Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a total and utter prize cunt. This tax dodging private jet owning bell end is worried that Women and in particular Serena Williams (guess what card he is trying to suggest and play) are not paid enough as sports stars.

Now you cannot kid anyone with sport, you either have the talent plus attitude plus commitment to make it to the top or not. It does not matter what race or sex you are, you either can or cannot. Not even Hitler could cheat Jesse Owens out of four golds in 1936 and no one can deny that Usain Bolt is the fucking quickest human to have ever lived.

However if Serena is so fucking good and wants equal bucks then she should enter a unisex tournament and fucking win it. The same for all the women tennis players, if you want the most cash step up and beat everyone else. So Mr Lewis Hamilton when Serena or Sharapova give Rodger or Rafa a quick whipping over five sets they can go and claim the top prize. If they can’t they should be fucking grateful for every crumb they earn because if it was truly mixed they would only make the level of a good club pro on the challenge tour.

Also while I’m at it Lewis I don’t deny your a fucking top driver (one of the best out there) but until you win a world title when you car is five mph in a straight line slower than everyone else’s only then will you rightfully be called world champ. Until then take your private jet and fly the fuck out of here or come back and pay the British government their revenue.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

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  1. I hate this earring wearing little ponce with a passion. He comes from a family of immos and was quite happy to take advantage of free education and health care but, as soon as he got a few bob in his pocket, he fucked off to Switzerland to avoid paying any of it back.
    Even worse the cunt tried to pretend that he was just trying to avoid the intrusive media until he was exposed as the lying, money grabbing shit that he is by the aforementioned intrusive media.
    If you don’t want to pay tax then shut your fucking mouth cunt. Nobody cares what you think about tennis or race or any other shit opinion you have.
    Is this little wanker a remoaner? I’d be shocked if he wasn’t.
    It’s a pity nobody gets killed in F1 anymore. The possibility of this cunt getting severely fucked up would be the only reason I would watch that pitifully boring pile of old wank.

    • “The possibility of this cunt getting severely fucked up would be the only reason I would watch that pitifully boring pile of old wank.”

      Spot on but the cunts in F1 dont have fatal crashes anymore.Anyhow Hamilcunt is no more a “sportsman” than I am. Bolt and Federer are sportsmen. F1 and its ancient cousin horse racing are basically about midget cunts riding hugely expensive pieces of equipment in front of crowds of mostly inbred cunts. Dont give me that bollox about “Its the driver not the car”. Lester Piggot would never have won a race riding a donkey and poor Schumacher would have got nowhere in a Brabham BT26. Id rather have my dick sucked by a rottweiler than waste 2 hours watching a bunch of millionaire cunts driving around..

  2. Bad time of year for people who don’t likes sport – not that I think driving a car round in circles a million times is sport. Dioclese has written a hilariously anti-World Cup rant over at his place.

    Don’t know how may people have heard of Maryam Namazie but she is definitely not a cunt. Have reblogged one of her articles over at mine…


  3. This camp sounding tosspot comes across as very smug and arrogant in interviews. The self-important prick rates himself highly as he dated that Nicole Shirt-slinger broad and has a number of vacuous “slebrity” chums. It’s clear he is trying to come across as some bloody paragon of virtue in saying that women should be paid more or the same as men. The reason they get paid less is simple Lewis: because no one wants to fucking watch women’s sport you cunt… unless it’s women’s beach volleyball. Come to think of it they should be paid a shed load. Tight Latina birds with big tits and fat arses? If you don’t like that you must be a bloody shite-smearing fudge-packing bum bandit.

    • Hear hear Jay. There’s a bit of tottie in tennis too worth paying extra to watch.
      Some dyke a while back was complaining that people were only interested in certain female players because they were attractive and that talented players weren’t getting the recognition they deserved.
      Well of course not you thick rugmuncher, we pay our money and we make our choice. The Williams silverbacks can fuck off back to a David Attenborough documentary. We want to see Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova bouncing around on court and I don’t care how good they are at tennis.

      • Agreed, fuck the baboon sisters. It’s a shame the nice bits of crumpet wear shorts under their dresses and not something resembling dental floss.

  4. I hate the millionaire cunt, meanwhile yesterday William Dunlop of the great Dunlop racing family was killed at a road race in Ireland, a man who earned a pittance compared to shithouse Hamilton and lived in the very town he was brought up in for his 32 years of life.

