Jeremy Corbyn [11]

Just when you thought Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t possibly be a bigger cunt that you thought he was, he goes and opens his mouth and proves you wrong!

Such was the case in the House of Commons yesterday in response to Treeza’s statement on her reasponse to the poisoning in Salisbury. Despite being told in no uncertain terms on Monday that he was being a cunt on the same issue, Jezza blames the foreign office budget cuts for Putin assassinating one of his traitors. When BoJo shakes his head in disbelieve, the man who has done more to demean the position of Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition accuses BoJo of demeaning the office of Foreign Secretary.

His own MPs have now tabled an Early Day Motion stating their support for the Government’s position despite their leader decrying it. His response yesterday was almost a cut and paste from the Russian response.

If ever there was any doubt that this man and his cronies are totally unsuited to govern this once great country and that he would do nothing to defend it if attacked, it was dispelled yesterday.

The man is a fucking disgrace to his office and a total liability. God help us if he ever becomes PM…

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75 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [11]

  1. Yes, Corbyn is a cunt. He is a cunt for fraternising with the IRA scum, for calling Hezbola and Hamas his “friends”, for being anti-Semitic, for sucking up to any freakshow act who demands that black is actually white and if you point out that actually it isn’t then you are some sort of indeterminate “ist” or “phobe”. He is especially a cunt for his fanatical adherence to a long discredited, failed and murderous ideology.

    However he is not a cunt for calling out Saggy Maggie May regarding the alleged Rusky chemical weapons attack in Salisbury. Before you call me a cunt, ask yourself one question; do you trust May? Can you say you believe without a shadow of a doubt that she has clear and compelling proof, not evidence, actual copper bottomed cast iron proof that it was Ivan what done it? What Corbyn was doing was asking for such proof.

    He was a cunt though for linking the attack with cutbacks in the diplomatic service as too he was when he attempted to make political capital out of the death of that brainy spaz cunt Hawkwind.

      • May maybe okay, she too can only react to what she is told, without being accused of being a f****** cunt, but leaders can be fooled by dark plot cunts too.
        This is not a choice between personalities, that is what the MSM want you to think, Its convenient for them to focus you on an either/or choice. The fact is there are ruthless unaccountable forces in this world who will stop at nothing to further their agendas in every major power. They are the real cunts of this world and more should be done to root out the evil cunts.

    • Good post,S.F. Corbyn is undoubtedly a Cunt,but this faux, jingoistic outrage at corbyn,just because he had the temerity to ask where is the proof? is too contrived. May says it happened,so we should just accept it?
      I notice that there was a lot less outrage when Mossad conduct their activities regarding “traitors” on foreign soil.

      • His beard says it all, hiding a weak chin, as big a cunt as blair , from same species just different sub-species, you know the difference between a solid constipated turd and a full on curry driven evacuation.

    • Did she not say that samples of the nerve agent had been lodged with the OPCW?

  2. Corbyn,the Kurt Barlow of politics,he is a political vampire,it and all its followers must be destroyed especially Countess Flabbot and Dawn Butthead….. dreadful dreadful creatures of the night.

  3. Corbyn has never actually existed in the real world. He has spent in his entire life in a bubble. He thinks he ‘cares’ about ‘ordinary’ people and ‘ minorities’ but all He really cares about are bonkers theories he’s read about in books. The good thing about him is that as long as he is leader Labour will never win an election.

    • I wouldn’t be too sure of that. I think there is a very real possibility we could see the cunt in No. 10 before the end of the year. He has abandoned all his principles regarding the EU and thrown his hat in with B-liar, Lord Clegg, Mandelson, Miller, ubercunt Cambell(end), Sorarse, big banks and multinational corporations. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get an invitation to attend the Bilderberg group meeting this year. After years fighting lost causes and being a working class hero (though I don’t think he has ever worked a fucking day in his life) he has morphed into and establishment elitists’ tool to overthrow Brexit. A typical “ends justify the means” power hungry socialist cunt, in other words.

      • I couldn’t have put it better myself, eggfart, he is a complete and total fukwit of a cunt.

