Kehinde Andrews (2)

Kehinde Andrews is a racist cunt. This delightful fellow has a record for his anti-white rhetoric. A professor of black studies at Birmingham City University, when he isn’t spouting his tripe on TV, he is filling young millennials soft, empty heads with his racist ideals. Another cunt who judges the past on present values.

His most recent outburst is in support of Lisa Nandy’s silly proposal to drop the word ‘Empire’ from MBE, to make it more acceptable to grime ‘artists’ shit poet cunts, woke sports cunts, and anyone else who has a problem with Britain’s white past. In an orchestrated spat with Piers Morgan, Andrews compared the empire to the Nazis. When Piers took him to task on this, Andrews said, “You’re right, they don’t compare. The empire was far worse and for far longer”.

He was also asked, if he hates Britain so much, why not live elsewhere? A brave question in these times, to which he answered that Britain had fucked up most of the world, so no where is immune. I don’t know…China, Russia, North Korea or Mexico might be a bit of a change for him. What annoys me most about this knob is that if you substituted the word ‘black’ instead of ‘white’, you would end up with a prison sentence.

When asked if they were ok with the hate speech that their employee was preaching, Birmingham City University said that they supported and encouraged him, as free speech is vital, and brought fresh debate to the issue. I wonder how far they are willing to go with free speech? Would they be equally happy to employ Tommy Robinson as professor of White Studies? I think we all know the answer to that. However, since Lawrence Fox has risked life, limb, and definitely career in calling out the anti-white brigade, attitudes appear to be changing, and people are actually standing up against them.

We are always asked to forgive other nations for past events, which we rightly do, so why do we have to suffer for the transgressions of our country’s past?

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60 thoughts on “Kehinde Andrews (2)

    • Black studies consists of finding ways to scrounge off the whiteman while blaming him for everything.
      Congratulations! You’ve just got a degree.

    • I believe you can major in the main arterial spots in the human body, so that when you introduce a blade to one of your bredren they will bleed out almost instantaneously, thus helping to further your “music” career

      • That’s the stuff. If this cunt – whoever he is – had been a whitey you can bet Katherine Ryan would have been playing the rape card pretty damned hard…..

    • Black studies? R*ping, stabbing, necklacing, FGM, voodoo, moped mugging, dealing, County lining, illegally claiming benefits and hatred of whitey whilst simultaneously taking everything from them.
      Haven’t noticed any “Professors of white studies” recently – could that be r, r, r – oh yes – r*cist!

    • Ask David Attenborough, he will know, I think it is about silverbacks and the Congo, same difference

  1. ‘If you give them an inch they will take a yard’. An old saying but very true. The wokes have paved the way for the destruction of white British relevance.
    How? Because ‘we’ have apologised too many times and undermined our own culture. They – the dark immigrants and decendants of older ones despise the hell out of us now and naturally will go for the jugular, it’s only natural and must be expected unfortunately.

    An example I can give is one where the Christmas lights in the very diverse town I was working in were prevented from being turned on until later than planned because the local mosque objected to it. No…I’m not kidding.
    Cheeky CUNTS.

    • I’ts true about the old saying Dai but i think these cunts have taken way more than a yard now , as another old saying goes . The black bastards .

    • Kehinde, is Andrews your slave name?
      Your masters name your family took?
      Get rid!
      Adopt a more suitable african name,
      Could be double barrelled?
      Dead posh!
      Um Bongo-fuckwitt is a good un?!!

      • Morning MNC
        I’d just change his name Kehinde i’m a black cunt , iv’e got to buy another racist meter now as listening to this cunt mines just blown up .

      • “Burning-Tyre”? – has a good English feel to it with an acknowledgement of da effnic roots maan!
        And now a moment’s silent vigil for poor Theresa Villiers, poor girl has been fired – along with a few others!

  2. One of the worst times done by the tories was to make third rate colleges universities. I know nothing of this Andrews chappy but I suspect that he did not attend what I regard as a university. We have too many of these faux intellectuals spouting their crackpot ideas and the media provides them with air time. Are broadcasters so desperate to fill space ( apologies to those august reporters on Private Eye , Phil and Philips Space).

    • Yes, absolutely. There are far too many mickey mouse universities offering worthless degrees. There seems to have been an explosion in “gender studies” – totally irrelevant to real world concerns. Complete waste of resources.

  3. A university espousing free speech? In this day and age? Who’s free speech exactly? Not fucking mine that’s for sure.

    • Free speech is that which has been inspected and approved by Owen Jones FtF!

      Free speech for white English people is dead.

  4. Flicked over to Newsnight last night (i know , that makes me a cunt) where they interviewed all four of the labour candidates.
    All four said ‘we must listen to what the voters are telling us’.
    And all for said we must have a ‘sensible’ immigration policy.
    And that meant?
    We must make the argument for free movement.
    Yep, that’s listening allright.
    Total cloth eared cunts all.

      • Labour have learned nothing. “As I left t’ pit wi’ a forest full o’ lumber on me back..What? Yes, I’ll have the grouse”.
        Saw the leadership candidates today, still coming out with the same deluded s*it.
        A lifetime in the wilderness, deservedly.

  5. Just gonna see if i can find this interview on you tube so i can put some ammo into my cunt gun.

  6. I’ve got in on now as i type and there is two black cunts on there spouting off and the white guy said it was the empire that abolished slavery and there still not having it. Yeah this cunt is a wanker saying the empire is worse than Nazi’s , thing is there wasn’t to bothered when Mugabe was kicking all the whites off there farms in south Africa which even led to some murders. If my memory serves me right the blacks were quite happy for this to happen and even said they ( the whites) had no right to be there anyway. I’m watching another video of this pile of shit moaning about it’s not acceptable to quote Churchill as he was racist , well heads up you black cunt if it wasn’t for old Winston i doubt you would have ever been born because if Hitler won the war he most likely would have wiped all the blacks out. After seeing the way the world is now and all these immigrants and terrorists and racist black cunts around it probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea if Hitler did win the war. Iv’e never seen such double standards then those among the blacks . CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS ..