    • R I P William. Such a fucking shame. Pussies like Hamilton aren’t even in the same league as the road racers, that takes balls not fucking diamond nose studs, cunt.

      • Lucky to have been locked in his pub with Williams uncle the late great Joey Dunlop during the NW200 meeting back in 1998 he was pissed as a rat and he said his good nights and said to his missus behind the bar let them have a good night and of he went home in his battered old van. Me, my brother and friend had such a good time and we watched him race with even more respect for him after top man. And he died helping others in Estonia in 2000 the same weekend of The Skerries race which I was at heard it on the radio driving back to the hotel. Had a lot of beers in his honour that night he was old school racer.
        RIP William

  5. A living, breathing monument to rampant corporate cuntery, greed and narcissism. I hope his wheels overtake him at 180 mph,the cunt.
    Good morning.

  6. Excellent cunting and as a sports following cunt myself I couldn’t agree more with you on both Hamilton and tennis.

    I nominated Serena Williams a few months ago because she seems to be taking this whole zeitgeist of deification of herself by the press too fucking seriously. The cunt is out-diva-ing the likes of Beyonce and Mariah Carey and thinks that just because she’s popped out a fucking kid, she’s truly special. Notwithstanding that said sprog has literally billions of dollars of backing from rich parents, Serena is hardly fucking Mother Earth, the big beastly cunt.

    Back to Hamilton. He is indeed a little fucking whining cunt who comically tries so hard to be ‘black’ that he is actually a caricature. The fake Atlantantic twang when he smugly interviews after a win very quickly returns to Earthy Stevenage when he petulantly interviews after a loss.

    Sport is littered with cunts who came from nothing yet stayed true to themselves – Hamilton however has boarded the shuttle to interstellar cuntitude with his bling ‘n’ tattoo fakery, his ‘sleb Americunt ‘friends’ and his endless cuntly faux pas idiocy.

    Favourite Lewis Hamilton moment – back in 2012 he publicly bemoaned Jenson Button for ‘unfollowing’ him on Twitter. Jenson calmly stated that in fact he hadn’t unfollowed Hamilton – because he never followed him in the fucking first place. A double kick in the balls for self-important, virtue-signalling manchild Lewis Hamilton.

    • And one of the Williams siblings appears in a mattress advert…

      I always thought she slept on a 6′ x 6′ deck of steel-reinforced concrete.

  7. Born as a naturally prospective car thief, what other profession could he pursue ?

  8. Tennis always seems to bring out the ‘cunt’ in people.

    I remember a few years back when certain wimminz complained about female tennis players being ogled, leering photo lenses by the media, fellers being smutty about some rather tasty totty. Yet it’s alright to drool over the men and openly talk about how much you like them. The same double-standard harridans that pore over magazine pictures of male celebrities and fawn over sleb website shots. These women are out and out hypocrites; as is this flashy, ubiquitous baseball cap-wearing, noveau-riche, gold-toothed berk,

  9. Good cunting and I agree with the points about Serena. How much you earn in sport is all about how much you bring in. If you are the best at the sport, draw in all the crowds and get the highest viewing figures the you’ll earn the most… simple.
    He’s a cunt for jumping on the virtue signalling band wagon, especially as there are NO women, black or otherwise, in f1.
    Would he give up his race seat to give a poor oppressed woman a chance to race? …. I doubt it.
    How sexist of him….
    Tbh I’m not too bothered about his tax dodging, if I could tell hmrc to go fuck themselves I’d do it in a heartbeat. Fuck knows what they’re wasting my money on but you can be sure that most of it gets wasted.
    He did rip the piss out of that fag kid dressed as a fairy which gets my approval (he should’ve also given the dad a good kicking for letting his wife turn their son into a fag), but then he turned into a pussy and apologised to the twatter nazi’s.

    As cunts go, I don’t actually mind lewis Hamilton. Yes he’s a cunt but he’s not up there with Adonis, sourkraut, or Blair and the like.

    • True.

      If we don’t like Lewis Hamilton ofr F1, we don’t have to watch it; but the aforementioned poiliticos are always lurking around, doing their dark deeds.
      Feckin cunts.

  10. The “sport” of motor racing seems to have skipped “enrichment” and all the wonderful benefits it brings… For your sake I hope it’s soon Lewis, I really do.

