Lewis Hamilton [3]

Lewis Hamilton is a cunt. But, he had the chance this week to reduce the burden of cuntitude that he bears.

He seems to have had a go at his nephew for dressing as a girl. Cue howls of protest from various shrill minorities and probably the professor of gender identity at Brighton Uni.
His bookings are not going to dry up because of this. Neither is ‘no platforming’ likely to be an issue. He could have let it lie or told them to fuck off. It is a mainstream opinion. It wouldn’t affect his dubious tax status.

But no. The cunt issued a grovelling apology. For fuck sake when is someone going to stand against minority right-on lunacy?

Hamilton, you had your chance. Cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

46 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton [3]

    • His mum is English and he’s born in England so he is more British than Mo Farah.

      • Yes, the kittens wouldn’t be able to jump species. But if the stable was in Britain it would however make them British kittens.

      • I don’t give a monkeys fuck – the cunt is a tax dodging non dom regardless of where he was born. I get pig sick of people proclaiming their “Britishness” and cant wait to fuck us over when they make a few quid or islam calls. That cunt from Bradford, born and bred to 50’s immigrants just like Hamilcunts father and moved to Britain was a good lad who used to teach cricket to his local junior team and was a good egg decided one day to strap a backpack full of explosives to his back and take out a London bus on 7/7. I couldn’t care less about Hamilcunt or the other one who blew himself up. For me if you want to wrap yourself in the Union flag then fuck off to avoid paying tax or because islam called and you were selected for jihad you weren’t, aren’t and never will be British in my eyes, just cunts

  1. Nah, Hamilton cannot be decunted. He is stuck fast in the Concrete Cuntworks and I can see no escape from eternal cuntitude.

    Mind you,if he were to arrange for Greg Wallace to be roasted senseless by a troupe of crazed gay gorillas, I might give it a vote…

  2. This odious cuntmonger is the primary reason I found this site: googled, “Is LH a cunt?” found myself here and have loved every minute since. The mardy, self entitled, smug, twatish spunkbubble is quite possibly the main cause of my piss to reach stratospheric temperatures and my blood pressure to rocket off the scale. The fact that he could have rescued himself by doing what CC indicates above and didn’t, just shows him up to be the utterly selfish rectal hooter that he most certainly is.

    Cunt, total and utter cunt.

  3. I love F1, and despite Hamilton coming from nothing, being British, and being bloody good at what he does, I still don’t like him. He has this whiff of uptightness about him, and seems like a bit of a bitch when he doesn’t get his way. Not sure I’d class him as a cunt, but that’s his problem.

    • I’m the same, love F1 and always liked Lewis. But he has definitely become rather ‘uppity’ of late but I would still back him against anyone in the same car. I just think he’s mixing with such a lot of real music and celeb cunts and has got lost in it. Deep down I think he’d rather help someone than trip them up. Just my view.

  4. Hamilton is a cunt.. Following his blow off the other day, he had risen in my books, and I began to quite like him. His snivelling little shit apology to all the DNA compromised, made me want to puke. Hamilton, for that yer a cunt.

    • He will shortly be announcing a sponsored shave to raise money for the transgender charity Mermaids. Or he could just put milk on his face and get the cat to lick it off.

  5. Yeah he should have told the right on brigade to go and fuck themselves. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain……as nobody likes the tax dodging cunt anyway he could at least have gained some popularity amongst the male population. Well except the poofs, the trannies , the snowflakes and the pussywhipped.
    No, he didn’t have the bottle the slimy little shit. How I wish we could bring back Oliver Reed, get a bottle of Scotch down him and unleash him on some live chat show. He’d have something to say about the increasing faggotization of our society .

  6. It gets my goat when he wraps himself in a Union Jack. Of course he was happy to receive free health and education, but when it comes to giving something back, oh no, sorry, I’m fucking off so I don’t pay my tax.

    Should have his citizenship removed. His level of cuntitude makes me so angry. Why doesn’t he just get killed in a multi pile up? That would be the only bit of F1 I would ever watch.

    • What about Pension I mean Jenson Button? That cunt lives in Monaco as well and used to fly the flag when he won all those years ago. You’d be surprised as to how much Lewis does and gives to charity.
      I would do exactly the same if I were earning his wages, fuck giving this Government millions in tax to give away in foreign aid to India, house all the Somalians and give all the Romanians benefits, and fight wars we don’t need to etc etc etc. The cunts.

