The Proposed European Super League

The European Super League-the reaction.

I am sure many of IsAC’s notable cunters who are passionate football fans, will, through the steam from their boiling piss, be composing nominations on this topic.

I want to take a view from a slightly different angle.

As a long term, (six decades) fan of one of the richest clubs in football, Man U, my passion for the game died around the time it sold out to SKY in the early 1990’s.
It ceased to be about “the fans” or “the club” around that time.

I know that to survive, these huge PLC’s had to become competitive, commercial enterprises, but the disconnect between the boards and owners and the fan on the street has been growing continuously since then.

When players are demanding £800k per week, (stand up Paul W.ogba), or season ticket prices are taking live football away from the working man, it illustrates that the fan is actually now at the bottom of the clubs considerations.

Taking the knee? What percentage of real football fans wanted this shit? 1%? Probably less. Fan forums were fuming over this, yet the players continue to show support for violent Marxism.
A huge disconnect.

So now we arrive at the intended end-game (pun intended).
4.5 Billion investment from J.P Morgan to form a super league of 20 teams-split into 2 x 10 club leagues, who play each other home and away.Then the top teams play quarter finals and semi finals, then a final. Sound familiar? It fucking well should-lets drop all pretence and just call it the “Superbowl”, shall we.

American owners. Money men.Cunts.

However, all these fans going into meltdown on the internet-were they fans pre-Sky Premier league? I doubt it. Football used to be televised on mainstream, it used to belong to the working classes. Tickets were affordable. Murdoch, BT sport, Amazon et al have taken it further and further away.
When clubs are allowed to run with debts of over 1billion£ (Barcelona), without intervention or penalty, then you know the game is rotten.

Fuck the European super league. Fuck the champions league. Fuck the premier league.
Like football? Support your local non-league team. Watch the game, help the club, hell-have a pint with the players after the match. That’s what I will be doing👍

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General 

Seconded by: Norman

Seconded, CG.

I’ve followed Manchester United for years home and away, been going since 1974. Been a football fanatic all my life. Not any more. Ruined by foreign ownership and Sky TV, too much money and fans now treated like crap. VAR and the rise of the Gorton Globetrotters capped it all.

Never thought I’d say this, but for the first time ever I’ll be more than happy to stand with Liverpool fans and other involved clubs supporters against the Satan’s fart that is the european super league.

More of the same from Sir limply stoke

Monitised Soccer

So fifteen major football clubs are to form a Major European Superleague of which six are from the UK. Funny that, bit disproportionate. OH I SEE. All six have yank owners and are pursuing their God given right to screw every last cent out of their investment and fuck the fans.
It’s all Soccer now Gary.

And even more venting, this time from Cuntybollocks

European Super League

Yes, it’s a cunt. In essence, it means that if you win the Premier League (or other European league) you’re not allowed to play in it unless you’re invited by being one of the richest clubs in Europe. A closed shop.

Even though it is a cunt, I have had to laugh at people like Gary Neville, employed by Sky, going on self righteous rants against it. He wasn’t bothered when Sky got into bed with the Premier League back in 92, was he? I recall being priced out of it as a late teen who’d just left home to move in with my first serious girlfriend. Pissed me off a bit at the time, but fuck it. Greed wins.

This new league is just a progression of that greed.

I think this could bite the clubs involved in the arse though. Fans are fucked off being lectured to about non existent racism in English football because of the actions of a cop in America a year ago. The gay shit too (rainbow laces, armbands, corner flags and banners). The knee taking shit STILL going on to show support to a Marxist anti white movement BLM (Build Large Mansions). The furloughing of minimum wage staff while they blow 60 milion on a player during the pandemic.

Now this?

It’s hopefully going to be the death knell for football at the highest level. Personally, if I fancy watching a game live I’ll be supporting a local lower or non league team.

Let the plastics ‘enjoy’ their closed shop. I hope the clubs involved go bust, but I bet sanctimonious Sky don’t, because they’ll want to televise the cunt. And I bet most of the Sky pundits who rant about this new league are there commentating on the fucking games when they start!

Fuck off.

…and another, from smugcunt

Football is a load of bollox and a cunt. First off its really boring if your not brainwashed into your team at birth. Its nearly as boring as formula one or American football.
Fucking football was made up to control the prols after the 1840s ffs. Its bread and circus. The oldest trick in the book. Wear your stupid shirts you look fucking tools.

