Sir Keir Starmer (12) “Geraoutta my paab, you slaag!”

*Emergency Cunting*

Dame Keir ‘Saville has no case to answer’ Starmer.

This cock gobbler just told a pub landlord who threw him out of his establishment in Bath earlier today that ‘he didn’t need lectures from him about the pandemic’…

I very much doubt anyone in the MSM is all over this, but this cunt needs to take a long hard look at his disingenuous, oliagenous self before coming out with shit like that.

Or not. Once a cunt, always cunt. Just open your mouth an remind us from time to time.

Nominated by: The Captain

(And yes we know he has qualified for the WoC. We’re on it – DA)

56 thoughts on “Sir Keir Starmer (12) “Geraoutta my paab, you slaag!”

  1. Like Farage said about it, he didn’t have that visit very well researched did he? Useless DPP and useless Opposition Leader (which I think was the landlord’s angle on it so he does have a valid point really!).

  2. The landlord is more left wing than Starmer, he was just upset his pub had been closed. They want to see the fall of capitalism until it effects them.

    Cunt throws cunt out of pub.

    • Indeed. When you look at it properly, it’s just a pair of cunts flapping their gums and one acting up for the cameras. The Schofielder would ordered a Babycham too, I’m sure.


      …so Kier Starmer walks into a pub.

  3. Emergency cunting for the Christopher Biggins lookalike who allegedly leads the Labour Party?

    Is there going to be an emergency cunting for the European ‘super’ league?

    • Christopher Biggins? Shurely shome mishtake.

      More like Reg Varney (with no sense of humour, or any sense for that matter).

  4. “Banned from the Roxy, oh yeah
    I didn’t wanna go there, anyway…”

    I was Kiers spin doctor id of turned this into the image that won him the Red wall back!😀
    Rod the hysterical, shrill landlord made a big scene,
    Id of chinned the daft cunt.
    Getting banned from the pub is part of growing up,
    Kier has taken his first babysteps towards being a working class lad😁
    Expect to see him next in magaluf with his mates and mooning the paparazzi.

  5. One thing Dame Keir doesn’t have is self-awareness. When the publican gave him a bollicking, her Ladyship replied “I don’t wan’t a lecture”.

    The silly cunt does nothing but lecture us all day, every day, and when he is not doing so, one of his mincers or benders is doing it for him. Or one of the wimminz.

  6. I don’t give a fuck about either of them but Kweers minder needs a fucking good hiding.
    The cheeky fat cunt.

  7. Imagine the shame of getting chucked out by that hysterical,scruffy little Pleb. Sir Keir should have chinned the disrespectful Sod and then him and his entourage,like a cross between The Bullingdon Club and the Millwall Bushwackers, trashed the place.

    He’d have certainly gone up in my estimation.

    PS…The whole incident makes the Pub look all very ” Admiral Duncanish”….three Gays arguing over gets to keep a heavily soiled pair of Dame Elton’s knickers that had been scraped off the toilet cubicle ceiling.

    • Indeed. Did this incident take place in Brighton by any chance?

      The jukebox would only have The Pet Shop Boys, Madonna and Jimmy Somerville on it. The only drinks on sale would’ve been Babycham and Spunkade. Only jumbo sausages with a squirt of ‘mayonaisse’ on the food menu. The barstools are all upside down too if you look carefully (probably).

      The AIDS would be on all the surfaces.

      Burn it down.

      • The pubs the Raven, in Bath
        Id of thought lazing in the beneficial waters of the hot springs of the Roman baths with his security would be more kiers thing?

        ‘tell me Antonidus do you enjoy oysters?”

      • It still has the look of a place that attracts ‘interior designers’, ‘choreographers’ and ‘ice dancers’ to me though.

      • Definitely.
        But then Baths full of that sort.
        Rod the shrieking landlord would make me swerve it on a pub crawl.
        Kier should be trying to win the Red wall back by drinking in pubs up North rather than swanning round gay bars in Bath.
        Come on kier get the drinks in!!

