Lewis “Mr Bling” Hamilton (18)

Whatever happened to Lewis Hamilton?

When Hamilton first appeared on the F1 scene, I had a lot of respect for the guy. He was Mr Average made good – a nice normal ordinary guy with a talent that propelled him to the top of his game through dedication and hard work.

Now he’s frankly turned into an immature, money hungry spoilt brat viz his latest foray into cuntishness

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OK you may have a penchant for jewellery Lewis but nobody needs to wear three fucking watches at the same time. But then again it does get you right down there wid de kids init.

He’s objecting to the FIA ruling against wearing jewellery while driving.

Well let’s hope the FIA do a Djokovic and ban the cunt. Rules is rules. You no like, you no play. Simples.

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45 thoughts on “Lewis “Mr Bling” Hamilton (18)

  1. Such a precious cunt is Hamilton that I was rooting for Verstappen when the pair went head to head.

    A prime example where someone is unable to handle the fame, adulation and financial spoils. Simply put he has turned into a professional racing driver into a pantomime, prima-donna Nancy Boy.

    Fuck off.

  2. Perhaps the chip on shoulder, whiney little bitch doesn’t realise that in the event of a Niki Lauda style inferno, the fire service and paramedics won’t have time to mess about trying to get his bling off before slapping the oxygen mask on to save his life. .

    The stupid, entitled little cunt.

  3. If it’s because wearing jewellery is dangerous, then I think we should all write to the FIA and ask for Hamilton to be allowed to do it.

  4. Lewis Hamilton.

    The way that this Scalextric driving privileged cunt has gradually morphed into an “is it coz az black innit” parody is perhaps proof that Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character was years ahead of its time.

    A prize tit if ever there was one.

  5. His last season in F1 I think. No longer the main attraction, he is becoming embarrassing to Mercedes with his antics. Way down the grid with his performances and young George Russell is making a name for himself now. I think the German’s will fancy one of their own for next season, maybe Mick Schumacher. The jumped up British Schwarzer will be gone.

    • I think it’s racist for Lewis to adhere to the same health and safety rules as everyone else.
      He compromised on the ball gown so let him feel culturally secure to look like he’s had a trolley dash through Ratners.


    • Spot on
      When Russell proved it was the car not the driver that was winning they fucked up his tyre stop and basically stopped him winning. I bet you Hamilton told Mercedes to do it too.

  6. F1 has gone the same way as football.
    Money, corporate greed and woke shite have turned it into a global bag of shite.
    The glory days have gone.
    James Hunt must be turning in his grave.
    Get To Fuck.

  7. I hope one of his gold chains gets caught in the steering wheel of his go kart and yanks the boring cunts head off.

    • UT@ – Morning Unkle – perchance if Miss Lewis Chippington was shoved into the oven we could collect all the melted gold afterwards!
      I could finally get me that new pair of socks..

  8. There’s always been ego’s in F1. There’s always been whinging fuckers.
    There’s always been spoilt millionaires son’s who throw a paddy when things don’t go their way.
    But none of them, absolutely none, come close to this son of a railway worker. I’d let him wear whatever heat and electricity conductive materials he liked and put him in a Formula E car with an 800 volt battery millimetres away from his arse.

  9. He needs to concentrate on driving because Russel is making him look like a right cunt, you don’t have to be the best driver in the world to win in F1, just need the best car.
    His fucking crying over jewellery is just like his crying over some of the drivers who said fuck off when he told them to take the knee, no one gives a fuck.

    Lewis, you are a cunt, fuck off.

  10. LH is an ubacunt, he didnt used to be a cunt, but now he is the world champ at being a cunt if not F1, as soon as he got rid of his dad who made all this possible for him and has just carried on with his otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory.
    Making his dog a veggy, make a big deal about being with that slag from the Pussy cat dolls, you know the one who has had a mile of cock, taking the knee, crying about the rules that he himself is more than happy to bend when it suites him, lecturing people on human rights and the planet, the cunt never stops.
    We lose the likes of Senna but im sure we are going to be stuck with this twat forever….