  11. Formula 1 is about as interesting as standing on a motorway bridge.
    Wimbledon seems, like a lot of southern English shite, seems to be about being there and soaking up the snobbery.
    Hamilton is cuntitude personified.

  12. Ok second best cunting of the year. Times past I was a more than willing contributor to the website http://www.lewishamiltonsucks.com/

    We knew even then what a cunt he was. Arrogant, self-entitled, a pathetic show off, and over rated. Jenson Button outscored him while they were both at McLaren, and let’s not forget that the team Lewis Hamilcunt has enjoyed so much success with is formerly the BAR team that Button spent years with, also the Braun that won a World Championship, the defunked Honda team, and even Stewart going ways back.

    I watched every race bar 2 from 1998 to 2014. I no longer watch the sport. Partly because the engines are wank, but mainly because the sport is primarily about personality, and if the main personality that the coverage fawns over just because he is british and successful is a total and utter cunt, then I am no longer interested.

    Lewis Hamilton isn’t fit to lick the boots of Schumacher and Senna, and while these 2 had some dubious practices just like Lewis, they had personality. When you listened to them it was interesting, you could see the glint in their eyes, they had an intelligence. When I listen to Lewis Hamilton I want to vomit the shit out backwards from the sphincter up until I suffocate on my own bile and faeces.

    Again. Great cunting.

    • You seem to forget the reliability issues Lewis had with McLaren when Jenson was there hence why Jenson barely outscored Lewis. I like Jenson but he is nowhere near Hamiltons League when it comes to racecraft and speed Lewis clearly had a couple of tenths on him. Also that wanker Whitmarsh fucked the team I support McLaren by building the car around Jenson when Lewis left.

      • Speed yes, racecraft no chance. Lewis was faster on a single lap, he is still very fast, bus he has emotional and egotistical problems, and the only reason he isn’t still causing lots of crashes is because he has a superior car.

        He also lost to Rosberg, Schumacher would never have lost to Rosberg!

        Oh and he’s a cunt and he ruined my favourite spectator sport, and hes a childish spoiled cock lol

      • @CRW We obviously disagree regarding Hamilton, He only lost to Rosberg due to reliability issues that season, everyone knows Rosberg couldn’t beat Hamilton hence he bottled it and retired because he knew he had no chance next time round. Lewis smashed Alonso in his rookie season and no teammate has been able to handle Lewis. Also what Driver has won a championship in recent times in an inferior car?

      • Hey dude I agree he is good, very fast. But he is short of Schumacher and Vettel for 2 reasons.

        Reason 1, he isn’t someone that’s worth rooting for. If anything goes wrong it’s never his fault. The media follows this narrative falsely. He is flawed and makes bad decisions.

        Second he doesn’t have what Schumacher and Vettel have, the ability to lock down a car and team, to have that inner strength that you can see in their eyes.

        There is nothing in him worth following through a season. No reward. He has a weak and pitiful personality. But the problem is that he thinks that being fast should be enough.

        F1 used to be a deep sport with interesting personalities like schumi, alonso, montoya, raikonnen, and that polish guy that bust his leg. Even as short as 10 years ago the personalities were distinct and interesting. Now, thanks to the success of hamilton and the fawning of british fans and the press, it has become shallow and boring. It’s now a sickly sport, reflected in the viewing figures, and spearheaded by a lesser hero in Hamilton.

  13. I don’t follow Formula One racing so I never heard of this stupid cunt. (Had to Google him.) These athletes and celebrities think that because they’re famous their opinion has validity. Bullshit! This cunt’s opinion on anything outside is racing is about as valid as the white privilege bullshit the libtards spew like cannocial Bible verses.

    Of course he’s a half breed too so that makes him the darling of the snowflake/coaldust, diversity obsessed media and presumably adds credibility to his idiotic bloviating.

    Speaking of half-breeds and tennis…you Britiannic Cunters better get used to Serena Williams. She’s besties with England’s favorite half breed…none other than the Duchess of Suckit herself..HRH Meghan.

    Just Google these two and you’ll find all kinds of feel good stories YouTube videos about their warm friendship and mutual support of each other. Here’s one of the more revolting ones from a US publication:


    Here’s a news flash for dumb cunts like Lewis…it’s highly likely that IF women athletes don’t earn as much as men it’ because their sports don’t generate as much revenue. Stupid fucking cunt!

