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Now I’ve not watched F1 much since the days when Michael Schumachers biggest rivals were Damon Hill and Mika Hakinnen and also I’m more of a bike man than a car man, anyway…..

Lewis Hamilton irritates me, moreso than any sportsman I’ve heard of for several reasons.

1) He is a monumental whinger. He is Nigel Mansell MkII. Nothing is ever good enough for him and he seems to think the world owes him something.

2) People like to point out that he came from a normal background. Sorry to piss on that parade but the man who has won more races and championships than any other in F1 is the son of a bricklayer and another F1 champion Kimi Raikonnen is the son of a man who drove steamrollers so unless those professions pay a lot more abroad than they do in the UK, Lewis isn’t unique in the “normal” stakes.

3) He moved to Switzerland for “privacy” – now we know he went there to avoid tax and to be fair I don’t blame him. I’d do the same but I’d also just say “I’m moving to a tax haven because I don’t see why the UK government should take 50% of my earnings when they didn’t contribute a penny to my career during the years while rising through the ranks”. Simple. Also people who value privacy don’t date a woman who was in a pop group known worldwide and continues to be in the public eye to this day.

Lewis you may be an awesome driver but you drive a Mercedes and that (and the above), my friend, makes you a womans front bum.

Nominated by: Mr Cunty Pants

15 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton

  1. Audi should have a Formula 1 team, He would fit in well there as only cunts drive Audi’s…

  2. Have you seen the cunt on tellly: wearing those diamond stud earrings? A racing driver wearing diamond earrings…. Hard to imagine James Hunt or Jackie Stewart doing that…
    Lewis Hamilton is a fucking ponce….

  3. Hamilton is a cunt of the highest order. He thinks he is the puff daddy of motorsport. And a whinging cunt in top. I can’t see why some other driver just dosent chin him. What is it with the sunglass collection he won’t be seen without. Of course the obligatory 5 sizes too big. Cunt.

  4. YES YES YES!all the previous comments are accurate and then some. nobody noticed how awkward he is in front of the camera at times?he gets me so angry i just want to stick my head in the tv!he is a proper cunt and spoils f1. just waiting for the day he comes out dressed in a girls dress to back up the fact he acts like one with his little sissy tantrums. C.U.N.T

  5. Starting to dress like Chris Eubanks, thinks he’s famous. Their lifestyle looks great on the outside but is actually quite tragic and lonely. Good, fuck ’em.

  6. Like him inhis rookie year,very modest and unceleb like,now hes a puff daddy wannabee tax avoiding cunt,f1 is just a processional borefest now…best car wins every race unless it rains,cars sound like gokarts…….cunts!!!

  7. Agreed. He is a total cunt. I can’t stand is appalling sulky attitude when things aren’t going his way. He gives sullen monosyllabic answers to fair questions from the media when he loses or qualifies poorly. Then he expects that everyone should rejoice in his victories, with cringeworthy celebrations and suddenly the media are all ‘cool guys’. Total wanker. Fuck him.

    Nico Rosberg has far more class and humility when things go against him, and even though I’m a Brit, I would totally love it if Rosberg kicks Hamilton’s arse this season.

  8. When he walked into Bahrain in his donkey-banging, man-boy Thursday dress… I’m surprised we don’t see him screaming “Allah Snackbar” when he crosses the finish line. What a piece of miserable shit. I wish everyone would bitch-slap the cunt on the podium and high-five the other dude up there with a wink. Hamilton-Snackbar… Fuck you!

  9. Slapped arse cunt showing rosberg his back in the cooling room I’d have fucking chinned him I played rugby for years beat the shit out of each other but always shook hands Ayrton would have rammed the cunt off the road

  10. How about the latest on this cunt crying about how he felt ‘disrespected’ by Mercedes after Abu Dhabi. Why? with team orders to race and not hold up Rosberg, because with any bad luck for Rosberg maybe you will win the championship? I really hope Mercedes isn’t stupid enouph in ’17 to give him No 1 status, he should have to work for his wins after all he is driving a Benz. Stick Vettel, Räikkönen or even Ricciardo beside him and give the prick a run for his money!! >:)

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