Lewis “Mr Bling” Hamilton (18)

Whatever happened to Lewis Hamilton?

When Hamilton first appeared on the F1 scene, I had a lot of respect for the guy. He was Mr Average made good – a nice normal ordinary guy with a talent that propelled him to the top of his game through dedication and hard work.

Now he’s frankly turned into an immature, money hungry spoilt brat viz his latest foray into cuntishness

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OK you may have a penchant for jewellery Lewis but nobody needs to wear three fucking watches at the same time. But then again it does get you right down there wid de kids init.

He’s objecting to the FIA ruling against wearing jewellery while driving.

Well let’s hope the FIA do a Djokovic and ban the cunt. Rules is rules. You no like, you no play. Simples.

Nominated by Dioclese

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a total and utter prize cunt. This tax dodging private jet owning bell end is worried that Women and in particular Serena Williams (guess what card he is trying to suggest and play) are not paid enough as sports stars.

Now you cannot kid anyone with sport, you either have the talent plus attitude plus commitment to make it to the top or not. It does not matter what race or sex you are, you either can or cannot. Not even Hitler could cheat Jesse Owens out of four golds in 1936 and no one can deny that Usain Bolt is the fucking quickest human to have ever lived.

However if Serena is so fucking good and wants equal bucks then she should enter a unisex tournament and fucking win it. The same for all the women tennis players, if you want the most cash step up and beat everyone else. So Mr Lewis Hamilton when Serena or Sharapova give Rodger or Rafa a quick whipping over five sets they can go and claim the top prize. If they can’t they should be fucking grateful for every crumb they earn because if it was truly mixed they would only make the level of a good club pro on the challenge tour.

Also while I’m at it Lewis I don’t deny your a fucking top driver (one of the best out there) but until you win a world title when you car is five mph in a straight line slower than everyone else’s only then will you rightfully be called world champ. Until then take your private jet and fly the fuck out of here or come back and pay the British government their revenue.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

Lewis Hamilton [3]

Lewis Hamilton is a cunt. But, he had the chance this week to reduce the burden of cuntitude that he bears.

He seems to have had a go at his nephew for dressing as a girl. Cue howls of protest from various shrill minorities and probably the professor of gender identity at Brighton Uni.
His bookings are not going to dry up because of this. Neither is ‘no platforming’ likely to be an issue. He could have let it lie or told them to fuck off. It is a mainstream opinion. It wouldn’t affect his dubious tax status.

But no. The cunt issued a grovelling apology. For fuck sake when is someone going to stand against minority right-on lunacy?

Hamilton, you had your chance. Cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Lewis Hamilton [2]


I think it’s time Lewis Hamilton was cunted. Like Rowling, he’s disappeared up his own arse since becoming famous, and has become an arrogant, smug wanker. He recently announced his support for Remain. I would now like to announce my support for the person who kicks seven shades of shite out this arrogant cock. This is a man who fucked off to the tax haven of Monte Carlo the moment he started earning the big bucks.

He now considers his home to be a ranch in Colorado, which he last year declared to be the place he would like to raise his children, when he eventually starts a family. He’s a man who hates this country, and her people, in Obama like fashion. He spends as little time as possible in the UK, and has no right to vote here.

So what the fuck does our membership of the EU have to do with this disloyal, tax dodging cocksucker? If you’re not willing to pay tax in the UK, the country in which you were educated for free, treated when you were ill or injured…for free, then you have NO right to stick your nose into the most important decision for centuries.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Lewis Hamilton


Now I’ve not watched F1 much since the days when Michael Schumachers biggest rivals were Damon Hill and Mika Hakinnen and also I’m more of a bike man than a car man, anyway…..

Lewis Hamilton irritates me, moreso than any sportsman I’ve heard of for several reasons.

1) He is a monumental whinger. He is Nigel Mansell MkII. Nothing is ever good enough for him and he seems to think the world owes him something.

2) People like to point out that he came from a normal background. Sorry to piss on that parade but the man who has won more races and championships than any other in F1 is the son of a bricklayer and another F1 champion Kimi Raikonnen is the son of a man who drove steamrollers so unless those professions pay a lot more abroad than they do in the UK, Lewis isn’t unique in the “normal” stakes.

3) He moved to Switzerland for “privacy” – now we know he went there to avoid tax and to be fair I don’t blame him. I’d do the same but I’d also just say “I’m moving to a tax haven because I don’t see why the UK government should take 50% of my earnings when they didn’t contribute a penny to my career during the years while rising through the ranks”. Simple. Also people who value privacy don’t date a woman who was in a pop group known worldwide and continues to be in the public eye to this day.

Lewis you may be an awesome driver but you drive a Mercedes and that (and the above), my friend, makes you a womans front bum.

Nominated by: Mr Cunty Pants