    👭 🦍 🎾 ❄️ 🏎️

  14. I love sport and f1 along with football are my two main sport squeezes, Hamilton is a great driver and over taker no doubting it. But he has been quite quickly over past few seasons grown into a Grade A cunt.

    From his virtue signalling with the wiiliams silver backs to the taking the knee ballocks he loves to show how right on he is.

    Top it off with the terrible garish piercings (diamonds really ?) awful tattoos, hair and beard looking like it was cut by Abu hanza . Add the stupid over size gold chain and always wearing gangster glasses sprinkle with being a tax dodging prick and you have yourself a deluded wank rag.

    Good news for most of you , he said he will retire in 2020/21 so as he can focus on his Gangster Rap career 😐

  15. He was bitching about the Forbes sporting rich list not being ‘diverse’ enough, conveniently overlooked the fact 9 out of the top 20 are black including himself with Floyd Mayweather Jr top on $285m. As for tennis’s Mr T, just fuck off.

  16. As a McLaren fan and Lewis supporter I partly agree with this cunting, I think super rich sports stars should keep their opinions especially political to themselves. I hear the he isn’t as good as blah blah blah a lot and its not possible to compare as they were different era’s, its like certain footballers from the 80’s although great players would not last the full 90 minutes in the modern game.
    The fact is he is without doubt the best British F1 driver of all time and is in my opinion level with Alonso as the best current driver with Vettel not far off.
    Anyways I’ll be supporting him today and hope he beats that Kraut Kunt Vettel at Silverstone.

    • I’ll be supporting him too B&W, an Englishman of any description is better than a Kraut. Even a poncy-looking cunt like Hamlton.

    • Hear hear b&w cunt.
      The British gp is a highlight of my year.
      Got some chicken and calimari in the oven, a burger, strawberries and cream and a fridge full of beers and I’ll be cheering lewis all the way…
      I’m a mclaren fan too.
      Fuckin sucks don’t it!

      You’re right about the comparison too.
      You can’t compare different eras of drivers.
      The drivers of old would stand no chance whatsoever as far as technical skill and knowledge but modern drivers couldn’t race knowing that one mistake and they could die.

      • Agreed DTS,
        What the fuck has happened to McLaren… Bring Ron back I say. As much as I like Alonso he is a bit poisonous to the team, I swear Zak Brown is told what to do by Alonso and it was probably Alonso’s decision to go to Renault power. McLaren could have been on to a winner if they stuck with Honda and played the long game. Red Bull are going to Honda soon which says it all. Anyways lets hope for 7th place. Enjoy the race DTS, great place Silverstone went a couple of years ago.

      • You too mate.
        Yea Alonso is running that team now coz McLaren know that we’re back of the grid now and there’s no chance of attracting a driver as good as Alonso.
        If he leaves we’d probably have to make do with an Ericsson or stroll…

  17. Regarding the Tax dodging vitually all F1 drivers including Pension Button live in tax haven’s and who can blame them. It’s mugs like us who get skanked with tax on everything from wages to teabags who prop up the wasteful spending of Goverment after Government. Its good to know my tax goes to housing Somalians, building HS2 and fighting wars we have no business in fighting. If I earned that much money I’d more than likely fuck off abroad…like the ex pats.
    I’d be singing ‘My old man’ everytime the wages went in the bank. I’d have to have Yorkshire tea bags though.

    • I begrudge paying a few grand a year to those cunts. If they wanted a few million from me I’d tell em to spin for it…

  18. I have no interest in F1 but I do remember that in the old days (when this was all fields) drivers had personality and wit. Hunt, Surtees, Clark, Hailwood, Stewart. Just a bunch of over paid grey cunts now.

    • Old school F1 drivers are the same sort of breed as those who flew Spitfires and Hurricanes, proper brave bastards razzing around in cars which had no grip, very little in the way of brakes and the “seat” was the fuel tank and all this on race tracks lined with armco/concrete barriers.

  19. As the local police would confirm, Its never easy to catch a wigger in a faster car than you.

  20. Jesus! I don’t post often, but I do like you, my fellow cunters, and read your comments with interest, and more than a little amusement. And now you’re going on about twats in cars, like you CARE! Only ONE thing to say about F1… What’s dry, scaly, and got no ears!? And if you don’t know the answer, you fucking should… cunts!

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