John Bercow [16] and His Supporters

The jury has deliberated and John Bercow stands condemned as a serial bully and liar. It’s gratifying to see the man, who did so much to thwart Parliamentary procedure to halt Brexit, finally brought to book. But what of his supporters? They deserve a cunting perhaps more than he. They knew he was a bully but didn’t care as long as he was their ally in throwing away the votes of Brexit voters. So here is the roll of shame.

Dame Margaret Beckett (AKA Dobby the House Elf).
To Beckett Bercow’s bullying was less important than his anti-Brexit shenanigans – “Abuse is terrible….but yes, if it comes to the constitutional future of this country….yes it trumps bad behaviour”.

James O’Brien.
“When you’re losing all the arguments and you’re still too proud, ill-informed or blinkered to admit it, find a scapegoat and attack him or her furiously for spurious reasons. John Bercow, for example.

David Lammy.
“John Bercow is an inter-galactic hero. In the noisy world of moneyed oafs belching their jingoism, he brings style, civility, and Shakespearean rhyme. A true freestyler”.

Gary Lineker.
Bercow is “principled….a difficult act to follow”.

Alastair Campbell.
“Love him or hate him (I like him a lot)…Bercow is a big character with a big heart…..And a good mimic”. (One of the allegations found against Bercow is that he humiliated people by mimicking them).

Dawn Butler.
“We really do need to ask the Conservatives why it is that you haven’t. like everybody else, ensured that the speaker of the House is given a peerage? Otherwise I think that is a form of bullying too”.

Jeremy Corbyn.
“As speaker John Bercow stood up for Parliament during one of the most turbulent periods in British politics. I look forward to campaigning (with Bercow) for social justice and peace in the future”.

John Bercow – a cunt in the company of cunts.

Nominated by: MMCM

Seconded by: Halloween Cunthook


At last this stumpy cunt has been exposed to the world for what he actually is. Most of us clear thinking cunters knew, but now it’s there for everyone.

He is the equivalent to Trumps RINO (Republican In Name Only) for the UK,

He is a CUNT, (Conservative Until Needed Twat).

Thirdly by: Get Fucked Woke Cunts

Amazingly if you search ‘bercow and court’

what happens?

That’s right the fucking gruniad, the independent and loads of other shills all ‘claiming’ it’s a fit up. The court system is a joke. Much, MUCH further down bits of truth.

About time to burn down gruniad and unindependent CUNTS

42 thoughts on “John Bercow [16] and His Supporters

  1. It says everything that this pompous goblin humiliated MPs.

    After all,if he’d tried the same sort of laughable tactics in a pub or anywhere with normal people in attendance he’d have been told to Get Fucked in a minute flat.

    And possibly given a right good slap.

    The House of Cunts got what it deserved.
    A loudmouth corrupt mid.get.


    • Oh and I dimly recall a furore when he did his office up.
      No B&Q paint and rollers for this cunt.

      Decked it out like the Queen Mary but luckily we paid for it for him.


      • That list of bercow supporters is the crème de La crème of U.K. cuntery ….
        There’s not a single cunt on there I wouldn’t like to see under a bus…..

  2. Did they ask that pie-key who fucked his wife for a quote?

    I imagine it would have been along the lines of:

    “Da fuckin’ sour faced midget. Worra stoopid fuckin’ sausage. Now, Sally girl, come oer’ here an put dis in yer mouth.”

    • I reckon David Lammy has sneakily fucked lanky Sally…she looks the sort to enjoy getting pounded by some midnight meat.

      • TtCE@ – “Midnight meat” – you wicked man you! 😀👍
        Good form, carry on Sir!

      • Probably!
        She did tell Sir Qu.eer that her favourite film is Disney’s Junglebook🤔

    • I bet she was a right dirty little tart when she was younger, according to Wikicunt:

      In 2011 Sally Bercow said “I don’t mind people knowing about my history of one-night stands and alcoholism … in my twenties. … I grew up in my thirties and gained control of myself.”

      I bet her flaps aren’t under control, uncle Alan Bercow allegedly porked the slapper, gave her a good old finger of fudge while Jonny boy he was in the chamber no doubt noshing himself off – cunt.

