Libby Schaaf

From the Land of the Libs and the Home of the Tards comes another installment of Cunts Across the Pond. This week starring Libtard Democunt Mayor of Oakland, California…Libby Schaaf.

Illegal immigrants are a real hot point issue in the US. President Trump has ordered ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to enforce existing deportation laws.
So, much to the horror of the illegals and the libtards who support and empower them, ICE has in fact been deporting them.

The Democuntic Party has decided to thwart these efforts at enforcing the law by refusing to cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and passing state laws declaring their cities and towns places of Sanctuary.

Last weekend, Libby Schaaf, performed an unprecedented act of cuntitude. Through sources she won’t reveal…she got advance notice of an ICE raid to be conducted in Northern California. This fucking cunt took to the airwaves and social media and issued a “public service warning” that a round up was imminent.

As a result ICE was able to arrest about 230 illegals…many of them convicted felons or under a previous order of deportation. However, due to the cunts warning, over 800 were able to hide or flee and thereby avoid arrest and deportation.

Citizens across the States are outraged and have been condemning the cunt…according to some sources…by a margin of 10 to 1. However, the cunt is not apologetic. She issued a self serving, sanctimonious statement saying she just wanted to give the illegal cunts time to tend to their affairs and say good bye to their families and loved ones. If they ran…hey that’s not her fault.

State and federal law interaction is complicated here in the states, but cooperation is the norm. This however, is open rebellion. Schaaf herself has openly said she is proud to be part of the rebellion and will go to jail to protect Oakland’s status as a sanctuary city.

I hope she does. The Feds are looking into the possibility of charges against her but as I said the relationship between state and federal law is complicated and I wouldn’t expect any serious charges against her. (But one can always hope.)

Oakland is a shithole. It will stay a shithole as long as they elect cunts like Libby Schaaf to political office. So needless to say…

I proudly cunt Libby Schaaf.

Nominated by General Cunster

52 thoughts on “Libby Schaaf

  1. Last weekend, Libby Schaaf, performed an unprecedented act of cuntitude. Through sources she won’t reveal…she got advance notice of an ICE raid to be conducted in Northern California. This fucking cunt took to the airwaves and social media and issued a “public service warning” that a round up was imminent.

    As a result ICE was able to arrest about 230 illegals…many of them convicted felons or under a previous order of deportation. However, due to the cunts warning, over 800 were able to hide or flee and thereby avoid arrest and deportation.

    One of the most brazen acts of quisling treachery that I’ve read about in modern times. Libby Schaaf is bona fide Cunt of the Year 2018 material.

    One can only hope for a delicious irony, in that either she or her beloved suffer extremely at the hands of one of these illegals. What a stratospheric shitcunt.

    • Never heard of her, but well done General on exposing yet another weapons grade yank cunt to us humble Cunters this side of the pond.

      May her slit heal over and syphillus ravage her anus for being such a traitorous cunt.

      It’s about time that cunts like this realised that charity begins at home, and that we put our own backyards in order before pandering to every other cunts wishes..

      ‘ wanted to give illegals time to sort out their affairs’ ….what a absolute bitch

    • TECB…

      A cuntdomination from you is indeed damning…and should…in my book…be the exception for the cruel and unusual punishment ban that is outlined by our constitution.

      However, all is not lost here in the US of A. That’s how illegal immigrants are handled in The People’s Republic of California. Let’s see how some real Americans handle it in The Great and Sovereign State of Texas…

    • #metoo

      Giving the Tusken Raiders a heads up is pretty unforgivable, surely treason?

      Certainly a very cuntish move, wondering if Catweazle, Flabbot & Co partake in this cunts trick?

  2. Well cunted General. We need her over here to give advance warning of anti-terror raids in our multicultural, all inclusive communities. She would be a hero of the left, liberals and snowflakes.

    • I think she was over here on holiday in Dont-Tell-ford, Bradistan and Rochdahl areas, spreading the word.

  3. Just to add, when your name is actually Elizabeth Beckman and you change it for something stupid like Libby Schaff, you’ve gotta be an utter cunt.

  4. How can they talk about impeaching The Donald for fantasy collusion with the Russians ( those fucking Ruskies again! ) and yet this skank gets a pass for aiding and abetting felons to evade capture? If she loves beaners so much why doesn’t she fuck off to Mexico? The place must be almost empty now.

    • Thanks Dick

      Only made aware of Pat’s profound Youtube contributions in the last couple of weeks.

      Depressingly right in everything he says.

      Without a platform difficult to think of how things can be reversed back to relative normality.

      As a white middle aged male having paid taxes throughout my working life, never been on benifits or had reason to cost the health system any expenditure, have always paid bills on time and have always been prudent financially, giving savings and no debts, and totally law abiding- have never considered myself as part of the problem.

