of training the herding instinct out of a Border Collie as training a Pitbull/Bully to be placid.

    • I agree with you. I have a little staffy. she is the most sweetest, gentle dog on the planet. she has never been shouted at or smacked. I trained her using the distraction method. if she did anything she wasn’t meant to I’d distract her with a toy and praise her when she came over to play with it instead of scolding for doing something wrong. she is happy and well balanced. a dog that I’m extremely proud of and I love her very very much🤗❤️

    • Agreed, Sixdog.
      Every few years, they pick a breed to demonise: Alsations, Rottweilers, Dobermen, Pit Bulls, Staffies, now these. In my town, these drug-dealing zeros clutching a can of Monster and a joint, hurl abuse at their dogs in.public. Fuck knows what abuse they receive behind closed doors. The dogs look terrified.

    • To an extent yes, but these dogs have been known to turn on trained handlers as well. With that in mind I think there’s a level of aggression inherent to the breed which is difficult to train out, and difficult to manage.

  7. I deliver to a place where an Alsation had a credible go at biting me. I told it’s owner that I would report it and the next time I would wait at the bottom of the steps and the owner can take the medication out of my hand. Otherwise wave goodbye to home delivery.

    The only dog on the entire round I do mot trust.

    • I have been bitten twice by dogs, nothing serious and that is the point, a bite versus being ripped to shreds.

      One was a family pet mongrel, it just an issue with an ear which I didn’t know and when I touched it the dog snapped.

      The other was a fucking Lurcher, took a swipe at me, if it had continued I am sure I could have kicked the shit out of it but not one of these fucking XL cunts

  8. Another attack makes the headlines, inaction is political suicide and so, hey presto, within days Sunak announces that they’ll be banned by the year’s end. Good, but inaction on cross-channel benefit seeking and scrounging cunts is political suicide on a scale that eclipses the Jonestown Massacre yet nothing meaningful is being done. I’d put up with the dogs for a bit longer if only he’d promise to put an end to the entitled fucking Klingons that are polluting and degrading our spineless country.

    • p.s. I’ve just read that 8,000 of the unwelcome fuckers have invaded the Italian island of Lampedusa in the last three days. THREE DAYS! On top of that they’re assaulting the Spanish mainland, the Canaries, Greek islands, the Greek mainland and Ursula von der Leyen knows where else. This is as intolerable as it is unsustainable. It needs to be stopped. Completely. By any means. Now.

      • The EU is all over the place with this, several members have said fuck off to the share out, Poland are having a referendum on the subject.

        The Italians would be better off evacuating the population of Lampadusa and leaving it to the fucking invaders, it would end like a pit bull ring (fits in nicely with the nom, a good place to deposit all the XL bully bastards)

      • Don’t worry dame keirs labour benders and freaks will sign us up to take our quota of vermin, on the off chance to send a occasional cunt back to France.

        We are DOOMED..

  9. It’s a certain breed of humans that need sorting out.
    Can’t think why on earth anyone would want a dog like this and you’re right sixdog, these owners are of a type, probobaly involved in some form of criminality and who knows what else, usually low iq neanderthals.

    Remember one of these type of pitbulls going after my dog years ago, i was literally holding him above my head so the other mutt couldn’t bite him.
    The owner found it funny and i should have twatted the cunt but was more concerned about my dog.

  10. Why the fuck would anyone want to own any type of “dog” like these is beyond me. Unless you are a drug dealer….

  11. Thanks Norm.

    We look as tho we’ve got a player on our hands in young Duran; kid’s a real unit.

    Is it me, or does Ten Hag make a habit of falling out with his players?

    Back on topic, these XLs really do seem to deserve the label ‘devil dog’. Still, with the Suntan Kid on the job, we can confidently expect a ban by Xmas.


    Afternoon all

    • Manchester United’s players have developed a habit of repeatedly downing tools for managers.

      Van Gaal’s position was undermined despite winning the FA Cup.
      Mourinho tried to do his thing and was rejected by the players despite being one of the best, if not the best managers of his generation.
      Solskjaer was all a bed of roses for a while before they decided to capitulate.
      Rangnick was never wanted there or respected by the inflated egos in the dressing room.
      So in comes Ten Hag, with a reputation for being a disciplinarian, who finishes 3rd in the league and wins a domestic trophy in his first season yet they appear to have downed tools for him now.

      The club is a shower of shit from the top down yet the players on the pitch ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves with some of their gutless displays.
      The days of Robson, Hughes, Cantona, Keane Scholes et al, are a long distant memory.

      With regards to the latest trouble regarding young Sancho.
      Apparently the lad has an attitude problem and had shown it previously at Dortmund yet somebody at the club, in their infinite wisdom and knowledge of the game, decided to spunk 73 million quid on the chippy little cunt.

