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I think it’s time Lewis Hamilton was cunted. Like Rowling, he’s disappeared up his own arse since becoming famous, and has become an arrogant, smug wanker. He recently announced his support for Remain. I would now like to announce my support for the person who kicks seven shades of shite out this arrogant cock. This is a man who fucked off to the tax haven of Monte Carlo the moment he started earning the big bucks.

He now considers his home to be a ranch in Colorado, which he last year declared to be the place he would like to raise his children, when he eventually starts a family. He’s a man who hates this country, and her people, in Obama like fashion. He spends as little time as possible in the UK, and has no right to vote here.

So what the fuck does our membership of the EU have to do with this disloyal, tax dodging cocksucker? If you’re not willing to pay tax in the UK, the country in which you were educated for free, treated when you were ill or injured…for free, then you have NO right to stick your nose into the most important decision for centuries.

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  1. I have to disagree with this cunting. Although he like Jenson Button, Phillip Green etc etc all fuck off to some tax haven and don’t pay tax here, I have to say if I earnt the kind of money they did I would not give 50% of my pay to the government to waste on paying Somalians and Eastern Europeans benefits or building HS2. He does a lot of Charity work and is the best Sportsman we currently have, he can come across as a bit arrogant but he has the skill and success to back it up like Mourinho. As for him hating this country I don’t think so, he always points to the the Union Jack when on the podium after winning. I love this country but I wouldn’t be living here full time if I had 100 million. I would have 10 properties around the world with a different bitch in each place with a wet pussy waiting for me when I arrived.

    • The fact he’s fucked Nicole Sherzinger and probably Rihanna does make him a lucky cunt.

      • Add Rita Ora(l) to that list.

        Fucking smug, rich cunt and lucky lucky bastard.

        Cunt for all the right reasons

      • Fair play to him – but I think rita ora has seen more cock than the other two combined, as hard as that would be, and to be honest, did think Hamilton could have had more cock than all three combined.

      • Would have Nicole and RiRi… But Ora is probably like a walking commercial for the clap…

        Hamilton is a cunt for wearing diamond studs in his ears… No man – especially a racing driver – should wear women’s ear jewelry… Can you imagine James Hunt or Jackie Stewart with diamonds in their ears?! Nah! I reckon Hamilton will do a Tom Daly sooner rather than later.. Definitely a bandit…

      • Still a tax avoiding cunt so hes no better then any other celebrity or MP who tax avoids.

        I guess tax is just for poor people? seriously tax avoiding cunts like hamilton should be killed fucking traitors.

        Yeah he points to the union jack alright just after hes done shitting on it!

    • Bollocks. Fuck off out of the country if you like with your cash, but don’t then pontificate on what the country you fled from should be doing. CUNT.

  2. I can not bare this cunt. Smarmy, Daddy-fiddled, greasy, dull, woman-bothering shit bag. As for him being our best sportsman!! Do me a fucking favour, it’s Formula 1! The most bland fucking sport ever. Run by cunts, participated in by self-obsessed, loner cunts and watched by boring cunts with cock issues who think the quality of their sport is defined by how loud the cars are. It’s a 2 hour procession of rich cunts toys.
    My next door neighbour drives a Jaguar, he drives faster than me when I’m in my Clio. But then, I’m faster than him when he’s on his push bike. Formula 1 in a nut shell. Ban the fucking thing.

    • I hate all the cunts who call this Hamilton ponce (or that slapped arse, Andy Murray) ‘The Best British Sportsman Ever!’ What a load of crap… These two twats are well behind Bobby Moore, Ian ‘Aussie Baiter’ Botham’, Roger Bannister, Steve Ovett (fuck Seb Coe! He’s a cunt!), Henry Cooper, Steve Davis, Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves, George Best, Daley Thompson, Jackie Stewart, Denis Law, James Hunt, Bryan Robson… Even Mr Smarmy Cunt himself, Gary Lineker, was better than those two twats Murray and Hamilton…

      • It’s the media isn’t it Norman, specially with the advent of 24 hour TV and the interweb. They need to produce content (or shite to use a generic term) to fill the empty spaces between adverts. MSN is a cunt. Clickbait celeb pish which happens to be the default home page for windows PC’s.

        No one really gives a fuck who the greatest British sportsman is, it’s totally subjective anyway.

        The mainstream media is a cess pool, do we really care who Lewis is or who he is doing?

        Though despite all the warnings about Rita I would be up there like a rat up a drain pipe.

      • I agree Norman neither Lewis or Murray are the greatest British sportsmen of all time that’s one that can be debated all day, but at least they are winners. We don’t produce that many winners and we are overall shit at sport. After the embarrassment of the Euro’s and the useless other cunts who never win fuck all its good to have some winners.

      • Not to mention Barry Sheene who broke nearly every bone in his body yet still got back on a race bike. Carl Fogarty had one bad crash then retired. And he was in that jungle shite which makes him a double cunt…

      • And Sheene had an ‘un-pc’ hole in his crash helmet to smoke a tab through, pre-race …. a proper champion !!!

      • Barry Sheene, James Hunt, Marvin Hagler, and Hurricane Higgins…Those were the days…

        And old Beefy: for virtually single handedly destroying the Aussies….

      • Fogarty gets props for winning around the Isle of Man though, something which Sheene refused to do. Neither were comparable the likes of Hailwood and Surtees though, they were proper blokes. Hailwood got a George Medal for risking his own life to pull somebody out of a burning car and Surtees is the only man to be a world champion on 2 and 4 wheels.

      • I’m no lover of LFC, but Kenny Dalglish has a better shout at Best British Sportsman than Hamilton or Murray…

  3. Liked him in his rookie year but being world champion and black it was inevitable that he was gonna go down the showbiz/ celebrity path,he dresses like a cunt and thinks hes some kinda rap star but he doesnt have the atittude,he looks like his mams dressed him,think hes tryna emulate Beckham ,a sponsors dream,everything he uses is given free ,as for F1 its fastest car wins and thats it sewn up unless it rains,him or Rosberg every race zzzzzz,boring as hell,I never tune in now….it needs a massive rethink to bring casual viewers back..

  4. Talking of beckham. Hasn’t he got enough money? I see he is now being used to plug the Premier League on SKY. Maybe he donated his fee to charity.

  5. How can you tell F1 is boring? Just listen to the commentators. What do they talk about most? TYRES ! If it wasn’t for tyres they’d have fuck all to talk about. When a race is decided by tyre selection then there’s something seriously wrong.

  6. The whiney, sulky little bitch is the reason I don’t bother with F1 any more.

    And I fucking loved F1.

    • Totally agree. I wonder if he would have invited that other overated sperm bank Bieber to celebrate if he had not won. Equally dousing all and sundry with a perfectly good bottle of bubbles in the safe knowledge that he had a hot shower, clean clothes and a chopper out of there at his beckam and call. CUNT

  7. I still like F1 a lot although the current rules are shit. Fucking fuel saving is a cunt, Tyres that you can’t rely on is a cunt and Bernie Eccleston is a cunt. Went to Silverstone last year and it was brilliant, although the traffic leaving was a cunt. What a piece of cunt.

  8. Let’s not forget, this cunt has actually recorded a rap album. Debate over.

  9. Tacky looking chavvy cunt. Looks like he just stepped out of a corsa with a noisy exhaust.

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