Shitholes of the World – Part One

Shitholes of the World. Part One.

There are numerous shitholes on planet Earth, something the Tango Man alluded to recently. They come in all shapes and sizes across various countries. Our intrepid columnist,  Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt, went to see the benefits and positive changes that are occurring in many so-called shitholes – debunking the myths about them.

In this opening article of the series we take a look at our first European city, gay Paris, and here is what Hugh discovered:

‘Before it was a very popular tourist hot-spot with magnificent architecture, boulevards and little streets, teaming with pavement cafes, bistros and romantic charm. Today, it has a new edgy charm with a neolithic rather than neo-Gothic feel to it. The post modernist shanty town rivival and ghetto style, complete with rubbish strewn about, street crime, rampant prostitution, people trafficking, rough sleeping and tuberculosis has a delightfully primitive sub-Saharan African feel to it combined with the more developed religious zeal of north African and Moorish Arab culture. Coupled with an organised (criminal) tone to it, courtesy of a balkanised eastern European influence, it makes for  a cosmopolitan liveliness sadly absent before.

However, for some inexplicable reason not all Parisians appreciate the benefits that cultural enrichment has brought their city.

Away from the glitz of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame, the suburbs of the city have developed their own very distinct culture with a warm, fuzzy, ghetto vibe of shabby-chic social housing, grime and grunge. There is a bizarre feel or should that be a bazaar feel, since one feels one has arrived in the hubbub of north African cities such as Tangiers, Tripoli or Cairo. In keeping with the Arabic theme some bars ban women and have become solely all male preserves.

At the ‘Au Jockey Club’ bar in the suburb of Sevran, a French Arab customer said: “We’re in Sevran, not (central) Paris.”  In this café, there’s no mixing.” said another and a third stated “The mentalities are different, here it’s like it is back in the old country.”

Sevran also has an active job training and recruitment scheme for the youth. In under two years at least 15 young people from this one suburb went out to join such schemes in Iraq and Syria organised by some charitable religious types. While out there they enjoyed the camaraderie and activities on offer so much that no-one knows if they returned to France.

Police, emergency workers and locals avoid many of these Paris suburbs which is a shame since they miss out on the rich diversity and new cultural experiences. Although, I did not get to time to visit most of these areas, I am sure they are as delightful as parts of Marseilles, Toulouse and Perpignan.  I  can safely state – from my comfy north London abode –  when on the rare occasion problems do arise, it is down to misunderstanding and ignorance on the part of the more elitist Parisians due to their preconceived ideas and fear of other cultures and civilisations.

Just this week, on the Paris metro it has been reported that some train drivers now refuse to stop at certain stations on lines 4 and 12.

“Between the brawls that occur on the platforms, which sometimes end up happening on the train or across the tracks, you could hit someone, or crush them,” trade union representative Jean-Marc Judith told a news organsation adding that the number of attacks on travellers and RATP staff “are becoming increasingly dramatic.”

Many Parisians fail to appreciate that these stations have become magnets for start up businesses. Entrepreneurial businessmen who arrived from abroad have quickly spotted opportunities in the market. Business is booming at some stations with crack selling particularly well. Customers come from far and wide to meet the  dealers on the platforms, with large sums of euros changing hands, so breathing new life into the once staid local economy. One needs to witness the vibrant economic activity and fervent pace of life while jostling among the homeless lining the platforms and enjoy the free entertainment – a stabbing here and a mass brawl there – as disagreements are resolved in a thoroughly honest and straightforward manner. These new street performers are so much more avant-garde than those passé mime artists, jugglers, fine artists and musicians of the Paris of old.

Monsieur Macaroon is clearly a smart cookie, who sees an opportunity to bring France into the 21st century B.C, with his globalist, ‘back to basics’ agenda. Welcoming the best talent from around the globe to create a new, culturally diverse, open and dynamic France.’

In articles over the next few weeks Hugh will examine how cities in Sweden, UK, and Germany have become the new Mecca, (an oxymoronic paradigm) of openness, tolerance and cultural diversity.

By our columnist Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt.

Hugh graduated from the London School of Economics and has a masters degree in Marxist Leninist Indoctrination. Hugh has been regularly interviewed by James O’Shithead and Oh-wen Jones and writes for the Grauniad, Not-so-Independent and Morning Star. He is a supporter of globalism and open borders being a founding member of the think tank ‘Open Sesame’  – named after the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves – and proudly supported by the billionaire philanthropist George Sore-arse.