    • You mean his “allotment bubble”.

      Hopefully this land of shallots and cabbages will be all he ever has control of.

  4. Please fellow cunters, take a gander at this video. It is the interview with Tommy Robinson the British state attempted to ban. If you have any, distribute to your friends and family. This deserves to go nuclear.

    If you can, also download the video so that when it gets taken down, which it surely will, you can re-post it.

    Non of the information contained in the interview is new, it was all published in far greater detail in Tommy’s book “Enemy of the State”. It is basically Tommy talking about how the British state has run an organised and deliberate campaign to attempt to silence him. His story begs the question; why would the state go to such lengths to silence an individual? It isn’t as if he is giving out state secrets, he is mealy and with just cause criticizing a medieval and barbaric death cult. Would the British state go to such lengths to protect the feelings of a few peaceful cunts? I doubt it. So, what is actually going on here? Why is the West hell bent on islamification and why will it go to such extraordinary lengths to silence anyone who speaks out against it?

    • Not trying to be pedantic but I think we should stop calling the grooming gangs Asian when the vast majority are of Parking Stanley heritage of the peaceful persuasion.

      • Calling them Asians is an insult to them little cute Chinese cunts. Have you ever heard of them even being involved in such cuntish behavior. These cunts call them Asian because they lack the balls to call them what they are MUSLIMS. And 90 percent of the grooming rapes are committed by Parker Stanley cunts. I mean trying to lump Indians,Chinese,Indonesia and Thai into this this cattergory is truly cuntish behavior. If there ever was anyone in need of an all holy cunting it’s that sand ninja MOHAMED wife beating,child sex having level 26 fully paid up CUNT

    • In a nutshell I don’t think either of the political parties in the UK give a flying fuck about anyone other than themselves and the rights of Peacefuls.

      Everyone else can go to hell.

  5. Skidmark. You are spot on you cunt. You can’t be starting world war 3 without any solid evidence. Has no cunt seen a good day to die hard. Putin wouldn’t be such a stupid cunt with the world cup coming up.. plus he’s had ten years to kill the traitor while he was banged up in Russia..

    • May is just using the opportunity to try and look strong after being such a soppy cunt over brexit.

    • As someone from Chatham House said “OK, the victims are Russian, the toxin was Russian, but it could be illicit, and carried out by someone else to smear the Kremlin”

      It’s like cooking Beef Stroganoff – you follow the recipe, bung it in a flit gun, and off you go.

      In this dark and confused age, this is NOT impossible.

      I had a dream…that I was walking down City Road in Cardiff, dressed in an extremely fetching burqa that left EVERYTHING to the imagination…(and I could barely see where I was going…just followed my nose).

      Suddenly, my plunger shot up and out, and I was screaming and ranting “Exterminate !! Exterminate !! Brown wee-wee, brown wee-wee…”

  6. Being a suspiciously old-school-lefty individual, I had high hopes of Corbyn at first. But his blindness to the national interest disqualifies him from my support, or even sympathy, now. What a cunt! Even if he’d put up a shrine to Putin at home ( and why would he? Putin’s the reverse of a socialist) – he shouldn’t have been cunt enough to do what he did yesterday. He’s handed the narrative back to the filthy Blairites, demonstrated that he gives not a fuck about his country’s security, and probably alienated three-quarters of his voter base. Utter incompetent, couldn’t run a whelk stall. Sound cunting. Endorse. Put me down for Tory membership.

  7. Watching PMQs live yesterday, I was fucking incensed by Corbyn. At the moment he wanked on about cuts at the most inappropriate juncture, I was hoping in vain that May, Hammond and a few of the non-Momentum Labour MPs would rush Corbyn and administer a Rodney King style tolchoking, preferably with May’s kitten heels repeatedly crashing down on his Corbyn’s fucking face.

    Flanked by the twin Jabbas of Abbot and Thornberry, this shameless fucking quisling out-cunted his own seismic achievements in the field by politicising the murders which are almost certainly on Russia’s hands. (hint – the nerve gas used is only manufactured in one place – Russia).

