Tottenham Hotspur and hurty chanting

Seems that some Spurs fans have been chanting hurty names to Liverpool fans with regards poverty and unemployment. Even to the point of chanting “Your signing on in the morning”

Apparently this has offended both Liverpool and Spurs’ top brass along with the respective supporters trusts. Seems that they want the offending fans to be removed from the ground and/or have their season ticket membership withdrawn.

A spokesman for the Spurs’ Supporters Trust blubbed “Poverty and joblessness are not fair game for banter.”

For fuckety fuck’s sake! Has it really come to this that you can’t even chant old-school chants without offending some soft-as-shite cunt?

One of these days just raising your voice will be deemed offensive to some oversensitive twat.

And yet it really is no surprise. EPL football has become so watered down with political grandstanding, fans unable to chant rude/racist/sexist/homophobic words, or wave flags, stand up throughout the game, drink booze, and must not boo at the bending of the knee or even criticise black players, and players wearing armbands for some good cause.

But now fans can’t take the piss out of Scousers. I guess tomorrow Celtic fans won’t be allowed to take the piss out of Rangers fans, Man City to Man United and so on. Instead everyone will sit quietly and applaud accordingly like good little boys, girls and things.

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70 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur and hurty chanting

  1. Brings back fond memories, in response to Celtic fans chants about murdered British servicemen and IRA songs we sang such classics as “Die in the H blocks, you only die in the H blocks…” and “could you go a chicken supper Bobby Sands, could you go a chicken supper, you dirty fenian fucker…”

    My personal favourite was about a Celtic player called Johnny Doyle who was electrocuted to death while doing DIY, “and as Johnny started to glow, the stupid bastard wouldn’t let go, Johnny don’t be a hero”.

    Recently Celtic fc complained to the SFA that Rangers fans singing the famine song was a hate crime, containing the lyrics “well they rapped and fondled their kids, that’s what those preverts from the dark side did” referring to historic abuse at Celtic boys fc, “now the famine is over, why don’t you go home”.

    They wanted us dead, hut not as much as we wanted them to die. Happy more innocent times in those days, now the times carry Palestinian flags to show their approval of international terror organisations and boo the Union flag and national anthem, just like the lovable scouse scamps who the French police bravely prevented from committing yet another genocide. The same innocents who sing “Man U Man U, up in an aeroplane…. never came down again, they thought they were going to heaven, in a Boeing 737…”

    Selective memories methinks.

  2. Let’s get this right.

    Who is being offended?

    If the unemployed poor Scousers are watching the game, they are paying for either a ticket or a subscription to Sky/BT Sport. Aren’t they then those who are extracting the urine?

    So this comes down to the woke folk being offended.

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