      Until now.

      • Pat’s fucking brilliant. I could listen to the old cunt all day and sometimes do.

      • Pat is a fucking Legend and our saviour . I do like to listen to Katie Hopkins as well , she certainly takes no prisoners. Paul Joseph Watson has some good rants. And let’s not forget the excellent Black Pigeon. If anyone has not heard of any of them check them out on YouTube.

    • Explains why topics of education over the last 20 years (that I know of, might be more) at school have been World War Two, focussing heavily on the “Nazi’s behaviour” and not just in history either.

      Another shitfest subject appearing in the school timetable is religious education / RE. This has also been tailored to deliver a syllabus on Muslims & their little book which crops up continually, while Buddhism and other religions get a brief mention.

      Given we have kids leaving school that can’t read & write and count the change from a tenner when £2.65 is spent, its about time religious education and studies are taught at evenings & weekends by parents and their chosen house of religion to ensure a valuable education is delivered that equips our children for the big wide world.

      I personally object that kids are getting taught “beliefs” of what happened long time ago in Bethlehem or wherever when they aren’t even taught basic first aid that could enable them to save someone’s life that collapses in the street.

      No, instead our child of today can tell the old geezer that’s its a shame he wasn’t a Muslim as he would be due to meet 33 virgins in waiting.

      Schools are not educating kids properly these days and having taken an interest in my own children’s education, I can say it’s been more a programming of tolerance in preparation for the big wide world.

      Mine even hinted at me on a few occasions about my choice of words used in reference to certain aspects of life and I had to actually have quite a few long chats to wipe their little hard drives & reformat so that phrases such as

      “dad you can’t say that”,
      “dad, you can’t do that”,
      “dad, its not like that”,
      ” dad, they’re really nice people” (despite not meeting any personally), and even
      “well dad, if I bring one home with me, you will just have to live with it”

      all were deleted from being “the norm and acceptable” any more.

      Education needs put back on track with some discipline and manners being taught alongside core subjects and life skills instead of brainwashing them into little snowflakes that can phone Esther Rantzen if their Dad gives them a clip around the ear for being a cheeky or disobedient little cunt.

  5. She’s a treasonous cunt but I’d give her one.
    I have a thing for American women … must be the accent.
    She obviously likes bit of gringo so I’ll have to turn myself into a beaner if I want a chance.
    Guess I’ll have to stop washing, start sleeping 20 hours a day, smash myself repeatedly on the head until until my IQ goes down to around 4 and learn how to wipe people’s windscreens for 2 bucks an hour.

    Great nom by the way general. Good to see that were not the only country overrun by prize cunts.

    • The problem there is that its one less place to seek sanctuary and regroup if and when things get overwhelming. Mind you up the Yukon way / Alaska might be okay?

      I was over in upstate N.Y., in the town born & built around IBM and it was over run by peacefuls, but there was nothing left in the town other than a university campus. Pretty sad as you could tell it was once a bustling place before state tax hikes drove IBM to another state.

      The Falkland Islands are also quite promising, Maggie fought to retain them for a good reason. Maybe she believed Enoch and knew it could be our only hope one day.

      • Holy Shit B Squared! I know that area! I have lived and worked all over the states and the time I spent in the Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott even Corning area of New York state was beyond a fucking nightmare.

        I could go on about the great history of that area and what it’s become now but to what end. It’s become a shithole.

        It isn’t the last place on earth…but you can see it from there.


    • Hey Deploy , we could get over to the USA and give that bitch a good ole spit roasting. What do you prefer a blowie or the toilet area ? Frankly I’m not fussed.

      • Not fussed either mate.
        We could flip a coin but as a Mexican I’ll have to ponce one from someone first.

      • The old timers used to tell a joke…goes something like this…

        Q. Why don’t Mexicans and Blacks have babies when they marry.

        A. They don’t want their children to grow up too lazy to steal.

        I don’t think you can tell that joke today. But I’m not sure why.


  6. An excellent cunting there General. I confess that I had never heard of this retarded fuckwit before this cunting. But I fucking do now!
    Forgive my ignorance , but this business of passing State Law (sanctuary ) is surely over ruled by Federal Law ?
    The bitch needs to be spit roasted between two Eritrean’s with slims…..treacherous cunt.

  7. If any of the cunts that she warned commit crimes, she should be arrested either as an accessory or for corporate manslaughter, negligence or whatever the Feds can grow at her.

    Do you recon she’ll lez out in prison? … I hope so.

  8. Off subject from the intercontinental cunting but:
    Unilever are relocating head office to Holland. The company stress it is strategic and not due to brexit. (They are an Anglo/Dutch multinational and have given sound business reasons)
    However the Remoaners are howling as per usual that it is all down to brexit. Even though it is specifically stated otherwise.
    These fuckers can twist anything to blame brexit.