107 thoughts on “The Proposed European Super League

    • Rumours are that they’re being expelled with Bayern, Dortmund and Porto coming back in to take their place. Technically speaking Dortmund should’ve been in the semis anyway if not for awful refereeing.

    • Remember the 1975 film, Rollerball? It’s all about how a mega-corporation now owns all the teams in the world of a brutal team sport that is the only outlet for violence in a future Utopia free from war, poverty, disease and err… knowledge of the past, which is now controlled by a super-computer and books are heavily edited for those who can be arsed to read them.

      It was a sci-fi film in 1975, but over the years, it has became more prophetic…

  1. Football is boring and I don’t follow it at all. Nevertheless, I can see a cunt from a mile off and this idea is a money making scam dreamt up by a few greedy twats to line their wallets and take the game away from its grassroots followers. Football is nothing without the fans. What a pile of cunt.

    • Will the fans have those giant foam hands and be able to get a chili dog at half time?

  2. Mixed feelings, but I really don’t know why Boris and that Prince cunt has got involved. This is all to do with market forces – something old school tories used to believe in, especially Thatcher.

    Moreover, fans don’t seem to mind spending thousands of season tickets and/or subscriptions to Sky/BT, along with spending hundreds every year for football kits that have a lifecycle of one season!

    Plus, fans from the Big Six raised few objections to billionaire owners taking over their club and pumping huge amounts of money for players earning £500k a week in order to win a cup or two.

    As far as I’m concerned the Big Six can go fuck themselves. They’re not interested in traditional fans, they want online subscription services to the lucractive Far East and North American countries. That’s where the real money is.

    And if they do fuck off, then that’s their bridge burnt. No way should they be allowed back into the EPL. Fuck off, count your money and die, cunts!

    If you like your football, support your local club and keep the money local too.

    • Exactly-however, I was one of the fane who stopped supporting a “big six club” financially, in 92 and the formation of Murdoch’s Premier League.

  3. This is a wonderful example of greed. Ignore the fans and supporters whose loyalty has built the local football culture, just go for the filthy lucre and shit on anything to do with the club.. The Premier League might not be the best in the world but it’s he most exciting. These avaricious owners, mostly foreign vermin, can’t see beyond the moolah. Fuck the Euro League, fuck the pro-EU concept, and fuck he grasping, gluttonous hogs who support this shite.

  4. Suddenly there’s a problem with football?

    Isn’t this the same stunt pulled with the formation of the premier league? Now the premier league doesn’t like it?

    Have these clubs suddenly become leeching cunts robbing the mugs dumb enough to finance them?

    Have football fans suddenly gained some sense of morality?

    Fuck off with it. Football is just a game and it’s been a corrupt badly run game for a long time.

    if you don’t agree with it stop watching it, stop financing it. As far as I’m concerned the club I used to follow can fuck off to China which is the only market they are interested in.

    • The whole ethos of my original nomination Sixdog. The disconnect from fans happened 30 years ago.

    • At least the PL – just, given the swift demise of Project Big Picture – maintain a three up/down model.

      I agree with every comment on here by fellow-cunters far and wide. As a virtuous cunt I have never been tempted to subscribe to Sky and have in the last few years even stopped watching MOTD due to the jug-eared cunt and now a harem of other cunts presenting it. In essence I long since stopped caring a brass shite about football yet alone be arsed enough to find an illegal stream to help undermine their business model.

      I confidently predict this will fall flat on its arse the moment someone breaks ranks and opts out again. If I gave a shit, Id pin my hopes on it being Man C who really don’t need the extra moolah.

      Football ? Go fuck yourselves. Yes, that includes the other 14 left behind, you’re just as bad if you had the chance.

  5. Who gives a fuck.
    They should all be based in and play in Qatar. Perhaps St Marcus could preach to the Arabs and get food for the slave labour.

    • I recall raising a nom about this a few weeks ago, which was subsequently published.

      Apparently almost 7,000 migrant workers have either being killed or seriously injured while building all those grandios stadia in Qatar. And yet MSM, St Marcus, Sir Lenny of Henry, BLM and all the other usual suspects (FIFA, UEFA, EPL) have all been strangely quiet about this kind of ongoing modern day slavery!

  6. I suppose Franchises will be the next step…clubs will be able to move to the city that offer them the best terms…be handy for the Manchester clubs’ them having to travel up from The Home Counties when “their” club is based in London.

    I wonder if this isn’t more of a bargaining position so that they can “settle for” a smaller “closed-shop” Premier League,less domestic competitions and more European games….best of both worlds.

