Emmanuel Macron

I nominate Emmanuel Macron for a cunting.

Though the MSM conveniently choose to ”forget” this little detail, he is no stranger to politics or for that matter a centrist.

Until last year, this little worm of a human being was the Finance Minister lackey of the Socialist Francoise Hollande. Under their dubious tenure, France’s economy went further down the crapper and 238 people have died via ”Peaceful” people.

Also, like most typical Frog politicians, this maggot have the obligatory ”screw the British” mentality shared with the rest of his ilk; earlier this year on a visit to London, the bastard openly spoke of poaching talent from our country post Brexit and has, and I quote, stated that ”the best deal Britain could get with Europe is membership in the EU”.

Make no mistake, this miserable , conniving, two faced little shit stain is about as anti-establishment as the peaceful lot are tolerant of other culture. He is an unrepentant cheerleader/lickspittle of the whole EU/federal/globalisation agenda that is so beloved by the worthless maggots known as the political class and liberal imbeciles in general.

Noted Kraut EU cocksucker Sigmar Gabriel hopes Macron wins the election in order to, and I Quote again, ”put Eurosceptism back in its place”.

If Macron wins, the whole miserable path Europe is on will continue.

Just once, it would be good if the people of France grow some balls and do the right thing instead of the easy but doomed to backfire horribly option.

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister.

Emmanuel Macron


France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is a CUNT of Eiffel Tower proportions.

He says that, after we Brexit, the UK will be just “a little country on the world scale”

Also, “There must be NO question of Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland deciding they want the same status. Europe should act fast to avoid other countries starting a similar (exit) process.”

Fucking cunt probably realises damn well there’s going to be a domino-effect… I DO hope so, because this little-prick will end up crushed totally under it.

Does this sound like…more blackmailing threats??! Apparently this individual could be the next president of La république. Am praying for Marine Le Pen…

The guy should change his name to Macon…a bit like Macunto !!

Nominated by: HBelindaHubbard

Emmanuel Macron is a cunt…

This French twat is an economy minister of some kind, and he claims that the UK leaving the EU would make Britain as insignificant as the island of Guernsey….

Remind us of how ‘insignificant’ Britain was when we saved your cowardly surrender monkey arses from the Germans… Fucking frog faced French cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

Emmanuel Macron has clearly never been to Guernsey.
It’s rather nice!

Nominated by: Dioclese