69 thoughts on “Shitholes of the World – Part One

  1. I must say I have actually pissed myself laughing at this nomination. A terrific read and very entertaining……Sadly though 9 Oh the irony ) it is a sad true reflection. Can’t add fuck all to the comment, brilliant!

    • Master piece cunting. I would suggest a cheeky weekend in Tower Hamlets, should get the creative juices flowing.

      • A publishing venture for those excellent Dorling Kindersley guides ?

        One of the greatest cuntings I’ve clapped eyes on…

    • I wonder if an edgy, indy caff has opened up, possibly in Balham (“Gateway to the South”) called the Al-Morocco Tea Rooms ?

  2. Thats the weird millionaire faux hippie cunt that cooks abortions in white wine and garlic,every now and then hel try to persuade the general public to only eat free range chickins that dont have hurt feelings and have converted to chicken islam,shove your free range up your wifes gaping arsehole Huge Farting Shittingstall

  3. If a compendium of cunting is ever published this cunting will surely be in it. Truly a top gun cunting.

  4. That was brilliant. It’s been about ten years since I last went to Paris, but it was rapidly becoming a shithole even then.

  5. Absolute genius cunting.

    We were going to spend a few days in Paris in spring but I think maybe not now. We did spend an alcohol fuelled three days there about 25 years ago. We went to this bar in Montmartre as there was a rock band playing. We didn’t stay, a lager was 9 quid a pint!! That was 25 years ago.

  6. Top cunting. Reminds me of the last time I went to London, which, no doubt will feature in a future article. Along with Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Huddersfield and Leicester. I am sure cunters of a more southerly location can add other destinations. Perhaps we can form a review website? Cuntadvisor?

    • We could colour code with varying shades off shit brown. Perhaps with steam coming off for the top locations. That would be Bradford for me)

    • Cardiff.

      Loads of Dalekistanis here.

      City Rd eateries a must for the edgy “Oops, can I make it to the crapper in time ?” cuisine.

  7. Theresa May needs another serious cunting. Once again, and with depressing predictability, Jenny Jellyspine, or Theresa the Appeaser as she’s also known, has shown the entire world that the word, “NO” is not in her vocabulary. This time, she’s taken it up the arse from Macron, a slimy little French poseur, with a fetish for fucking grannies. Not only has she agreed to give £44 million of OUR money to pay for non-existent French border security, she’s also agreed to fast track a large number of “child” scroungers from the Jungle in Calais. What the fuck? She’s been told time and again that we have too many foreigners here already, but here she is, bringing even more in. And at some point, she’ll hold up the pile of dog shit she’s accepted from Macron, and try to convince us it’s a rose.

    It’s no wonder countries like Russia and China have no respect for us. It’s not surprising that the Fourth Reich treats us with such contempt. Our Prime Minister is a soft cunt, who will gladly get on her knees and suck cock EVERY time she’s told to. Worse still, she seems to have a pathological obsession with handing the keys to Downing Street to Corbyn. Her policies are shite, she has an arrogance not backed up by any kind of charisma or ability, and she clearly despises the British people, because she keeps fucking ignoring us. As I said yesterday, an former SAS soldier who took part in the assault on the Iranian Embassy has been made homeless an is finding it hard to get a place to live. Councils are supposed to give priority to former service personnel, but few of them actually do that. And May hasn’t said a word about this guy. Meanwhile, can find money and accommodation for a bunch of foreigners who will only ever take from this country.

    We keep telling her to walk away from the EU, but she’s ignoring us. We keep telling her we don’t want anymore foreign scroungers in the UK, but she’s ignoring us. We keep telling her to cut foreign aid, but she’s ignoring us. We keep telling her to STOP CUTTING THE ARMED FORCES, but she’s fucking ignoring us. This is a dangerous thing to do, yet she’s either too arrogant or too stupid to care that she’s making us angry.

    The Tories should be so far ahead of Labour that it would take them decades to catch up, but they aren’t. And it’s entirely because of May and her incompetence. Her last reshuffle was pathetic. She’s surrounded herself with a cabinet full of freaks who are so useless that even P.T. Barnum wouldn’t employ them. The only one who I have even a tiny amount of respect for, is the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson. He’s shown a desire to actually stand up for our Armed forces, especially to that slimy, arrogant cock gobbler in No11, Hammond. Labour keep launching attacks on the government, but instead of fighting back, May’s Tories simply sit on their arses and take it. And they have plenty of ammo to shoot back with.