      • @MNC

        I don’t think the Dame knows where the North is!

        And even if he did, could you imagine him swigging a pint of milk stout in the snug/bar of some old-school boozer in Wigan , Grimsby or Bridlington, while affecting some fake Northern accent and adorning customary flatcap!

      • Id love him to swan into my local!!😀
        The pisstaking would be brilliant!
        Id get my picture taken with him, accuse him of pinching my arse,
        Get him bladdered and nick his phone and send hate mail to all
        his contacts!
        ‘Dear Angela, how much do you charge if you swallow?
        Love Kier,your boss.”

  8. Brilliant stuff. You can always trust an angry member of the British public to tell it how it is to those that would rule us.

    Remember that woman that gave Bliar an earful? And the porky that assaulted Prescott on one of his walkabouts? And who can forget Gillian Duffy telling Gordon Brown a few home truths? Now this chap will be added to the roll of honour. Wonderful!

    • Landlord was fucking right though wasn’t he. Starmer is a posh useless bellend, a globalist shill through and through.

      The numbers dont lie, but statistics produced by politicians do. Starmer should be tasking Bojo about unlocking NOW. But he ain’t.

      Who’s ready for more lockdown and shifting of the goalposts? Get ready.

      • Most of the Public Sector will love another lockdown, especially those cunts supposedly WfH on 80 or 100% pay!

  9. That didn’t look good and the fact that he’s made some posh lefty cry makes it even worse. If Labour fucks up on May 6th I see another titanic left/right struggle on the horizon. The Blairites look to have fucked themselves with old Max Headroom.

      • He should be able to draw his old age pension out by now – won’t have to pimp out Bendover Bradshaw’s arse any more.

      • He’s been able to draw his pension for nearly 3 years now. I know because he’s only 2 days younger than me…

      • It’s mine too- and George Clooney , Sigmund Freud and Robespierre’s . (Though I’m younger than them)

  10. Pub fight, they have only been open for a week 😂

    Well, a boring visit to Bath got more publicity than it deserved.

    • Precisely. It was a publicity stunt cooked up between the two of them. Dippy shit for brains Starmer thought: “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” 😂

      • I certainly think it was a publicity stunt cooked up, but not between Starmer and the screaming publican …. but between the publican and his business partner.
        The story goes, the partner had organised the visit for Starmer to come along and see how the pub had dealt with covid ‘control’. Don’t tell me the screaming publican didn’t know of the visit, nor had the chance to tell his business partner that a visit from Starmer wasn’t happening.
        Now … The Raven is talk of the media, albeit for a couple of days,… and I’m sure they’ll be advertising the fact on a billboard outside their door … ‘ as seen on TV’.

  11. I can imagine the fun Boris and co will have whenever the Dame enters one of the many bars witihn the Palace of Westminster

    “I say, old bean, would you mindful awfully by removing oneself from my public bar, you damned rotter!” – in his best mockney accent.

    • City of weirdos, dropouts and hippys. Beautiful city but full of scum.

  12. Watching that was pure comedy yesterday.

    The cunts surrounding and protecting Dame Edna were a bit heavy handed but then I guess you never knew if sideshow Bob lookalike was going glass the cunt, he got quite aggy at one point.

    Farage was right, looked like a right fit up Guv!

  13. What a spineless cunt Kweer is. If that scruffy little herbert had bellowed at me like that I’d have poleaxed the wee twat. In saying that it was funny seeing Dame Stamer slink out like the weasel he is. That clip will never get old.

    • And of course come election time, this will be played and replayed for days on end by the Tories, LibDumbs and other fringe parties.

      In fact you might get some young artistic Tory cunt turning this clip into something straight out of Eastenders, along with title music, with the Dame playing Dot Cotton smoking a ciggie and drinking from a bottle of gin!

