I’d like to nominate “Londoners” for a thorough cunting.

Having spent the day traipsing around our nations capital, it was blatantly obvious to see why the majority of these cunts voted to remain in the EU. Now don’t get me wrong by “Londoners” I don’t actually mean the decent hard working folk that run the buses, trains etc. I mean the limp dicked fuck biscuit types that ponce around in their expensive suits yapping to one another about the rise and fall of the FTSE 100 over an afternoon glass of vino in some trendy wine bar.

They live in a little bubble and are completely oblivious to the rest of the nation. It was that bad that I could actually smell the arrogance in the air. CUNTS the lot of them !!!!!! They clearly think they are a cut above the rest of the country, which became apparent when I overheard two of them whinging about the UKs democratic decision to leave the EU and blame it on the (and I quote) thick as pig shit northern monkeys!!! And then sneer at the fact that the uneducated peasants will never get their way anyway because the powers that be will never let it happen.

I’d just like to say to any of these type of CUNTS reading this, in the words of the great Nigel Farage ….. You’re not laughing now are you ……CUNTS!!!

Nominated by: Mike Hunt

12 thoughts on “Londoners

  1. I have to spend most of my time grinning and bearing these cunts but the sport in decimating their pseudo intellectual arguments until their champagne dribbles out of the side of their mouths is somewhat worth it

  2. Unfeasibly accurate description that could also be applied to most of the cunts in Westminster, too. Privately (not necessarily better) educated rich elitists who have never, ever experienced a day in the real world that we “Northern monkeys” inhabit. An accent that sounds like you’re trying to talk clearly while there is a a cock shoved in your mouth does not in anyway make you better than anyone who lives outside Chelsea or Notting Hill. Calling your kid Tarquin or Farquaad doesn’t give them a head start on the social mobility ladder, it just makes them sound like a cunt with cuntish parents. Cunts

  3. I live in London and I can confirm that the above is true.

    And i voted for Brexit just to piss those cunts off.

  4. London estate agents Foxtons have announced a 42% reduction in profits for the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. My heart bleeds for the poor things.

    Despite the referendum being only 5 weeks old and thus accounting for only 17% of that time period they are blaming Brexit for ruining the housing market in London and the SE. If further proof were needed that estate agents are a bunch of parasitic cunts….

    I expect to see a lot of similar stories to this one, we already had Lloyds bank blaming Brexit for 3000 job cuts yesterday. Every man and his dog will be blaming Brexit for something. We already had project fear, now we are having project I told you so. Cunts.

  5. The hell of it is, is that the majority of these cunts don’t actually hail from London in the first place. A lot of them come in from the home counties or down from the Midlands, across from Wales, etc., doing a p!ss poor job as some minor exec in some multi-conglomerate but who thinks that if they didn’t exist in “The Shitty” doing what they’re doing right now the whole universe would collapse in on itself!

    They are the most conceited set of cunts I have ever had to tollerate in my working life, where I have had the misfortune of working amongst them as a “northern monkey” whilst also happily shitting on their strawberries by outdoing the cunts at every turn.

    I’ve had cups of tea with more depth to their character than these fuckwits and not satisfied with being a set of conceited, arrogant cunts, they’re also highly gifted in deceit, back-stabbing and claiming the plaudits from some other poor cunts hard work, namely mine!

    I once made the mistake of having an afterwork “beer” (although these cunts and their cunt bars only do lager – the cunts) and when the waiter came over with the bill it was like this…

    “Ok Jen had a glass of rosè and a chardonnay. Tim had two becks. Pete had a becks and a perrier. Northern monkey had two pints of Staropramen and I had spritzer and a chardonnay. Right then, can we have separate bills please?”

    What a set of tight-wad cunts, and that was after having to endure how much ‘X’s house was now worth, where ‘Y’s twat kids were going to school and the colour scheme of ‘Z’s new Porsche 911.

    And every one of the cunts paid by fucking card! I was the only fucker who paid cash AND who gave the waiter a tip – inconsiderate cunts!

    This was pre 2008 and I’d moved on before the crash. I just hope the lot of them were bankrupted after it and are now selling The Big Issue for a living!

    In fact, if I did see one of the cunts selling The Big Issue I’d tell them: “I’d love to buy one mate but I get mine delivered. Hey, how’s that canary yellow Porsche working out for you? You CUNT!”

  6. Notting Hill is a cunt.
    I’m from Bristol but live in Notting Hill and Bristol now. The change I’ve seen in the last 17 odd years is sad, full of fucking Aussie and Yank rich cunts who have killed the spirit of the area. Notting Hill used to be quite euphoria back in the day, now it’s full of cunts and I am starting to feel like I don’t fit in. Most of the independent shops have shut and have been replaced by boutique shops who sell a pair of jeans for £700. Portobello Road is shit now as well. That fucking film ruined the area, still get dumb European cunts flooding out of Notting Hill Gate trying to find the House they used in the Film, seriously hasn’t the world ran out of tourist cunts wanting to visit Notting Hill and get their photo taken next to a fucking street sign clogging up the road and getting in my way. Fucking cunts.

    • Euphoria? Rough I meant to say. Fucking spell check/predictor is a count.

  7. I trebily agree with the above cunting! I live between two train stations that go into london, I am unable to park my car outside my little hovel in my Nazi resident association estate due to the large quantities of hire drive BMWs Range rovers and any other poncy unafordable cars (that they dont actualy own but lease) that they like to park in our spaces outside our houses (yes its a Private estate you cunts!) whilst they comute into London to piss them off! there is a good reason that they have country houses and Nannies because no one could stand them as neighbours and they are unfit to parent! I hate them! yet again ISSIL fails us!
    Oh and when they have a little drink after work and wifey comes and picks them up and I end up with a BMW parked accross the spaces like a Banana for the weekend….. massive GRRR

  8. Notting Hill has always been a fucking shit-hole. There’s a reason the race riots erupted there in the 1950’s. It’s not posh, if you’re after the nice bit of that area it’s called Holland Park. Still full of cunts though, like the late Tony “CUNT” Benn.

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