    A teeth-clenchingly reluctant un-cunting (only slightly, mind you) for Yvette Cooper who stood up and basically over-rode Corbyn’s cuntitude and got many a cheer from all sections of the house.

    Corbyn – never has a man in tweed been such a spectacular , epoch-defining cunt.

    • Kim Jong Un’s half brother was killed by a nerve agent manufactured in……..Britain!!! It doesn’t mean to say we did it.

      I don’t do conspiracy theories, OK then I do sometimes, but things are fishy. Why use a nerve agent in the first place? How come the boys from nearby Porton Down were on the scene with full hazmat gear within minutes? You find two unconscious people on a bench smelling of booze, what is your first reaction? Nerve agent?

      I’m not saying Ivan didn’t do it, he probably did. But before calling on the Trident boys we better have proof. Remember Iraq, WMDs, dodgy dossiers etc?

      • Slight difference.

        The UK-invented nerve Agent VX which killed KJU’s half-brother. But it is produced worldwide.

        Novichok is produced exclusively in Russia.

        And for info, much of the ire at Corbyn – at least on my part – was for the politicising of this issue by wanking on about diplomatic cuts effectively being responsible for this incident.

    • Right… so another government with sufficient laboratory facilities to produce a normally Russian-exclusive chemical weapon decides to go to monumental expense in not choosing any of the other mixtures already on the shelf, murders two people in Salisbury, one of whom happens to be a Russian double-agent, all in a ploy to lay the blame at Putin’s door?

      Oh, and notwithstanding that both Skripal and Litvinenko before him were former MI6 exiles?

      What was that you were saying about a story ‘full of holes’, Mike?

      I mean, Putin’s never done anything like this before, had he…

      • Moon of fucking Alabama? Go on, cite now. It’s more credible and better informed.

      • Yeah, Craig Murray…we are distantly acquainted. His take on the matter is essentially that of the Russian state-supported outlets, whose admirers now sadly throng his blog. Regretfully – he’s a good man – I have to say that his views on this subject are exctly as valid as MoA’s. He appears to think that any demonisation of the UK will bring forward the day that Scotland gains independence, which he strongly supports from a position more extreme than the SNP, even.

        As to proof that Russia is indeed responsible for the current atrocity, I don’t have access to the full picture. But if you can tell me why we should be gratuitously worsening our already terrible relations with Russia, perhaps you’re privy to the intelligence picture as well as the highly suggestive chemical one, and I would welcome your input. With sources and citations, of course, as I know you would demand the same from me.

    • Sam Johnson must have met him in a previous life.
      “Sir, he was dull in company, dull in his closet, dull everywhere. He was dull in a new way, and that made many people think him GREAT” – could have been written for the swivel eyed lunatic. He wasn’t a back bencher for 33+ years for nothing – successive liebour governments wouldn’t have trusted the cunt to find his arse with both hands – still, his daily visit to the Grenfell grotto appears to be popular with the Islington luvvies and the Hampstead mothers union, and of course every efnic in GB is a nailed down Liebour voter even if the Imam votes for the whole street (postal voter fraud is endemic – apparently) in his hood. Outside of Londonistan, high jigaboo populated cities plus his momentum brown shirts he is out of his comfort zone. A cunt in cunts clothing.

    • A Novy-Tolchoking would be in order for Corbyn.

      I’ll say one thing, though… Jeremy Corbyn’s got initials that the TeraCunt Bliar would die for !

      Yv – ET Cooper…proof that we may yet be saved from ourselves by aliens.

  8. Hang on a minute, Jezbollah is attributing the attack for cuts in funding for diplomatic services. Surely that would be cuts in funding for the intelligence services?

  9. I think the fact that this is Steptoes 11th cunting in our hallowed halls far more eloquently illustrates what a massive, massive cunt he is than this humble narrator could describe.

    I don’t think even Bono’s got 11 cuntings, has he?!

    • While there is civil war, famine, drought and aids on the Dark Continent there will be a Bono with a TV crew.

      • Famine, drought, AIDS and Bono.

        I’m trying to decide which of those causes the most suffering.

