Anneliese Dodds [4]

Do women have a cervix? Do women have a backbone would be a better question nowadays.

Women used to have backbones (my mother had one) but not anymore.

It was ‘International Woman’s Day’ yesterday. I am sure you celebrated with with your wives and sisters and mothers cunters.

What a great day to truly reflect in what it is to be a woman.

Poor Annaliese Dodds couldnt get to that. Because she couldnt even define what a woman is. She was asked to define a woman-

Miss Dodds replied: “I have to say there are different definitions legally around what a woman actually is. You look at the definition within the Equality Act and I think it just says someone who is adult and female but then it doesn’t say how you would define either of those things. You have got the biological definition, legal definition”

Miss Barnett said: “With respect, I didn’t ask for that. What’s the Labour definition?”

Miss Dodds replied: “With respect Emma, I think it does depend what the context is, surely? I mean surely that is important here.’

JK Rowling rather brilliantly defined the situation as ‘they that cannot be named’.

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Modern women don’t have any balls.

Oh for the days of Germane and burning your bra. There was something real at least about them.

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64 thoughts on “Anneliese Dodds [4]

  1. It’s very simple; a woman is a female human born female. Anything else claiming to be a woman is a pervert and/or deviant.

    • when I see her on TV it always makes me realise that somewhere there’s a field that’s missing a scarecrow….

      • I have two daughters – trust me ‘Cabbage Patch Doll’ fits the cunt to a tee!

  2. The observation shouldn’t be that women don’t have the backbone to fight this stuff because I imagine plenty of women agree that a man shouldn’t be in female sport etc etc, it’s that they are powerless to do much about those in power promoting these views lest they are cancelled.

    The question should be why are those in power determined to allow men in women’s spaces and sports? Why are children being encouraged to identify as whatever they want?

    Is this a step to the era of trans humanism? Is it Satanic or simply perverted? Or is it recognition of the alleged 1 in 15,000 births that are born intersex?

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