    Still,look on the bright side,footy-fans…there’s still The Women’s Football League to delight and entertain.

    • They tried that with Wimbledon, Lord Fiddler: moving it to Milton Keynes, wasn’t it?
      That didn’t end well…..

      • Aye,I’d forgotten about that…be a different matter if it was one of the top clubs,I suspect…let’s be honest,the big clubs couldn’t give a shit about the “real” fans and relocating to London would,if anything, increase their attendance figures.

      • Afternoon Dick, I had a thought…what with your vast lands and my ill gotten gains that need laundering we could start a new club in the true spirit of Football…I could be the manager so you wouldn’t have to deal with the dark key players and you could get one of your staff to put a halftime spread of Guinness and Port for the players.
        I could use my bitches to supply high class entertainment for the discerning gentleman fans after the game and if our team is losing you could ‘accidently’ let the Hounds run on the pitch biting every pansy cunt they can, which would then force a replay.
        It really is a great idea and has the potential to be a global brand.

    • Afternoon,B+WC.

      Hordes of Dark-Keys and Homosexuals tramping about on my vast land-holdings ?…..I think not,Sir.

    • Afternoon Lord Fiddler, afternoon B&W.

      You could be onto something there, B&W.
      I heard a rumour that a shabby little club on tyneside will be up for sale for a couple of hundred “bags” in the near future.
      With sponsorship from Fray Bentos, Fiddler Resorts and the proceeds of your criminal endeavours, IsAC United could be a goer. Percy Parrott as club mascot.
      I volunteer my services as physio for the lay-dee’s team-I know fuck all about sprains and pains but am good with my hands and my “sponge” is fucking magic😃👍

      • @CG, we won’t be having any of that outrageous behaviour…it’s 2021 you know.

  7. The football fan is the gift that keeps on giving. With a blind loyalty that would make the Pope envious, they will pay whatever is asked to watch the overpaid fragile ladyboys that make up their teams.
    Expensive sky sports, taking the knee, and now this shit. If people actually switched it off and walked away like they often say when the shit gets shitter, perhaps there would be something of merit left.
    But they don’t. £60 for this years t shirt? Kerching, fools.

  8. I fucking hate football but this whole ESL thing is a joke – just like one of BoJo’s bud bud dinger ding party doner’s getting their fingers in pies and the doling out of PPE contracts – consultant my arse, I give you load of poppadum’s, you give me contract.

    Just look at this pic – Johnson think’s he’s Hulk Hogan from back in the day.

  9. If the deal does go through imagine the scorelines in future:-

    Liverpool Mastercard 3, Arsenal Starbucks 2
    Manchester United Airlines 1, Manchester McDonalds 3
    Chelsea Apple Macs 1, Tottenham Coca Cola 0

  10. Of all the problems in the world today, this is one I genuinely could not give a flying fuck about.

    Who the fuck cares. Played by cunts, watched by cunts, owned by cunts.

    • I’m surprised you don’t care, you’re slipping. This European super league is all part of the great reset conspiracy theory engineered so the rich have all the fun, laughing at poor people sulking that they are unable to afford that fun is part of the jape 😀

      Lol lo lol.

      • Enjoy your overpaid, shite haircut, pussy fağotry rolling about on the ground, expensive wankery circus.

        I’ll save my time and money for less primitive options.

      • FAIL…I don’t watch it lol.

        My fun is in the sulking poor people part 😀

  11. Let them get on with it, why HM Govt is involved is beyond me. I liked a bit of footy years ago, when Leeds were a top club I went to Elland Road a few times and to support the local club Doncaster Rovers. I’ve gradually over the years become disillusioned with the game, money seems the only reason for it’s existence nowadays. Fucking Arabs and Septics involved, barmy situation, they should stick to beheading people and rounders.
    The ‘knee’ finally did it for me. Not watched a game on TV for ages and probably never will again.
    I hope the whole shit show comes falling down.

  12. This is the last chance for fans to exert some control over their national game.
    I would like to see the other 5 clubs fans do what Man U did and set up new clubs like FC United.
    BTW. I’m getting pissed off with those who come on here saying they don’t like football. I’m not interested in your likes and dislikes. I personally don’t like opera but I’m not going to give it a cunting on that basis.

    • I love coming on here seeing people getting sandy vaginas over their precious ‘beautiful game’.

      For mugs, by mugs. Stupid bag of wank sport.

      • At Chunky:
        I am guessing that you never played for your School team, or represented your county at football, as a youngster?

