John Bercow [3]

I’d like to nominate John Bercow for a cunting.

Now as Speaker of the House I have a little time for him because he has been impartial across both benches and often holds order with a bit of humour (much lacking in our disgrace of a parliament), however, today Mr Bercow overstepped his boundaries by cheesing off about not wanting Donald Trump to speak in “this” house (House of Commons) where “…sexist and racist views should not be tolerated!”

Neither should having a speaker proffering his opinion on a matter which does not concern him (especially infering that Trump is a racist which – whether he is or isn’t – there’s no factual evidence to support that accusation, against illegals yes, racist no).

You can tell he’s leaving the speaker’s chair this year because I doubt he would have been so garrulous with his opinion ahead of his appointment as the speaker.

That alone though is not enough for a cunting. The main reason for nominating Mr Bercow for a cunting is because immediately following his statement, the ABBC sought comment from our very own “Cunt of the Year!” Tiny Timmy Farron (their go-to Libtard on anything Trump or Brexit related these days – the cunt must be rubbing his hands).

To afford that non-entity any airtime whatsoever is a cuntable offence, and hence my nomination for John Bercow.

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

83 thoughts on “John Bercow [3]

  1. I agree in principle with this cunting, but it’s worth pointing out an under-reported aspect of this story – namely that the poison dwarf Bercow made clear at the time he was not speaking in his role as Speaker of the HoC, but as Custodian of Westminster Hall (a role which does not carry an obligation of impartiality). In that role, Bercow has as much right to call Trump a cunt as we have to call Bercow a cunt.

    Also – “Trump is.. against illegals yes, racist no”. Again, it’s slightly more complicated than that. Trump has tried to impose a ban on ALL muslims, illegal or not. And of course a ban on a religion isn’t actually racism, it’s technically islamophobia, so all the libtard protests of racism are somewhat wide of the mark as usual. And as the archives of ISAC can testify, this so-called “religion of peace” is hardly held in any great esteem by cunters here.

    • Very interesting, Fred. I have never heard of the Custodian of Westminster Hall so I Googled it to find out more. It seems Google has never heard of it either.

      • I couldn’t find anything either Skidmark. Bercow is and has been a fully fledged cunt for a long time. As for Trump he is only doing what he pledged he would do when he was going for the Presidency. Also I don’t remember Trump banning the European peaceful cunts.

      • I was simply quoting Bercow’s actual words (re Custodian of Westminster Hall).

        Guardian Hater in “Daily Mail mentality shocker” (see – we can all play that game).

      • Bercow: “In relation to Westminster Hall, there are three Keyholders to Westminster Hall: The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Speaker of the House of Lords and the Lord Great Chamberlain. Ordinarily we are able to work by consensus and the hall would be used for a purpose, such as an address or another purpose, by agreement of the three Keyholders”

        I’ve heard ‘Custodian’ and ‘Keyholder’ used interchangeably by so-called “constitutional experts” on various radio news reports over the last day or so – and frankly I’d trust the experts to know what they’re talking about more than the Daily Mail Echo Chamber.

      • The speaker of the house of Lords is a new one on me, has there always been one, or was it a Blair thing?

    • Ah but he hasn`t tried to impose a Muslim ban.He suggested it on the campaign trail.He is banning people from certain countries.Whether that is worse or not I am not sure .Probably not but still a strange move.

      • There is so much contradictory information / deliberate misinformation coming out of the White House, that it’s hard to keep up. If it’s not Trump denying he’s said things which are already out there in the public domain, then it’s his spokespeople using retarded phrases like “alternative facts” to justify their wilful bullshit.

      • “The same could be said when Obomber was there”

        All politicians of all parties lie, but Trump and his people lie so often and so shamelessly – even when the true facts are a matter of public record – that it’s getting hilarious.

      • The MSM lie about Trump, it is their “facts” which are fake or at best highly edited in order to give a false impression.

        For example;
        When the WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer made remarks concerning the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration he was reported to have said;

        “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period” and then they ( BBC, Sky etc.) accused him of lying.

        What he actually said was;

        “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe.” Which very well might have been true. I have never watched one before but I watched Trump’s.

        The MSM lie about everything to further an agenda. Take the recent report by Amnesty about Assad killing thousands. The actual report stresses that it’s numbers are estimates and that there is a range from 5000 to 13000 victims. MSM reports this as “Assad kills 13,000”. No range, no estimates, this is a fact.

        So, who are the liars, Trump or MSM?

      • He made it perfectly clear that the viewing figures included social media sites such as facebook feeds and youtube etc . So although more peopke attended Obamas in oerson and more watched Obamas on tv , when you factor the truly massive viewing figures from online sources , Trump has more. The fakenews lying msm neglect to mention this and pretend its all about the TV viewers. Lying cunts.

