The Proposed European Super League

The European Super League-the reaction.

I am sure many of IsAC’s notable cunters who are passionate football fans, will, through the steam from their boiling piss, be composing nominations on this topic.

I want to take a view from a slightly different angle.

As a long term, (six decades) fan of one of the richest clubs in football, Man U, my passion for the game died around the time it sold out to SKY in the early 1990’s.
It ceased to be about “the fans” or “the club” around that time.

I know that to survive, these huge PLC’s had to become competitive, commercial enterprises, but the disconnect between the boards and owners and the fan on the street has been growing continuously since then.

When players are demanding £800k per week, (stand up Paul W.ogba), or season ticket prices are taking live football away from the working man, it illustrates that the fan is actually now at the bottom of the clubs considerations.

Taking the knee? What percentage of real football fans wanted this shit? 1%? Probably less. Fan forums were fuming over this, yet the players continue to show support for violent Marxism.
A huge disconnect.

So now we arrive at the intended end-game (pun intended).
4.5 Billion investment from J.P Morgan to form a super league of 20 teams-split into 2 x 10 club leagues, who play each other home and away.Then the top teams play quarter finals and semi finals, then a final. Sound familiar? It fucking well should-lets drop all pretence and just call it the “Superbowl”, shall we.

American owners. Money men.Cunts.

However, all these fans going into meltdown on the internet-were they fans pre-Sky Premier league? I doubt it. Football used to be televised on mainstream, it used to belong to the working classes. Tickets were affordable. Murdoch, BT sport, Amazon et al have taken it further and further away.
When clubs are allowed to run with debts of over 1billion£ (Barcelona), without intervention or penalty, then you know the game is rotten.

Fuck the European super league. Fuck the champions league. Fuck the premier league.
Like football? Support your local non-league team. Watch the game, help the club, hell-have a pint with the players after the match. That’s what I will be doing👍

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General 

Seconded by: Norman

Seconded, CG.

I’ve followed Manchester United for years home and away, been going since 1974. Been a football fanatic all my life. Not any more. Ruined by foreign ownership and Sky TV, too much money and fans now treated like crap. VAR and the rise of the Gorton Globetrotters capped it all.

Never thought I’d say this, but for the first time ever I’ll be more than happy to stand with Liverpool fans and other involved clubs supporters against the Satan’s fart that is the european super league.

More of the same from Sir limply stoke

Monitised Soccer

So fifteen major football clubs are to form a Major European Superleague of which six are from the UK. Funny that, bit disproportionate. OH I SEE. All six have yank owners and are pursuing their God given right to screw every last cent out of their investment and fuck the fans.
It’s all Soccer now Gary.

And even more venting, this time from Cuntybollocks

European Super League

Yes, it’s a cunt. In essence, it means that if you win the Premier League (or other European league) you’re not allowed to play in it unless you’re invited by being one of the richest clubs in Europe. A closed shop.

Even though it is a cunt, I have had to laugh at people like Gary Neville, employed by Sky, going on self righteous rants against it. He wasn’t bothered when Sky got into bed with the Premier League back in 92, was he? I recall being priced out of it as a late teen who’d just left home to move in with my first serious girlfriend. Pissed me off a bit at the time, but fuck it. Greed wins.

This new league is just a progression of that greed.

I think this could bite the clubs involved in the arse though. Fans are fucked off being lectured to about non existent racism in English football because of the actions of a cop in America a year ago. The gay shit too (rainbow laces, armbands, corner flags and banners). The knee taking shit STILL going on to show support to a Marxist anti white movement BLM (Build Large Mansions). The furloughing of minimum wage staff while they blow 60 milion on a player during the pandemic.

Now this?

It’s hopefully going to be the death knell for football at the highest level. Personally, if I fancy watching a game live I’ll be supporting a local lower or non league team.

Let the plastics ‘enjoy’ their closed shop. I hope the clubs involved go bust, but I bet sanctimonious Sky don’t, because they’ll want to televise the cunt. And I bet most of the Sky pundits who rant about this new league are there commentating on the fucking games when they start!

Fuck off.

…and another, from smugcunt

Football is a load of bollox and a cunt. First off its really boring if your not brainwashed into your team at birth. Its nearly as boring as formula one or American football.
Fucking football was made up to control the prols after the 1840s ffs. Its bread and circus. The oldest trick in the book. Wear your stupid shirts you look fucking tools.

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  1. The most non-newsworthy event of the year so far. Sick of hearing about it.
    Sick of listening to all those dopey cunts protesting, who spend what little money they have following their team all over the country or abroad, buying the latest replica kit (only to have to change it in a year’s time) and many of them putting their club over their own families. Then they complain they have no money and blame everyone else for their own cuntishness.

