Grieve & Bercow

Has there ever been a pair of more treacherous cunts in the history of modern British politics?

This morning it is revealed that John “Bollocks to Brexit” Bercow held a meeting in his plush taxpayer funded apartment with arch Remoaner Dominic Grieve the evening before Bercow completely rode roughshod over constitutional protocol by allowing Grieve to table an amendment to an unamendable bill..

Grieve’s comment on the meeting? “I often speak to the Speaker about all sorts of things. We’re fellow Buckinghamshire MPs. But I am not in the business of suborning Speakers. They make up their own minds. I tabled my amendment without speaking to the Speaker. How the Speaker decided to approach the amendment is a matter for him.” So it was all just a coincidence then? Like fuck do I believe that one!

Meanwhile in his Buckinghamshire constituency, the chair of the local party said he had been ‘bombarded’ with letters of complaint about Grieve calling for him to be deselected. He added: ‘We don’t want him to stay as our MP. If he tries to stand again I would personally hurl rotten tomatoes at him.’

Grieve’s comment? He said he was “unaware of any calls by local Beaconsfield Tory association members for him to be deselected over his actions last week and denied that he plans to stand down at the next Election.” Well, it’s in the national press this morning so I guess he’s aware of it now? I find his statement incredulous – but then he is a lawyer!

And as for Mr Bollocks to Brexit? A spokesman said “Meetings with parliamentarians are private and we do not comment on them.”

A pair of undemocratic, untrustworthy cunts if ever there was one…

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39 thoughts on “Grieve & Bercow

  1. This pair of motherfuckers are devious liars, puffed up by their own self importance. If the people of Beaconsfield had any backbon they would insist Cunty Grieve was deselected since he has embarrassed his own government so many times, with that oh-so-clever- barrister superciliousness.

    As for Bercow the preening arsewipe displays little man syndrome – probably onlly has a two inch dick, which is why his wife wants to explore her options.

    Take them both to a derelict building and beat the crap out of them. It’s all these closet queens understand

    • Thanks Dio – I was about to pen a rather vicious cunting for this miserable pair of pondlife myself and you have saved me the bother.

      I would have thought that deselection awaits for all of the remainer scum who have ignored that party manifesto that they were elected on and have tried to ride roughshod over the legitimate democratic ‘peoples vote’ held in 2016.

      I would suggest to the Chair of the Beconsfield Conservative Association that he leaves the rotten tomatoes to one side and instead selects some rather sharp darts if spears are not available.

  2. I think there will need to be reckoning once we leave the EU. We will need to disbar from office all those who were willing to side with a foriegn power against the freely expressed democratic wishes of the majority of the British people and to attempt to override the referendum result.

    This would include the Lords, Commons and Civil Service.

    These cunts like the EU, Varadker, Verhofstadt, Juncker, Tusk and Micron have over played their hand. Fucking twats.

  3. Snivelling shits the pair. Between these weasels and May and the other rrmainer brown-nosers i can’t vote Tory in the next election. Traitorous, spineless cunts.

    • How many pounds of plastic are needded to make a “Bollox to Bercow” under-car attachment ?

  4. I am at a loss as to how Bercow was allowed to get away with blatant bias which flouted parliamentary rules. The puffed up little cunt should be removed and replaced with a neutral Speaker.

      • “Alexa, please inform the Shadow Home Secretary that her numerical acumen leaves a lot to be desired, second only to her blatant waycism!”

        BEEP! BEEP!

        “The Common Sense Party Member for Oop Norf says Dianne Abbott is a cunt.”


    • He and Grieve might not have much longer left. Both the shitty seedy cunts look as if they have terminal constipation. They will probably both end up having a stroke on the commode (one of Mangledbum’s favourite hobbies)

    • As long as he’s biased in favour of Remoan he can get away with anything. As he has so clearly demonstrated, time and time again. Labour love him and so do the majority of Remain /Brino supporting Tories. This country is finished.

  5. The pair of them, along with Soubry, Blair, Ummuna, Cooper, the list goes on, better start looking over their shoulders from now on……

  6. You have to have tiny bit of sympathy for Bercow now that the Panto work has dried up and Snow White’s back to working the Gentlemen’s clubs.

  7. In the immortal words of Linkin Park:
    We’re building it up, to burn it back down,
    We’re building it up, to burn it down, We can’t wait to burn it to the ground.

  8. Grieve always looks grievously pained. ‘I must stop Brexit for the country even though it greviously pains me to do so,’ .his face says. He never stops to think that his actions are grievously helping thwart the will of the British people.

  9. Dominic Grieve has had so many of his little piggies in the remain pie, that the smell of shit coming from his direction is making me physically ill.