    • Splitting hairs Fred? It’s like the pope stating he is all for noncing kids but speaking as an individual and not head of the catholic church. when you are in a position of high office everything you say and do reflects on that office and carries the authority of that office.

      He should resign.

    • The guys a little wanker who overstepped the mark, he should jump off that chair and go fuck himself

    • Fred, when has he tried to impose a ban on all muslims ( which in any case is not a race) ? You appear to be following the fakenews msm narrative. The countries on this list was put together by the cunt Obama for very good security reasons.

    • i didn’t see him banning saudi arabian muslims – sa the biggest terrorist sponsors i.e salafist who target usa and europe
      iran are cunts but at leat they seem to confine their shit to the middel east
      why the fuk doesn’t MSM make the sunni/shia muslim conflict clearer?

  2. John Bercow has acted like a virtue signalling school girl on twitter. He has exceeded his authority, split parliament and made us all look a right set of cunts. He has accused Trump of being sexist, racist and against the independence of the judiciary.

    Presumably he is sexist for the shock revelation that he fancies women and that many women find him, an alpha male billionaire TV personality, attractive back. Well, fuck me! To the tower with the cunt! I have heard far far worse coming from women after a few glasses of cheap Italian fizz. Who hasn’t heard a woman say of Messrs Clooney, Pitt etc.”Oh, I’d let him do anything he wanted to me”? I rest my case.

    Racist, presumably for placing a temporary moratorium on people from 7 countries, each known for training and exporting terrorists. The so called muslim ban. It is not against muslims and it isn’t a ban, but never let the truth get in the way of a good misnomer. Neither is it raccist, islam is not a race, muslim is not a race. Is some kermit in Sudan the same race as a slope from Indonesia? Clearly not, although they may well both be muslim. It really is a sad state of affairs when the speaker of the house of commons cannot tell the difference between race, nationality and religion.

    Trump is against the judiciary. Is he really? If he is so against them why is he pursuing his EO claim through the courts? Why doesn’t he simply send the boys round to have a word with any potentially troublesome judges? Maybe a few of them may take a sabbatical, never to be seen again. That’s what you do if you want to control the judges, not seek legal remedy through the very courts you want to overturn.

    So, wrong on all 3 counts, you short arsed little shit collector. Not only thrice wrong but you have split parliament to boot, showing clear bias towards the opposition benches. He has to go, preferably sacked very publicly and with maximum prejudice. The cunt.

  3. When it comes to British politicians, i know very little about a lot of the cunts mentioned here.
    Like the Farron, but he’s a nobody anyway, who must have sucked some cocks to win such a prestigious award at the weekend.
    So, all I can really say is, i’d love to root Sally Bercow.

    • Not a chance, Birdman. Not unless you are her type anyway, a short arsed fugly arrogant cunt.

      • I’m neither short arsed or fugly, but i am an arrogant cunt, so she may pick me if there’s nobody better, wanking in the bushes.

        I never said I’d love her, I’ve just got a thing for “posh, snobby rich bitches”.
        Their husband’s try to fuck us over, and in return i’d like to fuck their wives over (a country stile).

      • In my experience most women froth at the gash for an arrogant bastard. Nice guys, not so much.

      • Now that’s a saying from the mob unless I am very much mistaken Mr Bastard? Not an ex matelot perchance? Seems to be a lot of “Jackspeak” on ‘ere.

    • i expect his wife slept with the people who appointed him speaker – whether individually or en masse i don’t know

      • She is known as “Back alley Sally” by those in the know. Posh birds are always pure fucking filth, mostly due to some deep seated Daddy issues.

  4. Would you buy a used car off him?
    Coz he looks like a used car salesman… (and a cunt).

  5. Why is always the short stunted cunts like Berk that are so arrogant? And that Cow Sally is vile – Birdman you need your eyes tested (and think what’s been up her – yuck!).
    He’s a disgrace to the role of Speaker and should be ousted ASAP, the cunt.

    Berk & Cow – an unholy alliance.

    • Napoleon Complex is the psycho-analytical term I believe.

      On lates today and have read down the posts to my cunting nomination.

      Fred took a bit of heat up top. I love Fred’s posts and is one of the good guys on ISAC IMO.

      I hadn’t realised Bercow had stated what he did as an individual rather than as the speaker, and you’re right, he’s as entitled to his opinion just as much as anyone else – otherwise we’d be just as facist as the new breed of “liberals”, but – and this is why he still deserves the cunting – why make that statement from his chair of office?

      His opinion made to some guttersnipe ABBC reporter outside of parliament would have still been valid, however, stating it within the House of Cunts from his speaker’s chair, that emblazoned his comments with faux authority – even if they were made as Mr Bercow the individual rather than as the Speaker of the House. Differentiating one from the other is difficult when all are stated from the chair.

