Victoria Beckham [3]


Let’s start the New Year with a proper cunt…

Posh Spice, that’s a fucking oxymoron! She is a talentless, ‘middle class’ at best, cunt.

You know she is a cunt because she has designers who create her designs, slave workers in Taiwan who machine them, and a fashion industry who think she is a ‘style icon,’ – fuck off.

Nominated by: Boaby

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  1. They should have named her Miserable Spice. Face like a smacked arse and I’ve seen more meat on a Butcher’s pencil. Perhaps she’ll get her own reality TV show called “Celebrity Toothpick”…

  2. Turned on the telly this am to check on the latest Pool candidates. News Fucker thingy at the bottom orf the screen in overdrive. Must be a celebrity plane crash oh joy but half way up me stairs in a dash to get to me old computer realise these are all cunts I have missed damn and bugger it. Farewell to old cunts 2015 slot. Fuck.
    New start 2016? Not a bit orf it. Shite storm orf sanctimonious spew. Inconclusivity, Jesus was a migrant ect ect. God preserve us. New Year? Same old Cunt.

    • And same old spell checker. Read inclusivity for…but actually I think I prefer incon…..The story orf me life.

  3. Should have photoshopped her head on a fucking skeleton to be more realistic. Money can buy many things but it can never buy class, that is why in that respect she will always be a two bob chav cunt.

  4. In that case, the whole fashion industry is ‘Cunt’…. making people into fuckin products, defining identity by what covers you up….. the whole fashion industry is a fuckin con and anyone working in it a fuckin conning cunt…. and of course, the consumers are cunts for falling for it (cunts and their money are easily parted)….

  5. When I saw Ugly Spice had a good few posts about her in the last few hours I thought she might be dead… Still, one can but hope…

    I have seen this emaciated witch in action… Someone who thinks she is top drawer, but fucking isn’t… Deliberately ignores people, painted on smile for those she chooses not to ignore, and orders David around like she’s Barbara Woodhouse with a pooch… She was (and still is) despised by all at Old Trafford…. The barman in the players lounge got it spot on: ‘He’s a good lad, but she is going to fucking ruin him….’ Becks wasn’t a cunt a good few years ago, but he is now… I wonder how many other nasty diseases he’s caught off her….

  6. What do you call four Dogs and a Blackbird?

    The Spice Girls.

    I have said it on here before and its one of two jokes I know but It seemed appropriate as we are talking about ‘Posh’ Spice. I still laugh at the joke myself. Sad cunt.

  7. What’s the difference between Victoria Beckham and Yoko Ono?

    One is a talentless bitch who ruined a great team, while the other one married a Beatle…

    • Yoko and Lennon ruined the beatles by bringing her to the recording sessions for the white album killing any creative effort between them. Also Yoko and Lennon’s heroin addiction made things more tense between george and paul who were both distancing themselves from hard drugs. White album had some really good songs but it also had alot of shite filler it’s not my favorite, revolver would be my personal favorite album by them if I had to pick one.

      • Yes but, Lennon felt betrayed by the rest of the band after he was forced to ‘apologise’ for saying ( quite correctly) that too many young people they were bigger ( more influential) than Jesus. That my friends was when the split first appeared.

      • Thats only half the truth he wasn’t forced to do anything Epstein and Barrow advised him to apologise so sales of beatles albums would start selling again. Mccartney said in his biography or some beatles book (I forget which) that lennon said it on purpose because they were sick of touring and it was hard to recreate certain songs in a live concert.
        The Beatles weren’t a good live band and it didn’t help when they had 10,000 screaming girls at their concerts you can’t hear what you’re playing.

      • Actually the Beatles were great ‘live’ performers, they honed their craft touring the cesspit that is Europe playing small clubs and venues long before they were discovered.
        You are correct though regarding playing to 10,000 screaming, panty-soaked, delusional teenagers.
        Any venue bigger than 500 always sounds shit due to the size of the room and the nightmare acoustics (reverb etc)

      • Saw them at Wimbledon Palais when they were just getting famous. Leaning on the stage in the front row in front of John Lennon. Happy days…

        Saw The Who there a few times too and the Troggs. Troggs were good if you ignore their singles and listen to the albums.

        Saw the Stone at the Odeon in Plymouth. Never heard a single note for the screaming tarts!

        Preferred John Mayall ( my mate Chas C played with them briefly ), the original Fleetwood Mac and Stan Smith’s Chicken Shack. Savoy Brown were pretty damn good too – still are. I’ve got several of their albums

      • Spoken like a Sound Engineer Boaby. I am a Sound Engineer, Producer and a cunt.

