Celebrity culture

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Celebrity culture is utterly cuntish.

I was doing a spot of grocery shopping yesterday and whilst waiting at the checkout, my eyes were drawn to the colourful magazines screaming headlines about people of whom I know nothing (apologies to Mr Chamberlain). Apparently, some girl I’ve never heard of has “a new bikini body” and one of the Kardashians has given her boyfriend the boot. Who gives a fuck? And who spends their money on these crappy rags?

Further evidence:

(1) UN ambassador (!) Victoria Cunting Beckham is going to save babies from AIDS. She’s now a doctor is she? Or Jesus?

(2) Angelina Jolie – the world’s most beautiful woman (only to a sex-starved Albanian shepherd who’s allergic to wool) – is given a knighthood. For what exactly? Making a couple of speeches saying “rape is bad”? Thanks for that, I never knew!

(3) Thousands of women paying – paying, for fuck’s sake – to have their asses increased in size to look like some reality TV bint.

Words fail me. I’ll have to go and lie down in my special room with the rubber wallpaper. Perhaps Sir Limply will lend me some of his medication?

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9 thoughts on “Celebrity culture

  1. And on that note, I would like to cunt ‘supermodels’.

    Who the fuck gets to designate the title ‘supermodel’ to these sour faced, pointless cunts.

    When you look at what these oxygen thieves do for a living, you have to wonder what the fuck society has come to.

    Walking up and down while wearing clothes……thats it. What everyone else does before they leave the house in the morning to go and work proper jobs.

    Useless cunts

  2. Supermodels are indeed cunts… Most of them are poe faced, tantruming overpaid skinny tarts with no tits… What I don’t get though is why all these stick insects like Evangelista and Campbell were doing in George Michael’s videos, when he uses the tradesman’s entrance? Mind you, it could be because half of them looked like geezers with lip gloss..

    Claudia Schiffer was fit in her day though…

  3. Spot on about the supermodels. They look like fucking young boys because the cunts who run the fashion industry engage in fucking young boys. Fucking simple.

  4. That arrogant, obnoxious cunT, Jay Z will be alright if the bomb drops. Beyoncé’s fat ares will deflect the nuclear blast…

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