John Bercow [4]

Might I nominate for a 24 carat cunting that poisonous undersized cocksucking big-headed cunt John Bercow, Mr Speaker himself, arselicker to new Labour and Pansy Tory MPs, the yes-mans yes-man, and bully to his staff. A greasy oil turd of a midget who in his position thinks it either clever or advisable to display a *bollox to Brexit* sticker on his car.

Why is politics full of pompous twats like him and Lady Mandelson who don’t know the meaning of the words truth, modesty and honesty. Bercow is 5ft 2ins of absolute mind numbing crap

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

88 thoughts on “John Bercow [4]

  1. I posted a thread on Comrade Corbyn in’t Catweazles thread (two threads back).

    That’s how I feel.

    Fuck him, fuck them and fuck any cunt who can’t see what the biggest issue is in this bastard country anymore!

  2. For fucks sake money supermarket have now nancified Action Man, why does everything have to be faggotified? . And why is being able to cut a rug deemed more important and prestigious than proper man work. Cunts

  3. Havent the foggiest who this cunt is but reading all the above has made an incredibly shite day a whole lot better!! Cheers ! He looks like a right cunt and his missus is a fucking proper shitcunt for shacking up with a pikey cunt

    • To be fair, Paddy’s probably not the roughest cunt that’s been through her.

  4. Hello Cunters

    Off sick today. Meeting with the boss tuesday: not looking good, probably my last day…

    On another topic: James O’Brien was sp far up Corbyn’s arse today it was difficult to actually listen…..

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