      Sack the little cunt along with any other cunt who doesn’t feel like putting a shift in and back the manager. Or at least give the bloke a chance to do his job.

      Sorry for the off topic rant.

      • I would be alot more humble on two hundred grand a week!

        Thick cunts worshipped by more thick cunts.. what could go wrong.

    • That goal he scored could well be a goal of the season contender Ron. Everything about it was exquisite.

    • United need another Doc. He purged virtually all of the players who made the lives of McGuinness and O’ Farrell such a misery. Only Stepney, Buchan and McIlroy were kept and a great new young side was built from mainly second division players (Coppell, Hill, Pearson etc).

      If Ten Hag had a pair, he would get rid en masse. Everyone pointed the finger at Pogba (and he was a cunt). But it’s obvious there are still several troublemakers and that player power is rife at Old Trafford.

  12. We can kill two birds. Let the doggie-woggies (child speech) off onto the illegals and the snarling fucker will be shot. That’s both by the way.

  13. We can kill two birds. Let the doggies off onto the illegals and the snarling fucker will be shot. That’s both by the way.

  14. Listening to dog behaviour experts (not the woke kind) they say these animals have a hair trigger, something in the brain that cannot be controlled regardless of ‘how well behaved they are’.

    I don’t really care if they are loving fucking pets, it is too big a risk to have them on the streets.
    In the last couple of days a bloke have been killed by two of the fucking things, I am sure I would really struggle to fight off one but against two no fucking chance. The owner has been arrested and bailed ‘charge was having dogs dangerously out of control and manslaughter.

    If Sunak doesn’t just use emergency powers to rid the streets of these monsters and someone else ends up dead he should be held accountable.

    All the bollocks about ‘oh it’s the owners’, yes so fucking what, euthanise them as well.

  15. We no longer take our Jack Russel out in our local area thanks to these never ending variants of shit bull terriers and the knuckle dragging cunts that let them run loose.
    There seems to be a never ending set of changes to the shit bull breed to try to make these cunt dogs legal, the fuckers that breed them, sell them, own them are usually the same, so you have the drug dealer/addict cunt type who keep these cunts for protection, the laugh is if the drugs don’t kill them the bully probably will.
    The there is the little man syndrome type, little guys who are usually bodybuilders and need something to make them look ard, they drink shit shakes every day, feed the dog on the cheap, if the roids or blood pressure doesn’t kill them the bully of many varieties will.
    The you have dumb cunts who get a pair, usually with bad temprements and breed them, well done to you retards, when you sell the pups xl, pocket bullies ans any other version of these cunt dogs you can think up, what happens here is if you don’t get attacked by your own dogs, the pups will like as not attack and kill someone, so the the owner comes back to kill the breeder, or the breeder goes to prison.
    Then there are the dogs homes who I would imagine are having shit bull variety dogs being dropped off in droves at the moment for these dogs to be put down guilty or not, which is a huge shame, but if the breed hadn’t been created in the first place this would never have happened.
    Moral of this story is no good comes from having, owning, breeding any vertion of these cunt bullies on any level….

    • Remember Jack being a good wicketkeeper and could rustle up a good painting.

      This subject reminds me of one of my favourite Spanish films “Amores Perros” which involves fighting dogs, besides other tales.

      • “…Remember Jack being a good wicketkeeper and could rustle up a good painting. …”

        … and he played the best signature ‘leave’ I’ve ever seen, the very picture of dismissive contempt.

  16. XL Bully ? …pfft.
    Puffs dog .
    Why they’re no more a danger than Russell Brand running the Brownies.

    They should be culled.
    Fat fuckin mutants owned by mitmots.

    Or registered and castrated and spayed.
    Anyone caught with a unregistered one?
    3yr jail time.

  17. Chelsea, Man Utd and PSG are proof money doesnt necessarily buy success. it helps, of course, but there’s no guarantee. Man City are an example of brilliant coaching using funds to build great teams.

    • PSG’s era looks like it may be over thankfully. Their midfield is Europa League quality if that.

    • I beg to differ on the United front, a little cash and the domineering Ferguson that got them there. The shite would still be in the third division if for oil money.

  18. Norman, I’m finally getting rid of MUTV after years of disappointment. Not deserting a sinking ship, just fed up of all the blackies in the side, when such a goalie hasn’t the wherewithal.

    • Your keeper Onana could be replaced by a wheelie bin. About the same level of mobility. That second Brighton Goal wouldve saved by a female keeper.
      Still, i’m not a big fan of Kepa at Chelsea. >£70m for a keeper who is ‘decent’? Should be the world’s best.

    • If the Irish banana dressed in all black, he would be mistaken for being left behind at the Bradford City fire, due to lack of movement.

