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It’s time that John Bercow had a cunting. Apparently moves are foot, once again to remove Bercow from his position as Speaker of the House. It’s a position that the insufferably self important Bercow has steadily degraded during his long tenure. Previous attempts to remove this most poison of dwarves have failed. However, this time it’s different. After the recent accusations of bullying levelled at El Shorty, a growing number of Labour MP’s, who have previously supported him, are now at least considering supporting the Tories.

When he was first elected speaker, Bercow announced that he would no more than nine years. Well, in about 63 days, his nine years will be up. Bercow has not announced his intention to retire as Speaker, and that is causing increasing annoyance among the Tories, and now some Labour MP’s. He has been, without doubt, the worst Speaker to have held the position that I can remember. The Speaker is supposed to impartial, but whenever I’ve what PMQ’s he’s displayed a definite bias against the Tories, a party he’s supposed to be a member of. The shit that he’s made us taxpayers shell out for would make Derry Irvine blush and his ego is legendary. Bercow is not a man who believes in God, he’s a man who believes he IS God.

Over the years Bercow’s ego has become legendary, and it’s something that can’t simply be explained away as short man syndrome. While prowling the corridors of Parliament, more than one person has Bercow grandly shout, “MAKE WAY FOR THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE” to remove someone from his path. Happily though, some people have refused to do obey, much stumpy’s annoyance.

Now though, it’s starting to look like Bercow’s days as Chief Gobshite are numbered. A number of Tories are planning to issue an ultimatum. Either announce your departure, or we’ll kick you out on your short arse. The only problem, is that the leading potential successor, is Harriet Harman. She is quite possibly the ONLY person who could be worse than Bercow. I doubt her ability to remain impartial when sitting in the Speaker’s chair. I doubt her ability to bring at some semblance of respectability back the office of the Speaker. In my opinion Lindsey Hoyle, one of Bercow’s deputies should be the one to replace him. He has the experience, he has the respect and he has the ability to remain impartial.

I think Harman is being put forward as a possible replacement because
a) She’s a woman, which in these days of the ‘women are better than men, and should be in charge everywhere, is very much in her favour.
b) She’s Labour, which would make it easier to get the much needed assistance of Labour MP’s.
c) Ok, there is no C.
In any case though, I hope the rumours of a coup are true, because Bercow is a nasty, egotistical, megalomaniacal cunt, who has never had any business being in the Speaker’s chair, and the sooner he goes the better.

nominated by,  Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Didn’t his slapper of a wife shag that dirty pikey off the telly? I fucking hope she did anyway. You can’t get much more humiliating than that.

    • Anyone who let’s his wife get pumped daft from a picky cunt and does nothing about it should just get booked into that place in the land of the Toblerone & Cuckoo clocks for termination.

      Annoying cunt who has had more than enough time playing at Harry Potter. I agree that Hoyle would be best replacement as someone needed who knows procedure and doesn’t entertain cunts who abuse their place.

      He did an excellent job one evening the little SNP mouthy bitch Cherry wouldn’t stick on topic and was waffling like their was no tomorrow, iirc she took an intervention after which Hoyle called the next MP. Cherry went berserk and Cunt Salmond tried butting in too, followed by an inappropriate attempt at creating a point of order.

      Hoyle put both of the cunts in their place which was overdue as the SNP seemed to have their own rules of how to behave in the HoC.

      Very embarrassing for the scots they claim to represent that those elected had no clue.

      Some have learned a bit, others not so much. Some seem to seize any opportunity just to talk, even though nobody can understand a few of them.

      Do they get a bonus for each time the cunts speak by chance?

      • Well they should get the bonus Bob, but the evil Police extort it… its a conspiracy known only to a few…Apparently the Polis use it to buy Max Factor stuff. Or at least they do in ( cue Fucking Willy Wonka Music.. ) RobertoWorld (TM). X

  2. God I hate that nasty little cunt Bercow… but of course Harriet Harperson should replace him. It would only be fair. After all, wimmins in high office barely register when it comes to positions of power:

    Head of State – woman
    Prime Minister – woman
    Scotch 1st Minister – woman
    Home Secretary – woman
    Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – woman
    Director of Public Prosecutions – woman
    Director General of the CBI – woman
    General Secretary of the TUC – woman
    Shadow Home Secretary – Flabbottomus

    Is it any surprise that Britain’s laughing all the way to the madhouse?!