      • The band themselves didn’t really care about the infamous ‘Jesus’ shitstorm… George Harrison didn’t give a toss… Harrison wanted the band to stop touring anyway and George and John often clashed with Epstein as he told them to keep their mouths shut about Vietnam and other controversial subjects…

        They could cut it live… Even when rusty (like on the Apple rooftop) they still had it… They would have been even better had they toured again (like The Stones did in 69), but they split instead…

      • My original opinion stands I don’t think the beatles were a good live band at best they were adequate musicians.

        It’s hilarious to think they were trotted around as the best band in the world when in a live setting they performed 6% of their catalogue and a few covers. They also lipsynced like fuck, more then half of their tv appearances were lipsync’d. The beatles are studio musicians mainly like harry nilsson.
        Those later songs would of been hard to perform in a live concert considering how many studio tricks they pulled off with the help of session musicians and george martin, norman smith.

      • I do think that some Beatles were more talented than others… Of course the four of them made it what it was, but as much as Lennon fans will hate it, Macca and Ringo were the backbone of the band in terms of playing… Lennon and Harrison were good guitarists, but McCartney was better at that too, and he and Starr were a great rhythm section… Macca may be a cunt at times, but he’s one hell of a bass player…

      • Yep your right norm macca was definitely a good bass player. He also helped invent heavy metal with his song helter skelter which almost sounds kinda evil. It’s hard to believe macca helped invent heavy metal.

        Ringo was good for song titles and was a decent drummer he was also the best actor out of the fab4.
        Lennon was a pretty shitty guitarist(decent tho) but it didn’t matter because that was georges main function and lennon was a better song writer and had good stage presence but lennon got better as time went on.
        After he played with clapton and frank zappa he started to get a bit more refined but funny enough he started to get worse as a songwriter for the most part.

      • Lennon was vastly overrated and did little of note after The Beatles demise… Harrison was a good player, but in the 1970s he decided permanently to use a ‘slide’ technique… A lot of his post Beatles songs sound like music from SpongeBob Squarepants…

        And this link will make you laugh, TitSlapper… Someone should tell this self important cunt that The Beatles weren’t Jewish… Notice he didn’t include ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man…’

      • Yeah that was funny thanks I remember a rumour of ringo being jewish but it turned out to be false. The truth is John Lennon actually disliked the jews in his earlier career.

        Mccartneys father told both lennon and his son to watch out for corrupt jewish record producers/managers. Sure enough lennon ended up with the sleazist most corrupt one allen klein, at least epstein was a bit less corrupt but a poof nonetheless.
        There was a clip on youtube a while back where a fan “asks lennon is the music industry (owned) run by jews” Lennon answers “Show business is an extension of the jewish religion” clip was taken down on youtube but I’m sure you could find it elsewhere. Baby you’re a rich man was very tongue in cheek.

      • Lennon apparently said to an Epstein/NEMS employee,’If you’re not queer or Jewish, what are you doing working here?’

        Brian Jones (I think) plays on ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’… Although The Beatles were good when they were on form The Stones were a far more exciting band… A rare clip of them here, with Jones as Jean Harlowe… Great stereo mix of the song too


      • Lennon was very outspoken he definitely spoke his mind…which is what got him killed jones too. The stones were great live especially through the jones-taylor years then they got worse material wise. The earlier songs were my favorite then they became a shitty arena hard rock band.
        Ronnie Wood brought nothing to the group aside from maybe 2 or 3 decent songs. I haven’t seen that promo song thanks. Have you seen you’re mother baby standing in the shadows is a pretty upbeat song for such a sad subject (prostitution of someones mother).

  8. Stumbled upon this website and so far I’m loving the level of cuntishness.
    I hope to be a regular on here, putting my 2 penny worth in regarding various cunts.
    Love it!!

  9. It’s amazing that mongs today see that skeletal slag, Posh, as someone to aspire to and someone to be respected… And that goes for the other bints like Ladyboy Ga Ga, Rihanna, Miley Shagbag, Nicki Minge and any I haven’t mentioned… They’re not worth a carrot put together… Give me the lovely Kate any time…

  10. What I don’t understand is: the old camel’s toe is on display, but to preserve her modesty she covers her tit. Women! Don’t understand ’em, can’t live with ’em and not allowed to chop ’em up for dog food.

    • Like that silly cow, Jennifer Lawrence… She’s recently been yapping on about ‘the films that made me…’

      Nothing to do with getting your tattas out on iCloud then?….

  11. Surely Victoria Beckham must be the undisputed Queen of Cunts. She looks like one, acts like one and thinks like one.

    She’s such a cunt!

    • I agree.. Victoria Beckham reminds me of what Harold Steptoe called his father: ‘Morally, spiritually and physically… A festering fly-blown heap of accumulated filth..’

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