  19. I agree with this cunting.. in part; these dogs have no place in civilised society. They belong on council estates.They should be allowed to roam those estates, mopping up the underclass and crushing their bones in their ridiculously powerful jaws.

    Lets see how tough their owners really are.

    These dogs are largely cunts, but then so are the owners for using them as status symbols.
    Keep them on the estates to frolic and maul, and if one gets away, shoot it.

    • A status symbol? A status symbol? I thought that cream coloured gates were the only acceptable status symbol in this Country!

  20. I would say it’s an owner/human cunt problem more than an animal in itself problem.

    Whether it’s a viscous Staffy with a numb, cap wearing chav for an owner who’s trying to look hard or whether it’s some fake lips and eyelash bint with a French Bulldog which is crippled with genetic failings due to over breeding for money – it’s a supply and demand issue.

    If this breed of dog is a must have accessory for a cunt – then cunts will do what cunts do. Follow the latest trend like the hard of thinking walking NPC memes that they invariably are.

    I’m not condoning dogs biting or attacking children or anything like that – I’m just pointing out that without useless human owners then none of these incidents would probably ever occur.

  21. Dangerous dogs like Dangerous people won’t be banned, till someone of importance gets their throat ripped out..

    Fingers crossed on Tony Blair..

  22. Prior to opening this nom I thought it was about fat people forcing the rest of us to accept their choice to be obese and disgusting.

      • As recommended by Katie Price.

        “Nothing could satisfy me. Not even inserting the fridge could fill my gaping axe wound. Now, with the XL Bully, my growler is full and my juices flow. Available for just 29.99 in all good retail outlets, while stocks last.

        Massive minge? Never fear. XL Bully that twat to fuck!”

  23. I say cull them.

    And while we’re at it may as well throw in them pug dogs,
    The ugly snuffling motherfuckers.

    For being french and ugly with their boggly eyes.

    Krufts will be less crowded.

      • you concentrate on not dropping your cauliflower cheese!

        akitas are the pinnacle of the canine world.

      • I saw a pug with a little burgundy coat on in the pub one lunchtime. Thought it would be funny to get about six of them, all black, and put little harnesses on them with giant plastic fairy wings shaped to look like the wings of a fly then accost the locals trying to eat their pub lunches.

  24. Bottom line is that only cunts own these dogs. And they’re the type who want the dog to be aggressive. They’re also the type (thick as fuck) who don’t take care of the animal properly, letting it roam about etc.

    Put them down. Then neuter/spay the dogs so we don’t get any more of them and muzzle them.

    Any cunt not having one muzzled and restrained properly when outside (including a garden), give them 10 years.

      • Whilst I’m anything but a fan of Brand – he has been straying over to the dark side of late.

        Questioning the miracle medical intervention or the one sided propaganda regarding Ukraine amongst other things.

        Maybe if he’d just played it safe and carried on peddling the leftist narrative then these allegations would probably never have even surfaced.

  25. I love dogs, but would find it difficult to love these vicious fuckers.

    They were not around year’s ago, they are the result of selective breeding.

    They have not been bread to be a family dog, to help blind people or to pull your socks off.

    They have been bread to be the most evil, aggressive fuckers possible.

    Sadly, as a result they should all be put down.

  26. Ha, I completely forgot I posted that first nom. 😂 The XL Bully love in amongst some people (mostly young bimbos, smackheads and Karens) has REALLY been getting on my tits.

    • One near me Opey.
      It’s always on the lead and seems placid,..but I don’t trust it.

      It jumped up against my leg to say hello and it’s solid muscle.
      Felt heavy.

      It’s done no wrong but I still believe in them being culled
      They’re the product of inbreeding and you only need to look at the royal family to see how that goes.

      • Yup, it doesn’t matter how sweet they might be – they’re still more prone to aggression than other breeds and do massive damage when they do snap. It’s sad for the fee genuinely responsible Bully owners but they’re too risky to have around people.

      • Patrick Christie’s on GB news reckoned the way to release a XL Bully that’d locked it’s jaws on someone is to..
        Stick a finger up its arse.

        Anyone who takes Patrick’s advice is going to find the XL Bullys moods going to get worse whilst having its arse fingered and it’s going to go berserk at this forward and impertinent sex act.

        You’d do better to wank it off.

      • A bit like punching a shark on the nose when it’s locked on to your leg..

        Didn’t work well for quint..

        Farewell an’ adieu to you fair Spanish ladies

      • Pointless as Vets spend most of their time with a finger or a thermometer up a dog’s arse. A small crowbar in the mouth to prise open its jaws works better. The hit the owner repeatedly with it , and with his fucking dog. I know this from dealing with a pitbull locked onto a poor lady’s pet years ago…The pitbull’s owner was hysterical because she thought I was going to attack her fucking bastard dog with it.

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