The Beckham media circus

A real front page cunting is in order for elderly footballer ponce David Beckham and his ugly brats. Every day every tabloid in the land has some vacuous photo-op like this one:

Who cares what the old media whore is up to?. Is there no level below which he would fail to stoop to get his fucking face in the papers?. He seems to think everyone is fascinated by his oxygen-wasting life, and the kids since birth have been employed to fuel. Right from the Beckham’s first born getting circumcised, to the last one looking for a school there is no part of their lives this pair of arseholes is not prepared to make public to ensure they keep in the public eye. Their insane desire for publicity seems even more extreme than Anthony Blair and his equally ugly family.

Beckham is encouraging his kids to grow up to be self-obsessed poofs.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Victoria Beckham (4)

Once a cunt, always a cunt…. I refer to Dog/Skeletor/Yoko/Posh Spice…

Fashion designer?! Please pick me up off the fucking floor… There’s that for a start…
But trademarking your kid’s name, that sounds like a toilet cleaner?! And also trademarking the other three little cunts at the same time?… Irritating as they all are, I’m sure it’s reassuring for the Beckham brats to know that they are all ‘brand names’ as opposed to human beings (albeit little cunts of human beings, of course)… I suspect the horrible tart is going to put a load of crap on the market… A sort of inferior and tacky version of Paul Newman’s salad dressing…. Brooklyn’s Baked Beans?…. Cruz Crisps?….Harper Six (or is it seven?) Sink Unblocker?…. Fucking hell… She’s like a female Fagin… ‘Make me money, my dears…’

‘Posh’ (again,more image bullshit) is an even bigger cunt than I thought…
And I thought she was one of the biggest cunts on the planet to begin with…

Nominated by Norman.

Victoria Beckham is now an OBE.

She looks like a lollipop, I am sick of her and Duh’vid what a pair of cunts. Nothing to offer either of them, he’s a washed up Footballer desperate to be a ‘Sir’ and she ‘Designs’ clothing. She said she’s proud to be British, yet her and Duh’vid have both contributed to the current hurricane of wannabe famous talentless cunts and the celebrity culture we now have. Fuck off, and I bet that Haig whisky is shit.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Victoria Beckham [3]


Let’s start the New Year with a proper cunt…

Posh Spice, that’s a fucking oxymoron! She is a talentless, ‘middle class’ at best, cunt.

You know she is a cunt because she has designers who create her designs, slave workers in Taiwan who machine them, and a fashion industry who think she is a ‘style icon,’ – fuck off.

Nominated by: Boaby

Elton John [3]


Elton John is one of those irredeemably odious shitbags who can never be cunted often enough.

Now the fat little attention-whore has lashed out at fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana for describing the process of gay couples using IVF to create their own families as “synthetic”. Fat Elton had a major hissy fit (on Instagram, where else?) interpreting their remark as a personal attack on his own two children. Both of whom happen to be boys, incidentally. So obviously no engineered sex selection there then, never mind the fact that it’s highly unlikely that either Fat Elton or his partner were able to provide the eggs. Synthetic? Of course not – it all sounds 100% natural to me.

In a telling insight into Fat Elton’s views on freedom of speech (and it was merely a personal opinion being expressed, D&G weren’t denying the Holocaust), the talentless has-been called on the world to boycott Dolce & Gabbana because of this. Why stop there though? I thought Fat Elton had boycotted the entire fashion industry many years back: there can be no other explanation for why this short, fat, bald, old man continues to dress as though he’s really a tall, slim, thirty year old with a luxuriant head of hair. Maybe it’s an inverse form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder? If so, I’ve heard it can easily be cured by taking a huge quantity arsenic, washed down with a litre of Domestos.

At least Domenico Dolce had the style, grace and good sense to go bald naturally, Elton. At least there’s nothing “synthetic” about what’s on HIS head, you fat cunt. You look like a cunt, you dress like a cunt, you sing like a cunt, ergo you ARE a cunt. Now kindly fuck off and hang yourself.

Nominated by: Fred West

Well, how about that! Victoria Beckham has joined in Elton’s tirade against D&G. Nothing to do with the fact that she owns her own fashion house, of course. That would be just opportunistic hypocrisy, wouldn’t it?

The Johns and the Beckhams – four cunts for the price of one…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Celebrity culture

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.25.41

Celebrity culture is utterly cuntish.

I was doing a spot of grocery shopping yesterday and whilst waiting at the checkout, my eyes were drawn to the colourful magazines screaming headlines about people of whom I know nothing (apologies to Mr Chamberlain). Apparently, some girl I’ve never heard of has “a new bikini body” and one of the Kardashians has given her boyfriend the boot. Who gives a fuck? And who spends their money on these crappy rags?

Further evidence:

(1) UN ambassador (!) Victoria Cunting Beckham is going to save babies from AIDS. She’s now a doctor is she? Or Jesus?

(2) Angelina Jolie – the world’s most beautiful woman (only to a sex-starved Albanian shepherd who’s allergic to wool) – is given a knighthood. For what exactly? Making a couple of speeches saying “rape is bad”? Thanks for that, I never knew!

(3) Thousands of women paying – paying, for fuck’s sake – to have their asses increased in size to look like some reality TV bint.

Words fail me. I’ll have to go and lie down in my special room with the rubber wallpaper. Perhaps Sir Limply will lend me some of his medication?

Nominated by : Cunt’s Mate Cunt