      So I stand by my cunting.

      Also do the libtards not realise that opposing Trump on anything he says or does purely to oppose him is no opposition at all?

      In fact – happily – the reverse is true. The more the libtards squeal and won’t accept (or even listen to) a differing opinion the more ordinary folk – who couldn’t have given a shit a few years ago – are pushing back and are now starting to denounce the denouncers.

      I recently watched and anti-Trump protest in Australia (with usual unrelated BLM and LGBT placards pumping up and down) it was filmed by a group against groups protesting against Trump purely for the sake of it.

      One thing that struck me was that the anti-Trump groups had no fucking clue about what they were protesting about other than it was anti-Trump. When asked a salient or pertinent question about what they were protesting against, when presented with the facts (which they couldn’t handle), they’d just fuck off and start chanting some anti-racist slogan or LGBT slogan.

      The anti “anti-Trump” group wanted to discuss stuff and ask questions but as soon as they asked them anything they got all “triggered” and precious and had to retort with name calling and physical harm.

      In one bit there was just “some bloke” stood about. Now I don’t know if he was a plant or not but his 5mins rebuking the snowflakes and their notion of democracy was a great watch and difficult to argue against.

      It’s a long one but worth a watch if you can be arsed:

      • Lefties are cunts for so many reasons but the greatest one is their refusal to accept democracy or the fact that they’ve lost.

        Since Trump and brexit they’ve all been stamping their feet and yelling “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

        Fuckin hilarious!

        Alec twat face Baldwin was the best.

        “Are we going to fight?”

        I don’t know Alec. Are you? How exactly are you going to fight?
        Are you going to bomb the white house?
        Are you going to raise an army and March on Washington?
        No. You’re going to stamp your feet and cry like a little bitch!

  6. Bercow is a cunt irrespective of his mutterings yesterday. He is pretty much a lefty parading in Conservative clothing. He is a virtue signalling tosser jumping on the anti Trump bandwagon.
    When Trump finds out who he is (if he can’t be arsed to do so in the first place) he will decide Bercunt is an insignificant little turd who should be ignored.
    The little twat may have damaged trade talks but what does he care. Hopefully Trump proves to be a bigger man (in all senses) than Bercunt and chooses to brush this under the carpet.

  7. Saw amendment 110 new clause voted on today government won 326- 293 but I noticed 7 conservative rebels voted against the government, topping the list of shame was political dinosaur cuntasaurus CLARKE followed by Heidi Allen Claire perry , Antoinette sandbach and
    a couple of other quisling Tory motherfuckers also up and coming cunt Anna soubry!!
    I saw soubry on Andrew marr show last Sunday and she is one tricky remainiac cunt, bleating on about ” respecting the people’s decision ” then putting up loads of negative shite, as treacherous a Cunt as you could ever meet, I hope at the next general election these FUCKIIN traitors are sent packing by their constituents….,,

  8. Laszlo Toroczkai is the Mayor of Asotthalom, a Hungarian village with a population of just over 4,000. He seeks to ban muslims and gays from his village but welcomes new recruits. Laszlo says “he doesn’t want to live in a multicultural society” but wants to “preserve tradition”. I don’t have an issue with Laszlo, his thoughts or his way of thinking. But, if Trumpy boy had said this what would the outcome be. If Trump was to give all Americans 500 dollars each you can guarantee the cunts would still moan.

    • Al Jazeera have been having a go at Hungary, and I’ll admit that if it wasn’t for Al Jazeera having a whinge, I’d probably never had heard about it.
      Fair play to Hungary, at least someone in the EU is showing some balls, and its more than one mayor at it, it seems to be government policy.
      I’ve been asking my Hungarian mates about it, but they are a rainbow coloured lot, so they don’t agree.
      Also unlike every other cuntry in the EU, they see Russia as a “special relationship” coz of cultural ties that have lasted centuries.
      So fair play to Hungary, and let’s hope it’s catching.

  9. She went on I’m a sad cunt, get me out of here. She fits the old addage- I’ve never been to bed with an ugly woman but I’ve woke up with a few. Dog fucking rough.
    Johnny motor mouth practices his Speakers skills by hollerin into her bat cave.

      • I’ve always prided myself on seeing fuckability in most women.
        For what they lack, they can make up for it in another way.

        Not good looking, get them to wear stockings.
        Over weight, see above
        Under weight, see above
        Pain in the arse, see above
        Left wing, see above
        Short, see above
        Small tits, see above
        Meat eater, see above
        Scottish, see above.

        In fact i can only think of Diane Flabbot that would get a knock back, that bitch needs a new weave.

      • Yes they do, but ye need to get down to the docks before the trawlers leave.