      Comedy gold!

  14. Those cockgobblers at ITV News neglected to show the part on last night’s news where Dame Kweer’s pet silverback manhandled the landlord in his own pub.

    That wouldn’t have done as it would have upset the ITV board luvvies who worship at the alter of Sir Kweer.

    Cocksucking weasels.

  15. Whilst the landlord is a twat no doubt I am with him on this one.Saint Queer has not opposed anything since he became Labour leader and his response was typical Labour sanctimonious dismissive and full of self-righteous pomposity. The fact he said “I don`t need a lecture from you” shows his and Labours problem .For years they have thought their supporters should keep their stupid little mouths shut not ask questions or engage their little brains.They think the public are thick gammon who shouldn`t have an opinion and that we should all bow to their (alleged) superior intellect.I love how the landlord gave Saint Queer a BMJ article about Covid and told him the average age of death of Covid sufferers being above life expectancy.Of course MSM or Saint Queer failed to address any of that.

    (Wordfence doesn’t like “queer” hence your comment ending up in the MQ – DA)

    • Good post Shaun. Incidentally, I’m not getting why the landlord is being cunted by some here. I wish there were more like him who make a stand to politicians and the fucking crap and bullshit we’re spoon fed on a daily basis.

  16. The landlord came across as literally a screaming queen who quite rightly and comically got moved forcefully by that brick wall bouncer.

    • Maybe, but possibly not “quite rightly”. It was his pub after all and he is responsible for its operation. If he doesn’t want someone in there he has every right to eject them without being assaulted.

      BTW the screaming only started after the Silverback manhandled him.

  17. That clip is wonderful.
    Shows how stupid the cunt is, did he or rather his entourage not consider dropping into the pub beforehand to check whether they’d be welcome? Of course not, their sort genuinely can’t understand how anyone could possibly disgaree with them.
    And like Blair etc, Starmer doesn’t really strike me as the sort who likes pubs. All cold, clammy, crying and throwing up after three quarters of a pint.

  18. Charles Walker, Desmond Swayne and IDS, all Tory MPs, are more of an opposition force than Starmer!

    Despite the efforts of the pub landlord, I’m not even sure Starmer really got the message that people think he is a useless twat because he was cuntishly quick to smear the landlord as as Covid denier. Tone deaf and clueless.

  19. As everything New Labour only time they listen will be the run up to May 6th 👎
    After that absolutely no chance business as usual Who was the prick strong arming the pub landlord in his own pub? 👎👎

    • I thought the landlord was very rude and if I was Sir Keir Starmer I’d think twice before giving him my custom again.

  20. Dr Hilary spoke to him on GMB and said he should “stick to pulling pints”.I am sure he would be happy to do so.Issue is he and other pub owners have been unable to do just that for the best part of the year.

    Reminds me of when Caprice the has been model correctly predicted the Governments response to the andemic months in advance and was told by another rent a gob GP you can`t get an appointment with as they are always on Breakfast TV “Unless you have read all the statistical modelling paper that`s come out you cannot argue with me on that”.Dr Jarvis then went on to say masks “make no difference at all” and laughed at Caprice for citing a spokesperson fromS WHO about masks restricting entry into country mandatory quarantine and was laughed at and belittled and reminded by Jeremy Vine that Sarah is “an expert”.With experts like that people may as well listen to the village idiot.

  21. This is why labour is as relevant as your local VHS Video Rental Shop. Rather than engage with a Labour supporter , he just blabbed NHS and Covid denier , looked a prat when the landlord said ” I’ve had Covid ” and I’m not dead or any of my under age 80 or 24 stone mates. This is the point , why are 24 yr old cage fighters or scaffolders hiding from a virus that kills less of them than jet ski accidents ?

    no debate – amazed he wasn’t called racist ! maybe he was on C4 news but i don’t watch that for the same reason I don’t eat yellow snow.

    Kier is a cunt

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