  3. Why does all this come out after the cunt has left, rather than when he was there? Looking after their own as usual.

  4. The man(?) is a cunt of the highest order, but a cunt usually gives pleasure. He is an arsehole.

  5. Claimed furlough. Though I suppose his panto part was cancelled due to covid. Not sure which one he was – stumpy, cunty or runty.

  6. Classic case if small man syndrome.
    Not so much a cunt just a prick…

  7. Top cunting, MMCM.

    Forgot one of his supporters though.

    Peter Hitchens.
    “Beware of attempts to smear and undermine the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. They are dangerous and wrong. I dislike much about Mr Bercow, from his drippy politically correct opinions to his scorn for tradition. On the other hand, I know him to be intelligent, original and thoughtful.”

  8. I just cannot understand how he got away with bullying all these people, most of whom were surely taller than him. Why didn’t anyone simply remind him that at that moment his wife was probably getting rammed by someone else, and then lump the little cunt?

    • I think his wife was getting rammed by everyone else but him to be honest.

      Imagine knowing that some filthy do as you likey had been up your missus and still having the brass bollocks to show your face in public with her.

      What a sad, pathetic cuckold excuse for a man.

  9. Anyone bullied by this little circus outcast should be ashamed!!

    Midgets can be lippy,
    A good clout sets them straight.

    Or for women,
    Take off your shoe and repeatedly beat your high heel on his skull till he goes quiet.

    Politics should have a height limit.
    Anyone below 6ft should be barred.

    The Warwick Davis clause.

    Have a height chart at the door.

    • He was a nasty little mīdgët with a ton of power and now he’s just another unemployed Panto cunt.

      He’ll have a job on the radio before the end of the year but itll have to be on the ground floor as he can’t reach the higher floor lift buttons.

  10. Evil little bastard. Supposedly “impartial” but decided to stick his tiny little oar in every time to try and fuck up Brexit. Legally proven bully (bully? One word of chelp to me from this little bastard and his teeth would be flying across the fucking Thames) and legally proven pathological liar.
    But little John (as his Wife calls him, I presume) still denies any wrongdoing even though it is proven he did – the narcissism and denial typical of a fucking psychopath, and is very bitter and twisted he does not get his golden ticket to the never ending taxpayer funded land of piss and senility he feels he “deserves”.
    Just a look at his list of supporters will tell people all they need to know – but I suppose “inaction Man” must be pissed off by the fact his skank of a Wife has allegedly fucked half of London – sowwy, titch the cuckold bitch.
    Anyway, got to go see me mate Guy – we got some gunpowder to deliver! 👍😀☠
    I will of course be claiming business expenses for the trip..

  11. I support the benefits to which the Honourable Gentleman is entitled. (Inclusive of the 7.62 gift )

  12. “Just a look at his list of supporters will tell people all they need to know.”
    Nail on the head there Vern.

  13. I hope some appalling accident befalls this loathsome toad. Jon Bon Jerkoff. No surprise to see the universe’s greatest philosopher, Gary ‘incompetent sphincter’ dispensing pearls of wisdom re the stunted cunt.

  14. He looks like a Lego figure, and his wifes a slag who’ll fuck anybody, even some diddakois.
    He can’t die too soon.

  15. Nice sunny day working in the garden, then this cunt appears. Been a long while since I pulverised someone’s face but…….

  16. Apparently Cressida’s Finest arrived at his house the other night after a phone call from his whore wife. No charges were made and he left “with a face like thunder.” No prizes for guessing what they were rowing about. No wonder you take it out on others when your wife is shagging half of London. (and any passing dirty gyppo.)

  17. It took a long time but this vile, little, piece of shit finally has his comeuppance. You do wonder though why no-one decked him.

  18. Intelligent? Yes
    Biased? Yes, at times very.
    Bullying? Allegedly.
    Good at his job? No, not consistently impartial so nil points, no peerage, good riddance.

  19. Little Man Syndrome 👎👎
    Needs a good slapping 👍👍
    Wielded far too much power 👎👎
    Tried to block the will of the people (Brexit)👎👎
    A proper little No it all 👎👎
    Bully 👍😂😂
    Should He have a peerage no me thinks not 👍👍
    Hopefully he will crawl under a stone but I doubt it 👎👎

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