    • That’s the point though, they’re having a fucking laugh while meant to be serving us and with the country’s best interests first.

      Some of the cunts really are utter useless and deserve the tower, starting with a chunk from the opposition front benches and that’s coming from a labour voter.

      UKIP seriously need to reform and get their act together with a strong credible mandate for moving forward after EU withdrawal. I can’t help but think the poor performance of EU negotiations on GB’s part is due to the lack of pressure from a party which has EU withdrawal in their mandate such as UKIP.

      I think Nigel Farage left the party too early causing this vacuum. Why he didn’t carry on until we were totally out, I do not know. Especially as he knows better than most if not all the Brexit negotiating team how Juncker & cunts work, he should have had input into the process from start to finish keeping them cunts on track.

      • Bob. I get it now, I thought you were just a typical daily mail reader.. but your UKIP!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Excellent! You dont like the destruction of UK culture, you dont like islamists, you dont like terrorists, and you think that a really Fucking Fantastic Way to advance this agenda ( which I do not disagree with BTW ) is to,, Wait for it.. Abuse and demean the Police. Magic. A right wing agenda that attacks its own law enforcement. Well thought out Bob. PS, I’m no Polis apologist.. I know a lot of coppers who are PC jobsworth back office shirkers.. and I know many, many more who are the stuff of Heroes. day in, day out… Just Saying Bob. Ever thought of picking up a weapon and standing your turn in the tower, or dont you do that????

      • PS.. I find it amusing you cant figure out why Nigel left “the Party”.. ever jumped off a sinking ship???

      • As Harold Wilson (I think ?) said, “A week is a long time in politics”

        Winnie got us through WWII, but after that, the electorate didn’t want him around.

        Nigel got us the referendum , thank Dog. The problem is with British politics… I suspect that people just aren’t quite ready for UKIP (zero criticism of the party implied here.); only problem is, that by the time people WAKE UP, it will be too feckin late.

        My feeling is, is that the point has already been teached…

      • I understand Nigel was physically and emotionally exhausted after Referendum – still suffering ill effects following his plane crash, needed a break – thought Brexit was a done deal… Some hope.

        Currently vocal on LBC (weekday evenings 7pm, Sunday 10am – 12).

      • Well. I actually like and respect Farage, the more so he had the sense to get out of the freak show the one trick pony Ukip became. I think he has a future, unlike said UKIP. The problem is single issue parties always miss the point. A bit like Vince Cable misses the pan and thus smells of Shit. An Airwick might help.

      • What the actual fuck have the police got to do with a Pikey shafting the speakers wife?

      • They should have arrested the bitch for leading a poor innocent pikey astray.

    • Err…for Home Secretary – woman, please read Home-Secretary – Asian. Boxes still impeccably ticked, though.

  3. An odious poison dwarf. The Tories seem to hate the cunt and has kept his seat thanks to the Marxists, sorry, Labour Party.

  4. This odious R2D2 lookalike is a self-important vaccuous cockwombling cuntoid.

    Squanders public money like it is tap water.

    Lock the cunt up in the tower. Treansonous midget.

  5. Nasty little cunt wants kicking right out the door
    Certainly suffers from little man with a giant head and no neck
    My choice for the new speaker….
    Roy chubby brown… Or is that not allowed…?