  7. The more i watch and listen to this prick the more racist he is , he says this country is racist that was built on racism . Piers Morgan asked him how to we could put things right and this black cunt basically said by money , he also said to him why stay in this country if it’s as bad as you say . The black twats response was to say that Churchill had basically been responsible for ruining other parts of the world , this guy is no more than a fucking hate preacher who just wants everything and everyone to be black . He said his hero is Malcom X another cunt and wouldn’t comment when challenged about past terrorism by Nelson Mandela

  8. He is typical of the blinkered cunts who are trying to blame everything on the evil white man, I am not sure what he wants the evil white man to do about it.


  9. What is it with these cunts. Only happy when they’re slagging the master race(sorry, white man) off.
    If you don’t like it here fuck off to the democratic Republic of Congo to work in a diamond mine with an AK-47 pointed at your head.

  10. I’d love to hear how we fucked up half the world.
    I thought we’d civilized it!?
    We’re so great half the world wants to move to an English speaking country.
    What did his ancestral homeland contribute y mankind?
    People are turning off to this crap, well except the snowflakes?
    Fuck off.

    • 9 Facts about slavery that they don’t want you to know!
      1)the first legal slave owner in american history was a black tobacco farmer named ‘Anthony johnson.
      2) north carolina’s largest slave owner in 1860 was a black plantation owner named ‘william ellison’.
      3) American indians owned thousands of black slaves.
      4) In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves.
      5) Many black slaves were allowed to hold jobs, own businesses, and property (real estate).
      6) Brutal black-on- black slavery was common in africa for thousands of years.
      7) Most slaves brought to america were purchased from black slave owners.
      8) slavery was common for thousands of years in all races.
      9) white people ended chattel slavery.
      Funny that innit nowhatamean tho! the cunts.

      • Nobby I’m going to remember those facts and wheel them out next time some lefty woke cunt pisses me off.

      • Thank you mac, i normally don’t bother about cunts like him because i was brought up in the slums of notting hill/ ladbroke grove in the 50’s/60s around all sorts of foreign cunts so it goes over my head, but somehow this cunt has boiled my piss at atomic level, hope you’re well mac.

  11. What is there to study about black people at university?
    Other than a few athletes and sports people, the only other black people of note are / were those that are constantly whining about their own civil liberties being somehow violated.
    I don’t know of any terms or conditions imposed on black people that prevent them from leaving the UK and taking up residence where they think they would be happier.
    As for Kehinde Andrews, his racism and absurd attitude makes me look like a saint by comparison.

  12. Isn’t a course in ‘Black Studies’ actually racist? Aren’t they saying that all black people are exactly the same and can all be lumped together because they all think alike? Same thing applies to the black persons newspaper‘The Voice’? Would a paper solely catering for white people even be allowed?

  13. Cunts like this want to turn Britain into Rhodesia in reverse, and we all know how well that worked out now don’t we, a cunt to man and beast this cuntish fellow is.

  14. Happy to have a nice cushy job with a no doubt big salary as he is a professor, also big pension to look forward to. Of course the majority of his income will be provided by the evil white bastards as we are still a majority in this fair land especially amongst workers. The deluded cunt is most likely of the opinion that he is getting pay back for all the grief our ancestors supposedly caused his forbears or something. Same thing occurs with the peaceful extremists they hold that their benefits are in fact the tax that kaffurs have to pay under sharia law. We appear to have many persons in positions of influence and power who are happy to shit on us get fucking paid by us and expect the full force of our wank legal system to fall on any nasty whitey who dares to say fuck of you parasitic cunt. All jokes aside if I was as cuntish as this dude I would be suing the government for all the land Cromwell took off my family in Ireland and for the persecution of my ancestors, some sent to the Caribbean as fucking slaves no less don’t hear much about that. I have more reason to bitch and moan than this chancer cunt but I don’t, I just get on as best I can do the best I can and the past is a foreign country can’t remember who said that but is very true.

  15. possibly Shakespeare? or was that the ‘undiscovered country from which no traveller returns’ ?

    • Bloody hell DKC had a reality slip when I read that article. What’s worse is the cunt has the same name as my Mother’s family, Andrews could that mean I am related to the professor? I’ll send him an email and introduce myself.

  16. Black studies syllabus

    Year 1:
    Benefit scrounging

    Year 2:
    Having multiple half caste kids by various woman and not taking responsibility for any of them.
    Radical Islam

    Year 3:

    How to develop a massive chip in your shoulder
    Deal drugs
    Blame white people for your shite life.

    Masters level:
    How to acquire a massive criminal record.

  17. This race baiter is always on tv spouting his chip-on-shoulder shite.
    I just turn off the volume whenever he appears.

  18. If you don’t like old whitey here you thick black prick I suggest you go to a lovely African country. They have all the mod cons like shitting in street and open sewers and no electicitiy. Oh you won’t like that as you like the stuff whites have invented. Hypocritical n****r.

  19. Pack the ungrateful shit off to Gambia with his tyre rope swing, a tea chest of bananas and a few loin cloths. He will be truly happy there amongst his fellow macaroons.

    Perhaps throw in a mud hut for him with a corrugated tin roof. He can then enjoy a life of black culture, untainted by the hand of whitey.


  20. If I were a basketball-American I’d be glad my ancestors were black slaves rather than free sub-saharans. Cunts got the lucky boat.

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