    May has all the leadership skills of a sea cucumber. She seems far more interested in helping foreign parasites, and caving in to unelected chancers in the EU, than she is with standing up for the UK and the British people. She is catastrophically bad for Britain, and completely unfit for purpose. She has to go, and she has to go now.

    • Awesome as ever Quick Draw.

      But if it’s ENTIRELY down to May and her incompetence (which I have no argument against, she is after all the worst so called ‘leader’ of any political party in my lifetime), why don’t the Tories simply replace her? It’s not as if Labour are racing ahead in the polls or anything – what popularity they do have is purely in comparison to May’s perceived uselessness anyway.

      There must be something else. As you suggest, Tories should be at least 21 points ahead considering the prats they’re up against.

      Confusion will be my epitaph.

      • Problem is, who the fuck do you replace her with? Gove-cunt, Hammond-cunt, Boris-clumsy cunt, Hunt-rhyming cunt, Leadsom-cunt, Reese-Mogg-Victorian cunt.
        I am at a loss that they can be so bereft of talent.

      • “If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh” ( ELP )

        Epic cunting again Quikdraw. We are sadly lumbered with this piece of shit because there are no fucking “warriors” on the horizon.

      • I only ever heard Epitaph on the album Brain Salad Surgery SB. Hence the ref to ELP, Ive just played King Crimson on you toob! Not sure if the ELP is better or not now. Bit confuded ! Always learn something on this site. Cheers.

      • Rpelacing would trigger another general election. And with the state the Tories are in, they would need a miracle to win.

      • That’s my point. If it was simply a case of May being useless (which no-one doubts) then a change at the top should surely give the Tories a boost. But it probably wouldn’t, cos the Tory malaise goes FAR deeper than simply having the worst leader in living memory. May is just a festering fucking band-aid patsy.

      • Although Liebore officially drifting further to the loony left, if such a thing were indeed possible…

        I’d piss myself if there were an election and, despite all the criticism, Tories remained in power.

        Although, by general consensus, it really does look as if Treesa Might has lost everything.

  8. Great cunting.

    Pity it’s all true.

    Leedsdrabad, Bradford Arabia, Birmingdrabad and the two stans – Lutonistan and Londonistan – are all equally blessed with the same cultural diversity…

  9. I never made it to Paris. After a week in the south visiting places like Montpellier, Agde, Sete and Beziers, I decided I’d had enough of the French to last me a lifetime.

    • It has to be said that Parisians are the most ill mannered and self important people in Europe (apart from our newly arrived peaceful friends, of course)…
      Parisians are cunts to everyone, and they are even bigger cunts to people from the French provinces than they are to foreign tourists (and they are fucking horrible to them!)… A definition of a cunt is a Paris taxi driver… A very special kind of cunt…

      • I even knew a woman who confessed to being Parisienne, but also said she hated the natives of that city.

        No surprise that La Twatson spent her “formative” years there (from spooge dribble to slug…).

  10. I thought Paris was a fucking shithole back in 1976. Walking along the streets all I could smell was shit , 2 stroke petrol and smelly arm pits. There was also an abundance of fuzzy haired gentlemen from the sub continent thieving and mugging particularly on the metro. Its just happening now on a much bigger scale.

  11. I have been to France quite a few times and visited Paris on most of those occasions. Mostly for pleasure, but a few times for work. The time frame would be roughly early 1980s through to the mid 1990s. Here are some recollections:

    It might depend upon which part you’re in, but there was always a distinct foul smell seemingly everywhere in Paris. Ever been past a land fill and got a whiff of that noxious, damp decaying refuse type of odour? It’s that kind of smell. Not as strong as a full on land fill, but it’s there in the air everywhere we went. Plus there was rubbish on the ground, absolutely everywhere too. Bins aplenty of course, mostly overflowing with nobody ever spotted clearing it up.

    I also remember the pavements were full of dog shit. You couldn’t look where you were going as you had to look down the whole time to avoid stepping in poo.

    The Paris underground map is completely unintelligible. Don’t bother asking anyone for help either. Despite Paris’ claim of being a cosmopolitan place, open your mouth in English and suddenly the locals become deaf.

    I went to the Eiffel Tower one time and the woman in the ticket office could not have been more sour. Buy a clue la Sherlock – if you don’t like serving tourists from a little hut all day, get another fucking job. I’m sure there are lots of street cleaning vacancies.

