Jeremy Corbyn [11]

Just when you thought Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t possibly be a bigger cunt that you thought he was, he goes and opens his mouth and proves you wrong!

Such was the case in the House of Commons yesterday in response to Treeza’s statement on her reasponse to the poisoning in Salisbury. Despite being told in no uncertain terms on Monday that he was being a cunt on the same issue, Jezza blames the foreign office budget cuts for Putin assassinating one of his traitors. When BoJo shakes his head in disbelieve, the man who has done more to demean the position of Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition accuses BoJo of demeaning the office of Foreign Secretary.

His own MPs have now tabled an Early Day Motion stating their support for the Government’s position despite their leader decrying it. His response yesterday was almost a cut and paste from the Russian response.

If ever there was any doubt that this man and his cronies are totally unsuited to govern this once great country and that he would do nothing to defend it if attacked, it was dispelled yesterday.

The man is a fucking disgrace to his office and a total liability. God help us if he ever becomes PM…

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn is an ani British cunt of the highest order and should be sent to some shit muslim country that he loves and defends so much. Then lets see if he’s still feeling the same about the country he was born in …. total wanker and waste of space.

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