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The time has come to give arch cunt and “national treasure” Stephen Fry another major cunting.

First he publishes a book in which he admits (some might say “boasts of”) possessing and using cocaine almost continually between the mid-80s and the late 90s.

Then on Newsnight he suggests that the police have no business arresting him because the offences took place a long time ago and that the only person he ever hurt was himself, drawing a spurious comparison with Jimmy Savile as if to say “Look, I only snorted Bolivian marching powder, I never fucked kids”. Well, here’s something Quite Interesting, Fry – the law is quite clear about the penalty for possession of Class A drugs: a maximum of seven years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. And what makes you think you’re above the law, you smug, hateful, arrogant cunt?

Then, having warmed to the subject of historical sex abuse cases, Fry added “do we have to name the rock stars that we think almost certainly had sex with fourteen year old children? But those fourteen year old girls were so proud of it that they wouldn’t for a minute call themselves ‘victims’.”

The point is, you despicable ignorant wanker, fourteen year olds are not emotionally or intellectually equipped to make decisions or judgements like that – THAT IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE AGE OF CONSENT, YOU FUCKING RETARD: IT EXISTS TO PROTECT IMMATURE CHILDREN FROM EXPLOITATION BY ADULTS. Presumably the cunt Fry also imagines that all those eleven, twelve and thirteen year old girls in Rotherham were so thrilled by the attention of older Asian men with cars that they were “proud” to be gangraped in grotty rooms above takeaway restaurants? This cunt needs stoning to death outside the BBC. I fucking despise him.

Let’s hope Plod comes knocking on Fry’s door soon and he’s charged for fifteen years worth of Class A possession. With his latest utterances, the fat cunt has significantly expanded both the breadth and depth of his odious cuntitude

Nominated by: Fred West

17 thoughts on “Stephen Fry [4]

  1. When Fry states that some 14 year old girls are proud of sleeping with celebrities and shouldn’t be regarded as victims, isn’t that like saying drug dealing should be decriminalised because addicts and/or recreational users are happy to buy from them..?

    I’m told that charging advice has been sought from the CPA regarding Fry’s admissions of Class A possession and use over a fifteen year period. If the CPA advise that no action should be taken against him that will set a dangerous precedent about the seriousness of Class A possession and the fact that celebrities are somehow regarded as being above the law.

    • No it doesnt. You can only be done for possession if you are actually caught in possession. The clue is in the name. This fashion for the police interviewing selebs who admit to possessing drugs on past occassions can only be explained by idiot police chiefs who know fuck all about the law playing to the gallery. Get a warrant and search their homes you stupid cunts.

      • Well, two senior plods from two forces in areas where Fry has homes say that charging advice has been sought from the CPA. Are they just saying that to placate those of us who want the lopsided-faced cunt to get his comeuppance?

        And why hasn’t the BBC acted? Given the shitstorm surrounding Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross (whose antics were not actually illegal, only in questionable taste), they’ve been conspicuously silent on the matter of Fry who has admitted to fifteen years of criminal activity, often on BBC premises…

      • Charging advice has been sought has it ? In which case they will be told of course you cant charge him you stupid cunts you need to catch him with the stuff. Whilst we’re on it why the fuck are they broadcasting it to the world that they are seeking ‘charging advice’ FFS talk about playing to the gallery. If they think he is still at it. Get a warrant, put him under surveilance , go out and actually catch the cunt.One things for sure these two ‘senior’ officers havent risen through the ranks by catching criminals , they sound like they couldn’t catch a cold. Dearie fucking me !!!!

  2. Since 2008 Fry has been quietly building an army of followers (or Fries) using the popular online National security and intelligence service Twitter. It is known that one day he will call his army to rise and lead us all in pleasantly upholstered servitude. Only the massed intellectuals of the Chinese communist party are thought to be able to stop him. Stephen Fry uses Twitter to protest the treatment of rare bird species, such as the Dodo and Pterodactyl.

  3. This fucking fudge packer lives just a few miles from me.
    I see him all the time, he is a stupendous fucking arse bandit who believes he is somehow omnipotent because he is on TV.

    I hope the toffee nosed cunts gets aids or arse cancer, his lauding over Apple products on Twitter is laughable, obviously being paid to promote the Apple tracking apps and he has just now started getting involved in the selfie charity bullshit.
    People need to wake up, the selfie brigade is merely to induce cretins to post selfies so the government can associate the picture with the name (Facebook, Twitter etc)
    This is because they are taking the birth certificate slavery online, you have to represent your fiction to be controlled via statutes and acts.
    Why do you think selfies are the ‘in thing’ and why so many cunts ofF TV are promoting it.

    Fucking wake up you cunts, you are slaves but think you are free because you can vote


    Never mind Eastenders, the great british bake off and towie is on TV……carry on regardless..


    • Conspiracy theories aside, (and the vast majority of conspiracy theorists are deluded paranoiacs), it has to be said that there is more than a grain of truth in the fact that Social media encourages the stupid, the vainglorious and the uninformed into posting yet more personal information on the internet. The “selfie” craze, is yet another inducement to relinquish what anonymity on the net can still be found.
      Whether this information is logged and stored by the “establishment” or whether it just provides more leverage for marketing parasites is a moot point. People however are generally stupid and fail to understand just how much information they are giving away.

  4. And the coked up cunt has the cheek to moan about his ‘bi polar ‘ disorder.What do you expect snorting shedloads of coke up your hooter for decades you stupid cunt.

  5. Didn’t Fry once threaten to top himself, because someone called him something nasty on Facebook/Twitter/Some other sad shite? Soft twat!

    His Oscar Wilde film was crap too. Bit of a busman’s holiday for him, mind….

  6. Happily married to his young fluffy boyfriend xx pssst dont tell anyone though its a secret xx
    dirty fat utterly repulsive bent nosed old hunchback boring for england, but now boring the chocolate out of his new flames tight sore arsehole xx

  7. He wouldn’t mind it much being locked up. I’ve heard he could suck the chrome off a Skoda’s tailpipe.

  8. One of the worst things he has ever done, is providing longevity to Alan Davies’ career. A pair of unfunny fucks. And his “Johnson said, ‘I am too drunk to be sober'” shitty endings to each episode of QI are woeful attempts at knowing more inane bullshit than thee.

  9. Revolting fat, deviant, depressed cunt. The parents of his “husband” must be so pleased to not only have a queer cunt for a son, but a queer cunt of a son who lets a bloated pig of a pervert slobber all over him in return for a share of the odious cunts money and a place in the spotlight with all the other like minded celeb arse bandits and deviant, right on cunts.

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