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amato mio

Giuliano Amato is another masive cunt in this already over-infested season (“Shut the door, they’re coming through the window”).

The man that wrote Article 50 has now told a conference in Rome that it was NEVER supposed to be used. Why the fuck write it, then??!

It seems that he had specifically “inserted the Article” (just wait til Auntie Belinda gets you!! You’ll be begging for mercy…) to “prevent the British government complaining that there was no way for them to leave the bloc

Fackin’ CUNT.

Proof again, if we needed it, that the EU is just a reincarnation of the Turd Reich. Juncker hated the Nazis, and now he’s effectively become one – a classic case of the abused becoming the abuser. Or, in his case, self-abuser.

All in all, the makings/continuings of a tragically awful joke…

There was a Luxemburger, a German and an Italian, who walked into a Brussels bar; they got blown up by a DAESH operative…”

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

20 thoughts on “Giuliano Amato

  1. I’ve never heard of this cunt!

    Mind you not surprising if he’s one of the top bods in the EU. I didn’t even know who Jean Claude Cunter was 2 months ago.

    I would also like to nominate Michel Barnier for a good old cunting too. You probaly won’t have heard of him either – because he too is one of the twats at the top of the EU gravy train!

    This EU cunt led the EU’s “Banking Reforms” following the 2008 crash, however, the actual reforms to the EU banking laws did one thing: penalise the UK financial markets whilst bolstering France’s. Funny that, what with him being French and all!

    Now this UK hater has been put forward by Jean Claude Cunter to manage the brexit negotiations on behalf of the EU! Which is being seen as a “declaration of war” by most UK Economists (apart from The Guardian economic journo’s who’ll probably want to suck his cock after getting fed up of Juncker jizz)!

    Michel Barnier you are a cunt, a UK hating conniving cunt! You deserve to be nominated for a cunting – you cunt!

    • Yeah just goes to show you mano a mano these cunts are as much use as Audley Harrison in a fight!

      That’s why they have to snake about and do cunt tricks like driving through a parade of defenseless people in a van, or blow themselves up, or gang up on an 82yr old priest, or have some poor fucker bound and tied by thirty of the cunts before showing off how brave they are by decapitating them.

      With overt bravery and heroism like that I can’t understand why us westerners haven’t taken to their ideals like ducks to water.

  2. Excellent cunting old heart but not one that I can honestly claim any credit for. (always look for me mugshot, the hallmark orf authenticity) Shome digital cock up shurely. Yours truly also writes better punch lines.

    “There was a Luxemburger, a German and an Italian, who walked into a Brussels bar and ordered a bomb surprise; they got blown up by the wog backpacker behind them…”

    • The Brexit referendum was never meant to result in a “leave” vote either!


  3. Not sure if this post breaks the rules but had to share it, apologies for any rules broken.

    Found on a BBC HYS about Hilary Clitworn

    “930. Posted by General Rab

    “915. Posted by Piston Broke
    Yes, Hilary, you *are* a woman.
    So, what?”

    A woman she is not, what she is, is a Ĉunt”

  4. This government is a cunt.

    What the fuck is all this new Nuclear Power Station about? We are asking the Chinese to pay part of it, it’s being built by EDF (a French company) and most jobs will go to France apparently. I bet the cunt station will cost twice the amount predicted and guess who the cunts are who will pay for it all by way off way overpriced energy. Yes me and you. Don’t get me started on the RBS buy out which is now worth no way near what was paid. Seriously we the little people aren’t given a fuck about. Been this way since the Middle Ages.The cunts.

    • EDF have not actually managed to build one of these power stations yet and this will be their 4th attempt. Doesn’t inspire confidence. But never mind, eh? It’s not as though it might blow up and render a large chunk of the UK uninhabitable for 100,000 years or anything serious like that.

  5. The French are duplicitous cowsons who deserve a twice daily cunting anyway. They fuck with their faces and smell like a whore’s flannel. I might let them build a shithouse for their own appalling toilet habits whereby large amounts of fecal matter cover the walls and ceiling but certainly not a nuclear power station.
    Their police are as much use as a tarts clit and they are so far up the kraut’s chuffbox they cannot see straight. Fuck ’em, then fuck ’em again.

  6. What has been interesting after the successfully independence vote, is the number of such maggots that have come blinking into the daylight. It’s just like when you move afew rocks around in your garden, you see all these creepy crawlies you never knew existed crawling for cover. Giuliano Amato is one such creature.

    All of them united with a hatred of the English

    • Shame is Andy that the media are now pushing the idea that everyone is having second thoughts, a second referendum is likely. The delay on article 50 is for momentum to build.

      The creepy crawlies that worry me are home grown and waiting to fuck us up

      • The BBC are the main culprits, we really do need to look at their remit in some detail. Personally I would like to see most of it scrapped.

      • It’s gone from
        “Here is the news, and this is Alvar Lidell reading it”

        “Germany calling! Here are the Reichssender Hamburg, station Bremen”

        bunch of cunts

      • Spot on SV, although I don’t believe that we’ll even get a second referendum. I reckon that they’ll just come up with some bullshit about concessions and emergency brakes on immigration. We’ll be sold down the river by a bunch of devious cunts who have no respect for this country or its’people. They detest the values of the “common” man and won’t rest until they finish the job of totally fucking this country over.

  7. I think that Giuliano Amato cunt looks a like that other backscratching silver spoonfed smear of slime, Andrew Lloyd Webber…

    Merkel is still a cunt… Not even arsed about the killing of an elderly priest in France and the numerous atrocities being committed in Germany… The old cow refuses to budge and wants more (fucking more!!!!) greasy psychotic goatfucking wogs to infest Germany and the rest of Europe.. A deranged and uncompromising German leader: who refuses to see any sort of common sense and doesn’t give a fuck what the people think? Sounds very ,very familiar… With any luck Merkel will also use the cyanide and a revolver on herself… The fat Fuhrer cunt….

    • Merkel is following her orders, I have been watching these cunts for the last 30 years, it suits them for us to believe they are incompetent and that the West is falling due to poor quality politicians and mismanagement.

      The fact is each time the baton is passed the overall policies on migration, Europe, military intervention remain in place and the cogs keep turning..

      The direction the west is heading in is not accidental it’s planned and the plans been in action for many decades. A steady drip is now a flood and we are being flushed away in glorious technicolour.

  8. Mrs Mangle from Neighbours has croaked, or rather the actress. Seem to remember that someone had her in their Pool once…?

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