John Bercow [16] and His Supporters

The jury has deliberated and John Bercow stands condemned as a serial bully and liar. It’s gratifying to see the man, who did so much to thwart Parliamentary procedure to halt Brexit, finally brought to book. But what of his supporters? They deserve a cunting perhaps more than he. They knew he was a bully but didn’t care as long as he was their ally in throwing away the votes of Brexit voters. So here is the roll of shame.

Dame Margaret Beckett (AKA Dobby the House Elf).
To Beckett Bercow’s bullying was less important than his anti-Brexit shenanigans – “Abuse is terrible….but yes, if it comes to the constitutional future of this country….yes it trumps bad behaviour”.

James O’Brien.
“When you’re losing all the arguments and you’re still too proud, ill-informed or blinkered to admit it, find a scapegoat and attack him or her furiously for spurious reasons. John Bercow, for example.

David Lammy.
“John Bercow is an inter-galactic hero. In the noisy world of moneyed oafs belching their jingoism, he brings style, civility, and Shakespearean rhyme. A true freestyler”.

Gary Lineker.
Bercow is “principled….a difficult act to follow”.

Alastair Campbell.
“Love him or hate him (I like him a lot)…Bercow is a big character with a big heart…..And a good mimic”. (One of the allegations found against Bercow is that he humiliated people by mimicking them).

Dawn Butler.
“We really do need to ask the Conservatives why it is that you haven’t. like everybody else, ensured that the speaker of the House is given a peerage? Otherwise I think that is a form of bullying too”.

Jeremy Corbyn.
“As speaker John Bercow stood up for Parliament during one of the most turbulent periods in British politics. I look forward to campaigning (with Bercow) for social justice and peace in the future”.

John Bercow – a cunt in the company of cunts.

Nominated by: MMCM

Seconded by: Halloween Cunthook


At last this stumpy cunt has been exposed to the world for what he actually is. Most of us clear thinking cunters knew, but now it’s there for everyone.

He is the equivalent to Trumps RINO (Republican In Name Only) for the UK,

He is a CUNT, (Conservative Until Needed Twat).

Thirdly by: Get Fucked Woke Cunts

Amazingly if you search ‘bercow and court’

what happens?

That’s right the fucking gruniad, the independent and loads of other shills all ‘claiming’ it’s a fit up. The court system is a joke. Much, MUCH further down bits of truth.

About time to burn down gruniad and unindependent CUNTS

Grieve & Bercow

Has there ever been a pair of more treacherous cunts in the history of modern British politics?

This morning it is revealed that John “Bollocks to Brexit” Bercow held a meeting in his plush taxpayer funded apartment with arch Remoaner Dominic Grieve the evening before Bercow completely rode roughshod over constitutional protocol by allowing Grieve to table an amendment to an unamendable bill..

Grieve’s comment on the meeting? “I often speak to the Speaker about all sorts of things. We’re fellow Buckinghamshire MPs. But I am not in the business of suborning Speakers. They make up their own minds. I tabled my amendment without speaking to the Speaker. How the Speaker decided to approach the amendment is a matter for him.” So it was all just a coincidence then? Like fuck do I believe that one!

Meanwhile in his Buckinghamshire constituency, the chair of the local party said he had been ‘bombarded’ with letters of complaint about Grieve calling for him to be deselected. He added: ‘We don’t want him to stay as our MP. If he tries to stand again I would personally hurl rotten tomatoes at him.’

Grieve’s comment? He said he was “unaware of any calls by local Beaconsfield Tory association members for him to be deselected over his actions last week and denied that he plans to stand down at the next Election.” Well, it’s in the national press this morning so I guess he’s aware of it now? I find his statement incredulous – but then he is a lawyer!

And as for Mr Bollocks to Brexit? A spokesman said “Meetings with parliamentarians are private and we do not comment on them.”