      • TECB, if you’d listed Geldof as well, famine, drought and AIDS could confidently have been eliminated from any enquiries…

  10. I see we have the Putin apologists out again. On Steptoe’s side no less.
    Putin is a mafia don. Russia is run to crime syndicate principles not political dogma. There are Russian ministers of state whose job is solely to skim from the major industries. Putin is probably the world’s richest man because of this.
    He murdered his main political rival outside the walls of the Kremlin whose CCTV happened to be down for maintenance that night. He murdered using radioactive substances on British soil. He invaded Georgia because he didn’t like the leadership getting close to the West. Ditto Crimea. He is sponsoring the war against the Ukraine for the same reason.
    He is an odious little psycho. The only good thing being that the Russian economy cannot sustain this level of theft indefinitely, and will sooner or later collapse like an African kleptocracy.
    So, May obviously the wrong’un here.
    God bless Jezza and Vladimir.

      • The EU are responsible for the fuck up in Ukraine. They wanted to negotiate a trade deal with Ukraine but refused to allow Russia to be part of the negotiations, despite Ukrainian leaders requesting it. The EU negotiators gave Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically elected president the hard choice of either you go with us or you go with Russia. ( the typical not give an inch negotiating style we know and love the EU for ). Yanukovych chose Russia. Pro EU protests ensued, much like the remoaners in UK. Pro EU types don’t like it when they lose. This was hijaked most likely by the CIA but I’m sure other covert intelligence services were involved too and the protests became violent. Viktor Yanukovych’s position became untenable and he legged it to Russia leaving a bunch of ex Nazis to take power. All this applauded by the BBC, CNN, NYT etc. etc. So the elected president was ousted in a violent coup and power seized by Western backed puppet government. This would inevetably lead to Russia lossing it’s Black Sea fleet bases on the Crimean peninsular so Putin took the only option available to him and annexed the Crimea. What else was he going to do, lose his naval bases? What would America do if Mexico fell to a hostile power?

        As far as Ukraine is concerned, Russia were more sinned against than sinners. That was an EU foreign policy fuck up and if they had an army fuck knows where it would have ended.

    • Anyone here noticed a vague similarity between Crimea 2014 and Sudetenland 1938? Or suspect that the more the entrenched leader of a one-party state with a huge military* can get away with, the more he’ll try it on?

      Some of us have, and do. History is on our side. And while jaw, jaw is vastly preferable to war, war, the former is no bloody good at all from a position of weakness.

      *Undergoing active expansion

  11. I’m far from being a Pro Putin shill cunters but the last two years I’ve been more Pro Putin then Pro Maggie May the bogging failure that is unfortunately PM.

    You don’t give a 24 hour ultimatum to a foreign power like this and how do we know if some other spy agency did this to hoax a war with russia?! Just asking because the blame russia narrative is very popular in the MSM right now, just sayin

    • I’m a Ukrainian born here so you can imagine that I’m no fan of ANY leader of Russia, especially one that invades a good chunk of my country but this doesn’t smell right. The only way it could have been more ‘Russian’ is if Putin himself had done it in front of an audience and that don’t work for me, he’s not stupid, not by a long way.

  12. The pathetic inept muppets which make up the ridiculous excuse for political party otherwise known as the Labour Party are probably the most unfit bunch individuals to make up an opposition party In recent times.

    How Theresa May managed to reduce her majority following the snap election against this shower of cunts only goes to demonstrate how disasterous the Tory election campaign was, and highlights just how poor the calibre is of both parties politicians.