    • Hear hear Bertie, I am partly shocked and partly not surprised at what’s being proposed really. Sky got the ball rolling with the silly money etc in 1992 with the start of the Premier league, and ever since then it seems it’s money, money and more fucking money please from these foreign cunts who understand the culture, love and tribalism etc around football but actually don’t give a fuck. These foreign owners want a worldwide league where the rich can actually fly aaaaht to Italy etc and pay for hotels to watch the game and the real fans that can’t afford it can go fuck themselves and watch it on Sky and if they cannot afford that they can watch it down the pub.
      I’m sad LFC signed up to this, but not surprised giving the Fenway ownership etc but surely the players and coaches must be thinking this is a piss take.
      Limit foreign ownership to 30% and make any British club at least 40% fan owned, and also limit any team to 5 foreign born players. Something has to be done as if not the beautiful game is dead.

      • As soon as you let Americans into sports it will boil down to the mighty dollar. Sports teams chopping and changing names and moving franchises from state to state every few decades works over there but here tradition and history mean a great deal.

      • Great post B&W-particulary the parts about percentage of fan ownership and number of foreign players👍

    • No. You need to ask these cunts what things interest them and only post about that.

      Pretty obvious really.

    • Being fair,Bertie….I think the whole idea of the site is that people come on here and give a Cunting to things that they dislike.

      • Afternoon Dick.
        I’d have to disagree there.
        We’d be cunting everything and everyone just based on a dislike.
        No, cunting is an artform which is raised to a higher level and involves hate, loathing, bitterness, resentfulness, repugnance and rancour.

    • Bertie, you don’t like opera but you wouldn’t cunt it? Not interested in peoples likes or dislikes? This nomination is about football and the whole ethos of this site is based on peoples likes or dislikes. Are you of the opinion that everyone should agree on everything here?

      Plenty of people may disagree on things I post, the poor, the mentally infirm, the socially inferior etc however they have every right to post their opinion and I wouldn’t have it any other way, also because I have thick skin it doesn’t bother me one hoot.

      Now do something useful for once and go and compose a nomination cunting Opera 😀

  13. Football started to die a slow death in late spring of 1992.

    The greed and lust for ever more money paved the way for Chelski, Abu Dhabi FC et al.
    Foreign cunt owners/major shareholders who know nothing about football, don’t give a flying fuck about supporters (bottom rung of the ladder of importance in the modern game) but alas, know plenty about making money.
    The kneeling, pandering and virtue signalling to any braindead fad from Burn Loot Murder to the alphabet soup brigade had already sickened many long suffering fans.
    A European so called Super League is the final twist of the knife.


    • It’s true HJ,
      These money mad cunts who own the club’s don’t give a fuck abaaaaaht the proper fan’s that are core to any club, and why should they when they know that if real fans stopped going to matches they’d easily replace them with some twats who don’t give a shit what the owners do but are simply grateful to get in the ground.
      The problem with the massive clubs is that they owners know they’ll replace any long term fans with new fans.
      I hope Boris shows some bollocks and offers to ban any clubs that wants to join the ‘Super League’ from playing in the UK. Even then these clubs will simply fuck off and play elsewhere…the club’s are too powerful.
      Football is fucked.

      • Football isn’t fucked. Maybe this will lead to a “reset” for the British game?
        Kick the “big six” out, relegate the bottom three, promote the top four from the Championship, without lucrative “play-off’s” and bring in Rangers and Celtic.
        Job done.

  14. All this started when the European Cup was expanded to include not only national champions but the runners-up, 3rd, 4th etc. The competition was diluted so that there were more matches, more money. Domestic cups became downgraded with the top clubs fielding second teams.

    This “Supet League” is a natural extension of that idea. A closed shop where the same clubs play each other and no-one else gets a look in. Never any newcomers. Boring.

    Apparently there are 250 million Man U fans in China alone who would be happy with this arrangement.

    The ‘Super” clubs say they still want to play in their national leagues but with no Champions League to qualify for what’s the point? And if one of the other 14 clubs managed to win the Premiership what then? What is their reward? They can’t progress.

    No, it is a rubbish idea conjured up by greedy corporate minds. The extra money would just go to already ridiculously rich players anyway.

    This reminds me of the Kerry Packer cricket circus back in the 70s where the best players were lured away to compete in a meaningless league but on a much grander scale.