      • Quite right B&WC!. Why pay tax to the cunts we have so they can fucking give it away. I can do that without their help. Re the charity. Good.!

  7. Of course he’s a cunt, he’s a a formula oner.
    All formula oners and their fans are cunts.

    Overpaid Nancy Boys in their fast cars and garish clobber….

    Grown men watching other men chase their cars around lap after lap.

    When I was younger it was banger racing at Santa Pod, now it’s all Silverstone……..

    (sorry for any plagiarism there, but I thought I’d copy the tried and tested cunting that always gets written about footballers and their fans)

    • Within 5 minutes the hypocritical cunt was ‘justifying’ electorate’s democratic right to have a 2nd referendum…”because I’m a democrat” he whimpered…

  8. ADONIS admitted he is openly trying to sabotage Brexit. it would be fucking hilarious, if there was a second referendum and we voted brexit again . maybe then he’d shut up?

    • How did this nonentity tyke get where he is today? Like Mrs May, everything he touches to shit. Something not adding up.

      • He has received every single “promotion and gong” in his miserable existence without being elected by anyone. It’s a bit rich for him to pontificate on what he calls populism, but what most would refer to as democracy, when he himself has never been elected by a public vote. He has instead relied on preferment from others.
        He also, under Bliar was responsible for tuition fee introduction. Baron Adonis of Camden – fuck you.

  9. fuckin hell that serial raper John WARBOYS is being released.. he was sentenced to ‘lfe’ in 2009 ffs. it is thought he may have drugged and raped over a 100 women. i hope whoever decided this is a good idea is interviewed should he rape again.

    • Thought someone would mention that – what the fuck is going on here?! With that precedent Lian tranny-psycho Huntley should be set for release early next week!

  10. Best British driver ever, you can take that to the bank.
    He can seem a bit weird but these F1 drivers aren’t brought up like most cunts they live in a world where you particle obsessively and don’t really live a normal life.
    Cmon McLaren.

      • Don’t doubt his talent, there are loads of people who are good at what they do but alas still a cunt. Example, he went vegan last year saying “emissions from cows were greater than from planes and cars” which is handy to justify when you own a private jet and fleet of super cars.

      • That’s up there with Leonardo DiCaprio telling everyone to turn off their electric, just to offset his carbon footprint, as he flies around the world shagging supersluts. Lead by example, or shut the fuck up, you tier one cunts.

    • B&WC
      Nobody is cunting you. Colour is irrelevant anyway. Hamilton is a British tax dodging cunt who bowed to the pressures of the minority of gender neutral useless fucking cunts who are destroying the West.
      F1 is shite anyway. More exciting to stand on a motorway bridge.
      Vroom fucking vroom.

      • I was pretending I was Hamilton being a black and white cunt like him. I was gonna offer to buy all the cunters a house but the joke is shit.

  11. Work is a cunt.They always expect more for less with no pay rise or extra perks.Even putting your health at risk in the pursuit for their pound of flesh.Worst part is my job is hopeless an impossible task whereby your best is never enough.I am going hungover into work tomorrow and could not give a cuntsuck!

      • I am going in full Malcolm Tucker mode tommorrow.Let a bit out today although the stress was brewing.I am giving the manager a darn good bollocking tommorrow and I have good reason.At the moment he cannot afford to sack me.

      • 1 because he would have a massive headache replacing me at short notice and two I could drag a fair few people down with me.

  12. Being watching F1 for years and no other has come close to Lewis’s cuntiness (maybe Ralf Schumacher). He’s certainly a talented cunt, no doubt but acts like a fucking child when it doesn’t go his way.

  13. Forget Lewis Hamilton and F1. It’s generally boring with a few good crashes now and then, although I think Max Verstappen will be world champion soon, as he’s head and shoulders above all the others. What is infinitely better is MotoGP, along with WSB and BSB. The racing is superb and the crashes are even better. Worth a look when they start again soon. Almost forgot, I’ve always thought Lewis Hamilton was a cunt. Nothing to do with his family background, just his high degree of cunticity.

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