  13. No one should be under any illusion about Putin or Corbyn.
    Putin is still smarting over the demise of the USSR, he has said that it was a geopolitical disaster. His aim is to not just turn the clock back but to make Russia THE dominant world power. If you want to know the man look at his record. Look at the elimination and suppression of opponents at home, the confiscation of assets. Look at the meddling in the Caucasus, Ukraine and the seizing of Crimea. Look at the use of Polonium as a tool of assassination.
    Using radioactive material and nerve agents to kill people is great if you want to spread fear and terror. It’s also a great way of saying ‘ Yes we are responsible and we know you know, and we don’t give a fuck’. The reason they don’t give a fuck is because we are weak, they know it and so do we. So the primary purpose of these assassinations is not to eliminate traitors but to intimidate Britain / the west, spread fear and induce a sense of vulnerability and hopelessness. To combat this we need to change our ways to a more Cold War style of posture, taking in not just military policy but industry, infrastructure, civil defence, food and energy production and storage, etc. , etc.
    As for Mr. Corbyn, he is the enemy within, whether he is a willing or unwilling stooge is immaterial. Again look at his record, support for PIRA, anti establishment, far left dogma revisionism, etc. etc. Make no mistake, this man and his running dogs in Momentum and elsewhere are a real threat, it is highly likely be will become prime minister. Not good.

  14. Off topic.
    I’ve just opened google up to type in ‘Is A Cunt’ and noticed this about Stephen Hawkins on their home page:

    Physicist. Philosopher. Hero. Stephen Hawking. 1942-2018.

    Ok the man is dead but I thought ‘Hero’ was a bit rich?

    It’s obviously been written by the google feminazi as a role model of how all us white men should aspire to be? Harmless, wheelchair bound, incapable of sexual assault and unable to speak speaking for ourselves?

  15. Surely Stephen Hawking is nothing but a slavering cunt who wrote shit books and did wonders for speak n spell machines

  16. You obviously haven’t seen him being interviewed where he openly states anyone betraying Russia can expect to die. They were his actual words, they weren’t ‘created’ by the MSM.

    • Fair play to the cunt. Maybe we should have a similar policy to all those who want to betray Brexit.

  17. And so it has come to pass…. As predicted yesterday, the celebricunts are out in force over Steven Hawking…. The best/worst/most hilarious one? Kunty Perry tweeting ‘There is a black hole in my heart’…. Absolutely cringeworthy and puke inducing and pure comedy at the same time… I doubt she even met the man, and she certainly didn’t care about him on any personal or emotional level… And the ‘black hole’ bit? She won’t even know what one is or where they are… Like she’ll ever know what Hawking was on about?! It’s hilarious… What’s next? Rhian Sugden on Einstein? Katie Price talks Newton? As thick as pigshit attention seeking narcissistic bubble headed celebrity griefjackingcunts go, Perry takes some beating… A total cunt…

    • I am waiting for Joey Essex’s tribute. And perhaps Benny from Crossroads.

    • The only black hole upon Katy Perry’s person is the stinking, oozing one which has seen more traffic than the Hammersmith underpass. This stupid, utterly inconsequential cunt would be reduced to dribbling spasticity if she was forced to read even the mere fucking cliff notes of any Hawking book.

      I’ll wager that this totally insipid cunt only knows of Hawking from his appearance on The Simpsons.

      In the rare event that someone famous dies who isn’t an actor, singer or ‘personality’, then these bandwagon-jumping celebricunt grief-thieves really show up how utterly fucking vacuous they are.

      Has Lily ‘mong in telepod A, chavcunt in telepod B’ Allen made any kind of social media ‘tribute’ to the late great vocoder on wheels yet?

  18. A bit strong, I can’t see WW3 kicking off over topping some nonentity double agent spy cunt and his daughter. At worst team England will boycott the world cup, thus saving us from the traditional quad annual humiliation and sparing English travelling fans a sound kicking.

  19. I don’t see this issue around Putin and Russia as being tied up with MSM. Not insofar as my opinion, anyways.

    As Richard1 says, a number of things Putin has stated or done in the context of such incidents are on record, without any MSM bias. There is a galactical difference between what is going on right now and the lies spun by Blair and Campbell so that they could invade Iraq.

    Plenty of other issues do demand serious coverage and action; like the latest sex abuse scandal and the continuing peaceful ‘enrichment’. However, all fingers pointing to Russian links mean that this is an international incident of some considerable weight, rightly or wrongly. That’s why it is taking precedence with regard May’s priorities etc.

    I don’t think anyone is naive to believe that our government cares about protecting us from anything. But they are required to act in the event that one country instigates a potential murder on another’s soil.