    Wandering along the Champs-Elysees can be quite fun. If you can ignore the smell, rubbish and the French. You might be tempted, as we were, to stop at a street cafe and indulge in a cafe au lait and croissant or two. When paying the bill, the ‘gotcha’ became all too obvious. If you go into the cafe and sit inside, the prices are at one level, but if you’re a cunt and want to sit outside, the prices are about double! I kid you not. Maybe it’s just a known thing and they assume everyone just knows this is how it works. Were there any signs telling you this? No. Was it on the menu? No. Did our waiter tell us? No. You get the general idea. Utter cunting riff off merchants.

    One time I needed to go to a client’s office in Villepinte (north Paris). The work was time sensitive so as you would expect, after I landed at Charles de Gaulle, I grabbed a rental car and headed over to the office to meet with my French counterparts. When I got to the office, none of the tech people could be found. The next morning, I got to the office around 7:30 to 8:00. No tech people around. I waited until almost 10:30 before these clowns bothered to show up. When they did, they spent the next 30 minutes kissing all their colleagues on both cheeks and generally behaving like they hadn’t seen them for years. Then it was coffee time and the obligatory smoke break. After finally giving me access to the server room, guess what? Yep, you probably guess it – they all fucked off for lunch in their little clique. I’m not making this up! This was their routine every day I was there. Absolutely no sense of urgency, no respect or consideration shown whatsoever, an almost complete and total refusal to speak English to me, despite some of them being able to, the list goes on. Utter cunts.

  12. I was last in gay Paree about ten years ago for a Depeche gig. Even then, the writing was on the wall, groups of surly looking snackbars everywhere predatorialy eyefucking the ‘tourists’. A very uneasy atmosphere where this cracker had to keep his wits about him at all times.

    Plus there was dog shit everywhere.

  13. As part of my job when working for a multi national company in London I was required to visit several of our insurance offices on the world.

    Went to the Paris office many times. Never had a problem and found the people friendly.

    Also remember getting lost whilst in the Vendee when trying to find our holiday accommodation. Stopped outside a bar and after a few minutes a guy came out, got on his motorbike and beckoned me to follow him. After about 10 minutes arrived at our destination. On the return journey again lost our way (no sat navs) this time just off la Peripherique. Stopped the car and a kind lady came out from an antique shop and drew us a simple map.

    I remember thinking how kind French people were, and fortunately this remains my personal opinion.

    Feel that most high powered people are absolute fucking cunts regardless of nationality, and that Macron is absolutely no exception (I hate the garlic smelling odious conniving lying deviant with a passion) however the antics and behaviour of a country’s politicians should not be considered typical of that of its people.

    Most if not all politicians are useless self serving fucking scumbags who between them are fucking the world over for their own selfish gains, it is unfair to blame the people they are supposedly representing as many are probably just as frustrated with the political process and their politicians as we are.

    In my opinion it is the politicians that are ultimately responsible for fucking things up for everyone, not the populous of the respective countries.

    • Fair response Willie stroker. All the French I have ever met have been friendly and a good sort. I have met a few who were twats, but you get twats in all nations. You are right about the “elite” and the “authorative” They ARE cunts, and again , we have plenty of those here too.!

    • I think you are slightly missing the point, Mr Stroker. The French do not make France a shit hole. The French have lived in France for many centuries and have developed it into a sophisticated and charming place, possibly the world capital for art and culture as well as a locus for intellectual endeavor of ever kind. It is the vermin flowing across their borders on the way to Blighty who are turning France into a shit hole, the same as they are doing in Sweden and Germany. And our useless cunt of a PM is keen to let them in to UK too. What kind of cunt is she? More to the point, what kind of cunts does she take us for?

      • Mr Stroker was responding to the negative opinions expressed here by fellow cunters posting re: indigenous Frogs. Not the scum they’ve allowed into their country.

      • Not sure I said the French people were to blame for turning it into a shithole?

        I am ultimately blaming the politicians for allowing vermin to enter the country in the first place, and not the citizens of France.

        Same that is happening in this country.