    • Best ask Simon L. – he’s the authority on all things Roy Chubby Brown…

    • Fucking love Royston Vasey – he is a cunt of epic proportions as was his role model Bernard Manning – now that was a bloke who called a spade a fucking blambo – woe betide you if you got up for a piss at his Embassy club gigs. He would not only tear you a new arsehole but completely remodel your rear end. I listen to these so called “comics” like the cunt on QT last Thursday – from Ben Elton onwards comedy consists of avoiding anything even slightly edgy – apart from that ginger haired cuntish jock Boyle – now I would pay good money to see him gelded with two bricks and after paying £400 for 2 Rolling Stones tickets I mean really good money. “Edgy” comedy is – be unpatriotic, be a socialist scrote bag who adores the swivel eyed lunatic, be a Queen / president of the US hating cunt but don’t whatever you do mention blambos, Londonistan being an utter shithole, our major cities comprising of more sponging cunts than a plague of locusts, bottom loving / rug munchers or anything that the yoof / snowflake cunts may be offended by. As for Bercow – typical little man syndrome – worse than that – little man syndrome with power. Just how in the name of the bearded one can you “pay someone off” attaching a shhhh clause? If Bercow didn’t pay it where did it come from? Answers on a postcard to “Absolutely obvious we have slush funds and we the tax payer are taking it up the shitter as hard as Owen Jones in a Romanian orphanage”

      • I was a twice yearly regular at the Embassy back in the day. Loved Bernard and we wont see his like again. A working class grafter and the best comic we have ever produced.

  6. Without doubt bercow is a nasty egotistical little Cunt ! Recently pictured with some anti brexit sign in his cars front windscreen Hardly impartially?
    There’s also rumours of his bullying!! All in all one nasty repugnant piece of shit!!

    Agree with QDM Lindsey Hoyle would be a good replacement, Harriet Harman?? Oh fuckin please!! ……

  7. I’m not wild on Bercow,but at least he occasionally knocked the smug look off that Cunt,David Cameron’s pudding face. It’s just a shame that the pair of them didn’t get into a mutually-assured destruction bitch-slapping.

  8. I wonder how many times he had to peel his face from the pillowcase the next morning due to the deposits of manfat sprayed over by the Pikey before he got home.

    I can imagine them at it while the tv was on with the midget at work so they knew when he was coming home.

    Is she still with the stumpy cunt?

    • No Bob, she is allegedly being held prisoner by the International Pik-ee Confederation. The Polis know where she is but are either 1. scared 2. corrupt 3. Pc 4. Any of the above. I think you should save her. You would Fucking Overwhelm buddy. You could double plug her with a Crying Fireman…

  9. Anyone got Alex Ferguson in the Dead Pool? He’s apparently in intensive care after suffering a brain haemorrhage……

    • Michael Martin did his damnest to cover up MPs expenses scandal. Pure cunt.

  10. It could be Lammy who gets it. Could you imagine that, PMQ’s with only one cunt yabbering bollocks for an hour!

    • He has apparently been kicking off that “he’s not being given enough time to say what he has to say”.

      He’s clearly been given plenty of time because he’s just repeating things other members have said, asking questions that have already been answered and making demands which have already been discussed and agreed by the actual government who’s decision & job it is.

      Trying to get every single windrush case disclosed to him when it isn’t his remit and doesn’t change the predicament of anyone affected is nothing more than a plot to cause confusion by picking away and each case and slowing the process down.

      Unless they are constituents who have approached him, he should let the home office do their job. Cunt.

      • You’ve put your finger on it Bob.and more clarity from you than usual.. Maybe you should call in the Polis over your concerns, unless of course you are concerned Max Factor are paying them off..maybe Max Factor is also sponsoring Lammy… Out of interest, for someone with such an interest in LawN’Order, whats your history? Ever Fought? Ever Stood your watch? Just Interested… Show and Tell Roberto….

      • Stood and watched your lot wait for their chips while two groups of football fans fight fifty metres along the road with your colleagues rounding them up and doing the work. A good night to choose to sit in the takeaway and turn down the radio. Run, hide, don’t tell.

      • Was that when you creeped in to the Cancer screening test with the self confessed intent of “seeing tits”… your a star Bob… Dignitas beckons

      • Who is “My Lot” Bob… I dont have a gang, unlike you… assuming your story is true, maybe the reason the Polis stood and ate chips and laughrd as two groups of scum filth kicked off at each other is that neither group were worth a Fuck, you are Shit on the Worlds shoe.. do you get it now Roberto or do you require Special Needs assistance and signing… X

      • Agree with you Basement. Lammy loves to get involved and takes it upon himself to speak on behalf of those affected in any major news stories involving people of colour.