    • But foreign cunts are committing murder on British soil routinely and May does fuck all about it ( and the MSM does it’s best to bury the story )

      And MSM are very much tied up with the demonisation of Russia in general and Putin in particular. Trump, Brexit, Ukraine, persecution of homos, bombing ikle kiddy winks in Syria are all MSM favourite narratives. When did you last hear anything good about Russia on MSM?

      Did you watch the interview with Tommy Robinson? They had him up on some trumped up charge of mortgage fraud, threatened him that if he didn’t plead guilty they would do his wife too, so he pleaded guilty and was banged up in a maximum security nick and was due to be put on a wing with a bunch of peacefuls who had attempted to kill him once already. And that was when May was home secretary. She should be up for attempted murder so she doesn’t have the right to call Ivan out for being a cunt.

      • But foreign cunts are committing murder on British soil routinely and May does fuck all about it ( and the MSM does it’s best to bury the story )

        Fundamental difference being that this case, if Russia carried it out, is an authorised attack carried out by one country on another’s soil. When Ahmed drives his van into a load of bystanders, it isn’t under instruction from any country. It’s a terrorist action.

        Significant differences as far as international diplomacy is concerned.

      • When Ahmed is inspired by Wahhabism sponsored by Saudi Arabia the lines become more blurred. And wasn’t that a Saudi prince’s bum hole Saggy Maggie had her tongue right up the other day?

  20. In general terms I fail to see the connection between politically correct incompetence and neglect in Rochdale, the Establishment’s determination to wreck Brexit and liberal bullshit about the so called ‘far right’ and ww3.
    It is Corbyn and his ilk that have brought us to this. It is Corbyn and his ilk that side against us the British and line up with the IRA and any bunch of Islamic loons that are handy.. For once May is doing the right thing, which should have been done when Putin killed Litvinenko.
    So, do nothing? Cringe and hide? I don’t think so. And do we think the corrupt, incompetent Russian state is in any position to threaten on a large scale? No, it is a crime syndicate pushing it’s luck. No more.

  21. There’s a context being wilfully missed here. And that is history repeating itself. Crimea was invaded and annexed – sorry, sorry- was peacefully and democratically reattached – to Mother Russia in 2014. Because Putin could. And it’s completely ridiculous that dear Vladimir could have designs on anyone else. Russia is encircled by its enemies, is more sinned against than sinning, and desires only peace and co-operation, lol.

    The Sudetenland was annexed, without a fight, to Germany in 1938. Thanks, Chamberlain. Hitler subsequently gave copious assurances that Germany was a peaceful nation, had no designs on anyone else, and would stop there. From the entrenched leader of a police state which had been for several years heavily rearming…any bells ringing?

    A year later, Poland, the Netherlands, half of France and Belgium had been overrun, with the UK under attack.

    • You forgot Russia in your little history lesson. Germany invaded Russia too and if it had not been for Russia fucking the Nazis off the USA may not have entered the war and if the Yanks had not joined the war in Europe we may all very well be speaking German now.

      • I never for one moment forget Russia. Molotov signed a peace treaty which he thought would get Germany off his back for a while as it subjugated the rest of Europe, and Russia would receive half of Poland in return. As it turned out, it didn’t. Never believe a fascist, is the lesson. And Putin has all the marks of a fascist, (in the old WW2 sense, not the routine term of abuse levelled by Islington ‘socialists’ at anyone who doesn’t wear sandals.)

  22. Jeremy Corbyn is congenitally incapable of criticising any country or organisation that seeks to undermine the British state and our culture, economic system and allies. I cannot recall a single occasion on which he has taken a remotely pro British or patriotic stance.

    A truly dangerous cunt – God help us if he ever manages to hoodwink his way into number 10. But stranger things have happened in the last years or two.

    By the way, what an amazing forum this is! Where have you been all my life?

  23. at night I drink myself into a stupor because of the shell shock aquired through the day caused by these cunts, I can not understand how they got there, what they are hoping to acheive, and who supports them. I can only assume that some very guilty wealthy people finance and suport them because of their mis informed belife that this is what the people outside their gated comunitys actualy want.