  14. For your cuntsideration: Ms. Julie Burchill.

    Occasionally, wildlife documentaries will feature a heart-rending scene with some juvenile, I dunno, gnu or whatnot, limping pitifully after the herd with a broken leg. The narrator will explain that the camera crew can’t help it, because if they do, when It comes time to reintroduce the now-all-better doe-eyed moppet to the herd, they will catch the scent of man on it – sense the alien wrongness – and hoof the bleating fucker to shreds without hesitation.
    To understand exactly how those wrathful gnus feel – just listen to Julie Burchill speak for thirty seconds.
    What the fuck is going on there? That weird, affected sing-song baby-voice… like a child possessed by the devil in a 1970’s horror movie.
    Ostensibly, Burchill is a journalist.
    What that means in practice is that she blagged her way onto a music magazine by gushing over how much she loved punk – milked it for what it was worth – then jumped ship amid much self-generated fuss about how she never gave a toss about the music – how she churned out the content – and what mugs her employers and readership were.
    Thence to become a movie reviewer, post secured by gushing over how much she loved movies. Milked it for what it was worth. Jumped ship. Bragged about how she never bothered going to see the movies she was paid to review, and what mugs her employers and readership were.
    Amazingly, she’s peddled this same bullshit up and down Fleet Street for years, trousering lottery-win payouts along the way.
    Because in the Meeja bubble, the sort of arseclownery that would render you unemployable in the real world actually gains you celeb status.
    Note, though, that despite publicly trashing a subject, Burchill will unashamedly pop up as a talking head on those godawful TV clip shows, waxing lyrical. It’s a payday, innit?
    Couple of marriages in there – kids stayed with dad in both cases, after conversations which must rank with the shortest on record: “Darling, there’s something your father and I need to…”
    “What? Don’t you want to hear…”
    She stalked ex-hubbie number 1 (save your sympathy, it was tabloid journo Tony Parsons) obsessively for years afterwards. Lemon juice in the paper cut, that is.
    Apparently metrosexual these days, though. Fair enough – spreads the fucking burden.
    In conclusion: if Nostradamus had been the real fucking deal there’s no doubt he would have detected Julie Burchill’s cuntishness and warned humanity.

    • I once read one of her books. Holy cunting Moses on a motorbike, it was pure tripe dressed up as posh porn. If what went on in those pages had taken place between her bedsheets, her snatch must be the width of Tony Parsons’ fucking bonce. Dirty horrible illiterate slag.

    • All that ex-NME mob are cunts of the highest order…

      Julie Burchill – Cunt
      Tony Parsons – Cunt
      Paul Morley – Massive Cunt
      Charles Shaar Murray – Cunt
      Danny Kelly – Cunt

  15. John Warboys

    Keep the fucker in jail until all other accusations of rape have been investigated and charge and try him again if necessary. And I suspect it will be.

    Dangerous cunt to women who has not served anything like enough time for the crimes he has perpetrated.

    Where the fuck is Alison Saunders to sort this fucking disgrace to justice and affront to the alleged victims out? Oh, apparently she already has and this is the collective verdict. Stupid fucking bitch.

    • There is something not quite right about this story. Who the fuck are they covering for?

      • My thoughts exactly. The successve CPS/judicial fucks all closing ranks and saying ‘no more’ on this cunt is auite unusual – they’ve never hesitated to bow to public pressure before when it comes to Carr, Hindley, Sutcliffe et al…

        I’m wondering if further investigaions have the potential to implicate the filth of severe incompetence or some kind of malpractice perhaps. I can’t understand how a cunt with so many unresolved cases on file is so sure to be ready for fucking release.

        Imagine the goatfuck that would occur if, after all this, he offends again?

      • When he offends again.

        I can’t see how a depraved piece of shit like Warboys can resist his urges. Unless he has been chemically castrated in chokey, this will be a case of when not if.

      • Yes and you have to question why is it that Hall, Harris et al have all faced further charges (rightly so) yet this vile peace of cunt isn’t.

        I think you’re right ECB, this has the honk of an African shithole to me.

        I wonder how much that fucking moose Saunders is protecting that useless cunt of a garden gnome Kier Starmer….?

      • I’ve heard that it is quite common for cunts in nick to convert to Islam.( or pretend to)
        They get protection from the Muslim gangs , better treatment and food.
        Could that be the answer here?

      • Perhaps they’re piloting a new policy – hoping some vigilante will take the cunt down following release and save the taxpayer further expense whilst providing his victims with closure and a feeling justice has at last been done. If only…

      • You could be on to something there, Shitcake.

        I would be most surprised if some shady underworld figures haven’t already placed a bounty on the sorry cunt’s head.

      • Chop the fuckers’ balls off. None of this chemical castration non sense, a thick laggy band and a stanley knife should see the job done a treat. Then tattoo “I am a rapist cunt” on his forehead and ‘jobs a good un.

      • Allegedly themselves.