A pair of undemocratic, untrustworthy cunts if ever there was one…

Nominated by Dioclese

John Bercow (5)

It’s time that John Bercow had a cunting. Apparently moves are foot, once again to remove Bercow from his position as Speaker of the House. It’s a position that the insufferably self important Bercow has steadily degraded during his long tenure. Previous attempts to remove this most poison of dwarves have failed. However, this time it’s different. After the recent accusations of bullying levelled at El Shorty, a growing number of Labour MP’s, who have previously supported him, are now at least considering supporting the Tories.

When he was first elected speaker, Bercow announced that he would no more than nine years. Well, in about 63 days, his nine years will be up. Bercow has not announced his intention to retire as Speaker, and that is causing increasing annoyance among the Tories, and now some Labour MP’s. He has been, without doubt, the worst Speaker to have held the position that I can remember. The Speaker is supposed to impartial, but whenever I’ve what PMQ’s he’s displayed a definite bias against the Tories, a party he’s supposed to be a member of. The shit that he’s made us taxpayers shell out for would make Derry Irvine blush and his ego is legendary. Bercow is not a man who believes in God, he’s a man who believes he IS God.

Over the years Bercow’s ego has become legendary, and it’s something that can’t simply be explained away as short man syndrome. While prowling the corridors of Parliament, more than one person has Bercow grandly shout, “MAKE WAY FOR THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE” to remove someone from his path. Happily though, some people have refused to do obey, much stumpy’s annoyance.

Now though, it’s starting to look like Bercow’s days as Chief Gobshite are numbered. A number of Tories are planning to issue an ultimatum. Either announce your departure, or we’ll kick you out on your short arse. The only problem, is that the leading potential successor, is Harriet Harman. She is quite possibly the ONLY person who could be worse than Bercow. I doubt her ability to remain impartial when sitting in the Speaker’s chair. I doubt her ability to bring at some semblance of respectability back the office of the Speaker. In my opinion Lindsey Hoyle, one of Bercow’s deputies should be the one to replace him. He has the experience, he has the respect and he has the ability to remain impartial.

I think Harman is being put forward as a possible replacement because
a) She’s a woman, which in these days of the ‘women are better than men, and should be in charge everywhere, is very much in her favour.
b) She’s Labour, which would make it easier to get the much needed assistance of Labour MP’s.
c) Ok, there is no C.
In any case though, I hope the rumours of a coup are true, because Bercow is a nasty, egotistical, megalomaniacal cunt, who has never had any business being in the Speaker’s chair, and the sooner he goes the better.

nominated by,  Quick Draw McGraw

John Bercow [4]

Might I nominate for a 24 carat cunting that poisonous undersized cocksucking big-headed cunt John Bercow, Mr Speaker himself, arselicker to new Labour and Pansy Tory MPs, the yes-mans yes-man, and bully to his staff. A greasy oil turd of a midget who in his position thinks it either clever or advisable to display a *bollox to Brexit* sticker on his car.

Why is politics full of pompous twats like him and Lady Mandelson who don’t know the meaning of the words truth, modesty and honesty. Bercow is 5ft 2ins of absolute mind numbing crap

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

John Bercow [3]

I’d like to nominate John Bercow for a cunting.

Now as Speaker of the House I have a little time for him because he has been impartial across both benches and often holds order with a bit of humour (much lacking in our disgrace of a parliament), however, today Mr Bercow overstepped his boundaries by cheesing off about not wanting Donald Trump to speak in “this” house (House of Commons) where “…sexist and racist views should not be tolerated!”

Neither should having a speaker proffering his opinion on a matter which does not concern him (especially infering that Trump is a racist which – whether he is or isn’t – there’s no factual evidence to support that accusation, against illegals yes, racist no).

You can tell he’s leaving the speaker’s chair this year because I doubt he would have been so garrulous with his opinion ahead of his appointment as the speaker.

That alone though is not enough for a cunting. The main reason for nominating Mr Bercow for a cunting is because immediately following his statement, the ABBC sought comment from our very own “Cunt of the Year!” Tiny Timmy Farron (their go-to Libtard on anything Trump or Brexit related these days – the cunt must be rubbing his hands).

To afford that non-entity any airtime whatsoever is a cuntable offence, and hence my nomination for John Bercow.

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!