    • To be fair, Senna was a massive cunt too – see, feeling like he had a God-given right to drive rivals off the track, coming out with the obnoxious line “if you no longer go for a gap, you’re no longer a racing driver.” Yeah, that’s why you’re dead you throbbing bellend.

      Oh. And he was into little girls. During the 1988 his girlfriend was 15.

  11. Are they banning Lewis Kaepernick from carrying a telescope so he can see George Russell 5 cars in front of him? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    The Monaco excuse was classic – “the tracks bumpy!” – well it is for EVERYONE you whining over the hill chippy *alleged* fudge packer.
    Well Monaco has always been bumpy (Graham Hill always seemed to manage though didn’t he Lewis?), and it didn’t seem to bother you for all the seasons when your scalextric was so advanced (all completely legally of course) it was pointless the other drivers turning up did it?
    And I still remember Hamiltons pathetic little “I’m leaving the team if you don’t bring George Russell in from the lead!” rant.
    Spiteful little prick didn’t want the world to know that you could have strapped a corpse into the Mercedes and it would have won.
    Rules are rules Lewis – if you don’t like them maybe you could mince off and get a job as a dancer at the Blur Oyster Bar?

  12. Are the 3 watches in the picture a sign, symbolism of him being half white right wrist half black left wrist and should be punched black and blue left wrist.

    Is it a sign from above ?

  13. He’s probably* also responsible for his møng of a brother stealing a BTCC seat from a more talented driver.
    Nicholas Hamilton, spazzy supreme, always at the back then ditches it into the gravel. Every single race, the div.

    * not provable, but likely.

    • TtCE@ – A lot of sponsor money depends on skinny Harvey keeping that seat – and a LOT of pressure has been exerted not to drop a driver who is not only fucking useless but actively dangerous.
      They’ll be letting girls drive next – girls I tell you!

      • Jade Edwards isn’t overly talented or attractive eh, Mr Fox?
        Still doable though.
        Shame that bird from “The Grand Tour” doesn’t race in touring cars.

  14. Put his transition to the wank side down to mid life crisis. Three watches, personification of classless cunt. With all that tax free dosh slopping around you would think the cunt would pay for some “ do not act like a cunt lessons “
    Sign of the times chaps and chapesses sign of the times.

  15. Hes fucked now anyway. A dutchman, Mexican and monacan will jizz all over him this season, Only a matter of time before Schumacher takes his seat – Russel, though does drive OK, will be the Mercedes beat boy for few years and fuck off somewhere else after always being second fiddle.

    • I actually feel sorry for Hamilton. He was cheated out of the championship last year and this year he’s been given a shit car by Mercedes who’ve been the leading manufacturer for god knows how long. To top it off he’s being shown the way home by his new team mate. At least Russell’s a Brit.

  16. Personally, I can’t stand the mardy assed cunt. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he’s a bloody n*gn*g but because he’s a cunt, plain and simple.

  17. Mercs bosses are sick of the ham black actor he has become.
    He pushed the agenda to far and hasn’t the talent for the roll
    this is nothing to do with his driving, he is top drawer in that department.
    i just hope now because of all he’s posturing and pointing the finger
    that he never gets the drive at Ferrari, something that will gut him inside.
    He will have only himself to blame but he will undoubtedly make out ” its cause Im ~~~~~ innit” for the rest of his life

  18. Just observed that the watches worn on the left arm show different times. I suppose the thought of purchasing a watch which has the ability to indicate more than one time zone is beyond the pose so to speak. All that tax free wonga has to go on something what.

  19. I rate this Circus Ch!mp as the biggest Wanker in Sport, as if his arm’s weren’t long enough already, knuckle dragging around the pits, he feels the need to stretch them further by wearing half a ton of MunKey metal and his dress sense is a joke, he apparently Co designs the monstrosity’s he wears, I’d keep that quiet but the Fur he supports on his Skull which is as threadbare as a pensioner’s fireside rug is by far the best laugh. What a Cunt.!!

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