    After the referendum result there shouldn’t be one MP talking about us not leaving the EU. Democracy means that MP’s work on behalf of what the people want, the majority of people wanted out, ergo MP’s should then have to work towards the outcome of that referendum. If my hypothetical employer said that the company as a whole wants to start building aeroplanes, I couldn’t just fuck off on my own and build a boat because that was my preference. I would be sacked. So why the fuck do we still have these treasonous MP’s in jobs?!

    And as for permatan Bercow, he’s a power mad, jumped up, little cunt. I can’t stand his face, even when noise isn’t coming out of it.

  10. Burkcow reminds me of of a ventriloquist ‘s dummy. Grieve operates him by sticking his hand up his arse making his lips move and rotating his head whilst speaking his lines for him.

  11. Grieve is a cunt, along with the other remain at all cost cunts like Soubry.

    Bercunt is an even bigger cunt, how the fuck can he claim to be impartial when he rules on a number of amendments but surprise surprise the one that wins is ‘The Grieve Stitch up’

    Fucking Joke.

    It would be more democratic to have Nigel Farage as supreme leader…..

    Out of Europe
    Clamp down on Immigration
    No more snowflake bullshit
    Restore law and order
    All peacefuls deported to anywhere but here (that one is mine…. not sure even NF would carry that one out)

    • Evening SOI.

      Nigel is in against May’s sellout ‘withdrawal agreement’, for precisely the same reasons I am, i.e. the backstop which has the potential of tying us to the EU forever, & the £39 billion payment for fuck all in return.

      He is however positively in favour of leaving on WTO rules. As am I.

  12. The contempt with which these pair of shit stick cunts hold us all in is breathtaking. Berk-ow will be remembered as the fucking horrible two faced little cunt that he is, a disgrace to the position, and humanity in general. Crooked, bigoted little nobody, who could never contribute anything worthwhile, so makes a living poncing over cunts who should. Grieve will only be remembered if his little underhand attempts to thwart democracy are successful, otherwise he will end his career, and life as a nobody. And a cunt.

  13. His Mrs shagged his cousin amongst
    others so he has to act like the big (ha) important relevant man to feel good about himself. Thats why he wont let the speakers job go, he’d be a nobody again.
    Either that or he’s just a cunt.

  14. That pantomime horse/giraffe Sally Bercow has handled more helmets than Barry Sheene.

    John Bercow’s micropenis wouldn’t touch the sides. Like throwing a wizened chipolata up Dartford Tunnel.

    No wonder the cuckolded, miserable little prick insists on having his own way. Cunt.

    • A humourless, undernourished, pasty shortarse back then.

      Little has changed. Stewpot and Glaze should have given the miserable little cunt a poke in the japseye with his pencil.

  15. Fuckin bang on dio…
    It’s a posh cunt’s pact (not that I have anything against posh cunts, us poor cunts can be cunts too) but this whole thing stinks to high heaven of corruption….
    Filthy back stabbing cunts.
    One Tory stated that the treachery might lead to people voting for “extreme” parties, and that it might be the end of …. well … whatever shitracket they’ve got going now.
    Well durrrrr….
    I’ve just become a member of UKIP.
    We’re all so far right and racist and misogynist and islamophobic and ….
    Na, I just hate the establishment. …. maybe a little bit of cuntitude thrown in for good measure, but i just want to tell these cunts that can get fucked.

  16. Democracy in the UK is dead. We are told a no deal Brexit is not acceptable and will not happen, so no Brexit there then. We are told May’s deal is the only acceptable one and if the 600 scumbags in Westminster vote for it then Brexit will have been delivered according to the wishes of the British people. Absolute bollocks. May’s deal keeps us in the EU with no representation nor ability to leave. So no Brexit there then. The British people voted to leave the EU. It was a simple yes/no choice.. The British people did not grant the scumbags a mandate to decide what is or is not acceptable and, by the way, acceptable to whom? The British people instructed the government in Parliament to leave. The instructions of the British people have not been carried out. A government and Parliament that ignores the people cannot claim to be either representative or democratic. It is despotic and in defending it’s illegitimacy increasingly repressive (arrest for insulting Soubry – failure to protect JRM and Nigel Farage and their respective families). The selective application of the law is a hallmark of facism. The UK government and Parliament are fascist and should rightly be removed by any means available to the people. It took more than 15 years to rid Germany of them and more than 50 years in the former Soviet Union. It will take time but everyone who voted leave should oppose the incumbent scumbags in Westminster.

  17. The Two Ronnies of the House of Commons These two cunts need deselecting from office as do the many Labour MPs who’s constituents voted to a man/woman to leave the EU These Brexit blockers traitors do not speak for their constituents or the 17 million voters who voted to leave Bercow is an odious little twat with little Man syndrome who has a major problem with women and does not like to be told anything as He thinks He knows better than us plebs Grieve is just a joke the sooner He’s deselected from office the better

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