  24. Jeremy Cuntbyn is an absolute fucking cunt. How can anyone in his own party even support him? He keeps giving them a parliamentary salary is why!
    I have to say that I grew up when “politicians” were honourable people and had integrity. Past politicians have honourably resigned for less than comrade Jeremy’s
    Treacherous utterances. I cannot believe the people who sit behind him at PMQs nodding in agreement with his fucking verbal diahoroea: it must be the television moment and the fucking cunting undeserved ministerial salary. What a load of fucking disingenuous CUNTS. we actually pay the salary of these absolute fucking cunts. I hated the tales of cunts being deposed and shot against a shitty wall. Well I am now warming to the concept. Corbyn is without doubt the worst cunt to have held the position of labour leader and considering names like Blair brown and foot that is something for me to say.

  25. The ruskies created this problem. Putin is an old school soviet pining for the glory days of the ussr, russians are chippy as fuck about losing their world power status. I get that, how long has it taken us brits to get over not being a world power anymore (don’t kid yourself). Surely the point about Salisbury is not the killing of a Russian traitor by Russians but the arrogance/disregard shown for this country and the west by using a banned chemical weapon to do the dirty. If they’d just shot/stabbed/heroin od’d the cunt no one would have given two fucks…theyve been doing that for years But the decision to use nerve agent was a deliberate and very public challenge to the uks security and sovereignty… Get wound up by the EU telling us what to do? How about a government prepared to demonstrate it’s ability to get a weapon of mass destruction into our country and then live fire it to make a point? Ruskies are cunts for not playing the game. Successive UK governments cunts for being weak as fuck. Corbyn is a cunt for not being able to see the bigger picture. I am a cunt for writing too much. Cunts.

    • No – if anything you’re a cunt for not writing more. Great analysis!

  26. What makes Corbyn, and May, and all of the rest of the cunts in Westminster (both houses) is the amount of hand-wringing the cunts are doing over two foreign cunts, spy cunts, who no doubt deserved what they got for being treacherous cunts!

    That’s what makes all of the cunts in the Palace of Westminster total cunts!

    Pick any country which has summat about itself in world affairs thus necessitating the need/usage of spies and I’ll show you a country which has off’d spies (foreign or double agents) in any fucking place they’ve liked including this nation (when we had some fucking backbone, military pride and didn’t fall all over itself to appease murdering “peaceful” scum)!

    If Boris (i.e. the Ruskies rather than the feckless foreign secretary) wants to off their own treacherous cunts then – I’m sorry – but that’s fine by me. Maybe newsworthy for a single day but fuck all else after that.

    And yet – like the US left with the preposterous notion that Trump colluded with Putin – this has been the only fucking story that the ABBC, et. al., have covered since the snow melted! It’s fucking ridiculous!

    I have been keeping watch and do you know there has been more coverage on this “who gives a flying fuck” story than either the Manchester or London Bridge incidents which were summarised as:

    Day 1: Tragic but nothing to do with “peacefulness”.

    Day 2: Visit a Mosque, hug a “peaceful” and come down on any cunt looking sideways at a beardy or burkah like a tonne of bricks.

    Day 3: Wills & Kate are having another kid and sources are pretty sure it’s not Harry’s!


    The only blind cunt I knew in parliament was David Blunkett. The only deaf cunt I knew was my own MP as a kid, Jack Ashley.

    Now we have two Houses of Cunts who are completely deaf, dumb and blind to the REAL, in fact ONLY issue we want them to concentrate on and that’s the “peaceful” cunt issue!

    Both sorting out the cunts already here (born and bred or imported – there’s no differentiation IMO – because they’re all cunts) and stopping more cunts coming in, family here or not, fuck off, you simply are no longer fucking welcome you murderous cunts!

    Oh, and we’re fucking full, but even if there was only me left in the whole fucking country, I’d still say we were full to those “peaceful” fucking cunts!

  27. I don’t think we should jump to any conclusions on this nerve agent thing until we hear what Spivey has to say. He’ll know who did it and how and why.

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