  15. Rare for a leeds fan to agree with a pair of United fans but I do. I also lost interest in watching the so called top level games when sky started to change the timings and then days of games to suit the arm chair fan. Fuck em is the answer don’t subscribe to whatever bullshit package is on offer no real fans can afford to travel away to watch so just boycott it. Dead in the water. Go what a local none league team. Good crack beer in glasses. A football a little like it used to be. Eg tackling still allow. One more thing Boris needs to keep is fucking nose out of it politics and sport should never mix. Boycott the cunts set yourself free.

  16. If I supported one of the big clubs (the team I support is a load of crap) I wouldn’t want to watch them play against the same few teams over and over again. It would be boring. This proposition isn’t about the fans, it’s about the owners, and the owners of big clubs aren’t in it because they love football, they’re in it for the money. They are people who have more money than they need, have already bought everything they desired, and now find themselves with nothing left but to try to make even more money that they’ll never be able to spend. It almost makes you want to feel sorry for the pathetic bastards. It’s no use having more money if there’s nothing to spend it on. . What do you do if you have four houses, buy a fifth? What the fuck for? They are reduced to making money for the sake of it because they have nothing else to do, and to do this the greedy cunts are willing to ruin the game for everyone.

  17. Moreover, all those former European Cup and Champions League winners (Villa, Forest, Leicester, to name but 3) were not even asked to join beause they’re not financially rich enough or globally marketable to be bothered with.

    But Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal, none of whom have won a EC or CL trophy, were invited purely because of their wealth and pulling power globally.


    • Exactly Technocunt,
      Fucking Arsenal who have been shite for a decade must be frothing at the mouth at this opportunity of guaranteed elite European football. Its all money and like you said Forest would be more deserving based on actual fucking silverware. As for Tottenham another fucking team of losers who haven’t won shit, bought a massive stadium and are shitting themselves because they are not good enough to consistently get in let alone win the Champions League and have bills to pay.
      I hope Boris takes there new Stadium and turns it into flats for Somalians.

  18. Well I was born in 1997 so didn’t really have a choice to be a fan pre-Premier League. You’re right though CG as are Norman and Limply. I hope every owner involved in this dies a slow painful death.

    • Tso:

      The olden days:
      The pitches were heavy and unplayable in the winter months, the managers looked like used car salesmen, complete with a cigar wedged in the corner of their mouths.
      The Teams were mostly white, local lads. It was a more brutal, honest and more skilful game.
      It was fucking-brilliant!

      • And transfers were done at Newport Pagnell Services, with an under the table braaahn envelope with a £500 quid sweetener for the player, and a £50 Debenhams voucher for the wife.

        Muddy pitches. Frozen pitches.

        No chippy dark key players telling me I’m a racist for having white skin…well I wasn’t racist until you cunts kept telling me to ‘do more’ to stop dark keys resisting arrest and killing each other.

        No sports science moneyball shite. All pace, power and closing down now. Not much skill about nowadays. Every team plays or attempts to play the same way. Yawwn.

        No gay shite. Imagine telling Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter or Stuart Pearce to wear a rainbow armband for the gays? Can’t see it, can you?

        No VAR ‘kill the spontaneous celebration’ shite. No more 10 minutes of lines on the screen to see if somebody’s nutsack was offside by a millimetre, even though you can’t prove exactly when the pass was played.

        Bring back fouls. Yellows only for violent assaults. Reds only on the production of a death certificate.

        Life imprisonment for diving.

        Bring back those fat, blind refs who fucked almost everything up.

        No wimminz apart from perhaps a singer or dancer at half time who would always be ‘serenaded’ with ‘Get yer tits out for the lads.’

        £3 to get in. Pies and beer available. Fights may break out without warning.

        Getting to an FA Cup final felt like winning the lottery.

        I miss football, but we haven’t had it in its real form for years. Fuck it.

  19. If they do go ahead with it (likely😒), with no need for a top four finish for European qualification, they would probably play their “B” teams in the domestic leagues👎


  20. All this shite about this super league spitting in the face of fans is hilarious. These clubs and these players/pundits don’t give a fuck about the supporters. But, all of a sudden, the fans matter? Their opinions matter? What a load of patronising crap. Lineker – for one – lecturing about avarice is fucking priceless. And Gary Nev is no stranger to licking Glazer arse either. What a load of hypocritical bollocks.