        He had a friend who died in the Grenfell disaster. Not sure whether he ever disclosed that fact.

      • I think I remember something about him buying up all her art work for some bizarre reason but he was a great friend letting her stay up in the tower when he has been claiming for years it was a deathtrap. Don’t know if his claims do go back as far as he said but he takes great pleasure in saying I told you so.

      • Bob… show us your backbone .. if such exists…

        Admin edit: Heinze Hammer and Basement Bob. Please refrain from personal attacks. Both of you.

      • Hi WS,, No offence buddy, I saw on an earlier post that you very sadly lost a close family member… I note on here Mr Bob is happy to chat away like Mr Sociable… maybe take a look at his “amusing” anecdote as to how he and his like minded mates made entry to a female Cancer screening unit with the intent of “seeing tits”.. but its all in fun we are informed, “we were pissed”… What a Star. Just so you’re aware….

      • I was young at one time, if that’s such shameful behaviour for a drunk lad.

        You would probably have been skulking around peeking in the window while some of us had the decency to knock for a chat. You have a nice night skulking around the site trolling my posts, could prove educational for you.

        You do know everybody sees what gets posted here and I’m sure they read them first time around. But you can be the site echo if it gets you off.

        Run along back to the corner and tell another couple of your war tales from your commando comics then tell them how you ended up chasing kids for nicking apples.

        You might get some interest there. I would have recommended arrse but you would get found out there.

        Admin edit. Basement Bob and Heinze Hammer. Perhaps you missed my previous edit. Please refrain from personal attacks. Direct you ire at subjects related to Mr. Bercow.

      • Seriously?

        Came on here earlier to a barrage of comments trilled behind comments I had posted over the last couple of days. When it became apparent I was here posting, I come under a string of continued personal attacks and I’m getting warned because someones either had too much to drink or lost their pay on the horses?

        At no point did I threaten anyone with violence nor level of personal insults which i received. I’m sure the posts are time stamped which show how these posts unfolded.

        Admin edit. Basement Bob. The intent of the edit was not to find fault or to asign blame. The intent of the edit was to put an end to the personal attacks. As you were reading and responding to each other’s posts it was addressed to both of you and placed in both posts so that it would not be missed by either of you The matter has been referred to the entire Admin team for review. Please feel fee to comment on any and all future posts.

      • Ahhh .. your back are you, with a self pitying post… “I was only a young pervert, spying on the women in the mobile cancer unit”… You utter freak.
        I dont just dislike you for that.. I note you are a failed UKIPPER.. nothing wrong with Nigel, he is the better type, you are the worst, a gobby rambling shitstick , semi coherent. And what have you done Roberto?? Where have you Soldiered and fought.. Fucking nowhere. I think you know my history.. I have fought enemies foreign and domestic, thats Cunts like you. I would enjoy getting my hands on you and squeezing your fucking head, I would be your worst nightmare you Cunt. Goodnight Bob, And remember,, try and stay out of your sister’s room… You Massive Throbber X

        Admin edit. Heinze Hammer and Basement Bob. Perhaps you missed my previous edit. Please refrain from personal attacks. Direct your ire at subjects related to Mr. Bercow.

      • Noted. Will sign off now,

        Admin edit. Thank you. Please feel free to return and comment on any and all future posts.

      • @BB

        When an artist dies young or in tragic circumstances, the value of their work can skyrocket…

  11. Noted. Will sign off now,

    Admin edit. Thank you. Please feel free to return and comment on any and all future posts.

  12. Returning with gratitude to Mr. Bercow – well, almost – I hadn’t noticed until yesterday that his sleazy predecessor, Michael (Gorbals Mick), last cunted in 2009, had in fact shuffled off this mortal coil on the 29th. April. A quick posthumous cunting to Mr Martin, therefore.

    • Michael (Gorbals Mick) Martin, that should be. Cunters may at all times cunt themselves, and I am delighted to do so now.

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