    • Fully agree. Football is wank. Most fans are cunts who will put the club before anything else. As if the club gives a single fuck about the fans. I for one hope football just implodes and fades away. I will not miss it one singe bit. Fuck off.

  2. Good to see that the German and Dutch clubs have refused to take part in this shitshow. No Bayern, Dortmund, Ajax or PSV in this super league fuckfest.

    Thing is, only the Gorton Globetrotters and Liverpool are recent consistent trophy winners anyway. United, Spurs, Chelsea and the Arsenal couldn’t currently win a raffle. Super league? Most of them are shit, including Man United. There would be that many 0-0 draws, it will bore people to death.

    • Evening Spoons. I enjoyed that link!
      Percy fell off his perch laughing and has started squawking in a Brummy accent.

      • Percy: “Alroite alroite! Oos eaten all me Trill?” 😀

        Evening, Bertie. I hope you and your Percy are well. 🙂

        Evening all. I hope fellow members and admins are well also. 🙂

      • Evening Spoons-I trust all is well with your good self and Sister Dolly👍

  3. They’re shitting out of it now it seems. Well, City and Chelsea according to reports.

  4. Proper action by Chelsea fans today. Fair play to them. Looks like Chelsea and Man City are pulling out of this shit. United won’t though. Joel Glazer is already vice chairman of this super league. The man and his family are scum.

    • To yank owned clubs wil be the last to leave.

      I was hoping it went through to put the final nail in modern football’s coffin.

    • Ed Woodward leaves Old Trafford. Not before time. The Glazer cunts will hang on to this super league like Fagin clinging to his box of jewels in Oliver. I only hope this is the beginning of the end for these cunts.

      And Fergie can fuck off and all. He’s against it? This old cunt let those American weirdo carpetbaggers in when he himself got greedy over racehorse spunk. The man is a cunt and he will never be better than Sir Matt.

  5. The old wisdom; “What’s the best way to milk a sheep?…. subscription/pay per view football, and bring out a new strip every year……”
    They’re now just doing what the premier league did to division football 30 years ago, so tbh its hugely hypocritical if they don’t like it. The “target audience” (with money) are now the billions in Asia and they want to watch Man U vs Barcelona, which are “clubs” they recognise, they have never heard of Burnley or “The POSH” etc etc. Welcome to the global village I’m sorry to say and you’ll never stop people making money….

  6. No comment from Saint Marcus Rash-thoughts on this issue yet?

    The fucking dumb blek jigaboo😂😂😂

  7. No comment from Saint Marcus Rash-thoughts on this issue yet?

    The fucking dumb blek j.igaboo😂😂😂

  8. They (all six Premier League) have now officially removed themselves from the proposed new league😂

    Shower of cunts, hopefully a shake up follows. I fucking doubt it👎

  9. They (all six Premier League) have now officially removed themselves from the proposed new league😂

    Shower of cunts, hopefully a shake up follows. I fucking doubt it👎

    • Woodward should fuck off now and the Glazers need to pay. Cunts.
      And Real Madrid – Franco’s team – are the scum of the game.

  10. Of course, the six clubs withdrawing has been knocked off the top news headline spot. After the murder verdict to honour the patron saint of drugs, resisting arrest and chiggen.

  11. Micah Richards saying Carlos Tevez was better than Sergio Augero is conclusive proof that he talks absolute shit and is a complete cunt.

  12. What should happen: All the cunt owners of the six to stand down, to be banned permanently from any involvement in football again, massive points deductions and fines for all clubs involved, and German-like fan based ownership brought in.

    What will happen: Nothing. Absolutely fuck all. City will get bigger and badder, the Glazers will still take the piss as Old Trafford becomes Disneyland, Levy will continue to ruin Spurs, the Russian oligarch will sack four managers a season at Chelski, that Henry cunt will stay in place at Liverpool, and Arsenal will deteriorate further as they are haunted by Wenger’s ghost. Idiots will still subscribe to Sky, thicko players will still take the knee for an armed thug and talk shit on social media, grown men will still look like cunts in extortionate replica shirts and half/half scarves, the rich clubs will get richer, the poor clubs will get poorer, the game will revolve around chinks and what they want, and knobhead ‘fan channels’ (Goldbridge, you fucking cunt) will posture, pose and talk endless and clueless shit.

    The game has gone to Hell and it is going to stay there. Nothing will change that now,

  13. No surprise that the only two clubs out of the twelve with unlimited resources are the first to withdraw. The Gorton Globetrotters and Chelski, of course.

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