    Also the whole idea of this league is totally corrupt. A mercenary circus like Manchester City wouldn’t have got near this super league in their original state, before they became the plaything of an Arab fascist regime. They are there simply because they have the money. Leicester City won the league, yet they would never be considered for this blood money shitshow. Same goes for big and great old clubs like Leeds, Newcastle, Wolves, Forest, Villa, Everton. It wouldn’t matter to these super league scum if these clubs won the league and the European Cup (like Cloughie did with Forest). But a club like dear Old Big Ead’s Forest wouldn’t fit the megabucks ‘Big Six’ bullshit, no matter how good they were. Same applies to the great Leeds side of the late 60s/early 70s, or Howard Kendall’s 1985 Everton. Every so often a great team emerges, does great things and reminds you of the magic of football (Leicester, Tommy Doc’s 70s Man United, Forest etc). But these super league sharks will kill any chance of clubs achieving dreams like Leicester and Forest did. And where do the big Scottish clubs fit into this super league vulgarity? Have Celtic or Rangers even been asked?

    Also, the Manchester Derby will now be worthless. United and City playing each other in a tacky super league? A decades old tradition and rivalry now rebranded as a garish NASL style monstrosity. Featuring fireworks, cheerleaders, Chinki advertising and (naturally) taking the knee. Instead of Pancho Pearson and Mike Doyle slugging it out, or Eric Cantona and Keith Curle in each other’s faces, we will now have Harry Maguire and John Stones giving each other hugs with rainbows on their shirts. I have seen some great Derbies in my time, But I fear I have seen my last. Fuck knows what The Doc and Big Mal would say about this shit. The Manchester rivalry is finished.

    • Funny enough I think yesterday marked quite possibly the first time ever that the entire nation was behind Leeds United. That Llorente equaliser was exactly the black eye that John Henry deserved.

    • Well said Norman,
      They have been shitting on the fan’s for years now and it’s only since this break off league has been mentioned that a lot of fans have woken up and seen the true agenda.
      I can honestly and sadly say that in 20 years time there’ll be Man United (Beijing Devil’s) vs Liverpool (Hong Kong Reds) ‘derby’ with a pensioner Gary Lineker hosting the coverage.
      English football RIP.

      • Bang on

        Unless Gary Arselicker, Jamie Gozzegher, Alan Shearshitter and Gary Nobville are never seen or heard commentating or working for a network that shows ESL games, they can all shove their empty words up their hoops.

        All of the above will end up commentating or working for channels involved in the games.

        Game at the top level is dead. Good. It’s not been about the fans for years now.

        Putting dirty foreign types with a few quid in charge of the top clubs has brought the chickens home to roost.

  21. The Merseyside derby would be even more worthless.
    Everton’s reason for existing would disappear. The Bitters would fold without the
    rivalry built up over the years.

  22. Money talks and I don’t see anything wrong in principle with a European super league and I am not against the no relegation of the core teams because it should lead to more attacking open football. The problem may occur if ever any of the core teams were relegated from their national premier leagues (unlikely)

    Other than that, I am not that bovvered,, we will all be fucking screwed anyway with the latest green bollocks heading our way

  23. Grasping greedy cunts (Sky gravy train and Gary Neville) moaning about even greedier cunts. You brought this all upon yourselves you stupid pricks.

  24. Bang on Bob:

    Don’t forget, as co owner of a lower league club, Gary himself benefits financially, from the money dropping down the “pyramid”😉

    • Even funnier than Mourinho being sacked is the likes of Sky, UEFA, Lineker and Neville going on about greed. Pure comedy.

  25. I’m more interested in that bit of skin between your balls and arsehole than football and the pubes that grow there have more backbone than the average “English” team hairy goucho cunt.

  26. All these fans that say they won’t support teams, buy stuff, yes they will they will keep paying the money to sky, buying shitty shirts, tickets, they are full of shit the game been like this for years, I keep hoping the bubble bursts.

  27. Remember the 1975 film, Rollerball? It’s all about how a mega-corporation now owns all the teams in the world of a brutal team sport that is the only outlet for violence in a future Utopia free from war, poverty, disease and err… knowledge of the past, which is now controlled by a super-computer and books are heavily edited for those who can be arsed to read them.

    A lot of those 1970s dystopia films are not so ridiculous in 2021…

  28. Football died when the Premiership came on the scene, Cheating, feigning injuries, overpaid Foreigners and all seater stadiums. Today’s football does not resemble the once great game now that politics have crept in, taking the knee for one, I have not watched a game, Domestic or intanational since the support for the Behave Like Monkeys farce, the over use of Women commentators and pundits and it won’t be to long now before England’s squad is all Black. The Sport is Dead they just haven’t collected the Corpse yet.!!

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