The BAFTAs is indeed a cuntfest…

Beckham at the BAFTAS?! He has a lot to do with film, television and theatre, doesn’t he?

Beckham apart (and rather him than his revolting wife!), the BAFTAs
is much like the overrated and overhyped Academy Awards: a luvvie infested cunt gathering with mucho arselicking and expensive freebies being given out to already rich cunts.

Nominated by: Norman

11 thoughts on “BAFTA

  1. Like Iain Duncan Smith and Piers Morgan, Elton John is one of those irredeemably odious shitbags who can never be cunted often enough.

    Now the fat little attention-whore has lashed out at fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana for describing the process of gay couples using IVF to create their own families as “synthetic”. Fat Elton had a major hissy fit (on Instagram, where else?) interpreting their remark as a personal attack on his own two children. Both of whom happen to be boys, incidentally. So obviously no engineered sex selection there then, never mind the fact that it’s highly unlikely that either Fat Elton or his partner were able to provide the eggs. Synthetic? Of course not – it all sounds 100% natural to me.

    In a telling insight into Fat Elton’s views on freedom of speech (and it was merely a personal opinion being expressed, D&G weren’t denying the Holocaust), the talentless has-been called on the world to boycott Dolce & Gabbana because of this. Why stop there though? I thought Fat Elton had boycotted the entire fashion industry many years back: there can be no other explanation for why this short, fat, bald, old man continues to dress as though he’s really a tall, slim, thirty year old with a luxuriant head of hair. Maybe it’s an inverse form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder? If so, I’ve heard it can easily be cured by taking a huge quantity arsenic, washed down with a litre of Domestos.

    At least Domenico Dolce had the style, grace and good sense to go bald naturally, Elton. At least there’s nothing “synthetic” about what’s on HIS head, you fat cunt. You look like a cunt, you dress like a cunt, you sing like a cunt, ergo you ARE a cunt. Now kindly fuck off and hang yourself.

  2. you had a few much to drink there fred ? or did you intentionally copy and paste your elton post in bafta topic lol you know st paddy’s day was yesterday but if its still today for you thats fine . you also got 8 likes, fuck it have another

  3. I also agree eltons a bit of a cunt but his first few albums were pretty good , i like how elton trolls the gay community says gay marriage is bad and a inconvenience, then goes out and gets another gay husband? hahaha but on the topic of bafta i hate award shows in general especially when these million dollar cunts gets $200,000 in free shit these are the same cunts who care so much about starving kids in africa , besides my last favorite actor was probably philip seymour hoffman (if any) , i wish the cunt wouldve of gave me his heroin source before he o’d , its hard to find good smack these days cunts always cutting the cunt out of it.. then again bubble hash isn’t so bad either 🙂

  4. Elton without Bernie is like Mick without Keef…. Every solo Jagger record has been shit… And most of Elton’s work has been crap after Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy…

    • the brown dirt cowboy lol you don’t suppose elton john is into scat fetishism , and your right mick jagger solo albums are brutal even keef solo stuff isn’t bad, talk is cheap was a really good album terrible cover for the album though, Main Offender was terrible

      • Keef and Mick Taylor were probably the best guitar pairing ever…
        Ronnie Wood and Brian Jones (when he could be arsed!) were no slouches, but the 1969-73 years with Richards and Taylor were the real shit…

  5. Mick Taylor is overrated IMHO – but then I’m biased as I replaced him for a handful of gigs way back when he ‘left’ to join the Stones. Woods and Keef together are far better.

    I’m told Taylor actually never joined the Stones – he was just engaged for their tour because they were short a guitarist. Don’t know if that’s true but it’s what I was told.

    • Wood and Richards do the ‘weaving’ thing well (‘Beast Of Burden’). The sort of thing Keith did with Brian Jones before it all went tits up… I read that Jagger was pissed off when Taylor left, and the story that Keith wanted Steve Marriott to replace Taylor in 75 is a good one… Apparently Keith arranged for Steve to audition in Munich… Richards apparently said to Marriott: ‘Just play, man. And don’t get in the way of Her Majesty (Jagger) and the gig’s yours..’ Stevie couldn’t help himself and started singing, as a seething (and no longer heard) Jagger looked on… Needless to say, Marriott was out after that…

      I wonder how John Mayall rates/rated Taylor? I did hear that John wanted him to go elsewhere and he tipped Jagger off as he was looking for a replacement for Brian…

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