Inbetweeners Anniversary

The Inbetweeners Fwends Reunited 10th Anniversary Special. After my cunting of Jimmy Carr earlier, I honestly think the entire program itself could do with a cunting. Now, for the most part it was very enjoyable – but then in the last 15 minutes they resorted to the usual bog standard lazy ‘comedy’ device: the Trump joke. Then, they pulled out the Russian bots one a few minutes later. Then had Catherine Ryan (famed neverTrumper) to do a segment (which although it was unrelated to Trump there’s a clear reason why C4 got her on). What could’ve been absolutely brilliant was ruined by yet more fucking ‘lets bash the bigots’ jokes – AGAIN. Message to all so called ‘comedians’ – unless you’re South Park, injecting politics into comedy DOESN’T FUCKING WORK.


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  1. Come, come. Easy and unoriginal comic targets, sure. But what’s not to laugh at in politics? Rather than cry…

  2. The Anniversary Special stank so much that James Buckley went onto social media to apologise for it. At least the lad could see the concept had been hijacked by the liberalstasi for their own agenda.

  3. The reason for me that the Inbetweeners worked is that there were no jokes about Trump or Brexit (OK, it went out before either of those events) or politics in general. The joke was the universal one of clueless teenage lads being clueless teenage lads. It’s just occurred to me that I couldn’t see it getting made now. You’d have to have the black ‘one’, the iron, the peaceful, etc.

    Good shout on South Park. If you’re not still watching it you’re really missing out. It started as a bit of a one trick pony about fart gags and kids swearing but has become over time a satirical monster. I watched a recent one about high street shootings at the weekend that had me in hysterics about the absurdity of it all.

    The world has changed. We used to make the best telly in the world. Now, the Americans give us South Park, Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica, Its always sunny in Philadelphia – list is endless. We offer the world Call the Midwife and Citizen bloody Khan. Political correctness has totally stifled creativity.

    • A lot of Creativity has gone online due to fact that mainstream media is run by favouritism, nepotism, political correctness and unoriginality.

  4. Me and the wife have got an important anniversary coming up soon and to mark the occasion I was thinking about getting a tattoo, but now I’m having second thoughts, as the garden is probably too small and I fucking hate bagpipes….

  5. Barely heard of Inbetweeners before this very worthy cunting… think there’s a box set in St Elizabeth Hospice charity shop, which I may pick up later today… unless another Cunter gets there first…

      • RTC
        It’s on a never ending fucking loop on one of the 4s, More4 or whatever. Save yourself 50p.

      • I’m a Portmeirion boy Q. Willie Stroker lives in Ipswich… as does Cunt’s Mate Cunt… when he’s not chatting up the Sheilas in Australia.

        That’s my wife’s name btw, Sheila. Funny old world.

      • My wife also called Sheila. I think she only married me to get rid of her maiden name – Ringpiece. I suppose Cuntbubble is classier.
        I did suggest double barrelling it for a bit of distinction but she wasn’t convinced.

  6. I saw this pile of self indulgent shit. Just an excuse to show a load of old clips interspersed with the usual anti Brexit bollocks, fronted by a smarmy Taxdodger.
    If one of them apologised for it then good on him.

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