        And the smell of fish would make her smell better.

      • Fishing is very much like making love to a beautiful woman.
        First of all, clean and inspect your tackle, carefully pull back your rod cover and remove any dirt or gunge that may have built up whilst not in use.
        Then, extend your rod to its full length and check there are no kinks or any wear, particularly at the base, where the grip is usually applied.
        Make sure you’ve got a decent float, the appropriate bait and there’s plenty of shot in your bag…..

  10. I saw a snippet earlier birdman about Cory Bernadi, a senate in Australia who has formed a new right-wing party. Not sure how that will go down under.

    • Australia has been leading the way for years.
      Any undesirable refugee, gets locked up on an island.

      The downside is, the islands look alright, the cunts get fed and sheltered and also get to sunbathe all day.
      The cunts have got hammocks.

  11. The weasel worded cunt started off with the usual ” I respect the decision of the people ” ” I am a democrat ” both obvious lies!! As he doesn’t and he isn’t….
    Just saw chukka umunna and almost spate out my tea, the best thing this labour leadership bottler could come up with was The leave campaigns RED BUS!!!
    Apparently everywhere he goes people stop him and ask about it, where is the money? It’s all he ever hears?? Seriously!!, with everything else going on with Brexit, trump, Syria, the EU, Italian banks collapsing and the migrant crises in Europe that is apparently the only thing people want to talk about?? Unbelievable bollocks even by this Cunts very very low standads………

    • How many human rights offences do places like China and Kuwait have? Last I checked they still eat fucking dogs in ching chong land and in kuwait you can legally stone your wife to death with no penalty and marry a 6 yr old because prophet said God was alright with it

      Say it with me “Terrorist Ban!” Daft tossers “Bill Clinton Is a Rapist”

  12. That slimy little shit stain dwarf Bercow is just another mouthpiece for the left & repeating BBC/Guardian Trump bashing bullshit. Speaker of The House is a pretty much no-mark role & most MP’s think he’s as useful as a cock flavoured lolly pop.

    Didn’t have much of a conflict of morals when the leaders of those oh so free and liberal beacons of democracy China and Kuwait addressed Parliament.
    Hypocritical cocksucking Cunt.

  13. Fuck off Branston and O’Bummer. Minge bag branston cunt will make sure he gets some payback for putting up the over hyped useless ex president.

  14. Bercow is a bloody attention seeking hypocrite.
    He spouts off about defending British standards on sexism and racism and then denies freedom of speech. Unfortunately the little shit can’t be sacked til the next Parliament I’d formed so he can get away with anything he likes.

    Didn’t seem to bother him when the head of Saudi was invited despite their record on human rights, women and banning Israelis from the it country.

    He’s always been a disgrace to the office in my book but this takes the cake…

  15. Bercow pronounced cunt. God rot the fucking draws off the little shite and give us all a break.

  16. Norman Fowler`s speech in the Lords shows up what a twat Bercow is.Bercow even had to apologize for not consulting the speaker of Lords before making his statement about Trump.

    • I agree Bercow is a sad hypocrite cunt and I’ve been so triggered by cunts today I’m might dip into the brandy which isn’t really good because lately I’ve been drinking every 2nd or 3rd day now. Its also tempting because I have all the ingredients to make a delicious brandy alexander

  17. I see that disgusting cunt, Madogga, is trying to ‘wipe’ her recent antics by buying… sorry… ‘adopting’ a couple more brown kiddies from Africa… They must be corrupt as fuck… I mean, who else who had just made death threats against the US President would be allowed to adopt so quickly and easily?… Decent couples try for years to adopt, and then this old slagbag just gets her way… And I do feel sorry for the kids… From an African shithole or not, who the fuck deserves to be brought up by that dirty old kippercunt?….

      • Why adopt Africunt kids? What’s wrong with Americunt kids? Oh, of course, not as much virtue signalling potential with home grown orphans. What a gobby self serving shallow cunt she is.

    • Every time that fish minge is in the news you can’t help have more respect for Cunt Ritchie and their son for fucking off.
      Self promoting old has been and/with a massive cunt.

    • She just wants some helpers to wipe her arse seeing as she has pissed off the family she already has.

    • Just nuke the fuckers and have done with it. We can do Saudi Arabia while we are at it and instantly solve 90% of the middle East’s problems at a stroke.

  18. The thing that makes me laugh about all the celebrity Cunts isn’t that they adopt children from the poorest countries but they turn it into a media show, fuckiin PR stunt!!, i would have far more respect if they just did it, away from the cameras, away from scripted press releases. Look at angelina jolie!, she gets a new child like most people get a car, instead of just doing it you see her giving interviews and photo shoots, same with madogga and the rest of celebville!!

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