        It was said on news tonight that any further investigation unlikely as it would pit gvnmnt colleagues (all in same dept.) against one another…

    • The cunt should have been hung, or his tadger should have come off… Castration should be the minimum punishment for scum like Warboys….

  16. I’ve never been to to Paris. I don’t think I’ll bother now – It sounds like a right shithole.

  17. Top cunting, a Wickers World-ISAC mash-up would have been great viewing. A sort of shithole related topic here, Museum of London is to display a piece of the ‘fatberg’ recovered from a sewer under Whitechapel in East London. This fatberg was more than 800 foot long and 130 tons of congealed wet wipes, nappies, condoms, oils and yes shit. Apart from the museum literally displaying a piece of shit I’m only surprised its not up for the Turner Prize or that skank Tracy Emin’s latest offering.

    At this rate the Gare du Norde migrant camp and Romanian Park Lane camps will be UNESCO World Heritage Sites save the same fate as Dale Farm when bulldozed and lost valuable traveller heritage.

  18. Who wants a Calais to UK bridge?

    Hands up if you think we need one or should have one.

    Oh, looks like fucking no one!!

    In that case we will divert all funds which we say we haven’t got away from those who really need it and go ahead and build the fucker. Just what we need, another route into this country for people who do not belong here.

    Perhaps we can get Carillion to build it? Oh,……. just remembered.

    Theresa May, you stupid gullible incapable thick as shit bitch. Did you seriously believe anything that Macron told you in the last couple of days, and do you think after what he said outside number 10 (with you inside) about taking the financial centre of the UK from London to Paris he is sincere or has any intention of strengthening the relationship between France and the UK?

    Ffs, give me strength.

    • You’d have thought the dippy cow would have learnt something after last time when the cunt addressed the media outside 10 Downing Street, suggesting financial services leave the UK and set up in France instead.

      Apparently not. Quelle surprise.

    • All I’ll say is that I bet the Danes wish they weren’t connected to Malmo by a bridge anymore, given how the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Ikea envy of the world is now little more than a “peaceful” facade courtesy of Frau Merkelcunt!

      Take any Swede of note nowadays and most live in the States (where they’re happy for their fellow Swedes – still trapped in Scandinavia – to take on the “peaceful” deluge).

      Swedish Govt deny any women have been kidnapped and group-raped by “peaceful” scum and yet there are countless videos on YouTube which prove otherwise (until Googlecunts suppress it as hate, hmmm).

      The Swedish Govt must almost be as big as cunts as the shower of shit we’ve got in power (who are also complicit in our eradication).

      Like I say, almost.

      Theresa May resign for fuck’s sake you cunt!

      • Rees Mogg for PM.
        Good old school Tory. Just what we need to fuck Corbyn, Sturgeon and the EU at a stroke.

        Where’s Francis Urquhart when you need him?? Well, he’s changed his name to Jacob…

      • Have to agree – it’s Rees-Mogg or bust. And if that means a term in opposition, well so be it. Let Corbyn reap the coming whirlwind. Labour unlikely to last more than 5 minutes in the real world anyway. Touch wood.

  19. The first time I went under my own steam to Paris I made the mistake of sitting outside on the pavement of a cafe. 1 coke and 1 very small glass of very ordinary red wine was £12. And that was 1990ish.

    But that was not my fist taste of gay Paris. The clan Eggfart embarked en famille to a camp site in Antibes. It was an organised bus do booked through the local paper and on the way down was a night in Paris. My Father, being a romantic sort and prone to flights of fancy used to smoke disque bleu and wanted to visit a cafe in the Latin quarter. So off we went and ended up in a dingy back street dive. We ordered our food and drinks and settled down but soon got the attention of some dodgy looking arab cunts. In fact the entire cafe was full of dodgy looking arab cunts, all men. After about a minute the proprietor came over and told us to leave for our own good. This was an inoffensive couple with 2 young kids. So that was about 1977 and already the stinking arab cunts were making certain places no go zones.

    Countries are not shit holes naturally, they may be inhospitable due to climate or terrain but they are not shit holes. People create shit holes by their own actions either because they are fucking stupid or fucking lazy or too fucking thick to care. Cunts!!

  20. If you were to ask the dos cunts standing outside in the freezing cold waiting to have a selfie with Macron what had he ever done to deserve that kind of reception they would be stunned into silence for a second, then a terrible noise of grinding gears and the stench of burning clutch plates before, as one, zombie like with mouths agape and accusing digits pointing they would cry as one “RACIST!!RACIST!!RACIST!!”

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