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Elton John is one of those irredeemably odious shitbags who can never be cunted often enough.

Now the fat little attention-whore has lashed out at fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana for describing the process of gay couples using IVF to create their own families as “synthetic”. Fat Elton had a major hissy fit (on Instagram, where else?) interpreting their remark as a personal attack on his own two children. Both of whom happen to be boys, incidentally. So obviously no engineered sex selection there then, never mind the fact that it’s highly unlikely that either Fat Elton or his partner were able to provide the eggs. Synthetic? Of course not – it all sounds 100% natural to me.

In a telling insight into Fat Elton’s views on freedom of speech (and it was merely a personal opinion being expressed, D&G weren’t denying the Holocaust), the talentless has-been called on the world to boycott Dolce & Gabbana because of this. Why stop there though? I thought Fat Elton had boycotted the entire fashion industry many years back: there can be no other explanation for why this short, fat, bald, old man continues to dress as though he’s really a tall, slim, thirty year old with a luxuriant head of hair. Maybe it’s an inverse form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder? If so, I’ve heard it can easily be cured by taking a huge quantity arsenic, washed down with a litre of Domestos.

At least Domenico Dolce had the style, grace and good sense to go bald naturally, Elton. At least there’s nothing “synthetic” about what’s on HIS head, you fat cunt. You look like a cunt, you dress like a cunt, you sing like a cunt, ergo you ARE a cunt. Now kindly fuck off and hang yourself.

Nominated by: Fred West

Well, how about that! Victoria Beckham has joined in Elton’s tirade against D&G. Nothing to do with the fact that she owns her own fashion house, of course. That would be just opportunistic hypocrisy, wouldn’t it?

The Johns and the Beckhams – four cunts for the price of one…

Nominated by: Dioclese

17 thoughts on “Elton John [3]

  1. I can pretty much guarantee that four weeks from now, anorexic spice will be seen carrying a D&G handbag. That old dyke, Navratilova has reported thrown out all her D&G clothes, bags, strap-ons, etc. As I’ve said before, free speech only exists if you say the correct thing. Dare to dissent and you become the devil himself.

  2. What particularly disgusts me about Fat Elton is the way he carries on as if he believes he’s some kind of arbiter of taste, style and fashion. He’s always making snide remarks about the way people dress (Madonna was described as “a fairground stripper”) and his latest attack on Dolce & Gabbana referred to their fashions as being out of date. All this from a fat, knock-kneed cunt who waddles around in an orange wig and increasingly ridiculous clothes looking like a washed-up Blackpool circus clown. Having lots of money to buy new clothes does not automatically mean you have style or taste, Elton, as you – and your friends the Beckhams – demonstrate on a daily basis.

  3. The only reason lollipop head is siding with this pair of fudge packers is to get herself and her VD label a bit more publicity.

    Media whore cunts. The lot of them.

  4. What an absolute monumentally perfect cunting for Elton Hom.
    So thouroughly deserved for being an ass bandit, shit singer, arrogant prick and a delusional cunt.
    Nothing synthetic about his spunk being turkey basted up some poor surrogates cunt is there?

    And I have to say that every celeb getting on this badnwagon should be cunted too, amazing how they are all saying they will burn their D&G clothes and never buy them again, think you will find 99.9% of those cunts get them as freebies anyway, oh the fucking irony!

  5. I would like to nominate that untalented, overpaid and underworked cunt, Emma Watson for the next is-a-cunt blog.

    This fucking cunty twat-twat thinks that being Herpesown is some dumb fucking movie for underaged cuntlips qualifies her to take the podium at the cunty United Nations and give a shitty, cunt-approved speech on feminism.

    He-for-she? No-he-for-cunt, I say!

    • I was going to do a nomination for feminism as a whole and also one for khite knight, male feminist, manginas but it is going to be a long fucking tirade, so I really can’t be arsed.

