Plastic Brits


Andy Murray is a cunt. But at least he’s prepared to proclaim himself a Scottish cunt. Not British. Scottish

What about the cunts who pretend to be British? Zola Budd (South African), Greg Russedski (Canadian), Kevin Petersen (South African).

And 61 members of the 2012 Olympic Team GB : Mo Farrar (Somalia), Jessica Ennis (Jamaica), Yamile Aldama (Cuba), Michael Bingham (USA), Shana Cox (USA), Tiffany Porter (USA), Shara Proctor (Anguilla) and many others.

Bradley fucking Wiggins was born in Belgium. Laura Robson was born in Australia of Australian parents. How does make her British?

Could it be that they had a better chance of selection by crawling to the desperate British team? Medals at any price? Sad cunts.

Even Cliff fucking Richard was born in India. Winning Eurovision doesn’t make him British.

Murray may be a cunt – but at least he’s an honest cunt.

Nominated by: Seb Coe’s other half

9 thoughts on “Plastic Brits

  1. If a horse is born in a kennel it doesn’t make it a dog. A child born to English parents who are on holiday in France at the time of the birth is not French, it is English. It may be eligible for a French Passport, but pieces of paper cannot undo a person’s heritage and ethnicity.

    This bollox about British is a ploy by tptb that started by blurring the distinction between the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh and is now so far advanced that dopey cunts are cheering some fucker called Mohammed (not fucking Mo. Sounds a bit different, eh?) Farar, a fucking Somalian Muslim, and creaming themselves when he fucking wins.

    If some fucker who has just dropped by 22 years ago, a cunting muslim to boot, can be British then I am fucking certain I’m not British.

    Edward Heath was an utter cunt for sacking Enoch Powell and Harold Wilson was an utter cunt for starting this fucking nonsense with the Race Relations Act.

  2. Very very true on Mo and the olympics. I cunted him already. Lets recunt him. KP can get one a well, salty dicked cunt. Hes as annoying as Robbie Williams-well almost.

  3. You fucking English cunts will take any cunt who points their knob in the direction of England, because you dont have any fucking sporting talent, you even cheated in 1966 when you stole the world cup. At least we Scots know we are pish, and lets face it, who the fuck would pretend they were Scottish anyway. But you shower of glory seeking insecure wanks will take any cunt from anywhere to win a piece of pissy glory. So fuck you Saint George ball sucking cunts and you pretend country cunts…..

  4. I’d rather bend Laura Trott over a bike backwards and stuff her than Mo fucking Farrah any day of the week.

    Unless any of you cunts want a dip in Mo??

  5. George Michael’s another cunt that made his name in the UK the Greek bastard. Likes to suck cops cocks in the lav. He made the excuse that “he was a good looking American cop , come on guys you would do the same if it was a woman ” well if I ever get the chance I’ll let you know but I’ve probably got more chance of fucking the pope. But anyway to cut a long story short, George Michael your a cunt.

  6. I remember those horrendously awful Yank cunts, Katrina and the Waves representing the UK at the Eurovision Cunt Contest… I also remember Lennox Lewis being bigged up as a Brit, because the alternative was that useless loony cunt (and friend of Savile and The Ripper) Frank Bruno..

    Worst one ever though is when that twat Graham “Fackin Ell!” Taylor fucked up England’s chances for USA 94… So the Engilsh media adopted Jack (Leeds Cunt) Charlton’s Plastic Paddy Republic Of Ireland team for the duration of the 1994 World Cup…

    George Best was right: that Ireland team was mostly English or Scottish anyway, their style of play was shit, and Wor Jackie was a cunt…

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