    Beast from the East – Brexit
    Anti Muslim sentiment – Brexit
    Hate crime (or the non-existent spike, lied about by the Guardian etc) – Brexit
    The Donald – Brexit (Farage has a lot to answer for)
    Lack of modern day slaves in the London area for carwashing etc – Brexit
    Climate change – Brexit

    Add any or mix & match. Fun for all the family.

    • And when anything good happens, it is despite brexit;

      Despite Brexit, the forecast for the weekend will be fine and dry.
      Despite Brexit, England stuff Germany 5-0.
      Despite Brexit, Mrs Arse of Penge has scooped 45 million quid on the lottery.

  9. Sanctuary cities, pish , we’ve got a whole fucking country for any boat jumping chancer free to plunder all it has to offer.

    The lines of “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” from the Statue of Liberty really should be relocated to the Calais side of the Channel Tunnel into Blighty.

    • Yea in Britain there’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant.
      …. unless you’re a white Christian conservative that is.

  10. That bitch would not get away with this treachery if Joseph McCarthy was still running the show.

  11. A total fucking cunt!

    I watched Tucker Carlson (the only cunt talking sense in world news today) when this story was covered and I could not believe what he was saying.

    The left want open borders (like here) because it’s easy votes for them and fuck the ordinary Joe – nth generation born and bred civilians because they vote Trump – when they drag that country down to their level (just like here).

    Then – General – the left will take your guns meaning only the authorities who now serve illegals over and above US citizens have them to keep those citizens in line with the lefty-liberal agenda.

    I would imagine Paul Revere would be spinning right about now!

    When we (the British) treat you with such disdain you stood firm and sent us packing.

    Any chance you could have a go at your own left next please! 😉

    • Hey Rebel…

      Tucker Rocks!

      Ever hear the expression…”Give me Liberty or give me death”? (Patrick Henry). As I said in another thread…they can have my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead hands!

      🔫 🇺🇸 🗽😠

      • I heard Charlton Heston say the same thing and he was right.

        In the UK we don’t do guns much – unless you’re a drug dealer, robber or “peaceful” cunt, exactly the people who we need to have guns…

        But in the US it is in the bill of rights and that – if I were a US citizen – would be sacrosanct!

        And yet the left is far more concerned with gender agnosticism as being a (faux) right, even when science and – let’s face it – biology dictates otherwise.

        If they declare they are female – even though they look like a ZZ Top reject – then they legally need to be treated as a female.

        Ok great. So let’s just say I walk up to the US treasury and declare that I am a billionaire and expect to be treated as such. How far do you think I’d get if I said that?

        A: About 1/4 of an angstrom! Because I am quite clearly deluded!

        And yet I have a cock and bollocks and wish to use the ladies powder room – go right ahead, just so long as I declare myself a woman beforehand!

        Utter fucking bollocks!

        And we’re far worse over here in pandering to these leftist-schmeftist ideals even the “so called” right wing tory party.

        God give me strength!

        I wish Dr. Frankenstein was real and he could resurrect Maggie and give us some fucking leadership again!

        And if the Ruskies are kicking off then we might as well do Ronnie at the same time.

        My country was mint in the 80’s, Boris (as in Cold War) or not. In the decades since it’s become a total fucking shambles of weak minded imbeciles!

        I’m sure the US has suffered a similar fate!

      • Slick Willy…Junior…The Community Con Artist…all these cunts chipped away at the liberty brave men and women died for.

        Ole Dutch “By God” Reagan and Maggie T may not have always been right…and I didn’t always agree with them…but they were real leaders…and to my mind…real patriots.

      • You know I need to make another point here. The Phonywood libtards all rail against conservatives like Charleston Heston and Ronald Reagan and how wrong they are. They always want to vilify them, their stands and beliefs.

        But when they want to elect someone to head up the actors guild and stand up to the studio bosses who the fuck do you think they turn to…Charleston Heston and Ronald Reagan.

        Hypocrisy doesn’t come close to describing those libtard cunts.

  12. Forgot to add, Luc who wrote the newspaper article. What is she employed as?

    An MP or a journalist writing articles against our government and its laws?

    There’s a serious conflict of interest here I’m afraid.

  13. I have a bit of a feeling that most people called Libby are…cunts.

    And about as much fun as tinned fruit.

    Stumbled across Peter Cook’s “Biased judge summing-up” of Jeremy Thrope trial.

    “And I shall draw a discreet veil over the activities of the hit-man, Mr. Olivia Newton-John….unable to carry out a simple murder plot without cocking the whole thing up.”

    Quite relevant post-Salisbury.

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