  6. Elton John has always been a fat attention seeking cunt, so no shocks there. Sadly typical of the worst kind of bitchy homosexual there is, he will cheerfully exhort all his media whore friends to boycott anything that he finds personally affronting and that skinny talentless skank Victoria Beckham will go along with anything he says. A typical “fag hag”. One can feel sorry for Beckham, as his harpy of a wife holds his balls in her handbag (probably a D&G one)
    These people cannot exist without the opportunity for media attention.. any attention.
    Well Elton you fat cunt, you can always donate your unwanted D&G clobber to a charity shop, do something useful in your life for once.

  7. I doubt D&G do an XXXXXXXL size, so highly doubt that fat cunt even owns anything by D&G

    As for Emma Watson, what a talentless one dimensional cunt of an actress who cannot get a prt in a movie for love nor money now and so has turned her ‘career’ to being an establishment spokescunt and clothes horse for Burberry chav clothing.

    • “I doubt D&G do an XXXXXXXL size, so highly doubt that fat cunt even owns anything by D&G”

      – that comment alone is worth 100 upvotes. Priceless!

  8. So Elton thinks he is a paragon of taste? If that’s the case, then why does he have a fat hamster glued to the top of his head? As for his little kiddies, I wonder how ‘his boys’ will react to to other kids telling them of daddy’s excessive drug taking and unprotected doughnut punching throughout the 70s and 80s? Glass houses, Elton, you fat cunt…

    Right about Emma Watson… Because she is an actress (for want of a better word!) she now believes she is some sort of oracle… Also, I have seen more meat on a wishbone at Xmas… I’ve seen bigger tits eating birdseed in my back garden..

    The Emma Watson overkill on the web is also ridiculous… The way a multitude of Emma Watson fakes (you know the sort!) that surfaced the minute she was 18 years old baffled me… First of all, it’s pretty fucking creepy (did these closet nonces have a clock counting down to her birthday?). Second, what the fuck is so alluring, sexy or great about her anyway? You could put an afghan cot on her and she’d look like a pipe cleaner…. Maybe it’s the ‘posh totty’ thing people go for? Fucked if I know…

    • Speaking personally, the non-faked upskirt shot of Emma Watson in see-through knickers held enormous appeal since it proved conclusively she had not succumbed to the repugnant fad for Hollywood waxing. I mean the only reason to display the pre-pubesecnt smooth look is if you’re dating Paul Gadd, surely? And he’s going to be unavailable for the next eight and a half years.

      But the essence of the cunting is absolutely correct. Actors should act. Singers should sing. Hearing Emma Watson bang on about feminism (or indeed any cause) is as abhorrent as Geldof telling us to Feed The World or Bono pleading with us to Make Poverty History. Shut the fuck up and get on with doing what you do best while you still can. You don’t earn any extra credibility by talking shit, you just sound like a cunt.

      • Agreed, Fred… The Beatles were alright until Lennon started his staying in bed for peace bollocks and all that other campaign shit with Yoko…

        As Terry Hall said when he left The Specials: “How can I sing songs about unemployment when I can afford to buy my food at Marks & Spencer?” At least the lad was honest about it…

      • Excellent cunting of shaven havens good sir. The only reason porn has declined to this sad state is for it to appeal to paedos who like grown women to look like kids. Fucking nonces.

    • Norman on March 16, 2015 at 10:01 pm said:
      unprotected doughnut punching

      LMFAO Norman, comedy gold

  9. So Elton wants people to boycott D&G? Tell you what, you fat fruit, people should boycott cunts wasting NHS money on IVF plenty of kids in the world to adopt…

  10. I pity his kids, not because they will grow up in a gay household (some gay couples make better parents than the Chav-rabbits of the local council estates) but because they will have to call this odious fat turd “daddy”.

  11. Knowing Elton Hom his kids will have to call him Sir like every other pleb and bow down at his feet in adoration.
    It’s ok though, his kids won’t even be teenagers by the time old Elton shuffles off this mortal coil due to aids and liver disease from all the alcohol, coke & cum he has ingested in his life.

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